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Ebenezer Farming Project

Ebenezer Farming Project

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Published by: Ebenezer Child on Mar 15, 2013
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Ebenezer Farming Project Thanks a lot for the work you are doing, we really appreciate and pray

for you each day that passes by. Since we shared about the Farm project we have prayed to God every day for his provision, guidance, direction so that we have this started. I am very sure the Farm project shall be of a big development in all ways. As a way to raise some money at the project and ensure sustainability we are in a plan to engage ourselves in farming (raising birds, goats or pigs, growing crops) here at the ministry. We have prayed and we feel God is talking to us to begin with raising birds at the ministry majorly. If we involved in this activities we hope to see the following: Proteins (Eggs): this shall leave our children at the ministry healthy because of this additional protein. Extra income: which shall be used by the ministry in any way to cause development. Skill: as we groom our children they shall be involved directly in this activity which shall have a great impact in skill development. Food: this shall directly help the ministry not to spend when need of food/source as programmed for the children is concern.

Here we are now, we have started with the construction of the poultry house (we call it a Brooder) this is for chicks and it is estimated to occupy maximum of 3500 birds. Although this has been started, we pray for financial break through to ensure it is completed and the other house when these birds mature (when they are over 8 weeks) shall also be put up. The second house shall be twice bigger than what we have put up because it shall contain mature birds.

We thank God for his provision for the poultry project; we have moved to another step and still trusting God for financial break though to finish this first Block/ house.

We are now remaining with roofing and floor which are major to have this done. Our prayer is to get 3,300,000 UGX ( 1,222 dollars ) and the house shall be ready for use. As we begin keeping the birds our plan is a bigger structure to enable us have enough space for the birds. Crop Plans: Land:
every Acre of land is 100,000ug for year to hire. this means if we took all the five acres of Land we shall pay 500,000ug for a year. Seasons: In a year they are Two Good harvest seasons We also pay some money for clearing/ plowing , for the Seed, and weeding all together for the Five pieces of land it can cost us 120,000ug in one season and 240,000ug for a year. Crops: Our main crops here shall be Maize, Beans and sweet potatoes

Since our God is big our plans for next year are SO Big. Please pray with us. We pray all these goes well for the good of OVC at Ebenezer Children’s ministry. GEORGE

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