Radha Soami Tarn Taran
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Tarn Taran (Punjab)
First Edition - May 2011 - 1000 copies
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Life and death is in the hands of Nature.
What you sow, so shall you reap; there is no
You do not follow the Saint’s advice.
Whatever good or bad you do, you will have to
undergo it’s results.
Brief Introduction:
Radha Soami Dera Baba Bagga Singh
Tarn Taran, Punjab, India
Tarn Taran is a district of Punjab. It is 35
kilometers away from the Raja Sansi
International Airport and 23 kilometers from
Amritsar. Dera Baba Bagga Singh is situated near
the head post office at a distance of 300 meters
from railway station Tarn Taran.
Saints come to the world to liberate
Human Beings at different times. Seth Shiv Dayal
Ji (Swami Ji) gave the name ‘Radha Soami’ to
the traditional Santmat. He was born on August
25, 1818 and was initiated by Tulsi Sahib at the
age of six.
Baba Jaimal Singh Ji was his most
prominent disciple. He was born in July 1839 in
village Lath Ghuman in district Gurdaspur. His
mother was Mata Daya Kaur and his father’s
name was Mr. Jodh Singh, who was an agriculture
farm owner. From his very childhood he had a
very gentle nature.
At the age of fourteen and a half, with
the permission of his mother, he started visiting
religious places seeking God Realization. One day
he came to know about Swami Ji and went to
attend his satsang. He was convinced by Swami
Ji’s satsang, and attained Nam Dan from him in
1856. In 1891 he constructed a hut in village
Balsarai and started living there and giving
satsang and initiation. That very Dera is famous
all the world over by the name: Radha Soami
Satsang Beas.
The founder of Radha Soami Dera Tarn
Taran, Baba Bagga Singh, was born on May 15,
1864 in village Chuslevar, Tehsil, Kasur, District
Lahore (now in Pakistan). His father was Sardar
Savan Singh and his mother’s name was Sardani
Shobhi. He joined the Indian Army on March 20,
1882. He went to Multan Cantonment with other
men of the army. While receiving his uniform he
met Baba Jaimal Singh Ji. He qualified for the
recruitment test in November 1882. Along with
two other persons he received Nam Dan on
August 1, 1883. He went on reserve duty on
December 21, 1889 and began living in a hut on
the bank of a pond in his village where he started
giving satsang. Later he constructed a cave at that
very place and kept busy in meditation day and
night for nine years. By the order of Baba Jaimal
Singh Ji he purchased land in February 1900 in
Tarn Taran and constructed two temporary rooms
there and started giving satsang. This place is
now called the ‘old Dera’. Because of the increase
in the sangat, the land for the present Dera was
purchased and the building was constructed on
Railway Road Tarn Taran. Living there he
promoted Santmat. He left for his heavenly
abode on July 6, 1944.
After that Baba Deva Singh Ji took over
as Sant Satguru. He was born in village Toot
Dhahewal in Lahore, now in Pakistan, on Dec 25,
1885. Sardar Burh Singh Chahal was his father.
He was initiated at the age of 14. He came to the
Dera at an early age and served Baba Bagga Singh
his entire life.
After that Baba Pratap Singh Ji was
seated on the Guru Gaddi. He was born on Dec.
29, 1900 in village Talavan Chandian. His mother
was Mata Jawal Kaur and father was Sardar Jodh
Singh. Being born in a family steeped in Santmat,
he was interested in Santmat from the very
beginning. He farmed as this was his family
profession. He was initiated at the age of ten by
Baba Bagga Singh Ji on May 17, 1910. He would
always speak of Santmat, so he became famous
as Gyani Ji (The Knowledgeable). After retirement
Sardar Bahadur Jagat Singh Ji came to Dera Beas,
and to replace him, Baba Pratap Singh Ji
continued delivering satsangs in Layalpur Center
until the Indo-Pak division took place. He got
blessings from both the Deras, Tarn Taran and
Beas. He was the best player of Kabaddi (some
what like wrestling sport). With the blessings of
Baba Bagga Singh Ji, he never lost a game. He
openly announced that “Should anyone defeat
me, I will give him my nappy, picking him up on
my shoulders I will take him around the whole
grounds and thereafter stop playing Kabaddi”.
But that never happened. He stopped playing
on his own.
Maharaj Charan Singh Ji from Dera Beas
seated him on the Guru Gaddi on November 8,
1961. While bringing him to the Dera for the
ceremony, Maharaj Charan Singh Ji asked, “What
are your qualifications?” He replied, “I have done
the four degrees of masters in the subject you
want me to teach.” This shows how deep a study
he did in Santmat. His family members tell that
he was very well versed in Santmat. During his
free time he would read books on Santmat, and
would fall asleep with the books on his chest.
He would again read the same book after waking
up. This reflected in his satsangs.
He delivered satsangs in many big and
small cities in India; initiated people, and
managed the Dera administration very well. He
left this mortal world on April 26, 1988.
After that, according to his written will,
Baba Kehar Singh Ji took over as Sant Satguru on
May 12, 1988. He was born to Mata Thakar Kaur
and Pratap Singh Ji on Dec 26, 1926 in village
Chandia Talavan, district Layalpur, now in
Pakistan. He studied at Khalsa College in Layalpur.
He was verse reader during the satsangs of Sardar
Bahadur Jagat Singh Ji and Baba Pratap Singh Ji
in the Layalpur center. After the Indo-Pak
partition he came to village Nagkalan, district
Amritsar, and lived there with his family. He
served in the railway workshop in Amritsar and
retired on Dec. 31, 1982 as senior manager. He
had been serving the Dera during his service, but
after retirement he accompanied Baba Pratap
Singh ji continually until Baba Pratap Singh Ji left
this mortal world. Taking over as Sant Satguru,
he came to the Dera. He observed that the sangat
was increasing and there was a need to establish
more centers; so he began establishing more
centers in big and small cities around India. He
took care of the need for literature on Santmat,
and got many books published. This work is
continuously progressing. Travelling abroad he
initiated many seekers to unite them with God.
Satsang is held in the morning as well as
the evening in the Dera. Free kitchen is available
for 24 hours a day. Blood donation camps are
held. Marriages of girls from poor families are
performed at the Dera without any
discrimination. The dental checkups,
homeopathic, allopathic and acupressure
dispensaries are functioning where each person
is treated free of charge. Due to Baba Ji’s able
guidance, the Dera is progressing day and night.
Publisher’s Note
Searching the records of the Dera, files
were found containing letters from Satsangis and
replies by the Present Master Baba Kehar Singh
Ji; along with notes from a few questions asked
in his Satsangs. He took over as Sant Satguru of
Radha Soami Dera Baba Bagga Singh in 1988.
Some of these letters were seeking guidance on
the spiritual path, and others had worldly
problems. Each letter was replied to personally
by Baba Ji; and a copy of the important letters
was kept on file. These letters related to Bhajan-
Simran, the cycle of Birth and Death, the
necessity for a Guru, and how to manifest the
Word-Form of the Guru within. Baba Ji handed
over these files to the publishing department at
the Dera, requesting them to select the letters
which provided important information relating
to Sant Mat; and with Baba Ji’s approval these
letters could be published in book form. Baba Ji
has been kind enough to help the publishing
department in this work.
So under the precious guidance of the
Present Master, Baba Kehar Singh Ji, the
questions and replies by the Master were
selected and published in Punjabi and Hindi and
now included is this English translation. Mr.
Madhav Pandey ‘Nirmal’, Mr. Kenneth Stambler
and Mrs. Nirmal Sian put in a joint effort to
translate this book into English. The Dera is most
1 0
grateful to them. We wish the Sangat and lovers
of Sant Mat to be benefited by this book.
Yours faithfully,
Balwinder Singh, Secretary
Radha Soami Dera Baba Bagga Singh,
Tarn Taran 143401, Punjab,India
1 1
Q.1 Baba Ji, if a person has a doubt or concern,
should he get it cleared by the Satguru, or
thinking the Guru is All-Knowing, should he keep
Answer: Son, Guru is a form of God. Anyone
coming to him with a question, doubt or concern
gets the answer in Satsang or in some other way
he gets a satisfactory solution to his problems.
Guru is All-Knowing. Still, if while staying with
him your doubts are not cleared, you may
request clarification.
Meeting Him, the mind is filled with bliss.
He is called ‘True Guru’.
Adi Granth 168
Dual-mindedness departs, and the Supreme status of the
Lord is obtained.
O’ my Lord and Master, I have come to Your Sanctuary.
The anxiety of my mind departed when I had the Blessed
Vision of Your Darshan.
Adi Granth 1218
The shutters are open, and doubts have run away.
Nanak has met with the Perfect Guru.
Adi Granth 890
The Perfect Guru has dispelled the darkness of doubt.
Adi Granth 615
Q.2 Baba Ji, I need your benevolence for my
husband and children.
1 2
Answer: Daughter, Nam is the Creator of the
whole world. At the time of initiation one gets
everything. Nam is a Power that has to be
awakened within you. This Power is attained
through Guru’s Nam that you already received.
All problems are solved through Simran and
Meditation, though it is difficult to do. Anyway
you have to do it; then only will you receive
Guru’s Grace for your family.
Q.3 Baba Ji, should a person swear by Guru?
Answer: Son, perhaps you want to know if it is
right to swear by Guru? If to prove his
truthfulness one has to swear, maybe on God or
Guru, and you are truthful, the swearing settles
your dispute. Do not worry, you have proved
your truthfulness by swearing. If you feel it, do
more Simran and Meditation. The other person
may believe you or not, however, try to avoid
such situations in the future.
Q.4 Baba Ji, I try to serve people, but my parents
are unhappy and say, “You are wasting your
time.” What should I do?
Answer: Son, parents have hopes for their
children. They want to enjoy the shade and fruits
of the trees planted by them. Maybe they are
less educated; that is why they object to your
serving others. To make amends, you have to look
after their interest also. Being the parents, they
may be adamant, and may not favor you, but
1 3
you have to find the way to convince them to
agree with you. Guru Nanak Dev Ji made a True
Deal, and his parents were unhappy; but he gave
importance to his True Deal.
Q.5 Baba Ji, what is the easy way to see the Light
Answer: My son, the easiest way is to do Simran
and Meditation and get connected to your Guru
after getting initiation. Try to see the Light
referred to by the Guru, inside yourself... then
you can become the form of the Almighty.
Q.6 Baba Ji, what is the difference between
breathing and Vital Force?
Answer: Son, it is an important question. Vital
Force is like a furnace, and the bellows are
breathing. Vital force is the power which
generates breathing. As a blacksmith pumps the
air in the furnace to intensify the fire, in the same
way vital force generates breathing in us. As soon
as the baby comes out of the mother’s womb,
the breathing starts. At the time of death the
Vital Force is finished and the breathing stops.
Q.7 Baba Ji, I am so fed up and frustrated, if you
do not reply to my letter, I will commit suicide.
Answer: Daughter, I may not have received your
letter due to the wrong address on it. What if
the postman makes a mistake and does not
1 4
deliver my letter to you and you commit suicide?
Maybe my letter will be delivered to you after
your death. Suicide is not the ultimate goal. Even
after death you will still have to stay in your
mother’s womb for nine months and take birth
to complete the remaining period of this life. You
may have to face the same problem again that
caused suicide. Completing the remaining period,
you may now be willing to live; still you will have
to die (too soon). Therefore never think of
committing suicide. God has gifted us with this
precious life; it is not wise to waste it. Try to
boldly solve the problem which bothers you. You
have to set right your life and keep spiritually
connected with Him. Then success will be yours.
Q.8 Baba Ji, what is the single eye or third eye?
Answer: Son, books refer to the single eye, third
eye or Divya Chakshu. Jesus Christ says, Till you
close your eyes and attain the Third Eye you cannot
see the Supreme Lord. Shri Krishan Ji said, Arjun,
you cannot see God without the help of a Master.
Arjun asked why. Shri Krishan Ji explained,
Because you do not have Divya Chakshu.
I can help you. Closing the two eyes, open the
Third Eye. While doing Simran we get into the
natural state and feel drowsy; immediately sit
for meditation. Stop your Simran and
concentrating your attention focus upward. Try
to hear if any Sound is coming from above. Tulsi
Sahib says:
1 5
A Sound is coming from above, calling you!
After some time you will hear a Sound of Nad
(Shabad); hearing it you will be mad for It
because you were hearing this Sound before
coming to the world. Slowly you will hear this
Sound through your right ear. This whole
function is inside. We hear with Inner Ears and
see with Inner Eyes. That Sound will start from a
point and will be heard inside. That Sound is
Limitless. It will take you to the place of its origin.
To catch a deer the hunter plays a kettledrum.
Attracted by that, the deer places his head in
the hunter’s lap. Similarly this Sound will take
us to its Origin. There will be another function
also; that is, Nam will come in the shape of
Celestial Light that will appear in our eyes. There
is a point behind our eyes from where the
Celestial Light has originated. Mystics refer to
this point as the Third Eye.
Saint John writes, In the beginning was the Word
and the Word was with God, and the Word was
God. (John 1.1) That Eye unites us with God, the
Source of the soul; it is possible through
meditation on Nam. Meditating on Nam the drop
merges in the Ocean and becomes the Ocean.
The soul becomes God by merging in Him.
Q.9 Baba Ji, when I sit for meditation the dreadful
faces start appearing. I need your grace to stop
1 6
Answer: Concentrate on Guru’s form and you
will not see those dreadful faces again. If you
are accompanied by Guru, you will not find any
hurdles on your way.
Q.10 Baba Ji, while reading Anurag Sagar a
question came to my mind. When Kabir Sahib
took Queen Indermati for the Lord’s Darshan,
the queen expressed the desire to bring her
husband King Vijay Chander to Sat Lok; but a
person cannot go to Sat Lok with any desire or
longing. So... how could the Queen have such a
Answer: When Kabir Sahib took Queen Indermati
to the Nameless Region and took her for Lord’s
Darshan, He entered from the main door and
the Queen saw Kabir Sahib on the Lord’s seat.
She was surprised to see Kabir Sahib standing
on her right and Kabir Sahib sitting on the Royal
Throne. It means that God has no shape. Guru
Granth Sahib also says:
He has no form, no shape, no color. God is beyond the
three qualities.
They alone understand Him, O’ Nanak, with whom He is
Adi Granth 283
The Guru of a disciple is the Satguru. Satguru
changing into Shabad Guru takes him to the
Nameless Region from where the Sound Current
originates. After seeing the Lord, Kabir Sahib
1 7
came out and Indermati asked him, Why did you
not tell me in the Mortal World that you are the
Lord? Kabir Sahib said, Indermati, I explained in
the Satsang many times that Guru is the Form of
God, but you did not agree. As a five year old girl
asks her mother, from where have you brought
me? and the mother replies, from the temple.
She has no words to explain this, but she comes
to know all this when she grows up.
Coming out Kabir Sahib asked, Do you have some
other desire? Indermati folded her hands and
kept quiet. Kabir Sahib wanted the king to come
to Sach Khand, so he put this desire in Indermati’s
mind. On asking again, Indermati expressed the
desire to bring her husband to Sach Khand. Kabir
Sahib said, How can he come here without Guru
and Nam? Indermati said, Though he is not
initiated, he loves you very much. Because of him
I am here in the Nameless Region. After attending
your Satsang, I would come back at midnight;
however, the king never took ill of it. Had he
stopped me I could never have attended your
Satsang and come here. Kabir Sahib went to the
Mortal world, saved the king from the
messengers of death, and took him to the
Nameless Region.
Q.11 Baba Ji, why is Kal dominating in this world?
Answer: As the thought of Creation came to
Lord’s mind, he firstly asked Kuram Bhagat to do
this job. Kuram Bhagat said that in any case he
1 8
does not want to be separated from the Lord.
Later He asked Gyani ji, Vivek ji and Sahaj Bhagat;
but they also refused. Then He created the desire
for Creation in Niranjan’s mind. Niranjan started
worshipping the Lord, and He worshipped for 70
yugas. God sent Sahaj Bhagat to inquire what
Niranjan wanted. Niranjan said, I am not on good
terms with my Father; I want to have a separate
Lord was happy as His wishes were bearing fruit.
He asked Sahaj Bhagat to convey to Niranjan that
he has been allotted the Daswan Dwar. Niranjan
saw it was all land, without a plough, crop, or
life; it was of no use to him. He again worshipped
for sixty-four yugas. Being asked, he said, I want
a woman to create the world. Lord sent a female
who was called by Eka Mai, Adi Bhawani,
Ashtangi, Adi Kumari, Shakti, and by other
names. Like this the world was created.
Worshipping for seventy yugas and then sixty-
four yugas, he earned souls and they were
brought from the Lord by Eka Mai.
The souls wept a lot. To console them Lord said,
You go. I will come to bring you back to the True
Region. Whenever the cries of the souls reach
Sat Purush, He orders the Saints to come and
save them from the net of Kal.
Saints are coming and will keep coming. They
convey the Lord’s message. When Kal sees that
the souls are ready to go to their home, he says,
1 9
provide them the Empire of the World! Send
beautiful girls at the time of meditation. Do not
let them get out of this world. Mortal world,
Sahansdal Kanwal and Trikuti are the regions
ruled by Kal. He does not want the people from
his world to get united with Lord and go out of
his sphere of control; that is why Kal keeps
overpowering the beings. With great difficulty
the Saints make the people meditate and take
them back to their home.
Q.12 Baba Ji, all of us are sons of the same God!
Why is there discrimination?
Answer: Son, this is a good question. Look, a
father has three sons. The eldest son is very hard
working and helps to expand the business; the
father is happy with him. The second son gets
into a bad company and wastes the father’s
money; the father is unhappy with him. The third
son is studying and father is spending on his
education. This is not discrimination but the
thinking of a father according to the
circumstances. Like this we are sons and
daughters of God. The one doing bad deeds
remains in the cycle of coming and going. The
one finishing the cycle of 84 gets human life. This
is according to the karmas of ones previous lives.
So try to unite with God through Satsang, Simran
and Meditation; and finish this cycle of 84.
Q.13 Baba Ji, how did the world come into
2 0
Answer: Son, the books tell that in collaboration
with Eka Mai, Niranjan had three sons: Brahma,
Vishnu and Shiv. Having these three sons, he said
to Eka Mai, I hand over the empire of the Three
Worlds to you. You are to rule the world with
the help of your three sons, after which, Niranjan
went to the Sunn Region and started
worshipping. He told Eka Mai not to disclose his
whereabouts to anyone. Guru Granth Sahib says:
The One Divine Mother conceived and gave birth to the
three deities.
One, the Creator of the World; One, the Sustainer, and
One, the Destroyer.
Lord makes things happen according to the Pleasure of
His Will. Such is His Celestial Order. He watches over all,
but none see Him. How wonderful this is.
I bow to Him, I humbly bow.
The Primal One, the Pure Light, without beginning, without
Throughout all the ages, He is One and the Same.
Adi Granth 7
Brahma was assigned the duty to create. Vishnu
was assigned the duty of sustenance, and Shiv
was assigned the duty to destroy. These three
are big Powers. Worshipping them we can go to
Trikuti. The Vedas say Neti-Neti which means,
This is not the end. There is no doubt we are to
cross these three stages, Daswan Dwar and
Bhanwargupha to reach Sach Khand. (To know
more read Anurag Sagar.)
2 1
Q.14 Baba Ji, I have to go to parties with my
friends where meat and liquor is served. Kindly
guide me.
Answer: Son, I had served in the Indian Army
and on the Railway Workshop as senior manager.
There were big celebrations in the army and
railway. I was overall in charge, so the whole
responsibility fell on my shoulders. Meat, liquor,
pulse, rice and cheese were purchased.
Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food was cooked
and served separately. My officers were happy
to see me eating with them. Being a Sikh, I would
not eat meat nor drink liquor. At that time it
was something big. Lectures were arranged in
the army and railway workshop on the topic:
Why meat and liquor should not be eaten.
Listening to these lectures many persons stopped
eating meat and drinking liquor.
Do not pay attention to the large number of
persons eating non-vegetarian food! Pay
attention to the small number of persons eating
vegetarian food. Listening to vegetarians one
should follow them. We should have no concern
with the non-vegetarians. So keep up your self-
confidence. Be firm and the world will follow you.
Q.15 Baba Ji, I am very short tempered. Kindly
suggest some solution.
Answer: Son, anger exists according to the
elements present in a person. If the element of
2 2
fire is more predominant in a person, he will
have more anger. If he is not obeyed he will grow
angrier. The way you express anger matters. In
case the person before you is weaker you will
get ‘more angry’ and express your anger. If the
other person is stronger than you, you will keep
quiet. We have to control anger. We express our
anger at our mother, sister and younger brother
because they are weaker. If we are angry with
our teacher we control the anger and keep quiet.
In my opinion if we leave that place for five
minutes we can be saved from it.
Whenever you are angry, focus your attention
at your Guru. Quickly drink a glass of cold water.
Doing this you feel a change inside yourself. I
will tell you my own experience. I was a student
of Khalsa College Lyallpur. Getting off at 4:00 pm
I was going towards the railway station. I saw a
man standing on the railway tracks; the train was
coming and he was looking here and there. I
guessed he had a mind to commit suicide. I
stopped there and asked him what he was doing
when the train was coming. He did not reply. I
pulled him off of the railway track and stood
aside. The train passed us and he started crying
aloud. He fell on my feet and said, If you would
not have been there, I would have had my head
chopped off. I asked him the cause, and he said
he was angry. I took him to his home that was
nearby, and narrated the whole story. He was
going to commit suicide and now he was
frightened to think that he would have died. So
2 3
anger leads to unwanted things. The time does
not come back. Focus your attention on your
Guru when you are angry, and everything will be
Q.16 Baba Ji, I am a mediocre student. My exams
are approaching and I am restless. Kindly bless
Answer: Son, I received your letter. The reason
for your restlessness is worldly attachment.
Parent’s words also make you restless. You are
to see that. Do not allow your mind to overpower
your brain (right thinking). This is the time to
study. Concentrate on that. Sometimes Guru’s
love is the reason you are disturbed. You are to
figure out if it is Guru’s love, or some other
reason. The result will be according to the time
devoted to your studies. Whatever you sow, so
shall you reap. Work hard! Guru’s blessings are
with you.
Q.17 Baba Ji, I have heard in your Satsang that
each grain is to be accounted for. Is the dowry
given to a girl also accounted for?
Answer: There is no doubt that each grain will
be accounted for. The items taken in the shape
of dowry or donation from the parents are not
accounted, as it is a gift. Yes, if something is
stolen from the parents’ house or the girl forces
them to give her something - then those items
will be accounted.
2 4
Q.18 Baba Ji, what should be done to lead a
good life?
Answer: We should not do bad deeds. The
question arises then, we do not know what is
good or bad? We should not do the deeds that
are considered bad in the world... or the deeds
our soul does not permit us to do.
Q.19 Baba Ji, sometimes we step on insects.
Sometimes we breathe in germs. There is life in
the vegetables we eat. Do we have to pay back
those accounts also?
Answer: That is correct. Guru Granth Sahib also
As many as are the grains of corn, none is without life.
Adi Granth 472
A human being has five elements; an animal has
four elements; birds have three; insects have
two, and vegetables have only one. God has
exempted the vegetable kingdom with one
element... to survive. That is also accounted for,
but paid back by good deeds... and it is not so
Explaining that in another way, if we kill a human
being, we are hanged or get life imprisonment,
whereas killing a buffalo or a horse we can be
saved by paying the money equal to its cost.
Killing a chicken we pay still less. Like this, eating
2 5
vegetables and fruits accumulates very little
karmas that can be paid back through the Grace
of Satguru, and through Simran and Meditation.
Q.20 Baba Ji, how does one recognize a True
Answer: To know a True Master we are to know
ourselves. It is not in the hands of a person to
recognize a Master. Guru provides the
understanding to approach him. He explains
according to the feelings we have. We can only
try to contact him. Our soul will automatically
recognize him.
Q.21 Baba Ji, how to please the Guru when he
becomes unhappy?
Answer: Son, Guru is never unhappy with his
disciple. If a disciple feels so, that his own
thinking. The misunderstanding will be cleared
by Guru’s Grace and the disciple will come to
know that Guru was never unhappy.
Q.22 Baba Ji, does a Satsangi need a special diet
to do Meditation?
Answer: A Satsangi should eat a vegetarian diet
of fruits, vegetables and grains, etc. He should
not eat meat, fish, or eggs; nor drink liquor. These
things flare up the soul. We eat to keep our body
working. We should not eat spicy food and we
should eat less butter.
2 6
Q.23 Baba Ji, You advise us to try and bring the
person around who is unhappy with us. What
to do if he still not happy?
Answer: Son, in that case your duty is over. He is
doing what God wants him to do. You keep doing
good, and keep extending a friendly hand. Do
not stop doing so. I will tell you my own
experience. I was a student of class nine and my
friend became unhappy over a small thing, and
it took the shape of a quarrel. Both of us went
to our houses. Each day my friend used to come
to my place at 8:50 am and we would leave for school
together. Then he did not come. I understood that
because of the previous days quarrel – he was angry
and would not come. I did not want to go without
him. I guessed he was angry but did not want to
express it. I thought of going to his place with an
excuse. Generally he used to come to me. I thought
of an excuse and blew off the air from the wheel of
my cycle and dragged it to his house. His house was a
hundred yards away.
Reaching his house I called, Sardar Mohan Singh!
He came running. I said, my cycle needs air, get
me your pump! He ran inside, got the pump,
and started pumping my cycle. I said, Let me
pump. He did not stop pumping even on my
request. He said, you have done well by coming
to my house as I was angry with you. I said, I knew
it, that is why I purposely blew off the air and
came to your house with an excuse. We are still
friends to this day, and doing well.
2 7
If your approach is friendly, the other person will
automatically be cooled down. If someone is
angry with you, try to persuade him. Everyone
has some yardstick to reconcile the anger. Your
approach should be to that effect. Sometimes
our pride does not permit us to take the first
step. If we ignore that, the other person will be
Q.24 Baba Ji, if a disciple is ‘unworthy’, what are
the duties of the Master?
Answer: Son, a disciple is never “unworthy”...
rather he is lucky to be initiated; however the
friends, circumstances, and company he keeps
make him “unworthy”.
Perhaps you have asked this question because a
worthy disciple receives many things from the
Master. A worthy disciple asks for useful things
that Master can easily provide. He does not talk
about his inner weakness that needs effort on
all sides. A student gets admission to the
university on the merits of his previous school
certificates. No student is “unworthy”.
Similarly, according to ones previous karmas, a
disciple receiving Inner Celestial Knowledge from
the Master, changes into his form.
Q.25 Baba Ji, what is Shabad Omkar?
