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HRM assignment on training and mentoring program .
HRM assignment on training and mentoring program .

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Career Development Plan Summary HRM 531 January 23rd, 2011

Kathy does all the ordering for each location which takes up quite a lot of her time. and at least five years of management experience. Required qualifications for the Regional Manager role include a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Job Descriptions and Qualifications Regional Manager The Regional Manager will oversee all existing KFF locations and will directly report to Kathy on the status. According to University of Phoenix (2003). 2003). Kudler created KFF with the La Jolla store in 1998.CAREER DEVELOPMENT PLAN SUMMARY 2 Career Development Plan Summary Kathy Kudler. along with traveling each week to all the stores. or equivalent degree. then soon after she created stores in Del Mar and Encinitas. President of Kudler Fine Foods (KFF). Required qualifications for the Store Manager role include a minimum of an Associate’s degree in Business Administration and at least two years of management experience. issues. It is necessary for KFF to restructure the team in order for her staff to function at an optimum level. and operations of each store. while the Del Mar and Encinitas locations have been suffering. Although she hired managers and assistant managers at each store. Kathy spends most of her time buying for each location. has a vision to be the premier gourmet grocery store (University of Phoenix. Store Manager There will be one Store Manager assigned to each store and the Store Manager will oversee all employees at the specific location. events. The Store Manager will report directly to the Regional Manager on daily operations. and it’s taking time away from the time she spends with the customers. sales. The La Jolla store keeps expanding. and events. Logistics Manager .

The Marketing Coordinator will be in charge of wine tastings and cooking classes. . and supervision of the catering team. along with checking that deliveries are on time. development.The Logistics Manager will oversee each store and will focus specifically on doing the ordering for KFF. The Marketing Coordinator will work report directly to the Regional Manager on all KFF marketing components. along with informing Kathy about potential new clients. The Caterer will report to the Regional Manager on a weekly basis with reports on how previous events went. along with five years of experience. The packet will also have a section that covers the job description for each person and who they report to. Minimum qualifications include a Bachelors degree in Business. The ideal candidate will also have great interpersonal skills since they will be working directly with clients on a daily basis. Caterer The Caterer will be in charge of all catering events with KFF. Marketing Coordinator The Marketing Coordinator will supervise all events and marketing for KFF. and values of KFF. the Caterer will oversee the hiring. mission statement. The training manual will cover the history. The Logistics Manager will report directly to the Regional Manager and will also be in charge of implementing an automated ordering process. As the catering department grows. Training Program Each member of the new team will receive a New Hire Packet before their first day. vision. Minimum qualifications include a High School Diploma and at least three years of marketing or event planning experience. Minimum qualifications for the Caterer role is at least five years of catering experience and at least two years of management experience. along with managing all advertisements for KFF.

employees will have a 60 day probationary period. If there are major concerns from management. At the end of the 60 days. If the employee’s performance does not change after the 30 days. if employees do not meet expectations. along with providing specific examples. each employee will have two weeks of on-thejob training. Employees are evaluated on a performance matrix and the management will go through each component explaining why the employee was given a particular rating. their position with KFF will be analyzed. employees are able to voice any concerns. lectures. ask questions. a verbal warning will be presented during the one-on-one and the employee will have 30 days to improve their performance. After the first week of classroom training. Kathy will review each employee to determine if their performance appraisals meet her expectations and. the employee can explain why they should be rated differently. a written warning will be created that the employee and manager will sign. and get feedback from their manager on their performance. From there. and power points. The remainder of the week will have training in the form of videos. the manager will discuss any areas of opportunity and recommend coaching sessions. The letter will go on the employee’s file and the employee will have 30 days to . Kathy will work directly with the new team to discuss the reasons why the team was created and how each person’s role impacts the team. Performance Evaluation Individual Performance Employees will have one-on-one reviews with their managers every six months.During the first week. During their reviews. Once the two weeks of on-the-job training are done. If the employee disagrees with any ratings. Employees will be given a mentor through this process so they have a point of contact for questions or advice.

