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About Me

About Me

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Published by: ashleyLUVS1D on Mar 15, 2013
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About Me

Ashley Mora and Victoria G. Period 2 3/14/13

About Me
• I like to listen to my favorite artist which are One Direction, Justin Bieber, Conor Maynard, and Little Mix. • When I have free time which is all the time I like to go the internet and go on facebook and twitter. • I am very very lazy and I don’t do much just sometimes my homework.:) •

About My Family
• I love to spend time with my family especially at dinner cause they make bomb ass food. • I love to go to parties with them because they make me laugh so much.

• My family loves me even though I’m lazy and not outgoing.

About My School
• I want to get good grades. • I want to pass 7th grade to go to 8th. • I am gonna work hard to do my best.

About Me
• I love to listen to music and my favorite bands of all time are: Fall Out Boy and Asking Alexandria. They are so awesome and inspire me. When I don’t have anything to do I always go on the internet. I like to listen to music, go on Facebook or Twitter,and explore. I like to watch interesting t.v shows and anime. I like to watch Awkward., Death Note, Angel Beats,Tosh.0, Catfish,and everything on Comedy Central and most of the stuff on MTV.

About My Family
• My family is very nice and giving. • My family loves me no matter what. • They always take care of me and care for me.

About my school
• I want to do good so I can get a good job. • I want to pass 8th grade. • I want to go to finish middle school and high school so I can go to college when I graduate.

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