Answer: Son, Shabad Omkar is one of the Names
of God. Guru Nanak Dev Ji, in the beginning of
the chapter of Japuji Sahib, has referred to Ek-
2 8
Omkar. Shabad Omkar is the One who runs the
whole world. I am happy you asked a spiritual
question that is not generally asked by a seeker.
This question arises at a stage which we reach
while reading or thinking. It means the
knowledge is there, but it is limited. We are doing
research of God who has no limits; so we will
slowly come to know. Our spiritual knowledge is
up to the level of a five year old girl who asks
her mother, from where you have brought me?
It is difficult to explain to that small girl as to
how and from where she was brought. The
mother simply says, I went to the temple and
prayed to the goddess there to bless me with a
baby girl, and I got you. She will come to know
the story of her arrival when she will reach
twenty years of age. Similarly, doing Simran and
Meditation you will come to know what ‘Omkar’
is. This much explanation is enough for the time
being. (If you want more details read ‘Keeta
Pasao Eko Kwao’ Satsang Japji Sahib).
Q.26 Baba Ji, people believe in witchcraft. Is this
Answer: There is no place for witchcraft in Sant
Mat. Do Simran and Meditation and no such
thing will touch you. In case a person is
overpowered by such things, he should get
guidance from his Master, and believe in his
Nam is the remedy to cure all ailments.
Adi Granth 274
2 9
Q.27 Baba Ji, what is the importance of Satsang?
Answer: Son, we come to know about the
coverings of lust, anger, greed, attachment and
ego on our soul. We try to remove these and
become one with Him. As Hir said, uttering
Ranjha-Ranjha I have become Ranjha. Call me
Dhidho Ranjha, not Hir. She had only worldly
love yet she was absorbed in that. Having
Spiritual love we can be changed into the
Spiritual Form. We can know this through Satsang
where our doubts are cleared. Satsang defends
our meditation. Through Satsang we can know
the True Path leading to the Almighty, and know
our inner self.
Q.28 Baba Ji, after initiation a Satsangi does not
accept as true either rituals, pilgrimages,
observing fasts or worldly worship. Is he not the
loser by neither practicing these things, nor
doing his Simran and Meditation (properly)?
Answer: Son, after initiation a Satsangi comes
to know the Reality and he stops believing in
worldly rituals. He cannot believe these, because
he knows this is a game of Kal. Doing all this we
cannot meet God. If he does no Simran and
Meditation, but has faith in his Master, he is sure
to get another human birth. It is not possible to
meet God without Simran, Meditation and
realizing Shabad Guru.
Q.29 Baba Ji, when a disciple expresses his
3 0
sorrow to Satguru through a letter, does he get
the response beforehand or after the Satguru
receives his letter.
Answer: Son, the work of many persons is done
as soon as they post the letter. It is their own
way of thinking that they are successful due to
their own effort, or due to Guru’s Grace. Some
people do not receive Grace per their
expectation. Maybe someone is suffering from
fever and writing a letter to the Satguru. He may
be lying in the hospital. Not getting the benefit
(hoped for), he may be disappointed. In my
opinion he has received the Grace; he has been
saved due to Guru’s Grace.
Q.30 Baba Ji, I have heard that one should
lovingly do Simran and Meditation. Is it still
useful if it is just a routine and not lovingly done?
Answer: Son, Simran and Meditation may be
done lovingly or as a routine; it is useful as it
saves the person from bad company for the
period he sits for meditation. Dusting will clean
the table - whether it is done sincerely or not. In
case it is not properly done, maybe a little dust
will be left. Simran and Meditation must clean
our inner self. If it is done, everything is okay. If
we meditate sincerely we get into a ‘natural
state’. Not doing it sincerely, we stay absorbed
in the outward thoughts, and it will not be
3 1
Q.31 Baba Ji, what is the meaning of the Blessed
Words given at Nam Dan?
Answer: Son, there are five stages in us:
Sahansdal Kanwal, Trikuti, Daswan Dwar,
Bhanwargupha and Sach Khand. The Five Names
are the names of the Lords of each region. To
concentrate, it is a must to repeat some name
like Ram, Vahiguru, Satnam, Allah, etc., etc. To
stop the diversions of the mind, it is compulsory
to repeat the Holy Names blessed by the Guru.
Ram-Ram, Hare-Hare, Vahiguru, Satnam, Allah,
etc., are words that have been repeated for a
long time, however, the true words for repetition
are the words blessed by the Guru. If seeds of
the Peepal and Banyan Trees are sown they never
grow into a tree; however, if a bird eats the seed
and excretes it, it takes root and grows into a
big tree. A word uttered by the Guru is useful.
Nam is the Power that created Khand-Brahmand,
suns, moons, etc., etc. The Guru connects us with
that Nam or Sound. By focusing on that, we reach
the Nameless Region.
Q.32 Baba Ji, if a person is sitting for Meditation,
but he needs to serve someone at that very time,
what should he do first, Sewa or Meditation?
Answer: Son, it depends on the circumstances,
what is to be preferred. In case your house is on
fire, the turmoil in front of your house will make
it impossible to concentrate. If a person needs
help, when you return from helping that person,
3 2
you will feel happiness and your soul will quickly
start going towards its Home. Meditation and
Sewa are both required, but they differ in
importance. After doing Sewa, Meditation is also
required. However, Meditation will be of no use
if someone dies for want of your help.
Hazrat Junaid Bagdadi was once going for Hajj.
He saw a dog on his way that was run over by
some vehicle and lost his feet. Being badly
wounded, blood was oozing, and the dog was
unable to walk. Hazrat Sahib picked up the dog
and gave him first aid, and the bleeding stopped.
There was no water, so he went to the well, but
could not find any bucket or rope. He made a
bowl out of leaves and tying it to his turban
dropped it in the well, but it still did not reach
the water. He took off his shirt and adding it to
the length of his turban he again put it in the
well; but still it did not reach the water. Then he
took off his loincloth and added it to the length.
The bowl was full of water and he offered it to
dog; the dog was comfortable then. He took the
dog to a nearby mosque and requested the
Mullah to look after it until he returned. That
night Hazrat Sahib appeared in his dream and
said, Your Hajj is already successful. You have
looked after one of my creatures and have been
kind to him. You do not need to go for Hajj. If he
did not look after the dog but had gone for Hajj,
how could his Hajj be accepted? He got the
benefit of Hajj by taking care of a wounded dog.
This does not mean that at the time of
3 3
Meditation one should walk out to do sewa
thinking that he should serve someone instead
of doing his meditation. In such a case,
meditation is preferred. So it depends on the
circumstances what is important, Sewa or
Q.33 Baba Ji, kindly throw light on how one
should live in the world.
Answer: Son, the world is like a horse yoked to
a buggy, pulling a cart. The rider is lashing it and
it runs faster. Still the rider continues lashing the
horse. Without showing any anger it keeps
running. The rider has covered its eyes and the
horse can see directly ahead only. It is done in
order that the horse does not turn to another
horse on its right or left, but keeps going straight.
A human being is like a horse that does not need
to think about the moment to moment things,
because he is passing through them. A wise man
thinks about the future also. Like this, being the
leader of a family, we are driving it ahead. If
stopping at one place we start quarrelling, we
cannot precede further. Everything has happened
according to His Will and will happen according
to His Will. Therefore do not worry. In case a
member of our family has met with an accident
and broken his leg; we are sad and cry instead of
being thankful to God for saving his life.
Q.34 Baba Ji, when I sit for meditation my lower
legs are senseless and very painful. Should I get
3 4
up and sit again or tolerate the pain?
Answer: As explained during Nam Dan, a person
should sit with cross legs with his hands on the
knees. When the course of Simran is complete,
we start concentrating. At that moment,
sometimes the legs, sometimes the thighs,
sometimes the back, and sometimes the head,
starts giving you pain. Son, Kal is a big power
and he does not want anyone to pay attention
to God; so the pains are there.
With the help of your meditation, if you attain
the Form of the Master, everything will be okay.
When you see Guru’s Form and start gazing at
it, the lower portion of the body becomes
senseless and you do not feel any pain. Getting
up during meditation and changing position
should not be done at all. Until we are
disconnected from the outer world and linked
inside, the pains are there. Without longing, one
does not see the Form of the Guru. When you
see Guru’s Form inside yourself, you will find all
your difficulties are over. However, try to
continue and not leave your seat.
Q.35 Baba Ji, even after initiation a person is
stuck in the ego and problems of the world. How
to get rid of this fuss?
Answer: Son, answering your own question you
have raised a new question. There is only one
solution to get out of ego - and that is Repetition
3 5
of the Holy Names and Meditation. After
initiation, if we do not do Simran and Meditation,
how then can we get rid of ego? Simran and
Meditation is the only remedy. We take milk and
add a little yogurt to it to change the whole milk
into yogurt; then churning it, we get butter.
Following the proper method, we get butter out
of milk. So the effort we put in to do Simran and
Meditation helps us to get rid of ego so we can
be peaceful. Guru Ram Das Ji says:
Receiving Nam, the mind is satisfied. Without Nam, life is
a curse.
Adi Granth 40
Q.36 Baba Ji, what should we ask of the Master?
Answer: Son, there is only one thing you should
ask the Master for... O’ My Lord, kindly do not
keep me devoid of your Darshan. I always need
your love. We should ask for Guru from Guru.
Everything comes from the Happiness of the
Guru. Everything is in his control. A disciple prays
when he is in trouble. When a disciple who is
sitting face to face with the Master asks for
something, he will be satisfied, and Guru advises
him to stay in Guru’s Order; but I say pray for
the welfare of the whole world. You are also
included in the world.
Q.37 Baba Ji, what is the difference between
Ardas and Araj?
Answer: Son, ‘Ardas’ is an appeal to God that He
3 6
has to settle. Considering the Unseen God is True,
we appeal to Him. Whether He has listened or
not, that is our own belief; He will not reply. Araj
is done while sitting face to face before a person
having five elements.
Q.38 Baba Ji, if Guru advises something in a
dream, should that be followed?
Answer: A dream is a dream; how you believe
in it depends on you. A dream is a palace built
in the air. You can neither stand nor sit in it. If
Guru advises something good in a dream, having
faith one should follow that. If you see a bad
dream at night, consider that you do not have
good character; your soul is not clean, your
practice is not complete to meet God.
Q.39 Baba Ji, when I sit for meditation sometimes
I do not see your face clearly; sometimes I forget
the Five Words. What should I do?
Answer: Daughter, forgetting the Five Words
means you are not attentive while doing your
Simran and Meditation.
You will not forget the Words if you continue
doing Simran when you wake up in the morning,
when you go to bed, when you are sitting alone
kneading flour, baking chapattis, etc. When your
inner self gets cleansed, you will start visualizing
Satguru’s face clearly. At the time of initiation,
Satguru’s Celestial Form is imprinted behind the
eyes of the soul.
3 7
Our soul is covered with sheaths of the three
attributes of matter: harmony, action, and
inertia; also mental worries, ill feelings, and
physical ailments. It is dirty due to lust, anger,
greed, attachment and ego. If these sheaths are
removed one can visualize Guru’s Form. These
sheaths are removed with Simran and
Meditation. There is no other alternative. Light
becomes dim when a lamp is covered with a thin
cloth. A thicker cloth reduces its light further.
Covering with another thick cloth finishes its light
as well as shape; no light or shape of the lamp is
seen at all. Removing these sheaths one by one
we start getting Light back. The sheaths of our
soul are removed with Simran and Meditation.
We come home after traveling for two months
and see a covering of dust on the mirror and we
cannot see our face clearly. We clean our face
again and again but are still unable to see our
face clearly, but by cleaning the mirror we see
our face clearly. When our inner self is cleaned
by removing the sheaths we can see our face
clearly, there is no doubt.
Q.40 Baba Ji, I cannot concentrate, and do not
feel like sitting for meditation. What should I do?
Answer: Son, to enjoy clarified butter (ghee) you
have to put in effort. First we are to buy milk,
then boil it; add some yogurt to change it into
yogurt, then churn it to get butter. Heating the
butter we get clear butter, and eat it. To get
3 8
clear butter (ghee) we had to put in so much
effort. Like this we are to separate our mind from
the evil tendencies and attach it to God. To be
successful we are to follow the method as shown
by the Guru.
Q.41 Baba Ji, If a person remembers you from
the core of his heart and requests your Darshan,
does this call reach you?
Answer: Son, whosoever remembers Guru in a
natural way, his call reaches not only the Guru,
but also God. It depends upon the level of
request. The request of an ant reaches God but
the request of an elephant sometimes does not.
If a person requests outwardly, he does not get
the benefit that a person requesting from the
core of his heart gets. The request from the core
of one’s heart reaches direct to the Guru sitting
Q.42 Baba Ji, reading the Shabads and Simran,
both develop love for God; but how to progress
in meditation?
Answer: Son, for this reason Mahatmas advise
us to do Simran sitting in a lonely place with
closed eyes. Until we are unlinked from the
outside we cannot be united inside. This is called
Sahaj Avastha. Forgetting the outside we are
benefitted. Chanting Shabads is beneficial. How
can we attain the natural state without chanting
the Shabads?
3 9
You know before conducting an operation a
doctor will give chloroform to the patient and
ask him to count. While counting he slowly
becomes quiet and disconnected from the
outside world. He does not feel pain during the
operation. We too reach this state by chanting
Shabads and doing Simran.
Q.43 Baba Ji, when I sit for meditation, I get bad
thoughts. Why does this happen, and how can
it be stopped?
Answer: Son, if excrement is lying somewhere,
and after two or three days a layer of dirt covers
it; it will stop stinking. If a stone hits it, it gives
out an intolerable smell. Like this, there is filth
of evil tendencies that have accumulated in us
for many past lives. After initiation, we throw
the stone of Simran and Meditation and the bad
thoughts of many years start coming out. As this
bad smell is cleansed with the repetition of Nam,
fragrance takes its place. The inner environment
is all fragrance. Bad thoughts are replaced by
good thoughts. All this will stop after Simran and
Meditation for a few days.
Q.44 In the Nameless Region there is no room
for desires; how then could Niranjan have a
desire to create the world when it was really the
Lord creating the world?
Answer: Son, there is no place for desires in the
Nameless Region. God Himself had a wish to
4 0
create the world and He expressed this thought
to Kuram Bhagat and Sahaj Bhagat - that He
wanted to create another Region. However, both
of them said that they did not want to be
separated from God. Then God put this thought
of having a separate Empire in Niranjan’s mind.
Standing on one leg he worshipped the Lord for
seventy yugas; then again for sixty-four yugas,
and he got the Empire of the Three Worlds. This
needs to be studied. The research going on today
on the subject of “Creation of the World” has
already been explained and written by the Saints.
For this read Anurag Sagar by Kabir Sahib.
Q.45 Baba Ji, when the souls were handed over
to Niranjan and Eka Mai, did they come happily
or crying?
Answer: Sir, I have already explained in many
Satsangs that when the Lord ordered Eka Mai to
go to Niranjan, He asked her to create the world
in collaboration with Niranjan. Lord handed over
the souls to Eka Mai as her dowry. The souls
were weeping and God said that He would come
to see them.
Q.46 Baba Ji, what is meant by “Living Death”?
Answer: Son, “Living Death” means that we
reach the place, while living, that we are to go
after death. The body below the eyes is called
Pind by the Mahatmas. Leaving Pind, the soul
should go into And and Brahmand, where we
4 1
are to go after death. Seeing that place the soul
comes back into the body. This is called a “Living
Death”. Guru Granth Sahib says about this:
O’ Nanak, remain dead while still alive: practice such a
Adi Granth 730
But if he remains dead while yet alive, then by so dying,
he truly lives; thus, he attains liberation.
Adi Granth 550
One who remains dead while yet alive is liberated, and
merges in the True Name.
Adi Granth 1067
Q.47 Baba Ji, what should be the ideal life of a
Satsangi, so that he may not have to take
Answer: Son, the question put by you is not only
your question, but a question many have.
Anyone studying in college should work hard so
that he passes the first year. He should not keep
the second or third year in mind. We are to attain
the Third Eye through Simran and Meditation to
unite with God. We can get merged in Him by
our hard work and courage. We should lead the
life of a worthy person. Our Guru will help us if
we keep our inner self clean.
4 2
Q.48 Baba Ji, people say they are afraid while
doing meditation. What relation does fear have
with meditation?
Answer: Son, fear has no place during
meditation, still, people complain, so it needs
attention. Guru’s Form should always be in our
eyes, but when our passions are more powerful,
we get disconnected from Guru’s Form. At that
time Kal is overpowering us, so we get scared.
This condition may continue for a long time and
it may happen that it does not let you meditate.
However, be bold and courageous and try to keep
attached to the Guru; then fear will not bother
you. Fear is due to our own Karmas. The only
remedy for this is regular meditation without a
break, and Guru’s form should stay with us.
Q.49 Baba Ji, do we need to repeat the Holy
Names at the time we are having outside
Answer: Keep on repeating the Holy Names if
possible. There is no harm if this stops while
talking. We see Satguru with our eyes, and repeat
the Holy Names with the tongue. Anyhow, you
are to continue repeating the names while you
are having Darshan.
4 3
Q.50 Baba Ji, in case a Satsangi feels lonely and
dry, what should he do?
Answer: Son, an empty mind thinks of bad
things. One should focus on Satsang, Simran and
Meditation, and keep involved in good deeds.
Q.51 Baba Ji, we cannot know the real or the
false things when dreaming; so what does ‘Do
not forget the Guru even in a dream’ mean?
Answer: Son, Do not forget the Guru even in a
dream is a proverb. Its real meaning is, do not
forget the Guru even for a short period of time.
If we keep remembering him while we are awake,
he may appear in our dreams too, because the
thoughts of the day appear in the dreams also.
Q.52 Baba Ji, if a person is employed in such a
job that he cannot repeat the Holy Names at all
times, what should he do?
Answer: Son, no one has arranged such a job for
us. Like a silk worm, we ourselves produce the
threads (cocoon) and get badly entangled in
them; then we do not find a way out. The job
should be to provide a means of livelihood in
order to run your life and earn money. Beyond
that it is a luxury. So staying within the limits,
we need to do Simran and Meditation. This
should be our foremost preference.
4 4
Q.53 Baba Ji, does this mean that we should not
try to expand our business?
Answer: It does not mean that we should not
expand the business; it means that we should
expand the business up to that level where we
can devote time to Spirituality and still look after
the business. We should not get involved in it to
such an extent that we cannot devote time to
Simran and Meditation.
Q.54 Baba Ji, how is cleanliness related to Simran
and Meditation?
Answer: Son, regarding cleanliness, firstly we
should keep our body clean. After that, the room
where we do our Simran and Meditation should
be cleaned. To enable the mind to go in, we
should clean the room as well as our body,
because we want God to be seated there. This
does not mean we should keep involved in
cleanliness and showing off. It is of no use if the
mind does not go in.
Q.55 Baba Ji, is Simran useful?
Answer: Simran is Simran. It has to clear the way
for the soul to unite with God. Whatever time
you devote to it is beneficial.
Q.56 Baba Ji, if someone touches your feet out
of love, or runs after you to have your Darshan,
is this against Sant Mat?
4 5
Answer: In my eyes it is showing off. Doing such
things we want to show we love our Guru. A
person who meditates has Darshan of the
Satguru while sitting alone, or passing by the side
of Satguru. Guru’s feet are in the Tenth Gate.
Guru never stops a person from having his
Darshan inside and saluting him.
Q.57 Baba Ji, is it right to meditate obstinately
(in a forceful manner)?
Answer: In the beginning the mind does not like
to go in because it does not enjoy it. What should
a human being do? When Guru’s Form appears
inside, there is no need to be obstinate (forceful)
because mind also wants to enjoy being inside.
One has to be obstinate to turn the mind inside.
Regular meditation will compel the mind to co-
Q.58 Baba Ji, why shouldn’t one disclose his
inner experiences; and why do the Inner
Blessings stop after disclosing them?
Answer: According to the Saints, Inner
Experiences should not be disclosed. If the liver
is weak, food is not digested. Disclosing the
secrets mean not digesting Guru’s love inside.
As a lady does not disclose her husband’s love
to anybody, one should not disclose his inner
experiences to anyone. When water is running
into a tank, but the taps (outlets) are open, water
cannot be stored in it. Like this, if we disclose
4 6
our Inner Blessings, Guru’s Grace cannot be
Q.59 Baba Ji, if a teacher beats (punishes) a
student, is it a sin?
Answer: Son, a doctor gives bitter medicine to
the patient. He does this for his betterment. Like
this, if a teacher punishes a student, that is for
his betterment. He does not earn any sin. Yes, if
he beats the child to take revenge, he has to pay
Q.60 Baba Ji, I am your initiate and want to do
Sewa in a center at Beas. Is this okay?
Answer: Son, doing Sewa in Beas is my Sewa.
Don’t be dual minded. When doing Meditation
you should focus on your Guru; however, Sewa
should be done for everyone. Maybe he is from
your own family, some neighbor or someone
from the Sangat; as far as possible we should do
Sewa for the weak, a senior, the helpless or the
handicapped. Sewa is a bargain and you get cash
for it! Without discussions, one should take the
benefit from doing this.
Q.61 Baba Ji, my husband keeps quarreling, and
I do not want to agree with what he says.
Answer: Daughter, the relationship of a husband
and wife depends on love. Try to lovingly
convince your husband, and he will agree. If you
4 7
extend love to him, he will do whatever you say.
If there is no harm, try to do what he wants -
then there will never be a quarrel.
Q.62 Baba Ji, what is the difference between Asa,
Trishna and Mansa?
Answer: Asa (hope) develops in the mind,
whereas Trishna is a thirst or longing. Asa is
changed into Trishna. Mansa or desire is a
hankering after something.
When we see a thing, and want to have it, that
is hope (Asa). When hope is not fulfilled it
changes into desire (Mansa). When desire is not
fulfilled it changes into thirst (Trishna) and one
longs to have that thing. Achieving that thing
one can have ‘some’ solace, however everything
can be fulfilled by Nam. Guru Ram Das Ji makes
it clear in Guru Granth Sahib.
Receiving Nam, the mind is satisfied.
Without Nam, life is a curse.
Adi Granth 40
Q.63 Baba Ji, should Simran be done at a time
of anger?
Answer: Simran and anger cannot stay together.
If anger is there, starting Simran, it will go. It will
be beneficial if Simran is performed when one is
Q.64 Baba Ji, my mind is stable when I do Simran,
4 8
but doing meditation it starts running out. Why
does this happen?
Answer: Son, try to meditate keeping the Form
of the Master behind your eyes and your mind
will be stable. As a lady going in the dark by
herself is afraid, but when she is with her husband
she has no fear; like this, if the disciple keeps
Guru’s Form before his eyes, Kal’s forces cannot
overpower him and he is not afraid at all. The
soul has to get connected to the Spiritual Sound.
If at the time of Simran your attention is towards
Guru, the soul will not face any problem catching
the Spiritual Sound. If the attention still goes out,
it is a hurdle created by the mind. I make out
that the Simran is incomplete.
When you become habitual your Meditation will
be complete. Attention towards Guru removes
this hurdle.
Q.65 Baba Ji, I am an initiate of Baba Pratap Singh
Ji, but I see you during Meditation. Is this
Answer: Son, we see the thing during Meditation
that we love. A newly wedded wife will see her
husband in her thoughts. Like the love of a wife
for her husband, or husband for the wife, if we
love our Satguru, we will see his form during
Meditation. We are to develop detachment, love
and longing. I never agree that being an initiate
of Baba Pratap Singh Ji you see me during
Meditation. It is not right. During worldly talks
4 9
and sitting alone if you see the present Master
it happens due to your clean conscience, but
during Meditation you should see your own
Q.66 Baba Ji, if we make a petition for someone
(to the Satguru), do we have to repay his karmas?
Answer: A disciple of Satguru does not make a
petition; if he makes a petition for someone, that
is Satguru’s Will. But your duty is to take the
person to the Satguru instead of a petition; do
not try to mediate. If you put up a petition for
someone and the Satguru fulfills his desire, you
will feel it is done due to your efforts; which
builds ego.
Q.67 Baba Ji, is it right to touch the feet of
Answer: In my opinion touching the feet means
‘I am a sacrifice to you’; but the mind sitting
inside, has it agreed to this or not? Instead of
touching the feet, present your own practical
example to show that you have controlled your
mind. Guru Granth Sahib also says this, ‘Winning
the mind is winning the world! (Man jitte jag
jeet). Mere talk is not successful - whereas a
practical life is effective.
Q.68 Baba Ji, how to control this mind?
Answer: Son, Saints say, Simran, Meditation and
5 0
attendance in the Satsang is a must; we can
control the mind through these. The mind cannot
be finished because it is a part of Niranjan (Kal).
So we are to weaken it and make the soul strong.
Like this, we can proceed on the way leading to
God. It can be possible through initiation from a
Perfect Master.
Q.69 Baba Ji, the initiates of Baba Pratap Singh
Ji, who are your contemporaries - is it difficult
for them to accept you as Satguru?
Answer: Son, if the initiates of Baba Pratap Singh
ji are relatives, friends or common Satsangies,
and do not consider me as Satguru or Saint, it is
something common. Some rare disciple of the
Satguru can understand this in the right way. Only
a good Satsangi can accept a person seated in
place of the previous Satguru.
Q.70 Baba Ji, can a person reach the Ultimate
Abode in his first life?
Answer: It is difficult to reply to each question
with a yes or a no. It is possible if a person is
destined to be united with the Perfect Master
and get his Grace. It can be, if he reaches that
place during his life, where he has to go after
death. It depends on his meditation.
Q.71 Baba Ji, is the Simran and Meditation done
in the previous life useful in this life?
5 1
Answer: It is very effective. This question is very
clear. If a person had been initiated in the
previous life, due to that he got human life again
and has been initiated in this life. He can be
successful in this second life due to his own hard
work and the Grace of the Guru. The spiritual
path explains that a Guru cleans a disciple and
takes him to his ultimate abode in a maximum
of four lives.
Q.72 Baba Ji, what is meant by the Charan Kamal
of Satguru.
Answer: Satguru’s Charan Kamal means Feet of
Satguru. But in Spirituality we come to know
about the Feet of the Satguru in the Tenth Gate.
Reaching there and putting the dust of Satguru’s
feet on his forehead, the disciple gets free of
the impurities of many lifetimes and all of his
sins are finished. Guru is called Satguru at the
Tenth Gate.
Q.73 Baba Ji, I can’t sit straight with crossed legs
for Meditation, what should I do?
Answer: According to the Saints, the best
posture for Meditation is to sit with crossed legs.
