Bill Carman

Brumfield’s Gallery


March 16 - April 28

Masque? Mixed Media $450.00

Batman vs. Erectile Dysfunction Ink and Watercolor on Paper $200.00 The Old Beak Through The Head Gag Ink on Paper $200.00

Bifocals Mixed Media $450.00

Full Body Masque Mixed Media $400.00

Minion Stew Acrylic on Board Sold

It Grows Back Pencil and Watercolor on Paper Sold

Well, It Was On Fire Acrylic on Paper $1,200.00

The Hulk Ink and Watercolor on Paper $200.00

I Am New and My Ears Are On Fire Mixed Media $550.00

Thunkt Acrylic on Copper $550.00

Snake Eyes Acrylic on Copper Sold

Episode No. 73 Acrylic on Paper $800.00

Rate of Travel Acrylic on Copper $1,600.00 Hey, Do You See That Perfect Stand of Trees? Acrylic on Board $1,100.00 Agorasoft Acrylic on Board $750.00

Just A Snip Acrylic on Copper $1,600.00

Beesting Acrylic on Copper $1,600.00 Amended: Albino Narwhal Synchronized Swimming Doping Law Acrylic on Copper $2,200.00 Lovecraftian Hell Acrylic on Copper $800.00

Squeaky Neck Acrylic on Panel $3,200.00

3 Wishes Acrylic on Copper $3,500.00

No Really, I Am Vampire Acrylic on Board $3,200.00 H is For Horned Hedgehog Mixed Media $300.00 V is For Visitors With Heads Just Too Big Mixed Media $300.00

Charge Acrylic on Panel $3,200.00

S is For Scorpion Style Mixed Media $300.00

Umpires Mixed Media $300.00

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