There will also be a set of specific goals for the team to meet within one calendar . have gained popularity in evaluating individual behaviors and overall levels of engagement—the „soft‟ side of performance that is not typically included in a company‟s profit and loss statement” (Maylett. Ch. Since each member will be assigned specific tasks and responsibilities. and make raters accountable to upper-level review” (Cascio. If specific tasks and responsibilities were not assigned. 2006. There will be a meeting specifically on explaining the 360 degree approach.improve performance and if no improvement is seen after 30 days. 3). “Feedback tools. such as 360-degree feedback and employee engagement assessments. their impact on the team is comparable to each other so individual equity will be at a standard level. how the numbers will be used. Team Performance Team performance will be evaluated using the 360 degree performance appraisal. The team appraisal system is different than the individual appraisal system because subordinates and peers will be evaluating each employee. Managers should “seek a variety of types of information about performance. It can be a bit difficult evaluating team performance because managers will need to see what each individual contributed to the team’s performance. and the importance of rating members honestly. Individual team members will need to be assigned certain responsibilities and tasks for the team in order to hold each member accountable for performance and reduce social loafing. Riboldi. certain team members may feel that they are doing more work than others and will feel they are not being paid fairly. Individual equity can lead to social loafing if it is not handled in the proper way. the employee will be terminated. pg. possibly including objective measures or ratings made by multiple individuals. 2007. 9).

Career Development Each employee’s immediate supervisor is required to meet with their employees once a month for feedback and coaching sessions. the team will be awarded a bonus. . along with two weeks of paid time off and two personal days. attract and retain great employees” (Nurdin. “improving the management skills of the owner-managers of small firms is likely to have a beneficial effect on their survival and growth” (Pg. Kathy has also decided to provide her employees with a retirement plan because “no matter what size business you own. 2003.year and. The yearly bonus will increase employee motivation and will push each individual to work as a team. One disbursement will be for the individual bonus and the other disbursement will be for the team bonus. KFF will offer the option of a flexible schedule to eligible full-time employees. Compensation and Benefits Package Since KFF is a small. but she does offer comparable salaries to the industry. Lastly. a retirement plan can provide big tax advantages and. The bonus will be based off of individual and team performance appraisals. During the monthly meetings. Each team member will be offered a salary with the potential to receive a bonus once a year. The benefits package includes a medical and dental plan. 14). at the same time. pg. if they achieve their goals. employees are able to get an understanding of how they are doing performance-wise and where their strengths and areas of opportunity are. Bonuses will be paid out in January and July. managers will review each employee’s wages and performance to determine if that particular person is eligible for a raise. start-up company. and it will come in two disbursements. KFF also offers a comprehensive benefits package for full-time workers. Each January. Kathy is not able to offer competitive salaries at this time. Fuller-Love (2006) found that. 1).

p. Miller (2006.” Conclusion Due to the recent growth in business for KFF. Hippeau (2010) found that “most CEOs can point to people who gave them an added perspective and push when they needed it most. along with decreasing turnover. Each team member has an important role in the daily business of KFF. 2) explains. this will leave Kathy more time to focus on struggling locations and to find new ways to grow her business. Kathy needs to restructure her staff by creating a new team. so each person will have someone to go to for advice and coaching.” Installing a mentor program for employees will make the new employees feel comfortable and will increase loyalty. “Connections are a major reason people stay with organizations and a mentoring program is all about people connecting with people. . If the new team is successful.Employees will also be assigned a mentor within KFF. so it‟s necessary for Kathy to make sure she integrates and trains the new team properly.

. 61(9). New York: McGraw-Hill.com. 8(3). quality of work life. Fort Worth Business Press. Kudler Fine Foods. T+D. J. Start Mentoring. 80(1). (2003).. Human Capital Management website. F. Using 360° Feedback to Predict Performance. 16(30). 4. doi:10. 14. 48. 35. Developing an effective mentoring program. To Boost Growing Small Businesses. BusinessWeek. International Journal of Management Reviews.2006. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. Why small businesses benefit from a retirement plan. profits (7th ed. M. CMA Management. Managing human resources: Productivity. T. & Riboldi. (2006). Miller. (2007). Retrieved from EBSCOhost. E. (2006). W. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. 175-190. Retrieved from University of Phoenix. Maylett.1468-2370. Fuller-Love.1111/j. Nurdin. M.References Cascio. N. (2006).x Hippeau. Retrieved from EBSCOhost. (2010). University of Phoenix. (2003). Management development in small firms.00125.).

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