If a person loses one of his legs and gets an
artificial leg, and with the help of a stick - still he
reaches his destination. Like that putting the tired
or painful legs under the table, or hanging down
from the bed and putting the elbows or arms on
a table a person can sit for Meditation. But I do
5 2
not consider it the correct method. This is an
alternative method to adjust the posture
according to the physical inability. The goal is to
unite the soul with God; so by any method try
to concentrate.
Q.74 Baba Ji, should a satsangi go to a mosque,
temple or gurudwara according to his faith or
Answer: We should not overlook the traditions
of our forefathers after initiation. We cannot go
to college until we complete our (high) school
education. Going to the temple or mosque we
come to know that God is a Power; thus the guide
should not be neglected.
Q.75 Baba Ji, does Guru have a Satguru?
Answer: A human being is born, power develops
in him and he imparts knowledge to the people
and becomes a Guru. This method is traditional.
A father has a father, and a Guru too has a
Q.76 Baba Ji, are Mahatmas, Mahatmas by birth?
Answer: I have been reading that Mahatmas are
Mahatmas before birth, but they disclose
themselves at the appropriate time. This has
been going on since the beginning of the world.
Many Mahatmas come but do not disclose
themselves. The Mahatmas coming with a list of
5 3
souls disclose themselves.
Q.77 Baba Ji, why can’t a person get initiation at
the age of fifteen or sixteen?
Answer: Nam Dan has no concern with age, nor
does it go by a strict law. A person is judged by
his ability; not by his age. Mahatmas do not
follow a strict law for Nam Dan. Baba Bagga Singh
Ji, Baba Pratap Singh Ji and Baba Deva Singh Ji
have initiated many persons at the age of fifteen
or sixteen. From a very young age we create fear
in the children. We ask a child of five or six to
pray for success in his examination. God gets
imprinted in his mind. In his childhood Mahatma
Buddha saw a senior sick person and a dead
body, and came to know that the world is
perishable. Giving up everything, he started
worshipping and led the world to this spiritual
Q.78 Baba Ji, what is the real form of Satguru?
Answer: Son, the real form of Satguru is Shabad
which is difficult to understand. Only he can
understand who comes to know It’s secret.
Reaching the Nameless Region we can know It’s
Q.79 Baba Ji, are the bad deeds done by us
according to Guru’s Order?
Answer: Son, never have this misunderstanding
5 4
that everything is done by Guru’s Order. Does
Guru ever say to do bad deeds? We do the bad
deeds by the direction of mind. Note this, that
whatever is evil has no relation with Guru; it has
relationship with the mind.
Q.80 Baba Ji, if Guru orders us to do something,
does he take the responsibility for that?
Answer: Guru becomes the protector of this life
and the next life at the time of initiation. We
should pray to Guru before starting each work
and try to do it the very best we can; then he
will take responsibility. He will accompany us in
every good work done by us.
Q.81 Baba Ji, can we go in and progress Spiritually
before our karmas are settled?
Answer: Son, if we meditate after being initiated
by Guru, we can get our previous karmas settled
as well as progress on God’s Path. A wise person
who has a big debt after his father’s death,
according to his capacity, expands his business
up to that point where it pays off his debt as
well as progresses.
Q.82 Baba Ji, does a disciple do Sewa by Guru’s
Will or by his own willingness?
Answer: Son, Guru’s Grace is showered on each
one after initiation. Whosoever controls his mind
with the Grace of Guru - only he can do Sewa.
5 5
Q.83 Baba Ji, do we find the Guru, or does the
Guru find us?
Answer: Son, when this world was created and
God sent His own part, the souls that came to
this world cried a lot, and said, we do not want
to be separated from You. Then God promised,
you go and I will come to see you and take you
back. The weeping souls were sent to this world,
and with the Orders of the Lord we came here
and got into the range of Kal. Like this it is the
duty of God to take us back. Japuji Sahib says:
Every one is subject to His command; no one is beyond
His command.
Adi Granth 1
Guru Nanak Dev Ji says:
By His Command, one comes into the world, O’ Beloved;
and by His Will, one goes.
Adi Granth 636
The ‘wisdom’ of a human being does not work
before the Will of God.
Q.84 Baba Ji, should we disclose our Spiritual
Experiences? What is the harm if we disclose
these experiences?
Answer: Son, Guru’s Grace showered on us, is
only for us. It has no relation with anyone else.
As I explained in Satsang, a newly wedded girl
5 6
comes to her parents house, and her friends ask
her about her husband’s love; she smiles, but
does not say anything. Spiritual matters are an
even more delicate issue – for if disclosed, the
inner scenes will stop. If you see Guru’s Form
inside, that also can stop; and we would then
be away from Guru’s Grace. So if Guru has
showered his Grace on us, we should digest it
and not disclose it. Only those progress in the
Intelligence Bureau of the government who do
not disclose its secrets.
Q.85 Baba Ji, some people consider Palaki Sahib,
Baba Deva Singh Ji’s room, and Baba Pratap Singh
Ji’s room as places of worship (and offer worship
there). Is this correct?
Answer: Son, Sant Mat is against such worship.
Guru Granth Sahib says:
Religious rites, rituals, and hypocrisies which are done are
plundered by the Messenger of Death... the ultimate tax
Adi Granth 747
Rishi Lomash asked his father Brahma Ji, I wish
to meet the Almighty Lord, please suggest a
method. Brahma Ji said, bathe in the river Ganges,
and give donations. Rishi Lomash replied, I bathed
in the Ganges for 1000 years and it gave me the
life of a crocodile. As a crocodile I ate many living
beings and that entangled me all the more in the
cycle of karmas. Then Brahma Ji suggested the
5 7
worship of a Peepal tree. The Rishi said, I
worshipped the Peepal tree for 1000 years and I
got the life of a centipede (as reward). This
anecdote is given in the Ghat Ramayan of Tulsi
Sahib. Still people have these beliefs, and bow
down to worship these rooms. Of course the
result has only to do with their faith.
Q.86 Baba Ji, what is the difference between
Meditation and Simran?
Answer: There is a difference of day and night
between Meditation and Simran. As the night
wanes, before the day begins, when we are
successful in Simran, we start our meditation.
Meditation leads to contemplation. That
contemplation attaches us to the Spiritual Music.
We can do our Simran while walking, sitting, or
standing; but Meditation can be done sitting still
with crossed legs.
Q.87 Baba Ji, should the Meditation and Simran
be done at a fixed time?
Answer: Son, the time for Meditation and Simran
is 3:00 am, but it is not a strict law. If a person
cannot sit at this time, he may sit for Meditation
and Simran any time during the day according
to his schedule.
Q.88 Baba Ji, I work during the night from 10:00
pm to 6:00 am. How can I meditate at 3:00 am?
5 8
Answer: God has fixed no time for love. You may
meditate at any available time. The time in the
morning at 3:00 am is called the Nectar Time, or
Brahm–Muhurta. There is no outside disturbance
at that time, and at that time the soul easily
gets concentrated and comes behind the eyes.
That is why this time has special importance. If
you are not able to sit at 3:00 am, you may do
Meditation and Simran at any convenient time
during the day.
Q.89 Baba Ji, what is the purpose of Sewa and
what is the best Sewa?
Answer: Sewa means ‘to serve’. To surrender
oneself at Satguru’s Feet is the best Sewa. Helping
the needy is also considered Sewa. Enlightening
people that abortion is a sin is also a Sewa. So,
there are many types of Sewa that have their
own special importance. Surrendering at the feet
of Satguru and following the Path according to
his guidance is the best Sewa.
Q.90 Baba Ji, what is the importance of the
Langar (Free kitchen)?
Answer: Son, the Langar teaches us equality. The
whole sangat eats sitting in one line, so it teaches
us discipline. We learn to be humble. The small
and big, rich and poor, officer and laborer,
persons belonging to all classes, eat together.
History tells us that King Akbar also ate in the
langar of Guru Amar Das Ji.
5 9
Q.91 Baba Ji, I heard in Satsang that both good
and bad karmas are accounted for. Do we have
to pay back the good karmas also?
Answer: Yes son, we have to pay back good
karmas also. Maybe good or maybe bad; we still
have to pay back. Guru Granth Sahib says:
As you plant, so shall you harvest; your destiny
is recorded on your forehead.
Adi Granth 134
Q.92 Baba Ji, if at the time of death a Satsangi
thinks of money, property, sons and daughters,
or his wife, instead of his Satguru, does he get
human life?
Answer: Son, if the attention of a meditator is
firm, it cannot be somewhere else. This has been
stated in Guru Granth Sahib:
At the very last moment, one who thinks of wealth, and
dies in such thoughts, shall be reincarnated over and over
again in the form of serpents. O’ Sister, do not forget the
Name of the Lord of the Universe.
At the very last moment, he who thinks of women, and
dies in such thoughts shall be reincarnated over and over
again as a prostitute.
At the very last moment, one who thinks of his children,
and dies in such thoughts, shall be reincarnated over and
over again as a pig.
6 0
At the very last moment, one who thinks of mansions,
and dies in such thoughts, shall be reincarnated over and
over again as a goblin.
At the very last moment, one who thinks of the Lord, and
dies in such thoughts, says Trilochan, that man shall be
liberated; the Lord shall abide in his heart.
Adi granth 526
If his attention is somewhere else, he will get
the next birth according to his desires. Fulfilling
his desires, he will get a human life.
Q.93 Baba Ji, now you are in our Region and we
are having your Darshan and listening to your
Satsang. How should we live when you leave us?
Please throw some light on this?
Answer: Son, you have got many messages.
Maharaj Ji used to say, We are tired of giving
messages and the lines of our hands have faded
distributing Prashad, but (only) some rare
persons listen. Guru Nanak Dev Ji came and gave
messages to do good deeds and make the True
Bargain. It is not heard until we follow. In the
Satsang I spoke today and yesterday, that was a
message only. Many of my initiates ask, Baba Ji,
please help us in seeing God for a minute. Before
I reply, they ask, Baba Ji, have you seen God? I
reply, I am always with Him and have His Darshan.
I present my problems before Him and they are
solved. I do not know if your problem is solved
like this.
6 1
Once I went to Beas with Baba Pratap Singh Ji.
Satsang was about to start when a person came
to Maharaj Charan Singh Ji and started crying.
Maharaj Ji said, son, do not cry, talk to me. He
said, Maharaj Ji, kindly help me see the Almighty
for a minute. Maharaj Ji said, if you ask for
property, I will build more; but to see the Almighty
you have to do Simran and Meditation. But this
talk did not have any effect on him he kept crying.
After five minutes I asked, Maharaj Ji, may I talk
to him?
Maharaj Ji was very kind and he said, You can
talk. After getting permission I asked that person,
who has initiated you? He replied, the present
Master. I asked, what did you think of him at that
time? He said, considering him God, I got initiated.
I said, Sardar Sahib, You are asking God to help
you to see God?
Maharaj Ji passed a smile and that person felt
ashamed. Smilingly he put the handkerchief on
his face and said, it is Satsang time, let us go. So
considering our Guru the Almighty, we should
do Simran and Meditation and love each other.
Q.94 Baba Ji, you say touching Guru’s feet and
running after him does not help. Only Simran
and Meditation will help. Does it means that we
should keep detached from the physical form of
Answer: Son, Guru never invites us to touch his
6 2
body. A disciple is attached to the physical form
of the Guru, but when the physical form changes
into the Spiritual Form, the outside relationships
lose their importance. Until a disciple realizes
the Shabad Form of Guru inside, he has to keep
attached to Guru’s physical form.
Q.95 Baba Ji, when we are in the Dera we feel as
if we are in Heaven and are at peace. When we
go back to our homes we feel as if we are in hell
and put in the fire. Why is it like this?
Answer: You are answering the question yourself.
Leaving the house for a day and coming to the
Dera, you get peace; when you go back, you see
the same pains. You have not stayed in the Dera
for ten days. Maybe during that long a stay you
will see the same home environment; because
you are not habitually living in a good
environment. You have spent most of your time
in a bad environment. Change yourself to adjust
to every environment.
Q.96 Baba Ji, sometimes having your Darshan
during my stay in Dera I feel very close to you,
and start progressing spiritually; but suddenly I
start falling down. I do not wish that should
happen! Why is it so?
Answer: Your question conveys that you came
to the Dera with detachment and pure feelings.
You had a talk with me in a good environment.
You came here drenched in Spiritual Happiness.
6 3
It may just be possible that someone asked me
a question that I had replied sternly to, and that
has affected you. Due to Kal’s influence, we start
thinking in the wrong direction. While going to
Guru, our thoughts get purified. So have good
thoughts. Sitting in Meditation with pure
thoughts reduces the effect of Kal.
Q.97 Baba Ji, is there any easy method other
than Simran and Meditation to reach the
Answer: Son, there is no other easy method
except Simran and Meditation to reach the
destination. If there had been one, the Saints
would have suggested that. Following this
method, we neither have to leave our family nor
our comforts.
Q.98 Baba Ji, kindly excuse me for asking this
question. Are the foreigners and the wealthy
given more importance in the Dera?
Answer: Son, there is no such practice in our Dera
that allows us to differentiate. You see, some
rooms are constructed for the sick and seniors
who are unable to use steps. It may be possible
that the persons on allotment duty have been
biased in allotting rooms, and the room has been
given to a good healthy person. It may also be
possible that some ‘managing’ person has
allotted a room to a person who has worked for
the improvement of the Dera.
6 4
Q.99 Baba Ji, some people sit alone and talk to
Guru. Is this a step forward to enhance Guru’s
love? Is it a type of Simran?
Answer: Son, it is also a stage of Guru’s
compassion. Some enjoy talking to themselves,
some enjoy talking to others. Maybe some other
topic is being spoken about, and a person starts
talking about Guru. Topics about Guru cannot
be linked to outside topics. A person who is
remembering Guru within himself and during
that memory switches over to something else -
he should come out of it, and focus his attention
on Guru only; then he will be successful. Simran
is also remembering Guru.
Q.100 Baba Ji, should we pray to the Lord before
sitting in Meditation, or should we not waste
time in that?
Answer: Son, before starting any work we should
pray to God. It is our nature. So it is your own
sweet will to pray to Him or not. We pray to him
who’s Simran we are doing. He himself is God.
Praying to Him is no waste of time.
Q.101 Baba Ji, what type of prayer does God like?
Answer: Son, God likes to listen to, and fulfills
every prayer that is not harmful to you or anyone
Q.102 Baba Ji, I have heard that we should avoid
6 5
the person who creates hurdles in Meditation
for us. Should we avoid doing those worldly
duties that may disturb our Meditation?
Answer: We should avoid such thinking: that it
is painful or disturbs our Meditation. Your
conscience will tell you what is right and what is
wrong. We should do our worldly duties
considering them God’s Assignment, but should
not get too much entangled in worldly evils.
Q.103 Baba Ji, we have been told to do Simran
at all times. It is not that easy to do, and we
forget. How can one remember it? What is the
value of Simran?
Answer: Son, on the basis of their own
experience, Saints and Mahatmas guide us to
do Simran at all times. The problem is that we
are not habitual in doing it, that is why we face
difficulties. Continuously done Simran changes
into Ajapa Japa; and we do not feel that we are
doing it. It saves us from bad thoughts.
Q.104 Baba Ji, for those who have met you
personally, it is easy to love you; however, those
people who love you but have not seen you, will
they get spiritual benefit?
Answer: Son, if they have heard about me, read
my books and made up their mind to meet me;
they should come and see me. Their thinking may
change after seeing me. It may become better
6 6
for the future. Those who have met me and
sincerely love me, their love and better thinking
will be beneficial to them.
Q.105 Baba Ji, I have heard that the Meditation
done by a Satsangi is Sewa. Is this true?
Answer: Son, Guru says that your True Sewa Is
Meditation... and that is accepted in God’s Court.
Q.106 Baba Ji, how does one do Simran?
Answer: Son, We should do Simran lovingly and
patiently. Not forcibly. While doing Simran our
attention should be focused at (toward) Guru.
Kabir Sahib says:
One should take care of Simran as a poor man takes care
of his pennies.
One should be attached to Simran as a deer is enchanted
by the melodious sound played by a hunter. He does not
forget that sound and sacrifices his life for it!
Q.107 Baba Ji, how can one get Patience, Peace
and Stability?
Answer: The only way to achieve this is through
Simran, Meditation and Satsang.
Q.108 Baba Ji, if a person does not do Simran
and Meditation, can he be liberated through
Sewa or some other method?
6 7
Answer: Son, there is no alternative for Simran
and Meditation. Every Sewa is useful, however,
it depends upon Guru’s Will. If a person has not
done Simran and Meditation but did a lot of
physical Sewa, and another person is very rich
and donated a lot of money to the Dera; if he is
about to die and his attention is fixed at Guru,
Guru does not give him another human birth.
Taking him to Sahansdal Kanwal he makes him
meditate there. After that he takes him to Trikuti
and then into the Tenth Gate. Bathing there he
changes to a Pure Soul. Progressing like this he
reaches Sach Khand. Then he is in the same state
as that of a person who has reached Sach Khand
(from the earth plane); but it takes a lot of time!
Q.109 Baba Ji, does a beautiful environment help
in Meditation?
Answer: Yes, it is very useful.
Q.110 Baba Ji, when you are out of Dera, we do
not feel comfortable there and there is a feeling
of emptiness. Why is it like that?
Answer: Son, you have not told me who initiated
you? You do not try to bind yourself to the Dera;
that is why you are not comfortable here. Then
again, you are disappointed in my absence. I feel
that we should always remember our Guru’s
words and come to the Dera as a humble person.
We should try to love the Sangat of the Dera,
and participate in the Sewa programs. Do not
6 8
behave like a wife whose husband has returned
after a long time; or like a husband who becomes
sad when his wife goes out! Try to love your
brothers and sisters and your parents. Pay
attention to the work going on in the house,
then you will feel happy.
Q.111 Baba Ji, what is the importance of the
Answer: Son, the Sangat is more important than
Guru. Guru Gobind Singh Ji said, I am honored
due to the Sangat! Without the Sangat, I am an
ordinary person. He says:
By their kindness I have been greatly adorned, otherwise
there are crores of humble persons like me.
Dasam Granth Sahib 1355
Only the Guru can unite us with God; and only
the Sangat can praise the Guru.
Q.112 Baba Ji, what is the relation between the
Sangat and the Guru?
Answer: Whatever is the relationship between
the soul and God, the relation between Guru
and Sangat is the same. There is an incident
about Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Once he had to give
Satsang, and was going with the Sangat, when
some respected persons said, Maharaj, this way
is better, let us please go this way. He said, no,
the way directed by the Sangat is the right way,
6 9
the importance of Guru is due to the Sangat. They
again said, Maharaj, this route is shorter; it will
take less time to reach the Satsang. Singing
Shabads the Sangat took one route, and Guru
Sahib took the shorter route.
The Sangat was waiting at the place where
Satsang was to be delivered. Guru Sahib reached
there early but He played such a miracle that
the persons at the reception neither recognized
him nor came forward to receive him, nor did
anyone greet him. The honorable persons
introduced him, but even then the Sangat did
not say a word. After some time, a group from
the Sangat who were singing praises of Guru,
uttering slogans and setting off fireworks,
reached there. Guru Sahib was not with them so
the Sangat ran to the place where Guru Sahib
was standing and started bowing down to him;
the praises rose higher and the receptionists felt
ashamed. Guru Sahib was recognized when he
was in the Sangat. He proved through this miracle
that the Sangat is more important.
Q.113 Baba Ji, you say, satsangs of my preachers
are at a higher level than my satsangs. This
creates a doubt in my mind. Kindly remove it.
Answer: Son, it is good if we stop self-praise. You
see, I cannot say anything about myself. Even if I
speak the truth, people will consider it boasting.
It has no value if I narrate something about
myself; however, another person narrating the
7 0
same thing in my absence will carry weight.
Q.114 Baba Ji, it is said: Stay in Guru’s Order. What
does this mean and how does one stay in Guru’s
Answer: Son, staying in “Guru’s Willingness” is
staying in His Order. Whatever Guru says, follow
that without any argument. Leaving the self and
surrendering to the Master is living according to
His Willingness. One should entrust ‘his powers’
to the Guru. Guru Granth Sahib says:
By His Command, bodies are created. His Command
cannot be described. By His Command, souls come into
being. By His Command, glory and greatness are
Adi Granth 1
It is difficult to stay in His Order. Guru Angad
Dev Ji, Guru Ram Das Ji and the following Gurus
also stayed in Guru’s Order.
Q.115 Baba Ji, if a person goes astray, how does
the Guru bring him back to the right path?
Answer: Son, after initiation, Guru always
accompanies the disciple. Human Beings are
initiated according to Lord’s Will. After initiation
Guru orders us to do Simran and Meditation.
Doing that, a being tries to follow the right path,
but according to fate, he goes astray. Guru still
shows his Grace and reduces the amount of
7 1
punishment. Instead of being hanged he just gets
the prick of a thorn. Even then we blame the
Guru and say, even after initiation I am
undergoing such big trouble. Guru says, you do
not see the big trouble you were saved from
undergoing. We do not agree. The persons who
agree get the benefit. Just as Bhai Joga was
protected by Guru Gobind Singh Ji (when obeying
Guru’s orders he became egotistical and went
on the wrong track, but even then Guru Sahib
protected him).
Q.116 Baba Ji, did you accompany Baba Pratap
Singh Ji on his tours?
Answer: Yes, I used to accompany him whenever
I got a chance; but after my retirement in 1982
(thru 1988), I was always with him.
Q.117 Baba Ji, I want to know something about
Baba Pratap Singh Ji. Kindly throw some light on
the subject.
Answer: Son, it is difficult to collect an Ocean in
a small pot. I can just say that he was Great. To
finish the subject, I quote Kabir Sahib:
If I have all the paper of the entire earth, and pens made
from all the jungles, and I use the water from the seven
seas as ink; still the virtues of Guru cannot be described.
Q.118 Baba Ji, why is a Guru needed?
7 2
Answer: Son, first we should understand what
‘Guru’ is. A child would not have been able to
learn the mother tongue without a ‘guru’.
Mother is his first guru. He would not have been
able to do his B.A, M.A, or PhD without a
professor. A person can never know God without
a Guru. ‘Gu’ means darkness, and ‘Ru’ means
light. As someone said:
‘Gu’ means darkness, ‘Ru’ means illumination.
One who illuminates the darkness is called Guru.
One who gives Light in darkness is called Guru.
We would not have known Satguru without a
Guru. Guru has five elements: earth, water, fire,
air and ether. I have not constructed the word
Satguru. Guru Granth Sahib says:
One who calls himself a Sikh of the True Guru, shall rise in
the early morning hours and meditate on Lord’s Name.
Upon arising early in the morning he is to bathe and
cleanse himself in the Pool of Nectar.
Adi Granth 305
After initiation, when the image of Guru appears
between the two eyes while sitting for
Meditation, Guru does not have ‘shape’ but has
an image. This image has seventeen elements:
five organs of action: hands, feet, mouth and
reproductive organ; five organs of perception:
eyes, nose, ears, tongue and skin; four attributes
of consciousness: mind, wisdom, heart, and
egotism; three attributes: 1. harmony, 2. action
7 3
or activity, 3. inertia or darkness.
When Satguru’s image is stable behind our eyes,
it takes us to Shabad Guru. It is the Shabad that
originates from the Nameless Region. Through
the top of the head It comes down behind the
eyes where we see Light. We get engrossed in
That - bound with that Light, and the Shabad
Guru appears there. Guru in the physical form,
having five elements changes into Satguru. Going
further Satguru changes into Shabad Guru.
Shabad Guru takes us to the Nameless Region.
There the drop changes into an Ocean. We
cannot get united with God without Shabad
Guru; but we do not have that high level of
Understanding when we consider Satguru as
Shabad Guru.
Q.119 Baba Ji, what is righteous earnings. Is it
helpful in Meditation?
Answer: Son, books have many times described
righteous earnings. These earnings are
considered the best type. Persons following
God’s Path also consider hard earned money as
the best. These type earnings will not drive us
out of Meditation; whereas money earned by
bribes will keep us entangled in those persons
who have bribed us.
Q.120 Baba Ji, all of my family members are non-
satsangis. Meat and eggs are also cooked in my
family. In the same kitchen I cook my food and
7 4
eat. Does non-vegetarian cooking effect my
Simran and Meditation?
Answer: Daughter, there is no doubt that non-
vegetarian cooking in ones family affects your
Simran and Meditation. It is a matter of feelings;
but if you cook somewhere else it will lead to
arguments. Your husband may not agree to have
a separate kitchen - so when they finish cleaning
up the kitchen, you go in doing Simran and cook
your food. You should not pay attention to their
food. You continue Simran during cooking and
eating; as a young girl returns from her in-laws
and hugs her father, she does not have ill feelings.
It is the attention that matters.
Q.121 Baba Ji, what is meant by staying in the
Answer: To stay in the Sanctuary means forgetting
your own self and finishing your identity; stay in
Guru’s Sanctuary. Go inside and bow down to
him who is standing behind your eyes. With the
Guru in the physical form we may sometimes
quarrel and sometimes love him.
Q.122 Baba Ji, I feel that a satsangi suffers more
pain than a non-satsangi. Is it true?
Answer: Son, it is not a law that a Satsangi suffers
more than a non-satsangi. You may have come
across such a Satsangi who had heavy Pralabdh,
and due to that he suffered more. It may just be
7 5
possible that in this life he has Meditated up to
the level that he realized the Guru inside himself;
and he may suffer the load of all of his karmas
reduced to a minimum in this very life. That is
why he is suffering more. To finish the store of
his karmas he may have suffered more than the
common people.
I tell you one of my own experiences. I was not
very good at studies; still I was passing the
examinations. Being a football player, sometimes
I did not complete my homework. Once when I
could not answer the question put to me by the
teacher, to punish me, the teacher thrashed my
hands with a stick. Another student was asked
the same question, and he too did not do the
homework, but the teacher did not say anything
to him. After school I went to the teacher’s office
and asked him, Sir, you did not punish the other
student for the same offense; why did you
punish me? The teacher put both of his hands
on my shoulders and said, You have to qualify in
the Examination with good marks: that is why I
punished you. The other boy is not going to pass,
so there is no use punishing him.
Now, I think Kal punishes those more who work
hard to meet God. Those who are leading a
luxurious life and do undesirable deeds: Kal is
happy with them as he thinks they are going to
stay with him.
Q.123 Baba Ji, is Meditation possible before
7 6
Answer: Son, doing Meditation before initiation
is of no use. There should be a target before us
when we meditate. A hunter does not fire till
the prey is before him; it is a rule of hunting
that the prey should be in front of you. Till the
rifle’s sight is aligned with a target, you will not
hit it. In the same manner, if the Guru has not
explained the target clearly, we cannot reach our
destination. At the time of shooting, if for a
moment our attention is diverted, we will miss
the target.
