Democrat Eric Luedtke says he’s a progressive.

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important that you call Eric Luedtke today at 301-858-3110 and let him know that there is nothing “progressive” about silencing our right to petition government.


elegate Eric Luedtke says he is a progressive Democrat. But he supports a dangerous bill (H.B. 493) that limits your right to have a voice in government and allows politicians like him to be the only people who can determine the issues Marylanders vote on. Eric Luedtke will be a deciding vote on whether or not Marylanders continue to have the right to decide the issues that appear on our ballots. That’s why it’s

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Citizens in Charge. William Redpath, Treasurer.

Eric Luedtke


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Citizens in Charge 2050 Old Bridge Road Woodbridge, VA 22192

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