Ashley Mora/Victoria Gutierrez Period 2 2/21/13

Questions 1.Name the website you found the poem on. 2.What is the name of the poem? 3Who is the author of the poem? 4.Insert a picture of the author.

Answers Length of Moon Arna Bontemps

5.What does the title tell you about the poem? 6.Explain the first thing you noticed about the poem?

I think that the poem is about the night and how its amazing. The unique title and that it looked interesting.

7.Why did you select this poem? How did it interest or inspire you? 8.What mood did the poem create in you after reading it?

We selected this poem because the title was unique and it inspired us. It created a calm, chill mood.


Dear Grandparents,

Length of Moon by Arna Bontemps

Do you Celebrate Black History Month? We celebrate it because it’s the honor of black people and all the good things they have done for us. Its important because black people weren’t much appreciated back then. And now we can recognize the good things they have done. We selected Arna Bontemps because we thought he was creative and unique. The poem we chose was “Length Of Moon” because we thought it was inspiring and chill. It made our moods nice and relaxed and chill.

Then the golden hour Will tick its last And the flame will go down in the flower. A briefer length of moon Will mark the sea-line and the yellow dune. Then we may think of this, yet There will be something forgotten And something we should forget. It will be like all things we know: . A stone will fail; a rose is sure to go. It will be quiet then and we may stay Long at the picket gate But there will be less to say.

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