While doing Simran, if our attention is diverted
towards our wife or children, we cannot reach
the target. If we Meditate without a Guru, Kal
can take us in the wrong direction. Adopting a
Guru, we will reach the right destination.
Q.124 Baba Ji, is it right for a Satsangi to play
Answer: Son, playing cards is really a waste of
time. We should devote the maximum time to
Simran and Meditation.
Q.125 Baba Ji, does a Satsangi, being a
vegetarian, get weaker from a health point of
view, as compared to a non-vegetarian, because
proteins available in meat are not found in
vegetarian food?
7 7
Answer: Son, meat eaters claim this; however,
we get sufficient protein in milk, yogurt and
cheese. Along with these, our body gets protein
from gram, peas, kidney beans, soybeans, wheat
and corn. In any case we do not have to eat meat
for protein. We can definitely proclaim that
vegetarians are not weaker than non-
Baba Pratap Singh Ji never ate meat, fish, or eggs;
nor did he drink liquor in his entire life, yet he
was a champion of the Kabaddi game. He
announced that should someone ever defeat
him in kabaddi he would give him his nappy, carry
the winner on his shoulders around the entire
(Kabaddi) grounds; and never play Kabaddi
again! History does not say that the great
warriors like Arjun and Bhima ever took meat or
Q.126 Baba Ji, should we kill house insects and
cockroaches, or not?
Answer: Son, in my opinion we should not kill
any living being, unless it may cause our death;
still you can save yourself from them. The rest,
you can make your decision according to the
situation. As far as possible, do not get involved
in killing.
Q.127 Baba Ji, my legs become painful during
meditation. Is it physical pain, or is it a part of
7 8
Answer: Meditation is done to finish pain; it does
not give pain. If pain is there, it means you are
not completely absorbed in Meditation. Doing
Meditation we get into a Sahaj Avastha where
we are not aware of the world or our own body.
Even a snake bite would not be felt during
Meditation. If you feel any pain - that is physical!
Meditation is done to remove pain; so leave
thinking that Meditation will give pain.
Q.128 Baba Ji, the responsibility of the whole
family is on my shoulders, thus I cannot
Meditate. Kindly bless me.
Answer: Son, we bring with us the responsibility
of the family according to our Karmas. We have
to carry that!
Maybe we do it happily or maybe unhappily, but
we have to do it! We have to undergo our
Pralabdh karmas. Doing Simran and Meditation
we get Lord’s Grace. You are carrying this load
you owe to someone that has to be repaid:
whether happily or unhappily.
Q.129 Baba Ji, what is the correct method to do
Answer: Son, sitting alone at a fixed place to do
Simran is the right method. Try to fix this place
on the floor. It can be done sitting on the bed
also, but no other person should be there, and
you should focus on Simran only.
7 9
Q.130 Baba Ji, can we do Simran with our
Answer: Son, while doing Simran, try to
concentrate your mind. That Simran changes into
Ajapa Jap and goes automatically. We do not
need to use our tongue.
In the beginning it is difficult because the mind
does not want to go in; but the mind will have
to surrender to our unyielding resolve. Then we
will be strong. Once we have gone in, it will not
be difficult; but we are to watch that the mind is
not let loose. Like this it will become our friend.
Q.131 Baba Ji, when I feel unwell, is it compulsory
to sit for Meditation?
Answer: Son, we are never so sick that we cannot
sit for Meditation. At that time do meditation
sitting on the bed; or resting your back on a chair-
back. It will help to get well. Never have a break
from Meditation! We find excuses not to do
Meditation; we should not make such excuses!
If we become unconscious, that is a different
issue! Otherwise do not find excuses to miss
Q.132 Baba Ji, if we feel some trouble sitting in
Meditation, shall we change the position?
Answer: Son, If you feel some problem during
Meditation, it means you are not concentrated.
8 0
If we are wandering outside, we are not
concentrated in Meditation. Mind will keep us
changing. Try to sit in the position taught by
Guru. Try not to follow the dictates of the mind.
Q.133 Baba Ji, is it good to sit continuously for
three hours, or better to complete the time doing
half an hour at a time?
Answer: Son, we should sit continuously for three
hours. You have given no reason that compels
you to break up your sittings.
There is no time limit for Meditation, if you reach
the destination doing half an hour at one time,
it is okay. Our purpose is to reach the destination.
Q.134 Baba Ji, if a Satsangi is regular in doing
Meditation, does he suffer at the time of death?
Answer: Son, If a Satsangi Meditates a lot and
has no worldly desire, but some of his sufferings
are left to settle the account of his karmas; and
Satguru wants him to finish that, he suffers more
in his last days.
Q.135 Baba Ji, I have seen many ladies lying
down after shaking for some time. Some persons
say their consciousness has risen to the higher
realms. Kindly throw some light on this.
Answer: I can say that if someone is doing
Meditation, it is not possible that he shakes and
screams. It is wrong.
8 1
Q.136 Baba Ji, what is the difference between
vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, kindly
Answer: Son, non-vegetarian food has a bad
effect on the soul. Eating this food, the mind
expands and your mental position is affected.
Non-vegetarians feel no pain for others; whereas
vegetarians are kind and feel others’ pain. If a
sparrow is killed in the hands of a vegetarian he
feels it. Non-vegetarians blindly keep on killing
animals. Their inner self is so dirty that they do
not have any feeling. They are stonehearted due
to non-vegetarian food.
Q.137 Baba Ji, people hate me. Kindly give me
such a solution that they start loving me.
Answer: Son, a person does not hate another
“person”, however some persons have a
particular type of nature that people dislike. Day-
to-day deeds also have a relation with the hatred.
Improve yourself and you will be loved by
everyone. A two-year-old child is loved by
everyone because he has only love in himself.
Behave as a child and everyone will love you.
Q.138 Baba Ji, I sell fish. I have received Nam
Dan from you. Should I stop this work?
Answer: Son, I think you should change your
profession because selling fish leaves a very bad
effect on you.
8 2
Q.139 Baba Ji, I am not keeping well and the
doctor has advised me to eat meat and eggs.
What should I do?
Answer: Son, doctors suggest food to make a
person fit. They never compel a patient to eat
meat and eggs. If we tell them we are vegetarians
they will suggest an alternative food.
Q.140 Baba Ji, how can a person get rid of bad
Answer: Son, one should have determination and
faith in God while trying to leave something. We
can get rid of bad habits by getting initiated,
doing Simran and Meditation, and praying to the
Master. Many persons have come to me who
continued drinking the whole day; yet they have
altogether stopped this habit. So, with firm belief
we too can leave bad habits and adopt good
Q.141 Baba Ji, should we use items made out of
Answer: Son, it depends on your thinking. We
have leather skin on our body. If we put a leather
jacket on our body and think it will leave a bad
effect, it is our own way of thinking... just as
there was a wave of thoughts that conveyed, do
not eat the sweets having silver paper pasted on
them because they were prepared by keeping the
8 3
silver in between the two layers of leather. There
is also a leather washer in a hand pump that no
one considers bad that brings the water up. So
it is our own way of thinking. If you think it will
leave a bad effect on you, do not use it.
Q.142 Baba Ji, I have heard in the Satsang that
by inspiring a person for Nam Dan one will get
the benefit of donating cows. Does a person have
to repay the accounts of that initiate?
Answer: Son, according to the books, Nam Dan
depends upon ones destiny. It is also written in
the books that if a person awakens another for
Nam Dan, he gets more benefit than donating
cows. The person who inspired the other person
for Nam Dan has no concern with the person’s
Q.143 Baba Ji, what is Prashad, and what is its
Answer: Puffed rice or pudding is not Prashad.
Prashad is Guru’s Grace. While giving the Prashad
Guru looks at it, and with his Grace it becomes
Q.144 Baba Ji, what is the identity of a True
Answer: We do not have the wisdom to
recognize the Guru. Our understanding is that
Guru Granth Sahib is the Almighty and the way
to meet the Almighty. Guru Granth Sahib itself
8 4
clarifies the identity of a True Guru:
The True Guru is the All-knowing Primal Being. He shows
us our True Home within the home of the self. The Panch
Shabad, the Five Primal Sounds, resonate and resound
within; the insignia of the Shabad is revealed there,
vibrating gloriously.
Adi Granth 1291
Mahatmas say, make up your mind that the
Almighty Himself will come to take you (Home).
Q.145 Baba Ji, in spite of doing Simran and
Meditation, I am unable to progress and am
disappointed. Kindly tell me the reason and
remove my disappointment.
Answer: Son, the only reason is that our
attention goes out while doing Meditation. While
Meditating, we should not think of wife and
children. Concentrating our thoughts behind the
two eyes, we can be successful.
Q.146 Baba Ji, what can a mother do to show
the right path to her children?
Answer: A mother can pass on her thoughts to
the children. A child observes the practical life
of his mother and notes everything, then tries
to follow that. So it is important for a mother to
guide the child from the very beginning.
In England I went to a devotee’s house where a
8 5
gentleman came. That person talked to the lady
of the house for half an hour. After he left the
lady asked her nine-year-old son not to inform
his father about the gentleman’s visit. The child
said, Mom, You guide me to speak the truth, and
now you expect me to tell a lie. The lady did not
utter a word but the expression on her face
showed that she felt ashamed. It needs
attention; for whatever we do and speak, the
child watches it closely.
Once I had to go with a family to Shahjahanpur.
We were waiting for the train at the platform.
My son Manjit Singh was two years old at the
time. I started strolling at the railway station,
and he too started strolling; he was swinging his
arms back and forth as I did. I put my arms at my
back and he too did the same. I put my right
arm on my left shoulder, and he did the same. I
stopped - he too stopped. I started walking... and
he too walked. In short he imitated whatever I
did. A child of two is imitating his father as an
expert, but we consider him ignorant and
continue doing good and bad deeds before him.
Those leave an impression on his mind.
If we want our children to do good deeds when
they grow up, be religious minded, leave off
killing, speak the truth, respect their elders and
do their work honestly; then we should also have
such qualities in ourselves. Imitating us, they will
do the good deeds we have taught them.
8 6
Q.147 Baba Ji, I read in the books that we should
not go to sleep after Meditation. Is this correct?
Answer: Son, it depends upon the health of the
Meditator. Sometimes we have to go to sleep
after Meditation because our body needs rest.
Q.148 Baba Ji, do you still have to Meditate?
Answer: Son, even if God Himself has come into
the human form, and maybe he is leading an
ordinary life, maybe he has disclosed his identity,
still he meditates. He cannot stay at his
destination without Meditation. He has to do
that. Kal’s range is so vast and powerful that he
tries to sting a person doing Meditation.
Q.149 Baba Ji, were you initiated with the whole
Answer: Baba Bagga Singh Ji used to initiate on
the occasion of Bhandara and New Moon Day. I
received Nam Dan with the sangat on May 18, 1943.
Q.150 Baba Ji, do you yourself plan for the
progress and construction of the Dera?
Answer: A human being cannot do anything. The
Lord of the Dera gets it done. A human can just
obey orders. Whatever Baba Bagga Singh Ji
orders, I present that before the honorable
committee and the work is carried on.
8 7
Q.151 Baba Ji, what is the importance of the
turban presented to a Guru at the time of his
Guru-Gaddi ceremony?
Answer: The turban presented at the time of
Guru-Gaddi ceremony shows that the person
seated at the place of the previous Guru has been
given all the Powers of the previous Guru. This
tradition has been followed from the very
Q.152 Baba Ji, please tell me something about
Answer: What can I say about myself? I try to do
whatever the Lord wants me to do.
Q.153 Baba Ji, is Sewa rewarded immediately?
Answer: Son, rare is that person who
understands that Sewa is rewarded immediately.
Sometimes we do Sewa for the whole day, yet
we do not know that the reward has already been
granted. Three persons together boarded a bus
for a long journey. One of them was thinking of
the Sewa going on in the Dera, and made up his
mind to participate for two or three hours.
Without thinking of receiving a reward, he got
off the bus and joined the persons doing Sewa.
The bus met with an accident and the other two
persons died. Think yourself whether the person
got an immediate reward or not?
8 8
Q.154 Baba Ji, while doing Simran and
Meditation we focus on the physical form of the
Guru, however, since Guru’s body is also mortal,
are we not focusing on a mortal entity?
Answer: God has no shape. He manifests in the
form of Guru who comes to this world to take
the souls on his list with him. He initiates them,
makes them do Simran and Meditation, and
unites them with God. First he comes in the form
of Guru. When we do Simran and Meditation he
appears as Satguru behind our eyes. As we get
engrossed in the Satguru, he changes into
Shabad Guru. Shabad Guru is a form of God
which unites us with the Almighty.
When we are present in our body, Guru is also
present in his physical form. With Meditation
he changes into Satguru. After that he becomes
Shabad Guru. Meeting the Shabad Guru while
we are in our body, we can take the Form of
God. We cannot meet God without the Shabad
Guru; how to attain Shabad Guru? The Guru who
initiates us first changes into Satguru and then
into Shabad Guru. That Shabad Guru takes the
disciple to the Nameless Region, where no one
can go in the physical form, and unites us with
Q.155 Baba Ji, do we need to do Simran during
Answer: Son, when we get engrossed in
8 9
Meditation the Simran stops. Simran is a ladder
that takes us to the destination. Once we are at
our destination the Simran is no more needed.
Q.156 Baba Ji, during Meditation should we try
to bring Guru’s form or does it appear
Answer: We have to try to bring Guru’s form.
After appearing once it keeps on coming.
Q.157 Baba Ji, the worldly things and relations
appear easily; why is it difficult to get Guru’s
Answer: Son, it is because there are two Powers
empowering us: Kal and Dayal (Guru). During
Meditation we can see the Guru of our Guru,
but we cannot see our own Guru because Kal
does not allow it. The second reason is that he
keeps us entangled in worldly relations and does
not let us come out of these.
Q.158 Baba Ji, while sitting to do Simran and
Meditation, when should we stop doing Simran?
Answer: Son, Simran takes us up to the stage
where Meditation starts. Reaching the Sahaj
Avastha we do not remember anything from the
outside world. It is not in our hands to leave
Simran. A stage comes when it stops
9 0
Q.159 Baba Ji, do we constantly see Guru’s form
in the higher inner stages, or does It stop at some
Answer: Son, Satguru’s form always accompanies
the disciple. As a person in a jungle is afraid of
lions and tigers, and cannot look outside; going
up in the inner realms Dev-Danis and other
frightening powers scare him. He cannot take a
step forward without the Guru; so he keeps his
attention in the Guru. That Form is so attractive
that he cannot get away from it.
Q.160 Baba Ji, why does a person remember
Guru only when he is in trouble, whereas the
books say we should remember him at all times?
Answer: From the very beginning it is said that a
person remembers God when he is in trouble
but does not remember Him when he is happy.
It is not just a ‘saying’, but it is our nature. A
strong person beats a weak person. A weak
person asks for help when he is in trouble, not
when he is happy. If we remember Him when we
are happy we will never get pain; and if we suffer
God provides us the strength to face that. Kabir
Sahib says:
Everyone remembers God at the time of pain; no one
remembers Him at a time of happiness.
If we remember Him in our happy days we will not feel
9 1
Q.161 Baba Ji, is it good to laugh and jest while
going to Satsang with the sangat; or should we
do Simran and Meditation?
Answer: Son, it is better to do Simran and
Meditation. If we are travelling in a truck or train
we can laugh and jest a little, but it could lead
to quarrels; so better to stay within the limits
and avoid it.
Q.162 Baba Ji, is laughter and jesting a hurdle in
Simran and Meditation?
Answer: Son, to portray yourself as very spiritual
during travel is showing off. We can have fun
within limits. Happiness is food for the soul; it is
not a hindrance in Simran and Meditation.
Q.163 Baba Ji, why does a person become an
egoist when he becomes rich?
Answer: Son, a person is an egoist due to various
elements. When a person is inclined towards
God, Kal gives him money to get entangled. If he
is enjoying Guru’s Grace, Kal sends a beautiful
girl to disturb him. Like this the disciple forgets
his Guru and follows the wrong path. There is
only one way to control the ego and that is to
have Guru’s company and to follow his advice.
Q.164 Baba Ji, why are we greedy, and how do
we rid ourselves of it?
Answer: Son, greed depends upon the elements.
9 2
A person having more of the element of air is
greedy. Looking at a particular thing he tries to
possess it. Adopting a Guru and doing Simran
and Meditation, it can also be finished like other
Q.165 Baba Ji, kindly suggest a method to finish
Answer: Son, do Simran and Meditation and try
not to let your wife’s face appear before you.
Like this you can escape Lust. Rishi Prashar
observed penances for 60,000 years and was
coming home as a perfect yogi. While crossing a
river on his way, he was enamored by a
boatman’s daughter. So leaving the worldly faces
try to see the image of your own Guru.
Q.166 Baba Ji, I want to continue Simran at all
times. How can this be possible?
Answer: Son, whenever you get time and your
mind and soul are free, try to attach your mind
with Simran.
Q.167 How to increase the power of tolerance?
Answer: Son, the Power to be tolerant also
depends upon the elements. If a person is
intelligent he should try to avoid arguments. If a
person finds himself getting angry and his mind
getting out of control, he should drink a glass of
cold water and leaving the place, he should sit
9 3
alone and meditate for some time. It may be
possible that he will return to a normal state.
Q.168 Baba Ji, is it right to put a complaint before
the Guru while sitting face to face?
Answer: Son, firstly we should decide whether
we should complain or not? In my opinion we
should be clear in our mind that Guru is
Omniscient and we need not put a complaint
before him. If we have a problem we can request
Satguru to give us a solution; but we should be
ready to follow what he says.
Q.169 Baba Ji, what should we do to keep Guru’s
image staying before us?
Answer: Son, by doing Simran and Meditation,
Guru’s image appears before us. We have to be
determined to make it stay there. When we do
Meditation the image does not appear because
our inner self is not clean; even then we should
keep sitting. We will be successful one day.
Simran and Meditation cleans our inside.
Q.170 Baba Ji, how does one make the mind
Answer: Son, Simran and Meditation are the only
method to keep the mind stable. Attach your
mind to Simran and Meditation; there is no other
alternative, no other substitute.
9 4
Q.171 Baba Ji, having been initiated by one Guru,
why do people go to another Guru for initiation?
Answer: Son, having been initiated by one Guru
if a person does not do Simran and Meditation
and gets initiated by another; that will also be
useless. A person may be initiated by another
Guru but at the time of death, only the first Guru
will appear. So instead of thinking about another
initiation, one should try to realize the Shabad
Guru through Simran and Meditation. It is of no
use going to another Guru.
Q.172 Baba Ji, I want a quick progress. Is this
Answer: Son, It depends on you. If you want to
be successful, do not let your attention go out
while doing Simran and Meditation. You will
reach your destination whenever you can do this.
Son, this is not so easy, so you keep on doing
your work and leave the rest to Guru.
Q.173 Baba Ji, what is the relation between sleep
and Meditation? Can we do Meditation during
Answer: Son, sleep has its time. There is no
relation between sleep and Meditation. Feeling
sleepy means breaking the relation with the
outside world. Doing Meditation we feel drowsy
- it is also a form of intoxication; it helps us to
go in. Intoxication is caused by looking at
9 5
something... maybe Light or maybe Guru’s image.
It has no concern with sleep.
Q.174 Baba Ji, can a Satsangi be our ideal?
Answer: Son, we cannot know a person
completely. We think he is a good and God-loving
person; but we cannot judge him internally. It is
enough to adopt his virtues. No person should
influence you at the time of Meditation.
Q.175 Baba Ji, my son is addicted to liquor. How
can I stop him and divert him towards religion?
Answer: Son, inebriation is a very bad habit and
it is not so easy to leave it. Love your son. If he
is interested in some work, keep him involved in
that. Only love can help to stop his bad habits.
Try to take him to the Satsang. God’s Grace can
help him to leave this habit.
Q.176 Baba Ji, a verse says that we should daily
have Guru’s Darshan; if not that, we should have
his darshan once a week; if not that, once a
month; if not that, once in six months; or at the
absolute least, once in a year. If a poor person
cannot come to Dera for darshan, can he still
progress in Simran and Meditation?
Answer: Son, you have written that you heard in
the satsang that a person should have Guru’s
Darshan daily. If not that - then once a week; or
once a month; or once in six months; at the very
9 6
least once a year. Not having Guru’s Darshan once
a year, will break his relation with him. If he has
progressed already then it is okay; otherwise it
is difficult to get Guru’s image. If he has not
realized Guru’s image inside, and does not have
his Darshan outside; spiritual progress will be
difficult. Man is helpless in many ways, but
‘having no money’ is not one of them! Man does
whatever he wants to do. We spend money on
the weddings of our children and other things;
we can also arrange money to go to Guru. The
greatest thing is to visualize Guru in yourself
through Simran and Meditation; you do not need
money for that. Doing this, if you do not go to
Dera, there will not be any hindrance in Simran
and Meditation.
Q.177 Baba Ji, if unaware we hurt someone, is
that also accountable?
Answer: Son, a mistake is a mistake - whether
done knowingly or unawares. It depends on the
mistake how serious it is. Coming to know it, we
should talk to that person softly. A mistake is to
be paid back. You will be punished according to
the seriousness of the mistake. The punishment
depends on the intention of the person
committing the mistake. If a person has purposely
done something to harm another person, he will
get more punishment. If he does not have such
intention, the punishment will be less.
Q.178 Baba Ji, if Simran is not going on, can it be
9 7
done with the help of a rosary?
Answer: Son, when we do Simran with the help
of a rosary, our attention is also stuck in that.
Kabir Sahib says:
I have been rotating the rosary for a yuga, but it has not
helped to ‘change’ my mind.
We should drop the rosary from our hand and try to
control the mind.
So nothing should interfere in Simran and
Meditation. Rotating the rosary we stay awake
and cannot concentrate. We should keep Kabir
Sahib’s words in mind:
The rosary is moving in the hand, the tongue is moving in
the mouth, and the mind is running all around. This is not
Q.179 Baba Ji, why is it necessary to adopt a
Living Master?
Answer: Son, we follow Guru Granth Sahib. Guru
Sahib says in that:
O’ Nanak, meditating on the Lord of Eternal Life, the status
of immortality is obtained.
Adi Granth 1247
Guru Granth Sahib agrees that after receiving
Nam from a Living Master we can unite with God.
All the hurdles on the inner path can be removed
with Guru’s help.
9 8
Q.180 Baba Ji, my wife and I keep on quarreling.
Kindly guide us so that we do not quarrel.
Answer: To lead a good marital life the relation
of husband and wife matters. Even if you think
you are very capable, it is still necessary to know
what your wife wants. If you say bad words to
your wife, she will tolerate it; but she will not
tolerate it if you use bad words against her
parents, and she too will use bad words against
your parents, and it will lead to a quarrel. This is
the reason for quarrels in families. Using bad
words husband and wife offend each other’s
souls. You need to have mutual understanding
to stop the quarreling; then your home will be a
Q.181 Baba Ji, should satsangis alone be present
at the time of a satsangi’s death?
Answer: Son, Baba Pratap Singh Ji, Baba Deva
Singh Ji, Baba Bagga Singh Ji, Baba Sawan Singh
Ji and Maharaj Charan Singh ji have said in many
Satsangs that at the time of a Satsangi’s death,
only Satsangies should be present. To illustrate,
there were some non-satsangis present at the
time the Guru had come and told the dying
Satsangi, I will come later, at 3:00, but only
satsangies should be present at that time. The
doctor, wanting to test the Guru’s words had
come two-minutes after 3:00; but the patient had
already passed on (at 3:00 sharp).
9 9
Q.182 Baba Ji, if a disciple asks the Master, take
me with you when you leave this mortal world!
Is it possible?
Answer: It happens many times, but it depends
on the feeling of detachment in the disciple.
Amarjit Kaur was a disciple of Baba Pratap Singh
Ji and she lived in the Dera. She loved Baba Ji
and many times requested, Baba Ji, when you
leave this world kindly take me with you. When
Baba Ji left the mortal world his body was passing
by her door and was put on the verandah in
front of her room; she repeated, Baba Ji, you
promised to take me with you when you leave!
Repeating these words three times she was
quiet. I was sitting with Baba Ji’s body and
someone said, “Amarjit has gone numb”. I went
there and got her checked by the doctor. The
doctor said, “She is no more.”
So Guru kept his promise. We ask Guru to
increase our life, but we never ask for death.
Whatever we wish for, He fulfills that.
Q.183 Baba Ji, should medicine containing
alcohol or medicines prepared from meat be
Answer: Son, if we do not know what the
medicine contains, we are unaware; it is OK.
However, some medicines like vitamin A and E
contain fish oil. If you come to know this fact,
they should not be used. Sant Mat does not
permit meat nor food containing meat and
Q.184 Baba Ji, is it right to indulge in gambling
or invest in stock?
Answer: Son, it is good to depend upon your
own hard earned money.
Q.185 Baba Ji, there is always a clash between
my wife and I. I want to get a divorce. Can I go
and do that?
Answer: Son, you are married. You should love
each other. If there is a clash, try to settle it
instead of going for a divorce. Divorce is a bad
idea. You should change your nature. You should
make a committment not to speak bad words to
your wife. Take care of her and try to fulfill her
needs, the problem will be solved..
Q.186 Baba Ji, I have heard that a Satsangi should
not have a pet like a horse, a dog or a cat. What
is the reason?
Answer: Horses awaken a desire for riding. Dogs
and cats develop attachment. Keeping them as
pets a person loves them and keeps busy with
them. If he keeps involved in them, his attention
will be stuck in them. How then can he love the
Guru who can finish the cycle of birth and death?
Q.187 Baba Ji, I am jealous of a person who is
progressing spiritually. I am fed up with this
attitude of mine; kindly suggest how to get rid
of it.
Answer: Son, you know that when seeing another
person’s progress you should not be unhappy,
but rather you should be happy to see others
progressing. Be sincere in doing your Simran and
Q.188 Baba Ji, I have heard there will be
dissolution in 2012. Is it correct?
Answer: In the past such rumors were there also,
and people asked me about this.
I replied that some immature persons spread
these baseless rumors. Do not pay attention to
such rumors; and keep on doing your normal
activities. If we are not firm in Simran and
Meditation, we will have fear in our mind. Stay
in God’s Will; the world is not going to finish so
soon. We can calculate the time of the world
like this:
Age of Kalyug = 432,000 years
Age of Dwaparyug = 864,000 years
Age of Tretayug = 1,296,000 years
Age of Satyug = 1,728,000 years
1 Chowkriyug = 4,320,000 years
1 Manvantar = 71 Chowkri Yug
At the end of each Manvantar, there is an evening
equivalent to Satyug; i.e. 1,728,000 years. When
evening comes after Manvantar then the whole
earth gets merged in water. In each Kalp (1 day
of Brahma), there are 14 Manvantars along with
their evenings. Along with this, in the beginning
of the Kalp there is an evening equivalent to the
period of one Satyug. Thus in one Kalp, along
with 71 Chaokri Yug of 14 Manvantars, there are
15 Sandhyas each equivalent to the age of Satyug.
In 14 Manvantars there are 994 Chaokri yug and
in 15 Sandhyas there are 6 Chaokri yug. Adding
both of them it comes out to be 1000 Chaokri
Yugs. One Kalp is one day of Brahma’s life.
Brahma’s night also has the same length.
1 day of Brahma ji is equal to 1000 Chaokri Yug.
As per the solar calendar one year of Brahma ji’s
life consists of 360 days. One year of Brahma ji’s
life is equivalent to one day of Vishnu ji; and
one year of Vishnu Ji is equal to one day of Shiv
ji. Brahma ji’s age is called ‘Param Ayu’. The length
of Brahma ji’s life is 100 years; it is called ‘Par’.
Half the life of Brahma Ji is called ‘Pararadh’. At
present Brahma ji has crossed the first ‘Pararadh’
and is living in the second part now. As per this,
the calculation is done as follows:
1 day of Brahmaji =
4,320,000 x 1000 years = 4,320,000,000 years
1 day and night of Brahmaji =
8,640,000,000 years
1 year of Brahmaji =
3,110,400,000,000 years
Age of Brahmaji =
311,040,000,000,000 years
1 day of Vishnuji =
3,110,400,000,000 years
1 year of Vishnuji =
1,119,744,000,000,000 years
Age of Vishnuji =
111,974,400,000,000,000 years
1 day of Shivji =
1,119,744,000,000,000 years
1 year of Shivji =
403,107,840,000,000,000 years
Age of Shivji =
40,310,784,000,000,000,000 years
= 40 Quintillion, 310 Quadrillion, 784 Trillion
Presently Brahmaji is in 51st year’s first day or
Kalp. In the present Kalp, 6 Manvantars have
passed. In the present 7th Manvantar, 27 Chaokri
yugs have passed. Presently in the 28th Chaokri
yug; Satyug, Treta yug, and Dwapar have passed
and Kalyug is going on.
Today is Vikrami Samvat 2067, year 2010. 5111
years have passed so far in Kalyug. By this
calculation 426,889 years of Kalyug are left. Till
Vikrami Samvant 2067, year 2010, the age of this
world can be calculated as follows:
50 years of Brahma =
155,520,000,000,000 years
6 Manvantar =
1,840,320,000 years
7 Sandhayas =
12,096,000 years
27 Chowkri Yug =
116,640,000 years
Satyug of 28th Chowkri yug =
1,728,000 years
Treta of 28th Chowkri yug =
1,296,000 years
Dwapar of 28th Chowkri yug =
864,000 years
Age of Kalyug of 28th Chowkri yug =
5,111 years
Total = 155,521,972,949,111 years.
The period since this world has begun is 155
Trillion, 521 Billion, 972 Million, 949 Thousand
and 111 years.
Age of Shiv Ji =
40,310,784,000,000,000,000 years
Age of earth that has passed =
155,521,972,949,111 years
Total years left before the end of world =
40,310,628,478,027,050,889 years.
Q.189 Baba Ji, my wife is not a Satsangi. I want
her to receive Nam, but she is not interested at
all! I am upset. Kindly help.
Answer: Son, it is difficult to change the mind of
a person. You are to change yourself first; then
she can be changed. Son, never compel anyone
to get initiated or to enter the Radha Soami Path.
Try to be an ideal person. A day will come when
she will be pulled by your love.
Q.190 Baba Ji, how can one control desires?
Answer: Son, desire is a thirst. We should be
thirsty to see Satguru - to do Simran and
Meditation. If we are thirsty to see Satguru, this
thirst will unite us with the Almighty, and we
can reach the destination. Simran and
Meditation finishes unwanted desires, and the
desire to meet the Satguru develops.
Q.191 Baba Ji! My brother has usurped my
money. He knows he has done wrong! I know he
will not return the money, but at least he should
feel guilty. I am very upset.
Answer: Son, since you know that he is not going
to return the money... do not be upset. Stop your
dealings with him in the future and do not go
into litigation, otherwise you will spend more
than he owes you, and you will invite more
troubles. Do not worry if he does not feel sorry.
Being a Satsangi you should not feel happy in
lowering the dignity of others. If he feels sorry,
you will see him apologizing while you are
meditating; but you will become egotistical about
Q.192 Baba Ji, can I share Prashad with
Answer: Sharing Prashad is not your work. Your
Prashad is for you to take. You should not share
your Prashad with any other person.
Q.193 Baba Ji, Prashad or Amrit mixed with some
other thing - becomes all Prashad. Is this right?
Answer: Son, Prashad is not popped rice or other
eatables, it is Guru’s Blessings. If you yourself
mix Prashad with some other item, it does not
become Prashad. As poison for one man, if mixed
in the food of a hundred men, will not effect
them because each person will get such a small
amount; in like manner this Prashad mixed by
us, will effect according to the original quantity
in it. If Prashad is given to a Satsangi coming from
a distant Satsang center, and Satguru tells him
to mix more rice in that, then the whole thing
will become Prashad, because that was done
with Guru’s orders.
Q.194 Baba Ji, my son often quarrels and
physically abuses me. Due to this I am very upset
and it also creates hindrances in my meditation.
Please guide me.
Answer: Your son may be beating you for want
of something. Please try to develop mutual
understanding. Fulfill some of his desires and
withhold some. I think he will become agreeable.
Not providing the things he needs makes him
violent; violence occurs when needs are not
fulfilled. Convince him by providing something;
and that will stop the violence. Like this you will
not be disturbed by the behavior of your child,
and you will be able to concentrate in
Q.195 Baba Ji, I am not keeping well. I know this
is His Will. Baba Ji, is the karmic account settled
through sickness?
Answer: Son, sickness is a punishment according
to our karmas. God knows whether it is due to
destiny or day-to-day karmas. Say a person is
suffering from diabetes, yet he does not stop
eating sugar per the doctor’s advice, or on the
request of his family members. Like this he buys
the ailment. Do the work that is good in the eyes
of the people; and do the work your conscience
permits. Do not connect your karma with your
destiny. The ailment settles the karmic account;
whatever circumstances we are born in, we have
to undergo that. We do karmas with our body,
and it is our body that suffers. These karmas
cause illness and death, but they are not
finished. Simran and Meditation is the only
remedy. With Simran and Meditation the amount
of suffering is reduced. Nam is the remedy for
all sufferings. Guru Granth Sahib says:
Naam is the remedy to cure all ills.
Adi Granth 274
Q.196 Baba Ji, I am fond of watching TV and it
does not allow me to sit for Meditation. Kindly
help me to leave this habit.
Answer: Son, TV is a bigger danger than a live
wire carrying 11,000 volts with a tag saying
‘danger’ written on it. We are buying danger that
leaves a very bad impression on our conscience.
During Meditation at night we see what we have
been watching on the TV during the day. We can
watch the news but we see nakedness on the
news also. Worldly things that are not good to
watch should be avoided. If you watch too much
TV it means you are not regular and attentive in
Q.197 Baba Ji, should Simran be stopped when
the Shabad is clearly heard?
Answer: Do not pay attention to Simran when
you start hearing the Shabad. We do Simran to
hear the Shabad. Hearing the Shabad we are
disconnected from the outside world.
Q.198 Baba Ji, Tulsi Sahib says, a Sound is coming
to take you with it. Why don’t we hear that?
Answer: Son, Surat and Nirat are two powers of
the soul. Nirat decides the direction of the
sound. Due to weakness of Nirat we do not
clearly hear the Sound. Simran and Meditation
can make it strong. All the sounds referred to in
Santmat are in us, but they are not heard. The
Spiritual Sound is coming from the Nameless
Region, but we are attached to the outside world
and do not reach the place where the Sound is
heard; that is why we do not hear that Sound.
We hear this Sound through Simran and
Q.199 Baba Ji, I want to have weekly Satsangs in
my home. Are there special rules that I have to
Answer: Son, ask the secretary in your area, he
can guide you.
Q.200 Baba Ji, kindly guide the preachers and
readers so that they are able to increase the
Answer: Son, each Satsang of the Saints is a
message. Each message is better than the other.
The increase in the sangat depends upon your
love and the Grace of Satguru. Preachers, readers
and secretaries of the main Deras also convey
the messages to you! Please try to follow those.
Leaving your own dictates, try to follow what
Guru says.
Q.201 Baba Ji, my father is no more. When he
died there was no Satsangi in the family,
including him. Later the whole family became
Satsangis. Will my father also receive some
Answer: Son, if Baba Ji had been coming to your
village and he had glanced at your father, then
he will be benefitted. He will get human life and
will be initiated. If not, then I cannot say about
You are an initiate, request this of your Master;
he has the power to give him human life after
he completes his present life.
Q.202 Baba Ji, we cannot love a person whom
we have not seen; in that context how can we
love God, who has no shape according to the
Answer: Son, this is already explained in the
books; and we know that God has no shape. But
we understand that He is a Power. We can know
about Him from persons who have ‘Knowledge’
about Him; so we are to go to those who have
attained God. We have to love them. We cannot
know God without a Master. Saints explain to us
that we cannot see God in the five elements.
When we do Meditation the physical form of
Guru changes into the Form of Satguru having
17 elements. That form of Satguru will unite us
with Shabad Guru; that is God’s Form. You will
be firmly in love with That Shape which will be
Q.203 Baba Ji, I want to be initiated by you. I like
your photos. Is it okay to contemplate on the
Answer: Son, the outside photos will not be so
beneficial to us. The Guru appearing inside is
beneficial. That will unite us with the Almighty.
Yes if we have forgotten Guru’s face, the actual
photo helps to remember Guru’s Spiritual Form;
but do not get attached to the photo.
Q.204 Baba Ji, Guru Granth Sahib says, God lives
in the True Region, then what is meant by
Invisible, Inaccessible and Nameless Regions?
Answer: Son, Guru Granth Sahib says that God
lives in the True Region but there are three more
regions after the True Region: Invisible,
Inaccessible and Nameless Regions. We go to
these regions after passing through the True
Region. Guru Granth Sahib says:
You are the Deathless Primal Being. Death does not hover
over your head.
You are the Unseen, Inaccessible, and Detached Primal
Adi Granth 1038
Guru Sahib has called It Nirala - the Unique. I
hope you have got the answer to your question.
Q.205 Baba Ji, can we have more photos in our
Answer: Son, each person has his own interests.
Some persons want to see different photos of
their Satguru in their house. You should have a
photo similar to the pose of Satguru at the time
of Nam Dan. That helps in Meditation.
One should see the eyes and forehead of the Guru.
You see, if Guru had a black beard at the time of
Nam Dan, then be careful not to get entangled
in a photo of the Guru with a white beard. The
reason for this is that the Spiritual Form we will
see of Guru (inside) will be that same form as he
had at the time of Nam Dan. Keep concentrating
on That Form. Reaching the Nameless Region you
will come to understand.
Q.206 Baba Ji, does Kal appear inside in the
shape of Guru, and how would one recognize
our Guru at that time?
Answer: Yes son, Kal comes in the shape of Guru.
He creates hurdles and comes in the shape of
Guru at the time of death. Kabir Sahib has said
that he appears inside and says to the being, “I
am your Guru and have come to take you with
me.” That is why some Saint has said:
Examine the eyes and the forehead of the Guru.
Our Master tells us about Kal’s identity by saying,
Kal’s eyes are golden, his color is red. Kal’s
forehead is small and Guru’s forehead is broad.
It is the size you have seen. Kal’s forehead is
smaller than the forehead of a common man.
Kal does not blink his eyes but Guru does. Kal
frightens you. Sometimes he slaps you too. But
you need not get frightened! At that very
moment your Guru will appear and take you,
step by step. To know more, read Anurag Sagar;
you will get all the details.
Q.207 Baba Ji, how do you cremate a satsangi
after his death?
Answer: Son, worldly persons also have such
doubts. We can do the cremation and the rituals
per our financial condition. Follow your family
traditions in this regard; bury the body, burn it,
or put it in the river water. It is all for your peace
of mind. After burning the dead body we break
a straw and say, from now onward we break our
relation with you. We perform rituals because of
fear of public opinion. Some people put the ashes
in some canal, in river Ganges or in Kashi,
Goindwal Sahi b, Kirtapur Sahib, Beas or
Haridwar; and this gets rid of their fear.
Q.208 Baba Ji, if a person donates his eyes or
some other body part after his death, will he be
missing that part in his body in the next life?
Answer: No son, you are wrong. Only persons
having good understanding think of donation.
There are other donations - like blood donation,
giving water to thirsty persons, etc.; but I consider
the donation of body parts as the best donation.
The person donating his body parts will not be
devoid of that part in his next life, rather he will
get the benefit of this donation in his next life.
Q.209 Baba Ji, is it harmful to have tolerance,
more than needed?
Answer: Son, I want to make it clear that if you
are tolerant due to some fear or cowardess, it is
not the real tolerance. It is good to feel content
after initiation from a Guru, and stay in his
order; however, we will have to repent if we do
something in anger thinking ourselves above the
range of humanity.
Q.210 Baba Ji, what are the demerits of anger?
Answer: Son, anger is such a fire that it ruins the
life of a person. Due to anger Duryodhan lost his
empire. Due to anger Ravan got his Lanka
destroyed. One angry man in the family becomes
the cause of unhappiness. An angry person keeps
on troubling everyone.
Q.211 Baba Ji, I got involved in bad deeds after
initiation and forgot all the promises made at
the time of initiation. I have realized that I have
done wrong; shall I get re-initiated?
Answer: Son, past is past. You have come to
know that you did wrong; maybe this was Kal’s
influence. Kal is a big power. He attacked you
with the stick of money and illusion. He did not
let you go on God’s path. Now the power of
Guru’s Nam stopped Kal’s further movement. The
present is in your hands. Try to save yourself from
Kal’s influence and keep attached to Guru. You
are already initiated, and need not get re-
initiated. Kal can misguide you, and getting
initiation from some other Mahatma will be
useless. Once getting stamped by a Perfect
Master, it never goes waste. No other stamp can
work over that stamp. The perfect Master will
help you at the time of death. If you are losing
faith in your Master, it means Kal is overpowering
Q.212 Baba Ji, when do we hear the Shabad?
Answer: Shabad is always there in a being. Tulsi
Sahib says:
A Sound is coming from its Origin to take you with it.
When we sit for Meditation, the power of Shabad
pulls our soul inward. When we reach Sahansdal
Kanwal we start hearing a Sweet Sound. Hunters
play a sound to attract deer. Pulled by that sound
the deer comes running and puts his head in
the hunter’s lap and closes his eyes. The same is
the condition of our soul. Only through
Meditation can we know from where the journey
begins, and where it ends.
Q.213 Baba Ji, people say that when Satguru
showers his Grace, we face poverty, sickness, and
slander! Why is it like that?
Answer: Son, poverty does not mean hunger and
shortage of money; he makes the disciple humble
and polite. Sickness does not necessarily mean
the physical ailment; it means a disciple always
remembers to do Simran like a sick person. In a
single glance Guru can change a penniless disciple
into a wealthy person. Kabir Sahib cured the
stomach disease of Sikander Lodhi in a moment.
Satguru tries to settle the Pralabdh (destiny)
karmas through faith and Meditation; this is
beyond our understanding.
Q.214 Baba Ji, if an initiate has deviated from
his path, does the Guru take care of him at the
time of death?
Answer: A son may go astray, but a father
remains a father. After initiation the disciple may
lose his faith, but Guru takes care of the disciple
even if the disciple does not have his vision. The
Nam stamped on the forehead cannot be erased.
So leave such thoughts! We should have good
thoughts. We should pay attention to the Guru’s
disciples and what Guru says. We should hear
and sing Guru’s virtues.
Q.215 Baba Ji, is there some benefit of war?
Should a Satsangi join the army?
Answer: As far as war is concerned, a fight
between two persons is also called a war. Families
having faith in Guru can also be at war. War is a
difference of thoughts. Two countries may also
fight, with the loser being called mutinous and
the winner being called revolutionary. So joining
the army of one’s own country is not wrong.
Maybe it is only to earn bread, but one should
think of it as serving one’s country. In a war, one
may face bullets; he may die, he may kill others,
or he may be a martyr. We may say it is a phase
of one’s destiny. A soldier does not kill anyone
for personal motives. We don’t want to do a
thing, but it happens. That is not so serious. If
we do something for a selfish motive, or we loot
someone, that is punishable. We have not joined
the army to kill someone. The clash of thoughts
leads to war. Importance should be given to
goodness and peace. Whenever you get time do
Simran and Meditation. Whatever your Guru
wants you to do will be good. Baba Jaimal Singh
Ji and Baba Bagga Singh Ji also served in the army.
Q.216 Baba Ji, how far should one sympathize
with others?
Answer: Son, you should sympathize per your
conscience, as the limit of truthfulness permits.
It may be possible that an unsympathetic attitude
towards someone makes your friend or family
member unhappy; but do not leave the truth.
This will keep your soul satisfied and your way
to God will be clear.
Q.217 Baba Ji, I see you each day; still I cannot
do Simran and Meditation. Why is this?
Answer: It means you are wandering outside and
are not attached to the Guru inside. Son, Simran
and Meditation is most important to meet God;
everyone must do these in order to meet God.
You are to feel the Presence of Guru through
Simran. During Meditation you are to forget
yourself. We should even forget where we are
sitting and what we are doing; then you will
attain the Sahaj Avastha and listen to the Sound
and view the Guru’s image. Keep doing your work,
and let the Guru take care of your mind.
Q.218 Baba Ji, can we control the mind through
Answer: Son, through force we may achieve or
not. We will know that later. Spirituality
maintains that we cannot control the mind
through force. Guru Ramadas Ji says:
Receiving Nam, the mind is satisfied; without Nam, life is
a curse.
Adi Granth 40
Q.219 Baba Ji, if the Sound is heard through the
left ear during Meditation, what should be done?
Answer: Son, we have received Nam to meet
God. We are sitting in the realm of Kal. His agent
‘mind’ and other opposing powers are within us.
He has ordered them to see that no being should
follow the Path leading to God. That is why when
we sit to listen to the Sound, he pulls our soul
to the left side. We should remember that from
head to foot the left side of our body belongs to
Kal and the right side belongs to God. If a person
goes even ten feet inside Pakistan’s territory, the
Pakistani army or police take him into custody
and treat him badly. Similarly a person listening
to the Sound from the left ear will face difficulties.
At the time of initiation Saints explain clearly
that you should not listen to the Sound coming
from the left ear. Keeping that in mind, whenever
you hear the sound from the left ear, stop
listening. Try to listen again after 10 seconds. If
it continues, stop it and again listen after 10
seconds. Repeat that five or six times. Kal will
understand that you do not want to hear that,
and the Sound from the left ear will stop. The
Sound from the right ear may or may not be
heard, but it will at least stop from the left ear.
Q.220 Baba Ji, it is very difficult to do Simran
and Meditation in order to meet God. Is there
an easier method?
Answer: Son, your question is very intricate. The
whole world wants an easy method. God has
come to this world in the human form to unite
us with Him. The method explained to us at the
time of initiation is the easiest way. Except this,
all other methods... sitting with fire on all sides,
sleeping on a bed of thorns, hanging upside
down in a tree, etc., etc., are the difficult
methods and achievement through these
methods is also incomplete. We should not even
think about these methods.
Q.221 Baba Ji, can we take some short cut other
than Simran and Meditation? Or will that take
us in the wrong direction?
Answer: Son, I understand that sitting in this
meeting you have not heard my answer carefully.
I have already explained about Guru, Simran,
Meditation and Contemplation. You are going
to the wrong direction. If you follow my talks
about Guru and Nam, you will be benefitted;
there is no other short cut to meet God.
Q.222 Baba Ji, I have heard that one should have
a Sincere Desire to have Darshan. Does this
pertain to the ‘physical Darshan’ or the ‘Spiritual
Answer: Son, as far as Darshan is concerned, God
has no color or shape. The books say:
He has no form, no shape, and no color. God is beyond
the three qualities (gunas). They alone understand Him,
O’ Nanak, with whom He is pleased.
Adi Granth 283
God does not have any color or shape, so how
can we meet Him? Bulleh Shah says, I had an
urge to see Allah, but He came to this world in
the shape of a human being - Inayat Ali Shah in
Kasur City. He gave me Ism-e-Azam and I repeated
that. Yes, I saw God in the shape of Inayat Ali
Shah. It is clear that he first comes to us in the
shape of a Living Master; then he changes into
Satguru inside having seventeen elements: ten
sense organs, four attributes of consciousness:
mind, wisdom, heart, and egotism; and three
attributes. After meeting Satguru inside, the One
who will unite us with God is Shabad Guru. Guru
Sahib writes in the bani:
Shabad is the Guru upon whom I lovingly focus my
attention; I am the chela, the disciple.
Adi Granth 943
When we get united with the Shabad Guru, he
changes into God. The drop merging into the
Ocean becomes the Ocean.
Q.223 Baba Ji, are we already in love with the
Guru, or does this happen at a particular stage?
Answer: Son, seeing the Guru we get a pull. How
can we think of someone we have not met, and
how can we decide this? We start loving anyone,
not only Guru, by a step by step process. First
we meet, then we talk, and then love comes.
Love reaches such a stage that a person gets
ready to sacrifice his life.
Like this, first we hear about Guru’s virtues, then
we make up our mind to meet him, and then we
ask for initiation. After that, seeing the Guru’s
image inside we love the Shabad Guru. The real
love starts from Sahansdal Kanwal and grows
more and more, up to the Nameless Region.
Q.224 Baba Ji, if a person has so many
responsibilities that he does not get time to
Meditate; how does Guru help?
Answer: Son, the day a being got initiated he
had responsibilities. They keep increasing until
death. Carrying those responsibilities a person
does many unaccounted and hidden works. I do
not understand how we do not get time for
Meditation, which is our only real possession. If
you are interested in Meditation and you have
such a load of responsibilities (that you have ‘no
time’ to meditate) it means Kal is overpowering
you. It proves you have forgotten your Guru’s
Q.225 Baba Ji, how can we concentrate during
Meditation, sitting with crossed legs, sitting on
a chair, or stretching out the legs?
Answer: Son, at the time of initiation your
Satguru told you to do Simran for one and a half
hours, and Meditation for one hour sitting on
your feet. You are to get up at 3:00 am and do
Simran and Meditation. Different persons ask the
same question, what is the easiest method? Son,
I have already told you the right method of sitting
on the floor with crossed legs. If there had been
some other method the Saints would have
explained that, but as the people are getting
more educated, they want comforts; that is, to
sit on a chair or have some other comfortable
seat for Meditation. You have not referred to
any such physical problem that you cannot sit
with crossed legs. We need alternatives for a
thing we cannot do. A person came to me and
said, Baba Ji, I cannot sit on my feet due to knee
pain. I suggested that he stretch his legs and put
his arms on a table or bed and put his hands in
the position as directed at the time of initiation.
The real purpose is for you to concentrate. Yogis
consider sitting on the ground the best method
for meditation. Doing that, you would prefer not
to stretch your legs. Our mind does not want to
sit for Meditation! Control it.
Q.226 Baba Ji, should a satsangi perform rituals
after the death of his parents?
Answer: Son, If a person has reached that high
stage where rituals have no meaning, then not
doing the rituals does not affect his parents.
Sometimes the parents appear in the dream and
say, you have not performed the rituals. So we
perform these rituals for our own satisfaction.
One of Baba Pratap Singh Ji’s disciples, whose
family members were initiates from Beas, had
lost his only son, and they believed in rituals.
They came to me after two years and said, our
dead son bothers us a lot! I asked, why are you
afraid? They said, Baba Ji, we were going to
disperse his ashes, but they vanished on the way,
so we could not disperse them properly. I said,
donate the amount of money to some temple or
Gurudwara that was to be spent for dispersing
the ashes.
They met me after one year but did not refer to
their trouble. I asked, you have not talked about
the trouble you were suffering? They said, we
donated the money as per your advice and
thereafter our son did not bother us. You see,
instead of telling them that it was their
misunderstanding, I talked to them in their
language, and they believed. Donating the
money or dispersing the ashes stopped their son
from bothering them. It was all their
misconception. If a Satsangi son does not
perform rituals for his dead parents, people will
bother him. Performing rituals or not makes no
difference; but to save yourself from the public
discussions it is better to do the rituals.
Q.227 Baba Ji, Guru says he will take you to Sach
Khand in the fourth life. If due to his grace Guru
has to take us in our fourth life, then why does
he not just take us in the very first life.
Answer: Son, you say Guru will take us with his
Grace; so it depends upon his will. He may take
us in the first life, or after making us pure he
may take us in four lives. It depends on the
disciple’s hard work. Swami Ji has emphasized:
In first life: Devotion to Guru. In the second life: Initiation.
In third life: Salvation. In the fourth: Destination.
Sar Bachan 8:1:68
He has clearly said, the washerman does not return
dirty clothes to you. He returns it only after
cleaning. It may be in the first wash, second wash,
or third wash. Kabir Sahib also says:
Guru is a washerman. Disciple is a cloth. God is the soap!
Guru washes him on Consciousness and he shines
exceptionally well!
Q.228 Guru finds the disciple, initiates him, and
accepts the responsibility of taking him to his
Original Home. Doing everything himself, why
does he expect the disciple to Meditate?
Answer: Son, that is an important question. As
a reward for his worship of seventy yugs and
sixty-four yugs, God awarded Kal (Niranjan) the
Treasure of Souls, and the Empire of Three
Worlds. As a girl takes dowry, Eka Mai came to
Kal Niranjan with a Treasure of Souls given by
God. The Bani says:
Whatever she got, she got all at one time.
Adi Granth 7
The research we are doing inside and outside,
that was already destined. We are doing it
practically. When Eka Mai took the souls, they
cried a lot and said to the Lord, We do not want
to be separated from you. At that time God
lovingly said, You go! I will come to see you and
take you back. Afterwhich He repeatedly came
to see the souls, but the souls did not listen to
Him. After going to her in-laws, the girl forgets
the parents, and does not want to go back to
them. Father (Lord) comes in the shape of Guru
and says, You have forgotten I am your father.
The girl does not want to ignore the love of her
husband and in-laws. Similarly the souls get
entangled in worldly desires and love and do
not want to go back. God cannot interfere due
to the promise made with Kal that He will not
show any miracles to bring the souls back. A being
has to be initiated and do Meditation to go back.
God can explain to the souls with love, but
cannot take them forcibly.
We are all in the range of Kal; just as the President
is the head of India but the Chief Ministers of
different states do what they want to do. The
President can dismiss a minister, but he rarely
interferes. Similarly God has given the Empire to
Kal and He rarely interferes. He tries to convince
the souls with love, and take them to their
Original Home. This has been the law from the
very beginning... but Kal tries to enforce his
power to stop a being going on God’s Path.
Q.229 Baba Ji, what if an initiated girl goes to
her in-laws and her husband forces her to eat
meat; what should she do?
Answer: Son, It should be decided before the
wedding that the boy is a vegetarian. If the
wedding is fixed on the false words of the parents
or the mediator, it means they were very anxious
for this relation. If the girl comes to know that
the boy is non-vegetarian after two or three
months, then an immediate decision should be
taken, because the girl said, before the wedding,
that she cannot get along with a non-vegetarian
husband. If the husband peacefully agrees that
he will eat out, and neither eat nor bring non-
vegetarian food into the house, then it is okay.
If he does not agree, then I leave it to the girl to
decide; but in any situation she should not eat
meat, fish, etc.
Q.230 Baba Ji, is it right for a Satsangi to take
leave, making false excuses to attend satsang?
Answer: Son, I do not want you to tell a lie. You
get leave or not depending on the impression
your officer has about you. If you never tell a lie
to get leave for Satsang, then you will not have
to tell a lie. If you ask for leave telling the truth,
maybe your officer will sanction your leave for
three or four hours, or maybe for the whole day.
Q.231 Baba Ji, some persons keep practicing
outward rituals even after initiation. Does Guru
make them do Meditation at the end of their
life, or just take them to Sach Khand by his Grace?
Answer: Son, he who has not done Simran during
his life, what can he do at the end? Because of
initiation he will not go into the cycle of 84 but
he will get human life. In the next life Guru will
make him do Meditation. Like this He will purify
him and take him to Sach Khand in four lives.
There is no substitute for Simran and Meditation.
Everyone has to do it. Doing these Guru will take
Q.232 Baba Ji, if after initiation, a person
worships and performs worldly rituals, will he
get any benefit?
Answer: Son, after initiation, it is good for a being
to do Simran and Meditation. If he worships
according to family circumstances he cannot
meet God; but if he does worship while in
devotion (to Guru), he will be rewarded physically
in his next life. You must have observed that if a
person has four daughters: one is very beautiful,
the second one is ugly, the third one is dark
complexioned and the fourth one is attractive.
The parents are beautiful, so why are the
daughters not all like that? According to the
karmas of the previous life, the daughters will
get beautiful or healthy bodies. Some children
are under medical care right from their birth
unto death. It must be noted that sometimes a
senior person in a family is very sick; the doctor
comes and gives him an injection and the person
dies. One daughter is beautiful and studied up
to the tenth class. She gets married to a high
ranking official and remains happy her entire life.
The second daughter has passed and received a
Master’s Degree, but she is not beautiful; even
an accountant is not ready to marry her. It is all
due to previous karmas.
Q.233 Baba Ji, what is the benefit of the service
done physically, mentally and monetarily?
Answer: Doing physical service keeps the body
fit in this life. Keeping the body idle will invite
sickness. If you are not lazy the body will keep in
shape; and you will be fit to do Simran and
Meditation. Doing physical service will help one
keep fit in the next life also. Doing monetary
service the disciple will be monetarily better off
in this life; he will be benefitted in the next life
also. We try to serve mentally, but we can only
progress with Guru’s Grace. Mind creates
problems for us, and it can be brought to the
right path only with the Grace of Guru. Simran
and Meditation can bring it under control and
we can be successful. The fourth kind of service
is to connect the Consciousness with Shabad. If
we are successful in doing service with body, mind
and money, only then can we be successful in
the service of connecting the Consciousness with
Q.234 Baba Ji, if a person takes donations will it
affect his Simran and Meditation?
Answer: Son, if we take donations we will have
to return those in our next life. If we eat
something from someone else’s house and fall
sick, we can think that this was not correct. In
the same manner, using donations effect our
Simran and Meditation.
Kabir Sahib says if we eat something that was
not from our own earnings, we will have to pay
for that. Kabir Sahib was a weaver. One night, he
could not sleep the entire night, and felt that it
was because he had eaten food from a neighbor’s
house. He used to put his thread through a
bamboo stick and pull it by his mouth. A fiber
from that thread was swallowed by Kabir Sahib
and created the problem. The meaning of that
is we should not carry on our living by someone
else’s earnings. That is why all the Saints say:
Take care of yourself and your family by your
own hard earned money. Regarding this, Kabir
Sahib has written:
Food taken from another family man cannot be digested
unless you do Meditation. We have to pay back each bite
of that food.
We have to pay back each morsel, and every grain
of food.
Q.235 Baba Ji, if a person forgets Simran after
initiation, what will happen to him?
Answer: If a person forgets his Simran, he can
ask another initiate of his Guru. If we do not
remember Simran at the time of death we will
be given another life. Guru will not let us go into
the cycle of 84.
At the time of ironing, if a washerman notices
that the cloth is not clean, he will again wash it.
He may have to wash it two or three times, but
he will not return it until it is cleaned.
Q.236 Baba Ji, if someone is rejected for Nam
Dan and he is given Nam Dan at the request of
another person. Is this correct?
Answer: Son, actually it depends upon destiny.
A recommendation does not work. The Saints
reject him after examining his karmas. If a Saint
has some attachment with the seeker or the
person recommending his name; then he is
compelled to think and the person may be
initiated. But to fill the gap between the present
life and the time of initiation the Saint has to
suffer. He has to bear the load of the disciple’s
Here is an example from Baba Jaimal Singh Ji’s
life. Baba Jaimal Singh was at Ambala and a
reference to Nam Dan came up. A wealthy
person named Moti Ram asked Baba Ji to initiate
a person named Hukam Singh. Baba Ji refused,
but Moti Ram kept persisting; so Baba Ji said,
OK, I will initiate this person but I will not stay
here tonight and I will go to Dera. The persons
present at that time know that upon reaching
Dera, Baba Ji was seriously ill for two weeks. It
was beyond his tolerance. Later he told his
attendant that the initiated person was to suffer
the heat of hot plates for seven lives. Taking his
karmas, Baba Ji suffered with high fever and
other problems for two weeks.
Q.237 Baba Ji, persons who do not stop eating
meat and drinking liquor even after initiation;
what happens to them?
Answer: Guru has showered his grace on them
but they could not derive benefit from that. Guru
wanted them to do Simran and Meditation and
follow the True Path of God Realization. They
were initiated due to their destiny, or Grace of
Guru. Such persons have a loss in this life, and
they have to pay back the bad karmas done in
this life. Such persons reflect upon their Guru
like the saying: ‘manda kutta khasme gal’, which
means, if a dog behaves badly, people blame its
Guru has to clean them like a washerman cleans
dirty cloth. Maybe in the first wash, maybe in
the second wash, or maybe in the third wash.
The Guru unites his disciple with God after
cleaning him up. To unite the disciple with God
is the responsibility of the Guru; but the disciple
has to suffer due to meat and liquor. After that
Guru will unite him with God.
Q.238 Baba Ji, should we advertise the Satsangs,
or not? Should we try to bring the maximum
number of Sangat members to the Satsang; or
leave it to Guru?
Answer: Wherever there is Satsang, the sewadars
should try to bring the maximum number of
Sangat to attend the Satsang. We should
definitely advertise to inform people. Some
secretaries and others in charge do not agree;
as they say the Sangat will come as per Guru’s
Will. They do not want to advertise. Perhaps they
have decided the limit of the Sangat. I do not
agree with the idea that Guru can bring the
Sangat according to his wishes. Guru can provide
wisdom even without Satsang. Preachers deliver
Satsang for one or one and a half hours, still the
Sangat does not increase. How can the Sangat
increase? If Satsangis live at a place that is fifteen
or twenty kilometers away, and they have no
means of transportation, then a transport
should be arranged to bring them to the Satsang;
the secretaries and people in-charge are meant
for this purpose.
Whatever is possible for the benefit of the
Sangat, that should be done. Arrangements
should be made so that the Sangat is able to
attend the Satsang. If you say that the Sangat
will come as per Guru’s Will, then another person
can say that there is no need of Satsang at all,
and that Guru will himself gather the Sangat and
initiate the people. The British appointed
Viceroys, and Commissioners; they further
appointed Deputy Commissioners, Tehsildars
(Land revenue officers), Kanoongo, Goes, and
Peons. A full department was set up, so the work
would go smoothly. Our Association is also an
empire in which Baba Ji was the Patron; and the
Secretary, Presidents, etc. were appointed so that
work should go on smoothly.
Q.239 Baba Ji, what is the benefit of having the
Darshan of a Perfect Saint?
Answer: Son, you cannot guess the advantage
of having the Darshan of a Perfect Saint. Even
the person who gets this advantage does not
understand it... that due to the Darshan of a
Perfect Saint, his work is done. By having the
Darshan of a Perfect Saint, the cycle of 84 finishes.
If a person understands that a Perfect Saint is a
Form of God, he comes in the range of the Saint.
Q.240 Baba Ji, in a Shabad of yours, there is a
line that says, why should I sleep, turning from
side to side when You are present?
Answer: Son, Kal’s range is vast; we are living in
that. He got the Empire of the Three Worlds as a
reward for his worship of 70 yugs, and again for
64 yugs. God’s range is greater; but He promised
Kal that He will take those souls to the True
Region who do Meditation after getting initiation.
That is why Kal creates hurdles at every step...
so that no soul can leave this world and go to
back to Sach Khand. He tries to keep the souls
devoid of Nam Dan. He tries to influence the
souls, and not let them do their Meditation.
Q.241 Baba Ji, can we desire to see the inner
scenes at the time of Meditation?
Answer: Son, while sitting for Meditation every
person has a desire to see the inner scenes. When
a person gets concentrated inside he is
disconnected with the outside world. So do not
have any desire while sitting for Meditation. Just
try to see.
Q.242 Baba Ji, when a person sees something,
he is in a hurry to go forward and see more. Is
this correct?
Answer: Son, we should be regular in doing
Meditation. We will not achieve anything out of
haste. Guru is always with us. Whatever is
happening and will happen - it is all according
to His Will. Faith and Meditation will help. A
mother feeds only that much food to a child that
he can digest. Guru also takes the disciple only
up to the level he can tolerate. In my native
village, Chak 201, Talawan Chandian District,
Layalpur, there were two disciples of Baba Bagga
Singh Ji. One of them was named Sohan Singh.
He kept requesting Baba Bagga Singh Ji to show
him the inner scenes. Baba Ji accepted his
request and Sohan Singh got concentration. He
stayed lying down for many days. After that he
remained mad the rest of his life. So we should
stay in Guru’s will. Whether we see anything or
not, the important thing is to be regular in
Meditation and leave everything up to Guru.
Whenever he thinks it proper he will get us
Q.243 Baba Ji, people say that we should not
disclose anything regarding Meditation. If
someone asks us, what should be the reply?
Answer: Son, you need not worry, just say, I can
only do that much meditation that my Guru
wants me to do.
Q.244 Baba Ji, if you are writing a book, and we
discuss it with you, will that time be counted as
a part of sewa?
Answer: Yes, son. That time will be counted as
sewa. A book is being written by the Dera and
you are helping with that. This book is written
by me, so this is my personal sewa. The Sangat
will be happy to read it and derive benefit out
of it.
Q.245 Baba Ji, it is said that one should cover
his face while meditating. Why do people say
this, and is it compulsory?
Answer: Son, there are some expressions that
show on the face when we sit for Meditation...
internal happiness is one of them; so it is better
to cover the face. When we are getting united
with Guru, it is something to keep secret. We
eat in privacy. We keep Prashad under a cover,
and cover our face to avoid mosquitoes and flies.
Having the touch of mosquitoes and flies effects
our Meditation and we are pulled to the outside
world. If we try to keep away from them, even
that disturbs our Meditation.
Q.246 Baba Ji, during Meditation I have a feeling
of nausea. What is the reason?
Answer: Son, there is no reason for nausea
during Meditation. It may be some physical
trouble. We have yawning, and other hurdles
created by Kal. We should be regular in doing
Simran and Meditation.
Q.247 Baba Ji, how does one praise Guru?
Answer: Son, we cannot praise Guru in words.
He has such a supreme status that is beyond
description. Our words are not sufficient to say
anything. Kabir Sahib says:
If I had paper from the entire earth to write with; if I have
pens made out of all the jungles on earth and the entire
seven seas as ink; still I will be unable to describe Guru’s
Sahjo Bai says:
If I have all the mountains turned into ink, and mix it with
the sea; and have the whole earth as paper, still it is not
sufficient to describe guru’s virtues.
Ved Vyas asked his son Sukhdev after initiation,
please describe your Guru? Sukhdev replied, he
is beautiful like the moon, but the moon has a
scar on it; my Guru has none. Ved Vyas again
asked, is he like the sun? Sukhdev replied, he
gives light like the sun, but the sun has heat. Then
please describe your Guru? Sukhdev said, Guru
is like Guru, no one can be like him.
Q.248 Baba Ji, how far is it advisable to consult
with an astrologer? Are their predictions correct?
Answer: Son, astrology is also a science. It can
be right or wrong. We cannot depend completely
on their forecast. I think we should avoid falling
into their snare; it is a waste of time.
Q.249 Baba Ji, Dayal, Merciful Supreme Lord:
Satguru is more powerful than Kal, so why is Kal
so overpowering? If Guru helps, why can’t a soul
do Simran and Meditation?
Answer: Son, when there are discussions about
Kal and Dayal, we consider Dayal more powerful.
When you read the Anurag Sagar Book as
explained by me, you will come to know that as
a reward of Kal’s worship of 70 and 64 yugs, he
was given the empire of Ether Land, Nether Land
and the Mortal world. God does not interfere in
Kal’s work; but God will interfere with those who
are not in the range of Kal. Due to less
interference from God’s side we think Kal is more
powerful. The whole world and Kal were both
created by Dayal; then how can Kal be more
powerful than Dayal?
Q.250 Baba Ji, is it a must to hear the Spiritual
Sound after every sitting for Meditation?
Answer: Son, the Spiritual Sound takes us to the
final destination. Without it our Meditation is
incomplete; but this does not mean that if you
do not hear the sound, do not sit for Meditation.
First do Simran, then listen for the Sound.
Q.251 Baba Ji, can we reach that stage during
Meditation where we can know coming events?
Answer: Son, it is like asking a millionaire, can
you afford to buy one-hundred rupees worth of
goods? When we get engrossed in Guru’s Image
while doing Simran and Meditation, we do see
forthcoming events; but following Guru’s advice
it is better to keep quiet.
Q.252 Baba Ji, who keeps the account of our
Simran and Meditation?
Answer: Son, like data that is fed into a computer,
everything is recorded in our soul and can be
opened and read at any time.
Q.253 Baba Ji, when a person is initiated he
devotes regular time to meditation, but later
such problems come up that he cannot do
Meditation. Why is it like that?
Answer: We are enthusiastic for newly started
work. For instance, upon getting married we plan
to go to a hill station or abroad. Maybe the
husband has to borrow money. The husband and
wife are very happy and do not remember God.
After a year they have a baby and the
expenditures increase. The husband refers to the
previous spending patterns and the tussle starts.
Things are not the same. The wife complains,
before you loved me more and were ready to do
things even if it meant borrowing money. Similar
is the case with a new initiate. He happily sits
for Meditation, but does not see the light. No
one likes to sit in the dark and soon he loses
interest in Meditation and stops sitting.
We are caught in Kal’s hands. If we follow the
Path according to the Saints, we will be
successful. Being a family man, one has to please
his family; but we are to try and do everything
per Guru’s Will also; then we will enjoy Simran
and Meditation and we will be successful. Most
of the Saints have been householders. They
followed this way to God, and showed people
the method of uniting with Him.
Q.254 Baba Ji, Kabir Sahib says, karam gati tare
nahi tare, or you cannot do away with karmas. On
the other hand the books state that Guru can
change the punishment of hanging to a prick of
a thorn. I am unable to reconcile these two
contradictory things.
Answer: Son, you have answered your own
question. There is no doubt we have to undergo
our karmas, but it all depends upon Guru; and if
the disciple is deserving, the Guru can reduce
the amount of his karmas.
Q.255 Baba Ji, you say that we should sit for one
and a half hours for Simran, and one hour for
Meditation. If I start hearing the sound earlier,
should I stop Simran?
Answer: This is the common method of
Meditation as taught by the Saints: one and a
half hours for Simran and one hour for
Meditation; however, I do not pressure you to
do two and a half hours or four hours. Some
persons get connected to Guru’s Image after just
fifteen minutes. This differs from individual to
Q.256 Baba Ji, if the mind keeps on wandering
outside and we do not get concentrated, should
we continue doing Simran, is that useful?
Answer: Son, this is everyone’s problem. One
failure does not mean that you should leave
studying. It has been seen that sometimes
children failing twice in the fifth and sixth class
become important Officers when they grow up.
If you are wandering out, it means you are not
concentrated. Keep trying! One day you will be
successful. Do not stop practicing! Practice makes
a man perfect.
Practice makes a man perfect just as a rope will make a
groove in an embankment by being pulled back and forth.
Q.257 Baba Ji, is there a special number of
repetitions of the Simran that helps one to reach
the destination.
Answer: No, there is no special count of
repeating Simran. Saints have fixed one and a
half hours for Simran and one hour for
Meditation. This means that one tenth of one’s
earnings, and one tenth of one’s time, is to be
spent for the sake of Spirituality. It is preached
in Satsang that one tenth of your money and
physical energy should be spent for Spiritual
Purposes. That is why two and a half hours out
of a day are fixed for Spirituality. If we are not
successful we can increase this time; but we must
meditate daily.
Q.258 Baba Ji, if a person had made up his mind
to get initiation; but he dies before that, will
Satguru take care of him at the time of death?
Answer: If his parents are Satsangis and he had
Satguru’s Darshan and attended Satsangs, he will
be benefitted by that. He will get human life and
will be initiated. Guru will take care of him at
the time of death, after initiation only; but he
will be in the queue where the soul gets united
with God.
Q.259 Baba Ji, is there any such time when there
is no Guru?
Answer: Saints say in their Satsangs that God
comes to this world in the human form in every
yug. There is no time when there is no Guru who
gives the message of uniting the soul with God.
Kabir Sahib says in his book Anurag Sagar that
he came in every yug, in Satyug I came as Satsukrit
and conveyed the message of true worship. In
Treta my name was Muninder; in Dwaper
Karunamai; and in Kaliyug, Kabir. People did not
recognize me. Guru Ram Das Ji also says:
In age after age, throughout all the ages, forever and ever,
those who belong to Guru’s Family shall prosper and
increase. In age after age, the Family of the True Guru
shall increase. As a Gurmukh, they meditate on Nam.
Adi Granth. 79
Q.260 Baba Ji, do all Gurus have a Guru?
Answer: Son, the tradition of Guru and disciple
has existed from the Origin of the World. We
cannot reach the Almighty without a Guru. To
study any subject we need a teacher, and every
teacher has a teacher.
Q.261 Baba Ji, are pains reduced when in the
presence of Guru?
Answer: Son, pains remain due to Pralabdh
Karmas (destiny); but we feel them less by doing
Simran and Meditation. Similarly, in the presence
of the Master, due to his glance and attention
on us, we feel less pains.
Q.262 Baba Ji, how should a Satsangi spend his
Answer: Son, according to his budget a Satsangi
should spend his income in the name of God.
He should spend it for the study of a poor child
so that getting education he can become a good
person who serves the society and the country;
he should contribute to the wedding of a poor
girl. He should donate for God’s Path.
Q.263 Baba Ji, what is Sahaj Avastha? Do we
attain that through Simran and Meditation?
Answer: Son, the Sahaj Avastha is a state when
a person forgets himself. Doing Simran one gets
detached from the outside world, and attached
to the Guru’s Image; this is called Sahaj Avastha.
Sometimes we get into this state while doing
worldly activities. Sometimes while eating we
start thinking and forget to eat and sit quietly.
The wife asks, what are you thinking? Then
suddenly we return to our self. This is also a type
of Sahaj Avastha.
Once I was traveling in a car from Amritsar to
Tarn Taran and a cyclist was looking at a beautiful
girl and coming toward our car. When the girl
crossed him he kept looking at her; but peddling,
he still kept going forward. I asked Paramjit to
apply the brakes, expecting he may hit our car.
Paramjit stopped the car and the cyclist fell
down, hitting our car. Feeling ashamed he got
up and apologized saying his attention was
somewhere else. I said, do not worry, park your
cycle here! We will take care of it so you can have
a nice look at that girl. At least you will be saved
from an accident. He said, Baba Ji, please do not
make me feel more embarrassed than I already
am. So forgetting oneself is called the Sahaj
Q.264 Baba Ji, can the Pralabdh Karmas
(destined karmas) be destroyed?
Answer: Son, we have to undergo these karmas.
The Saints reduce the amount of Pralabdh
Karmas of their disciples; so instead of being
hanged, we get the prick of a thorn. Receiving
Nam from Guru and doing Simran and
Meditation, these karmas are finished. There is
no other way.
As soon as Nam was received, sins were destroyed like a
spark of fire destroys a heap of dry grass.
Q.265 Baba Ji, what is God’s Benevolence? What
is Grace?
Answer: Son, we have not seen God. If He is
Graceful to us, how can we know it? To know
this we have to adopt a Guru, receive Nam, and
do Simran and Meditation; this is the actual
Grace of God that we take so lightly. When we
see Guru’s Image behind the eyes and pray to
him, we come to understand what Guru’s Grace
is. If we request something from the Living Guru
and our desire is fulfilled, we are convinced that
it is Guru’s Grace; but then, Kal, being a big
opposite power, will try to take us in the wrong
direction, and we will think it is all due to our
own efforts (rather than Guru’s Grace).
Q.266 Baba Ji, you are a Guru and initiate
people. Is it easy to be a Guru?
Answer: Son, neither am I a Guru, nor have I
given thought to it. I am a disciple. Whatever I
do, it is by my Guru’s order. I am carrying on the
responsibility assigned to me by my Guru.
It is not only initiating a person; Guru has to
take care of him at the time of his death. My
Satguru, Baba Bagga Singh Ji, is taking the
responsibility of the care of my disciples at the
time of their death. My Spiritual Grandfather,
Satguru Baba Jaimal Singh Ji, is also helping me.
Baba Bagga Singh Ji has many times told this story
in Satsang. Praising his Guru, he explained what
Guru is. The story goes like this:
Once a boy fell into the ocean. His great grand
Guru came and said, I am your great grand Guru,
give me your hand and I will save you, but the boy
refused. Then his Grand Guru came; again he
refused and said he will go only with his own Guru.
Then his Guru came and the boy gave him his
If anyone says to us, come I will show you the
Light, we will at once get ready. We do not
hesitate to change Gurus, however, it may not
be useful.
I remember an incident that happened with
Sardar Bahadur Ji. He was a professor in Layalpur
and used to deliver Satsang. Those days I was
working in the Delhi Cloth Mill. Baba Pratap Singh
Ji also used to attend Satsang every week. From
his retirement to the time of the Indo-Pak
division, Sardar Bahadur Ji would give Satsang
at the Beas center in Layalpur. One time Baba
Sawan Singh Ji sent Sardar Bahadur Ji to deliver
a letter to Sain Lasori Shah in Buana Bazaar. Sain
Lasori Shah used to travel up to the second
spiritual stage. He showed great respect to the
letter. Many times he touched the letter to his
forehead and kissed it. Putting the letter down
he said, it is a letter from Allah! Sardar Bahadur
Ji used to stay in Guru’s Order, but seeing Sain
Lasori Shah’s devotion, he blurted out, O’ God,
please bless me also with such a love. Hearing
this Sain Lasori Shah asked, have you seen the
Light inside yourself? Sardar Bahadur Ji said, I will
see It when my Guru wants it. Sain Ji said, sit
with crossed legs and I will show It to you right
now! Sardar Bahadur said, no, please do not do
that! My Guru will show me. Sain Ji then
exclaimed, one should have that kind of faith in
his Master! I was also present there.
Q.267 Baba Ji, does a person go in search of his
Master, or does the Master find the disciple?
Answer: Son, whenever good fortune favors a
being, he will desire to adopt a Master and get
initiated. The Almighty comes in the human form
with a list of the persons to be initiated. Searching
for those beings he approaches them. Those
destined to be initiated themselves come to the
Guru. Like this, both meet, and the disciple finds
a reason to get initiation; the Guru’s
responsibility is over. Christ says:
I came to collect my marked sheep.
Once I was on a foreign tour and I had a schedule
for initiation after Satsang. After the Satsang the
seekers for Nam Dan collected together and I
asked each of them, From where you have come?
One person said that he was a resident of village
Gohalvarh, near Tarn Taran. He was there to see
his relatives, and hearing about Satsang from
them, he came to attend the Satsang and made
up his mind to get initiated. I said, the whole of
Gohalvarh’s Sangat is initiated from Beas, so you
too should go there for initiation. He said, after
attending your Satsang, I have got faith in you,
and want to be initiated by you. He was initiated.
He was born, brought up and educated in
Gohalvarh, but never came to Tarn Taran;
however, when the time for his initiation came
he got pulled to the country where he was to be
initiated. After initiation he went back to
Q.268 Baba Ji, Meera Bai was renowned as a
Saint. Why did she not initiate people?
Answer: Son, in which book have you read that
Meera Bai was a Saint? A Saint is one who knows
God very deeply. Saints never call themselves
Saints. A person who makes items out of gold is
called a goldsmith. A person making things out
of steel is called a blacksmith; maybe he belongs
to that class or maybe he doesn’t, but these
names are given to the persons working in those
trades. Meera Bai did not call herself a Saint,
and she did not awaken any person, but we have
to agree that she was equal to the level of a
Saint. A person passing the Bachelor of Law exam
is a lawyer, not a judge. A lawyer decides if a
person is guilty or not, but the judge gives the
final verdict. The verdict stamped by the judge
is honored. By his verdict, a person can be hanged
or released.
Q.269 Baba Ji, what is the real form of guru and
disciple? Are they both the same?
Answer: The Living Master and the disciple both
have five elements. Adopting a Guru, getting
initiated and doing Meditation you can see the
image of the Guru inside that has 17 elements.
When we get merged in him, he unites us with
Shabad Guru. This Shabad Guru was the Guru
of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. When we have done our
P.H.D, we need not think of B.A. or matriculation
exams. Uniting with the Shabad Guru we take
the Form of the Almighty - who has no shape as
the books say. He is a Power. So without Shabad
Guru, Guru and disciple cannot be one.
Q.270 Baba Ji, after a Guru leaves this world,
can we get initiation (again) from his successor?
If not, why not, as all the Gurus are one!
Answer: No need of re-initiating. Attending the
Satsang of the present Master and loving him is
like a tree getting rain water; but the strength it
gets is from the earth, through its roots; and that
is most useful.
Like this the Satsang of the present Master works
like rain water for Spiritual progress. So our
Foundation is the Master who initiated us. He
will help and guide our way inside. He will take
us to the Nameless Region. Loving the present
Master will give us the strength and help us on
our Spiritual Path.
Q.271 Baba Ji, what should be the attitude of a
Satsangi when sitting in front of the Guru?
Answer: While sitting in front of the Guru, a
disciple should be like a child who keeps on
looking at his mother and does not say anything.
He feels happy looking at her. When Guru
observes that the disciple is sitting like a child,
he will pamper the disciple. The disciple may have
a doubt thinking that we pamper a child, not a
grown up person; however, inside we are all like
children and Guru pampers us. If you think of
yourself as wise, or some important personality,
maybe we do not get that love; and in spite of
having his Darshan we will still be roaming
outside. We will not be benefitted.
Q.272 Baba Ji, it is said that all the Gurus are the
same. It is also said that a person having a B.A.
degree cannot teach an M.A. class. Why is this
difference there?
Answer: Son, your premise is not correct. You
have heard from someone or read in a book that
all Gurus are the same; but one who has only
studied up to the B.A. level cannot teach M.A.
students. You have not thought about their
education; up to what level have they reached
to inside? One going up to the Daswan Dwar will
talk about that level; and another going up to
Sach Khand will talk about the level of Sach
Khand. The outside appearance of both will be
the same. You are talking about outside
appearance only! A True Guru will talk on the
basis of his experience. Upon asking him a
question about spirituality he will reply according
to his Knowledge. Guru Ramanand was a great
saint; but when he had discussions with Kabir
Sahib he was surprised when he came to know
that Kabir’s approach was up to a higher level.
Kabir Sahib apprised him of the stages that he
had no knowledge about. Anurag Sagar explains
this in detail. Kabir Sahib honored Ramanand Ji
as his Guru and he stayed as his disciple; so when
two saints meet and talk about spirituality they
agree up to the common level among them, but
they do not get into discussions.
Q.273 Baba Ji, if a non-Satsangi submits a
supplication to you or some other Guru, will you
attend to that, or does a Guru only attend to his
own disciple’s supplications?
Answer: Son, a true supplication reaches God
and is fulfilled by His Order. God himself attends
to it and fulfills it. In what form the answer to
the supplication comes, we do not recognize.
Guru listens to a Satsangi and a non-Satsangi
alike! It may be granted or not; it is according to
His Will. If our supplication is granted we are
happy that Guru or God has fulfilled it. Actually
that was allotted to him by his destiny.
Thousands of people daily submit their
supplications, but we cannot say how many of
these are granted. If a person is a disciple of a
Guru, we can say that Guru granted the
supplication. If we want our desire fulfilled, we
have to think about Guru or God before whom
we submit our supplication. A humble
supplication is granted.
Q.274 Baba Ji, if someone thinks ill of another
person, but he does not treat him badly, or do
bad things to him, will he still have to pay this
back by undergoing punishment?
Answer: Son, thinking bad of someone is also a
sin. Maybe that person is not in a position to
take action on that bad thought, however he will
still be punished for thinking evil about
Q.275 Baba Ji, why don’t the Saints show
Answer: After the world was created, God
handed over the Empire of the Three Worlds to
Kal Niranjan. Kal got this boon from God, that
whenever God comes in the shape of Saints to
take His souls, he will not show miracles to attract
people. So the Saints do not show miracles.
Q.276 Baba Ji, kindly convey a message so that
no Satsangi’s should get involved in rituals.
Answer: Son, you must have heard from the
Religious rites, rituals and hypocrisies which are seen, are
plundered by the Messenger of Death.
Sing the Kirtan of the Creator who can liberate;
contemplating on Him in meditation, even for an instant,
one is saved.
Adi Granth 747
Satsangis know this very well; even then they
keep entangled in rituals. Getting involved in
rituals after initiation is not good. Guru Amar
Das Ji went on pilgrimages for 22 years, but lastly
came to know the truth when he got initiated.
Later he preached to his disciples to leave all
this. After spending 22 years, Guru Sahib showed
the correct and Practical Path to us sinners. We
should derive benefit from his life.
Q.277 Baba Ji, why do the Saints need to do
Answer: Son, Guru is beneficent. When a disciple
brings a supplication to the Guru and he says
something to console that disciple, at that very
moment his work is done. The Power used for
this work is out of his Treasure and has to be
replaced by Meditation.
If a rich man donates some money, he has to
earn more to put that much back in his treasury.
We have to add oil to the lamp to keep it burning.
For this reason the Saints have to meditate. They
present a model of practical life.
Q.278 Baba Ji, both of us are initiated, but our
kids are immature and they eat non-vegetarian
cakes and egg preparations in school. I am
unhappy about this. The kids will listen to you,
would you kindly guide them?
Answer: Son, Saints have already given their
thoughts regarding eggs and meat in their
religious books and in their Satsangs. Reading
these books and listening to Satsang still does
not effect people, and they continue to use these
things. Saints pen down their thoughts and
deliver Satsangs, but people neither read nor
listen to them. It is difficult to teach every person
individually. Parents should take the kids to the
Satsangs and give the knowledge to them that
these things are bad for their health and the
religions do not allow it! After that, gathering
thoughts from the Saints will be effective.
Parents should teach their kids from an early age
not to eat these things. This will influence them
more. But when the parents eat non-vegetarian
food, yet try and stop their kids from eating, it is
not possible. We should not eat the food that
we do not want our children to eat.
There is an anecdote about Farid Sahib: Once a
mother came to him with her sick child and
explained that the child could not get well - and
that his face continued to break out with
pimples. Farid Sahib said, I will let you know the
cure after seven days. The lady came back after
seven days and Farid Sahib said, this child should
not eat ‘gur’ (molasses). The lady said, he eats
too much ‘gur’; and asked, Pir Ji! I came walking
10 miles that day, and today again I walked the
same distance. You should have told me that very
day! Farid Sahib said, the day you came to me I
had eaten ‘gur’; therefore I could not tell your
child not to eat ‘gur’! I have not eaten it for seven
days, so now I can tell your child not to eat ‘gur’
and the words will have an effect. Saints only
convey those things in which they are perfect.
Q.279 Baba Ji, I am so fed up with problems that
I want to go to some peaceful place. What should
I do?
Answer: Son, a change of location does not
change your thoughts and mind. You are thinking
that you are not in your own house.
Do not pay attention if anyone calls you bad
names. Withdraw your mind from the outside
and try to keep it inside. If you are not attentive
to the outside world you will not get angry; if
you are not paying attention to anyone’s words
and you are not replying (reacting) to anyone,
then it will be all peace for you. Forget yourself.
A poet has once said:
If you want to attain something: Forget yourself.
Getting mixed with the sand - a seed is changed to a
Q.280 Baba Ji, the books say that you should
not do anything bad even in a dream. I am
initiated and was offered meat by mistake. Will I
be punished for that?
Answer: Son, you will get some punishment. If
you have not taken any non-vegetarian food
before, then this food can result in getting an
allergy in your body. If you feel it, devote more
time to Meditation. I will narrate my own story.
One evening I went to the market with my
brother-in-law, Professor Pritam Singh. He said,
let us go and have some tea. I rarely went out to
any restaurant, and even if I happened to go, I
would seldom if ever, eat there. Professor Sahib
asked me what I would like to eat. I replied, a
cup of tea and something vegetarian to eat. The
waiter brought tea and something to eat that
looked like ‘barfi’ but the waiter said was
pudding. After eating we went to our homes. At
night in my dreams I heard someone saying, kill
him! he has done a very bad thing! After hearing
this for an hour Baba Bagga Singh Ji appeared
and said, no matter, leave him! Everything was
The next day, again we were going to the Golden
Temple, and on the way, there was a clinic of
Professor Sahib’s family doctor. We went to see
him and I told him the incident. Doctor Sahib
asked, what did you eat last night? I said, I ate a
piece of ‘barfi’. The doctor said, pudding is good,
but it has eggs in it! Hearing this I felt giddy. I
felt as if I would fall off the chair. The doctor
said, you have not eaten eggs your whole life.
That is why the small quantity in the pudding
affected you! He instructed me, do not eat any
food containing eggs in the future!
Q.281 Baba Ji, people say that the words of Nam
should not be spoken to anyone, but the
preachers speak these words in Satsang. Is it not
harmful to them?
Answer: They are not harmed because they use
these words to explain something. Preachers do
not say that the words they speak are the names
of Radha Soami Nam. If they speak these Words,
and tell that they are the Names of Radha Soami
Nam, then they will be harmed, and the listener
will not be benefitted. A wedding is shown in a
movie. The person acting in the film as
bridegroom does not ask his co-actor (who is
acting as his bride) to accompany him home just
because they are married in the movie. The acting
will not make any difference to the girl.
Q.282 Baba Ji, if a Satsangi forgets the Names of
Nam, and asks someone to tell him, should the
person tell him?
Answer: A person can tell him, but only after
confirming that he is an initiate. Ask him to say
the first three words, then you will tell the fourth
(in other words, use some test). There is no harm
in telling these words. If a person forgets these
words he may ask another Satsangi or the Guru
from his own Dera.
Q.283 Baba Ji, did Baba Bagga Singh Ji meditate
his whole life? Kindly throw some light on his
Answer: Son, to know about his life, we should
read ‘Janam Sakhi Baba Bagga Singh’. From his
very childhood he was interested in God. He
served in the Indian Army where he met Baba
Jaimal Singh Ji. He was initiated by him and the
desire to find God was fulfilled. According to his
Guru’s order he took retirement and came to
his village Chuslevar where he dug a cave in the
earth, and sitting in that cave, he continued to
meditate. Later Baba Jaimal Singh Ji came to the
cave and awakened him. Giving him a written
order, Baba Jaimal Singh Ji asked Baba Bagga
Singh Ji to start initiation. As per Guru’s order
He came to Tarn Taran. When the Sangat
increased Baba Jaimal Singh Ji ordered him to
construct a bigger Dera. The present Dera was
set up in 1901. Baba Jaimal Singh Ji visited this
new Dera many times. Living in this Dera, Baba
Bagga Singh Ji initiated many people and united
them with God.
As far as his nature is concerned, all the Saints
are peace-loving. Sometimes we worldly people
repeat the same supplication over and again. Due
to that, the Saints may answer sternly, and we
think they reply in anger. Baba Bagga Singh Ji
was very good natured.
Q.284 Baba Ji, I have heard that Baba Deva Singh
ji did not stay away from his Guru even for a
minute. Did he not want to stay away from the
Living Master or the Shabad Guru? Kindly tell
me about his nature also.
Answer: Son, None of the disciples want to stay
away from their Master, but one has to. Guru
needs rest. He has to carry on his daily routine,
and he cannot have any interference in that. So
a disciple has to stay away.
The disciple is away from the Master when he
himself goes to sleep. Baba Deva Singh Ji always
wanted to stay with his Master. When a disciple
realizes the Guru inside himself, then there is
no separation; so when a person always keeps
attached to his Master, people may say, He always
stays with his Master. People may even say about
two friends that their friendship is such that they
always stay together. Baba Deva Singh Ji was very
cool. If the disciples staying with him ever
quarreled, he would say, O’ my sons, do not
trouble me!
Q.285 Baba Ji! Kindly throw some light on the
nature of Baba Pratap Singh Ji.
Answer: Baba Pratap Singh Ji was very
coolheaded, but sometimes he had to be strict
with a person, according to the circumstances.
Generally he would get emotional hearing
someone’s problems. The Sangat would come to
know when Baba Ji was feeling very sad. Other
times he would feel happy talking and listening
to humorous talks. He used to enjoy listening to
the anecdote of Pinni’s from me.
A satsangi asked, Baba Ji, we too want to hear
the Pinni anecdote.
OK! This is an instance during the time when I
used to work in the railway workshop. It was on
a Saturday, which was half day. I reached the
Dera at about 3:00 pm and asked the lady in the
kitchen to cook for me. I will be back after having
Baba Ji’s Darshan, I said. Baba Ji was sitting in
the sun, I too sat there after bowing down to
him. After waiting for ten minutes I thought: the
food must be ready by now. Pulse is always ready
in the free kitchen, and only chapatis needed to
be cooked. I was about to get up when Baba Ji’s
secretary Prabhat came. He had a bag in one
hand, and a box of sweets in the other. I thought
to myself that Prabhat had brought such a big
bag, that I would certainly get some prashad
from Baba Ji... and a bit of my hunger will be
satisfied. I was disappointed when Baba Ji asked
Narayan (Baba Ji’s attendant) to put the bag in
his room. I thought I did not get anything out of
the big bag, so there was no hope of getting
anything out of box.
So... I lost 50% hope, but hung on to the other
50%. Still Baba Ji had the box in his hand that
contained the Pinnis (sweets). Baba Ji liked pinni’s
very much, so he did not share them with
anyone. Eating one a day, it lasted him twenty
days. Having one pinni in his hand he asked,
Prabhat, how much did it cost? To avoid so many
questions Prabhat replied like this, Baba Ji, this
is a one kilogram box. It contains twenty pinnis.
One pinni costs two rupees and the entire box
costs forty rupees. These days it may cost about
two hundred rupees. Baba Ji took out one pinni
and closed the box. I thought, 100% of my hope
has vanished. A man lives on hope! Baba Ji
started eating the pinni.
I was sitting quite close to Baba Ji’s bed. Eating
the pinni and looking at me he said, the pinni is
very sweet. I said, no, Baba Ji! It is tasteless.
Pampering me like a child Baba Ji said to me, no,
no, it is very sweet. I said to Baba Ji, it is so insipid
that I cannot even describe how much! Expressing
my anger I had spoken very loud. He said, how
do you know it is insipid? Baba Ji, You ate it and
knew the taste, but I will come to know only when
I eat one, I said.
Baba Ji could see that I was uncomfortable.
Looking at Prabhat he said, Prabhat, look at his
way of asking for a pinni. He does not ask directly.
I thought my work was done. Baba Ji gave one
pinni to each of us; Prabhat, Paramjit and me.
After eating I said, Baba Ji, the pinni is very sweet.
Believe me, if a hungry man eats a little, he feels
hungrier. The pinni was very tasty, and I thought
it would be good if I could eat one more, but I
could not ask. It was up to him, though I wanted
to have one more; but it was something a bit
too difficult to ask for. I was afraid of again being
scolded, so I kept quiet.
I thought to myself, maybe the food is ready? I
was about to get up when I saw a five rupee
note peeping out of my coat pocket. While
traveling from Amritsar to Tarn Taran I gave ten
rupees to the bus conductor and got back a five
rupee note. Looking at the note I again sat down
and said to Baba Ji, kindly keep this five rupee
note. Baba Ji asked, what for? I said, Baba Ji, if I
ask you for money then the question of why and
what arises, but I am giving you the five rupees. If
it suits you, you may keep it, if not, return it. Baba
Ji said, you are right. I said, yes, Baba Ji! I am
right. I hope my purpose will be fulfilled. Holding
the five rupee note Baba Ji said, say something
good. I said, Baba Ji, it is a matter of law. Just
now Prabhat told you that each pinni costs two
rupees. So two rupees are for the previous pinni
and two rupees are for one more pinni that I want
to have. You may return the one rupee note or
not, it does not make any difference to me.
He threw the five rupee note at me and I put it
in my pocket. He thought, my son has asked for
one more pinni so I will give it to him. He gave
me one more pinni. Taking that I got up from
there, while leaving I said, Baba Ji, the pinni is
very tasty and sweet. After eating I could say that
the pinni was sweet and tasty.
Similarly when we experience the Nam that is
called sweet and tasty by the Saints; we can
understand It is sweet and tasty. Only those who
have tasted the sweet Nectar of Nam can
describe that. Farid Sahib says:
Farid: Sugar cane, candy, sugar, molasses, honey and
buffalo’s milk; all these things are sweet, but they are not
comparable to You.
Adi Granth 1379
Q.286 Baba Ji, I have heard that while meditating
we should focus at the third eye. What does this
Answer: Son, being attached to the outside world,
it is difficult to concentrate during Meditation.
Retracing ourselves from our body when we
reach the third eye, we get a little detached from
the outside world. If we have full devotion to
the Guru we can concentrate here, otherwise we
face difficulties. Staying down it is difficult to
Q.287 Baba Ji, I saw much light - of sun and moon
during Meditation. How to judge whether it is
true or false?
Answer: Son, you need not think about it. You
are to cross it and go up. Reaching the upper
level you will come to know whether it was true
or false.
Q.288 Baba Ji, is getting initiation at an early age
useful, or is it better to get initiated at a mature
Answer: Son, initiation and love have no fixed
time; whether early age, young age, or senior
age, it is not relevant; you may be any age, it is
the concentration that matters! If you are
initiated at an early age, it is useful because a
person has fewer passions at that age.
Meditation can be done at any age or at any
time. Saints have fixed the time to begin
Meditation between 3:00 am and 4:00 am
because that is the time when God showers his
blessings. Religious books also say:
Farid: Musk is released at night. Those who are sleeping
do not receive their share. Those whose eyes are heavy
with sleep - how can they receive it?
Adi Granth 1382
There is no set time for Simran and Meditation.
Do it at any time.
Q.289 Baba Ji, can a satsangi have chickens or
pigs as pets?
Answer: Son, eating meat is a big crime according
to Sant Mat. Selling and keeping pigs and chickens
as pets is prohibited for Satsangis. The Hindu
religious book Manu Smriti explains that there
are eight types of people who kill.
1. The person who orders meat.
2. The person who kills birds and animals for meat.
3. The person who cuts meat into pieces.
4. The person who sells meat.
5. The person who buys meat.
6. The person who cooks meat.
7. The person who serves meat.
8. The person who eats meat.
Q.290 Baba Ji, when a mother prays or makes
supplications for her child, does she have to
undergo his karmas?
Answer: The child has come to his mother
according to his karmas. From birth to the age
he is standing on his own feet, the mother takes
care of him, after which the child looks after his
mother or not depending upon the mother’s
destiny. The child suffers due to his destiny, and
the mother cannot take his karmas; but the
persons related to the child do feel the pain.
There is a saying that, a mother can give birth to
a child, but she cannot create his destiny. If a child
is good at studies, the mother works harder to
earn more money, so as to support him. She can
help to do good deeds; but she cannot take his
Q.291 Baba Ji, I am a doctor. What should I say
in my prayers for my earnings?
Answer: Son, a doctor is a loving devotee of God.
He is destined to serve humanity. Helping a sick,
miserable or poor person is equal to Service
done (directly) to God.
Your question relates that you want to ask about
your earnings. Perhaps you want to pray to God
for more patients. A doctor’s prayer depends on
his job, whether he is doing private practice or
working in a hospital or a clinic. A private
practitioner will pray to get more patients. A
doctor working in a hospital is getting a fixed
salary, so more patients mean more work for him.
He will pray to get fewer patients so that he has
less work. Both the doctors will pray for opposite
Whereas, a doctor’s true prayer should be,
whosoever comes to me as a patient, may he get
well soon.
Q.292. Baba Ji, does celibacy help in spiritual
Answer: Celibacy alone is not the way to meet
God. Without getting initiation from a Guru, a
celibate cannot reach the destination. If he is a
real celibate, having good character and having
no bad intentions with other women, then he is
going on a highway that leads to God. He does
not have hurdles on his way. We can meet God
as a celibate, but only after getting initiation.
Q.293 Baba Ji, I have a medicine shop. Can I sell
intoxicating medicines and medicines containing
Answer: There is no harm in selling government
approved medicines. A satsangi should not take
medicines containing fish oil or meat. There are
other medicines available. You can tell your
doctor that you are a vegetarian and want to
use other medicines. There is no restriction on
selling the medicines.
Q.294. Baba Ji, one of your shabads says,
breaking your relation with the world, connect
yourself with God. (duniya nalo nata toro nal
shabad de nata joro). If we break our relations
with the world, then how can we pay back our
karmic accounts?
Answer: Son, breaking your relations with the
world means to stop following the dictates of
the mind that drag us away from Spirituality.
Staying away from spirituality we cannot get
connected with Shabad.
Q.295 Baba Ji, does Meditation make our body
Answer: Son, if we eat good food, nurture good
thinking, and do good day-to-day deeds, our
body will also remain healthy.
Q.296 Baba Ji, do we get concentrated quickly
when we do Meditation after attending Satsang?
Answer: Son, the Saints have fixed 3:00 am as
the time for Meditation. That is the time when
our mind is free from the worldly thoughts. If
you are free you may sit for Meditation after
Satsang. If you have paid one hour to Meditation
(after Satsang), you may get the benefit; but it is
not definite you will get quick concentration.
Q.297 Baba Ji, should we keep vegetarian
Answer: You should have Satsangi tenants; if not,
they should be vegetarian.
Q.298 Baba Ji, when a meditator reaches the
destination, what words should he use in prayer
to the Satguru (after doing his Simran and
Meditation) so that he can sustain his progress?
Answer: Son, when a meditator reaches his
destination after doing Simran and Meditation,
he stays united with God; then he needs no
supplications. He should stick to the laws that
helped him to reach the destination.
Q.299 Baba Ji, should a Satsangi eat from a non-
satsangi’s house?
Answer: Son, try not to eat from a non-satsangi
home. In case of emergency you may eat there if
it contains no meat and eggs. You will have to
do more than routine Simran and Meditation
after that.
Q.300 Baba Ji, if at the time of Meditation we
see bad scenes, what should we do?
Answer: Son, our mind will do such deeds which
disturb our concentration. We should be
unyielding in doing Meditation and try to control
the mind firmly. If we are not firm in our Simran,
our mind will not be stable. You need to do more
Q.301 Baba Ji, does the Guru protect a disciple
from the very beginning, or after initiation?
Answer: Son, God’s Power is with us from birth!
As we are growing, we are awakening through
Satsangs. Listening to the Saints we search
ourselves. When the seeker searches he gets the
Treasure. God does not put the treasure in him,
it is already there. God’s Power is in us, but we
get It when we search for it. Doing Simran and
Meditation we come to know that It was already
present there.
Q.302 Baba Ji, who is stronger, mind or soul?
Answer: Son, Soul is very strong; Its strength is
limitless. Soul is the daughter of the Emperor,
but falling in love with the poor mind, she is
wandering from door to door.
Q.303 Baba Ji, how should a Satsangi lawyer
behave? Because to win a case sometimes one
has to tell the truth and sometimes one has to
Answer: Son, actually, advocacy (argument)
depends upon the proof. A good lawyer does
not take such cases that seem to be false, or in
which he has to lie more. After taking the case
he fights according to the law and proves his
case. The decision is then in the hands of Judge.
Q.304 Baba Ji, what is the correct way to stay in
His Will?
Answer: Son, to stay in His Will is to stay in the
natural flow of things. Forgetting one’s own self,
controlling his desires and wishes, getting
initiated, and doing Meditation; that is staying
in His Will.
Q.305 Baba Ji, what is actual worship, pooja and
Answer: Son, actual worship is going to Guru,
listening to his Satsang, getting initiation, and
doing Simran and Meditation. Remembering Him
all the time is actual worship. Always keeping
Guru’s face in your memory is the real austerity.
When we remember the Almighty through
Simran, it is His actual worship. When we try hard
to see the unseen God in us: that is austerity.
When we see the Guru sitting (face to face), that
is his real pooja. There is no other Jap than doing
Simran day and night.
Q.306 Baba Ji, what is the method to get away
from Kal forever?
Answer: Son, to get away from Kal forever we
have to get Nam (Initiation) and do meditation.
To get away from Kal and stay in the range of
the Merciful God, we have to ‘Die while Living’.
Q.307 Baba Ji, what is meant by ‘Sohang’?
Answer: Son, the real word is ‘Sohan’. When the
soul reaches the fourth stage, or Bhanwargupha,
it sees the image of the Almighty, and the soul
helplessly utters ‘Sohan’, which means - God
whatever you are, so am I. As a drop nears the
sea, it says, whatever you are, so am I. So long as
it is separate from the sea, it is a drop, a small
entity; but when it gets merged into the sea, it
takes the shape of the sea.
The drop becomes the sea when it forgoes its
identity. Like this, when the soul, forgetting its
identity, reaches the Nameless Region, it takes
the shape of God.
Q.308 Baba Ji, what is a right donation?
Answer: Son, a donation is a donation; but when
a needy person asks for something, we should
find out what he wants that donation for,
because the donation affects the donor also. We
are to determine whether he will misuse our
donation, or use it rightly!
Kabir Sahib once donated money to a person
who bought cotton thread; and out of that
money made a net and started catching fish. So
it is better to donate money for the wedding of
a poor girl; donate money to a patient in a
hospital who cannot afford medicine; donate a
cooler to a school or hospital where cold water
is needed. If a poor child cannot have education
for want of money, help him. God is sitting in
you. While donating money, only do that which
your conscience allows. If a milk farm does not
have food for the cows, donate that. If you want
to donate, donate blood! I have been asked
these questions before also. I have explained the
importance of donating blood and our body
parts in my New Year message.
Q.309 Baba Ji, what is the benefit of the Darshan
of a Perfect Master?
Answer: Son, karmas are of three types: 1)
Kriyaman (day-to-day karmas). 2) Pralabdh
Karmas (destiny) 3) Sinchit Karmas (stored). The
day-to-day karmas (Kriyaman) are the new
karmas that we are making; Pralabdh has been
done in the previous life and that is our present
destiny; Sinchit karmas are a big store of karmas
accumulated in many past lives. If a person
undergoes his pralabdh karmas, and they are
finished, but he doesn’t have any day-to-day
karmas left, he is given the next life on the basis
of his Sinchit karmas. Some of the Sinchit karmas
are mixed with Pralabdh. He gets the next life
on the basis of good and bad karmas. When we
are attached to the Guru and have his Darshan,
the bad karmas of this life are finished. Guru
Granth Sahib says:
Receiving the Blessed Vision of His Darshan, all sins are
erased, and He unites me with the Lord.
My Guru is the Transcendent Lord, the Giver of peace.
He implants the Naam, the Name of the Supreme Lord
God, within us; and in the end, He is our help and support.
Adi Granth 915
Having Darshan of the Perfect Master, our sins
are finished. Here a question arises whether we
should have inside Darshan or outside Darshan?
The inside Darshan finishes all sins. What’s the
use of outside Darshan?
A Mahatma was once delivering a satsang and
three thieves passed by there. They too attended
the satsang, as there was a police barrier ahead.
After the satsang they noticed the barrier was
gone. They came to know that it was removed
five minutes before. They got the benefit of a
Mahatma’s Darshan, and were saved from
punishment and police arrest.
Q.310 Baba Ji, there are so many hurdles when I
try to go to satsang. Why is this happening, and
how can I stop it?
Answer: Son, your question relates that you are
badly caught in the net of Kal. All the worldly
beings are caught in the net of Kal. Soul is the
daughter of God, but she too is stuck in Kal’s
net. When doing something bad our conscience
stops us, but yet we obey the mind and do the
bad deed. Mind is overpowering and the soul
keeps quiet. If a husband does a bad deed, the
wife tries to stop him, but he does not listen. He
gets arrested and has to go to jail. Coming back
he starts listening to her. If we have self-
confidence and Guru’s love, we will win over the
mind. The mind will be our friend and stop
creating disturbances.
Q.311 Baba Ji, What is the actual teaching of the
Radha Soami Path?
Answer: Radha Soami is not the name of a
woman or a man. The first Guru of Radha Soami
Path has clarified this in his writings:
Radha is soul, Soami is God (Master of the soul). Soul
and the Word, Radha and Soami both are the same.
Sar Bachan 2:4:1
Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Kabir Sahib, and other
Mahatmas have remembered God by many
names. Guru Gobind Singh Ji has remembered
Him by approximately twelve-hundred names.
Swami Ji gave Him a new name - Radha Soami.
Radha means soul and Soami means God. Swami
ji explained these words during his lifetime. The
actual purpose of Radha Soami Path is to initiate
the soul, making it meditate - and unite it with
Q.312 Baba Ji, what changes does a seeker have
to make in his lifestyle in order to get initiation?
Answer: To get initiation a person should have
clean conduct and should not eat meat, fish or
eggs; and drink no alcoholic beverages.
Q.313 Baba Ji, can we know about the soul of a
person who has left this world?
Answer: Son, we should not waste our time
searching for a person who has left this world. If
someone tells you his whereabouts, what is the
proof that he speaks the truth? So do not waste
time on such things, use that time in Meditation.
Q.314 Baba Ji, what are religious books?
Answer: Religious books tell the Secrets of God.
Persons writing these books have described their
inner journey in them. The Vedas describe up to
Brahm. The Mahatmas attaining a Sahaj Avastha
describe the way to meet God; but we cannot
reach God by mere reading of books. We need
to do Meditation after initiation. We need to
put into practice what we have read.
Q.315 Baba Ji, from where can we get peace?
Answer: Son, there is no peace below the eyes
(eye center), and there is no misery above the
eyes. If we remain in the nine apertures we will
continue to undergo misery and pleasure. After
initiation, if we do Meditation, we will reach the
Nameless Region, where we find Peace alone!
Q.316 Baba Ji, kindly throw some light on the
secret of death.
Answer: Death is such an incident that can be
known only after getting initiation and doing
Meditation. One is the natural death and the
other is the Living Death described by Guru
Nanak Dev Ji:
If he remains dead while yet alive, then by so dying, he
truly lives. Thus, he attains liberation.
Adi Granth 730
It means there is another death also. When we
get initiation from a Guru, do Meditation and
complete the inner journey, we get into the Sahaj
Avastha state. We get disconnected from the
outside world and Die the Living Death. We reach
the inner realms. When we start retracing from
the soles of our feet and go up, we first come to
the anus plexus, then reproductive center, navel
center, heart center, then throat center. Then we
reach the Tisra Til, from where our Spiritual
Journey starts. Crossing the five stages we reach
the Nameless Region. Saints have said that this
is the real death. We should get initiated and
attain this death. So death is of two types: the
natural death and the other death - when a
person does Meditation and Dies the Living
Q.317 Baba Ji, I have remained very sick. Please
either bless me with good health or give me
Answer: Son, death is not in our hands. The
sickness is in our destiny. We cannot stop it. If
we go to the doctor and get treatment, then we
may be cured. If it is not cured, then getting
initiated by a Saint and doing Simran and
Meditation, we can withdraw our attention from
that side.
Guru Arjun Dev Ji was made to sit on hot plates.
He too was suffering pain. He withdrew his
attention from the nine doors, took it to a higher
level and did not feel the pain. Death is not the
remedy. If you commit suicide, it will only add
more karma to your account. The karmas you
were to undergo in this life, you will have to
undergo in the next life.
The person asking for death is a coward. You are
the disciple of a Perfect Master; try to bear the
pain through Simran and Meditation.
Q.318 Baba Ji, before initiation I was an
astrologer. Shall I continue doing that work or
change it?
Answer: Son, astrology is also a science and many
people earn their living through it. People have
faith in a good astrologer. Whatever he says,
people take it for granted; following him they
do accordingly. If an astrologer’s forecast is not
correct, people get upset.
Sant Mat does not depend on their forecast, it
only teaches how to unite the soul with God;
whereas, astrology is a science that provides
knowledge of forthcoming events. For example:
a girl is not getting married so the astrologer
suggests solutions for that. Whether it works or
not, only time will tell. Sometimes we get our
daughter married and after six or seven months
some problem occurs. The girl’s parents are sad
and they think that the astrologer was not good.
But everything happens according to His Will. We
cannot reach the limits of His Will. Forecasting
will affect your Simran and Meditation. The rest...
do whatever you think is right.
Q.319 Baba Ji, who is called an Ideal Satsangi?
Answer: An ideal Satsangi is he who stays in
Guru’s Order.
Q.320 Baba Ji, some persons are in the money
lending business. What would you advise them?
Answer: Son, money-lending is not permitted in
Sant Mat. About this I can only say that the soul
cannot be united with God. Doing this business
a person remains stuck in it. Yes, if a poor person
does not get money from the bank, and the
money is lent to him at the bank rate, it would
be a big help to him. I have expressed in one of
my Shabads:
Being a moneylender who does not take monetary
interest, and helps others within his limits, is blessed by
God. A verse has come to my mind to humbly salute him.
Q.321 Baba Ji, what should we do with useless
Answer: Son, according to Sant Mat, each being
needs to be taken care of up to the end; so that
he completes his allotted age. If you cannot take
care of the cow, send it to a ‘Gaoshala’ (A place
where all cows are looked after, whether they
still give milk, or cannot, or are sick or old).
Q.322 Baba Ji, I am working in a hotel in UK. I
have to serve non- vegetarian food. Is it okay?
Answer: Son, paying attention to (looking at)
non-vegetarian food affects your conscience,
your Simran and your Meditation. The religious
book Manu Smriti prohibits it. It clearly states:
one who orders meat, one who kills the animals,
one who chops the body parts, one who buys, sells,
cooks, serves and the one who eats: these eight
are the killers. All these have to undergo the sin
of killing. So search for another job for your
Q.323 Baba Ji, what is the responsibility of a
Satsangi who is attached to the Guru, regarding
one who has turned his back on the Guru and
gone astray?
Answer: Even if we are not related to him, we
have something in common being Satsangis. You
can lovingly try and make him understand that
Kal has fixed a trap for him. We should escape
by following the Guru’s advice. If he listens the
first time it is good; otherwise we should
approach him again and again. Looking at your
devotion he will again come to the Path. Try to
make him understand according to his tolerance.
One day your faith in the Guru will change him.
Q.324 Baba Ji, if a person wastes the time of a
devoted person, how should we counsel him?
Answer: Son, making an excuse, move from there,
or say that you do not feel well. After listening
to him a little bit, show your helplessness and
lie down.
Q.325 Baba Ji, if at the time of death of a
Satsangi, another Satsangi is present, what is his
Answer: Son, try not to let him start talking, and
tell your family also not to talk with him. Tell
him to see the Guru’s Image inside. Try to draw
his attention towards Guru. Tell him to repeat
the Five Names. If he can hear, ask him whether
he has got Guru’s Image inside? If he cannot hear,
send the non-satsangi persons out of the room,
and repeat the Five Names in his ear. Show him
Guru’s picture. If he replies in the affirmative,
keep quiet and do Simran. His attention should
be drawn towards Guru and Simran.
Q.326 Baba Ji, if one forgets the Five Words of
Nam, can those be written on a paper?
Answer: Son, at the time of Nam Dan Saints
devote sufficient time to the seekers to
memorize the words. If one does not remember,
the educated person will write down, but what
will an illiterate do? Guru gives you that much
power that you remember the words. If a
hundred persons remember the Nam but one
person does not, it means he was not attentive.
Do you want to escape from devoting time to
helping an illiterate? Saints never permit them
to be written down. If it is given to an illiterate
person he will ask some other person to read
them for him. So it is the duty of a person
(Sewadar) to make the initiates remember the
Q.327 Baba Ji, do you have representatives to
initiate persons abroad?
Answer: Son, as far as Nam Dan is concerned, it
is given face to face. So according to the laws of
Sant Mat I have not permitted anyone to initiate
people, nor will I permit anyone in future.
Q.328 Baba Ji, it is written in Guru Granth Sahib,
wherever my Satguru sits, that place is pure and
pious. (Jithe Jai bahe mera Satguru so than suhava
ram rajey). It is widely discussed amongst the
people. What does it actually mean?
Answer: The place where the Saints sit is full of
pure atoms. As persons with impure atoms go
and sit at that place; their bad atoms are killed
under the influence of the pure atoms of Saints.
Going there we get peace. The conscience
becomes clean and one is helped to do Simran
and Meditation.
Q.329 Baba Ji, who is called a sewadar, and what
are his qualities?
Answer: Son, a Sewadar is he who leaves his own
dictates and follows the Guru. Leaving ‘I’ and ‘My’
he is happy in Guru or God’s Will. He always
follows the path shown by Guru and keeps his
mind attached to the Guru.
Q.330 Baba Ji, you initiate with Five Words. Are
these Five Words from the time the world came
into existence, or have they come from extracts
of the holy books?
Answer: Son, this Power is working since the
world came into existence. It was generated in a
human being after he came to this world. We
have been using different words at different
times to name that Power. The names can be
different, viz., Allah, Paramatma, God, Radha
Soami, etc., but that Power is One, and that is
the Power that created the world.
Q.331 Baba Ji, I have been initiated by Baba
Pratap Singh Ji. I feel emptiness after he left. I
try a lot, come to the Dera, attend your Satsangs,
but I miss him. What should I do?
Answer: Son, the disciple who is very much
attached to the Guru, feels sad after he leaves.
That is why Saints preach that disciples should
love the Guru and realize the Shabad Guru
inside themselves; because that is the Image of
the Guru. Doing this, they will not be sad after
the Guru leaves; and their condition will not be
bad. Whether it be worldly love or spiritual love,
not meeting the beloved is always painful.
Q.332 Baba Ji, when we know that the family
relations are false, why then should we carry on?
Answer: Son, we are so attached to these
relations that we do not know whether they are
true or false. Saints are preaching from the very
beginning that these relations are false, but we
do not try to detach ourselves from them. I say
that we should not leave these relations. We
should enjoy loving them like a honey bee sits
on the edge of a bowl filled with honey. It eats
the honey without drenching its wings. The Saints
also led a family life, but did not drench their
wings. You did not follow their way of living! You
should study their life example and lead your
life in the same way; then these thoughts will
not enter your mind.
Q.333 Baba Ji, I have lost my son. I cannot forget
him. I cannot meditate because I always have
him in my mind.
Answer: Son, I received your letter. Whosoever
faces such a problem suffers like this. Everyone
talks of patience, but when one actually faces
such a problem, he too feels the same pain.
Losing a son is very painful; but still, Guru
consoles us and gives us the strength to bear
the loss.
There is a story about a Mahatma who got
married late, and had a son. He did not leave
him even for a minute. When the boy was nine
or ten years old, two bulls were fighting and the
boy got caught in between the two and died.
People gathered there, picked up the boy, and
brought him home. The Mahatma’s wife was
worried about him; that he may not be able to
bear separation of his son. Hearing about his
son’s woeful demise, the Mahatma came home
and sat by the side of his dead son. He was very
sad and did not say anything. After cremating
his son he came home. In the evening when
everyone left, the wife said, I was worried that
you would not be able to bear the separation of
your son. The mahatma said, I was very sad, but
I took myself back to the time when we got
married and I had no son, and my sorrow was
reduced, the dream was over. If we too create
such a situation, it may be possible that we are
saved from the sorrow and again will be able to
do Simran and Meditation
Q.334 Baba Ji, everyone wants to please his
Master. Please explain how this can be done?
Answer: Son, the Master is not happy to get
money or clothes. He wants you to go to the
Dera and devote time to Sewa, Simran and
Meditation. Be careful that no one is unhappy
with you. Keep your parents happy. Parents have
hopes for their children. You have to look after
your parents - and do physical Sewa for the Dera.
Then only will your Master be happy with you.
Q.335 Baba Ji, why does the Sangat of Beas
differentiate between Beas and Tarn Taran, when
both the Deras have the same origin?
Answer: Son, there is no difference between Beas
and Tarn Taran. It is a matter of one’s own
thinking. Baba Jaimal Singh Ji was a disciple of
Swami Ji and He ordered him to go to Punjab to
promote Sant Mat, and give Nam Dan to the
people. He sat on the bank of the River Beas
and meditated sincerely. As the black beetles get
attracted towards the flowers when smelling
their fragrance, similarly, hearing about the
greatness of Baba Jaimal Singh Ji, his Satsang and
Nam Dan, the Sangat started coming together.
Baba Jaimal Singh Ji appointed Baba Sawan Singh
Ji, who was very well known to the people of
Punjab - and outside Punjab also, to inherit the
Gur-Gaddi after his death. Baba Sawan Singh Ji
expanded the Dera with his power and hard
Baba Bagga Singh Ji was working with Baba Jaimal
Singh Ji in the Indian Army. He received Nam Dan
from Baba Jaimal Singh Ji during his service. After
taking reserve duty he came to Beas and as per
Baba Jaimal Singh’s advice he went to his native
village Chuslevar and started living there. He dug
a cave to do Simran and Meditation. One day
Baba Jaimal Singh Ji came from Beas and
awakened him from the Meditation and ordered
Baba Bagga Singh Ji to start Nam Dan and build
a Dera in Tarn Taran. After He left this world,
Baba Deva Singh Ji became his successor, per his
Baba Deva Singh Ji left this world without leaving
a Will; and the Dera committee went to Maharaj
Charan Singh Ji and requested him to appoint
the next Satguru for Tarn Taran Dera, as per his
foresight. On November 8, 1961 Maharaj Charan
Singh Ji appointed Baba Pratap Singh Ji the next
Satguru, tied the turban and put tilak on his
forehead. After that, Baba Pratap Singh Ji was
the Master. Every year Baba Pratap Singh Ji was
invited to Baba Jaimal Singh Ji’s Bhandara at Beas
and Maharaj Charan Singh Ji was invited to Tarn
Taran to speak for the Satsang to celebrate Baba
Jaimal Singh Ji’s bhandara, one week before Dec.
29. This tradition continued, and both Satgurus
continued coming and going to both the Deras.
Maharaj Charan Singh Ji and Baba Pratap Singh
Ji used to sit together on the stage in Tarn Taran
and Beas. You must have seen them sitting
together in a picture in the houses, and in the
Dera. This tradition continued during the life of
Baba Pratap Singh Ji. The relation between Tarn
Taran and Beas is very much like the relation of
two brothers, younger and elder.
When Baba Pratap Singh Ji left for the Nameless
Region the Dera committee members went to
Beas and told the whole story to secretary
Sondhi of Beas. He took all the members to
Maharaj Charan Singh Ji’s office in Beas and
explained the whole thing. Mr. Sondhi informed
Maharaj Ji about the Will written by Baba Pratap
Singh Ji in which Baba Kehar Singh Ji was
appointed the next Sant Satguru and presented
the legal papers containing the by-laws of the
committee. Reading that, Maharaj Ji was very
happy. Referring to his helplessness he said, it is
better if the president of the committee ties the
turban and puts tilak on the forehead of the new
Guru. Your by-laws also say so. Coming back to
the Dera the members of the committee did as
directed by Maharaj Ji.
One thing, is that here we are living in the region
of Kal, and he does not permit us to love one
another. He creates differences between two
brothers and relatives. We should keep away
from these things, and focusing our attention
on the Guru, do Simran and Meditation. This
should be the aim of our life.
Beas and Tarn Taran are the sons of one father.
The Spiritual Path, Satsang and the principals of
Satsang are the same. The Sangat and the
properties are separate. A person is called a
disciple of the Dera from which he gets initiation.
The present Master, Baba Gurinder Singh Ji of
Beas loves me very much. I too tell the whole
Sangat, through Satsang, that Beas is our Mecca;
but the people in the Sangat have their own
opinion. It is their own sweet will. Maharaj Ji
does not criticize anyone. As a college student
works hard and takes the first position, so leaving
everything, focus your attention at your Guru to
draw benefits. Stop thinking, who is good and
who is bad, then you will feel that the whole
world is yours.
Ahankar - Egotism
Ajapa Jap - Repetition of holy names going on
Amritsar - Name of a city in Punjab, the pool of
nectar. Esoterically, the third region,
where the soul, having been cleansed
of all its material coverings (physical,
astral and causal) and the three
attributes (harmony, action or inertia
and darkness), shine in its own light.
Amritsar - The Pool of Nectar
Anami Desh - The Nameless region. Esoterically, the
eighth and highest spiritual region.
And (Anda) - Astral region, a subtle region between
pinda and Brahmand.Lower portion of
Anhad - Unbounded, limitless
Arjun - A character in the epic Mahabharat.
Atma - Soul
Ashtangi - Also called: Adi Bhawani, Eka Mai,
AdiKumari, Shakti, Adi Maya,
Maya(Illusion) - The first female created by God.
Consort of Kal Niranjan.
Ardas - An appeal to God or Guru (or anyone
Araj - An appeal to Satguru - having five
elements and sitting face to face.
Asa - Hope (develops in the mind)
Baba Bagga Singh Ji - The Master who was the founder of
Radha Soami Dera, Tarn Taran
Baba Charan Singh Ji - The fourth Master of Radha Soami
Satsang, Beas
Baba Deva Singh ji - The second Master of Radha Soami
Dera Baba Bagga Singh, Tarn Taran.
Baba Gurinder Singh Ji - The present Master of Radha Soami
Satsang, Beas.
Baba Jagat Bahadur Ji - The third Master of Radha Soami
Satsang Beas.
Baba Jaimal Singh Ji - The Master and founder of Radha
Soami Satsang, Beas.
Baba Pratap Singh Ji - The third Master of Radha Soami, Dera
Baba Bagga Singh, Tarn Taran.
Baba Sawan Singh Ji - The second Master of Radha Soami
Satsang Beas.
Beas- - Radha Soami Dera situated on the
banks of river Beas, in Punjab.
Bhai Joga Singh Ji - Disciple of Guru Gobind Singh ji.
Bhajan - Meditation or listening to the Celestial
Music, Audible Life Stream, Sound
Bhanwar Gupha - Revolving cave, the fourth spiritual
Brahmand - The entire universe.
Bramha - One of the three main gods of Hindu
Religion. Creator of the world and Kal
Niranjan’s son.
Charan Kamal - Lotus feet, feet
Chaokri - Four
Darshan - Vision or sight, particularly of some
saint or holy person.
Dasam Granth - The tenth book (written by Guru
Gobind Singh ji)
Daswan Dwar - The tenth door and appellation of the
third spiritual region.
Divya Chakshu - The third eye
Dhun - Divine Sound, inner melody.
Dhur Dham - The region of Almighty.
Dhyan - Contemplation
Dwapar Yuga - The third Yuga
Eka Mai - The mother of three triads of Hindu
philosophy. Wife of Niranjan.
Five Destinations - Sahansdal Kamal, Trikuti, Daswan Dwar,
Bhanwar Gupha and Sach Khand
Gunas - Attri butes of matter. Satogun
(harmony), Rajogun (action or activity),
Tamogun (inertia or darkness)
Ganges - A sacred river in India.
Guru Angad Dev ji - The second Guru in the line of
succession of Guru Nanak.
Guru Arjun Dev - The fifth Guru in the line of succession
of Guru Nanak and the son of Guru Ram
Das ji. He collected, classified and
compiled the writings of the Adi
Guru Gaddi - Seat of the Guru. “Seat” occupied by
the present Guru.
Guru Gobind Singh - The tenth Guru in the line of succession
of Guru Nanak.
Guru Granth Sahib, Adi Granth - The primal scripture of Sikh religion.
Guru Ramanand - A great saint and master of Kabir Sahib.
Guru Ram Das - The fourth Guru in the line of
succession of Guru Nanak. He founded
the city now known as Amritsar, in
Punjab, India. He composed more than
600 verses in the Adi Granth.
Gur Bani - The verses or teachings and sayings of
Gurus, the Adi Granth is some times
called as Bani or Gur Bani.
Haddis - The Holy book of the Muslim religion.
Hajj - The religious pilgrimage of Muslims to
Mecca and Madina.
Hans - The pure form of soul in True Region
Hir-Ranjha - Famous Lovers
Hirday Chakra - The fourth ganglion or plexus in the
Indriya Chakra - The second ganglion or plexus in the
Japuji Sahib - First chapter in Guru Granth Sahib.
Jathar-agni - The fire of the stomach which helps to
digest food, the secreting of
hydrochloric acid.
Jiva - living entity, living being.
Kal - God of death
Kabaddi - a game
Kabir Sahib - A great saint of India who lived in
Banaras, writer of Anurag Sagar.
Kali Yuga - the fourth Yuga.
Kam - lust
Kantha Chakra - the fifth ganglion or plexus in the body.
Karma - deed.
Karunamaya - full of bliss
Khand Brahmand - the regions and the universe
Kriyaman Karma - the new actions performed during the
present life.
Shri Krishan - Hindu God
Krodh - anger
Kurum Bhagat - Son of the Supreme Soul. One of the
sixteen sons (powers)
Lobh - greed
Lomash Rishi - The son of Brahma
Langer - Free community kitchen
Maha Sunn - the region of intense darkness, situated
in Sunn or Tenth Gate below Bhanwar
Gupha. The great void. A level of
impenetrable darkness that can be
crossed only with the help of a True
Mahesh - The third of the Hindu triad. Shiva the
Mansa - Mansa or desire is a hankering after
Moh - Attachment
Mool Chakra - the root ganglion in the body, the rectal
Muninder - the name of Kabir Sahib in the previous
incarnation in Treta Yug.
Nam - The creative power, which cannot be
expressed in speech or writing or heard
with the physical ears.
Nam Dan - Initiation into Surat Shabad Yoga by a
Sant Sat Guru or Perfect Master.
Nabhi Chakra - The third ganglion or plexus in the body.
Nij Dham - The real abode.
Niranjan - Kal, the God of Death.
Onkar - Brahm, the Lord of the second spiritual
Pandavas - The Five sons of King Pandu and Queen
Kunti: Yudhistir, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul, and
Paramatma - Supreme Soul
Pind - The physical body
Pran - Life force, vital force.
Pralabdh Karma - The deeds of the previous life, the
destiny karma.
Prashad - Guru’s Grace. While distributing Guru
looks at the food and it becomes
Rajo Guna - Action or activity
Sach Khand - True or Imperishable region. The fifth
spiritual region.
Sangat - Congregation
Sahaj Bhagat - One of the Sons of Supreme Soul.
Sahaj Avastha - Trance stage, a level of spiritual
consciousness. While seeing the eyes
do not see, while hearing the ears do
not hear, while speaking the tongue
does not speak.
Sanchit or sinchit Karma - Karmas stored up from previous lives.
Sahansdal Kanwal - The first spiritual stage.
Sant-Mat - Path of the Saints.
Saran, Sharan - Refuge
Satguru - The True Master
Satnam - True Name
Satlok - True Region
Sato Guna - Harmony
Sat Purush - God the True Lord
Satsang - Congregation
Satya Yuga - The first cycle of time
Satsukrit - The name of of Kabir Sahib in Sat Yug
(the first cycle of time)
Sewa - Serving the devotees and the Satguru
free of cost.
Shabad or Shabd - Word, Poem from Guru Granth Sahib
Simran Bhajan - Repetition of five holy names,
Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji - The first Guru of Sikh religion.
Surat Shabda - Soul and the Sound Current
Swamiji Maharaj - The founder of Radha Soami Path
Tamo Guna - Inertia or darkness
Tisra Til - Third eye
Third Eye - Single Eye
Tilliger - Name of a bird
Treta Yuga - The second cycle of time
Trikuti - An appellation of the Second Spiritual
region on the path of the Saints.
Trishna - Thirst, longing
Tulsi Sahib - A great saint of hathras, auther of Ghat
Vahiguru - Guru is great
Vedas - Knowledge as embodied in the four
holy books of the Hindus: Rig Veda, Sam
Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda.
Vishnu - Second of the Hindu triad.
Vivek Ji - One of the sons of Supreme Soul
(among Sixteen Sons (Powers) of
Supreme Soul)
Yuga - Age or cycle of time, the Hindu
scriptures have divided time into
four Yugas: Sat Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar
Yuga and Kali Yuga.
1. Aape Srist i hukmi sub saj i H P
2. Anurag Sagar Part I H P E
3. Anurag Sagar Part I I H P E
4. Anurag Sagar Part I I I H P E
5. Barah Maha H P
6. Bhed Marg Aart i H P
7. Chandar Barne P
8. Darshan Bhet at Paap Sab Nasahi H P
9. Dil Ka Huzra Saaf Kar H P
10. Ghat Ramayan H P
11. Gun Gobind Gayo Nahin H P
12. Gur Bin Ghor Andhar H P
13. Hari Hari Naam Nidhan Le H P
14. Janam Sakhi Baba Bagga Singh Ji H P
15. Janam Janam Vich Aa Ke Bet i H P
16. Jis Nu Prem Man Vasaye H P
17. Kaal Ke Charit ar H P
18. Kaiya Kanchan Shabad Vichara H P
19. Keet a Pasao Eko Kwao H P E
20. Kudrat Karnehar Apara H P
21. Machhali Jaal Na Janeya H P E
Our Publicat ions on Sant mat
re re
H = Hindi, P = Punj abi & E = English
22. Marne Ki Chint a Nahin H P
23. Naam Lene Se Pehle Va Baad H P
24. Nihachal Ek Sada Sach Soyee H P
25. Parmat ma Ki Khoj H
26. Sant Jeev Ki Vipat i Chhudhave H P
27. Sat sang Tulsi Sahib H P
28. Sat gur Hamra Bharam Gavaia H P
29. Shabad Sangrah Part I H P
30. Shabad Sangrah Part I I H P
31. Shabad Sangrah Part I I I H P
32. Shanke Ashanke H P
33. Before And Aft er I nit iat ion E
34. Guru - Dispeller of Darkness E
H = Hindi, P = Punj abi & E = English

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