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Fantasy Writing Assignment

You will be writing a short fantasy fiction piece in writing. The purpose of this piece is for you to let your imagination roam as you create a piece that is reflective of fantasy literature. Feel free to read short fantasy pieces (either in The Tales of Beedle the Bard or other picture books) and pick out qualities of the writing that you would like to emulate in your piece. Remember- mentor texts are an authors BEST FRIEND. To complete this piece before your deadline on Friday, March 15, you will need to use all of your writing time productively. It can be no longer than 3 pages. Here is a brief overview of some qualities that will need to be included in your short fantasy piece: o Use your fiction writing skills to develop a short story with a clear and engaging beginning, middle, and end. o Have a setting that is described and fits in the flow of the story. o Include a major problem that the main character faces and overcomes. (Think about a hero on his/her quest) o Make sure that like other fiction stories, the character goes through a change from the beginning to the end, and the audience learns a lesson as a result. o Include a balance of dialogue (both internal and external), setting, and action. o The story is told from a perspective that is consistent throughout the entire piece. Whether you have a narrator (third person) telling the story or a character telling the story from his/her perspective (first person). o Consider elements that are consistently reflective of fantasy- potentially a talking animal or objects that come to life. Dont forget the importance of using all of your grammar and punctuation skills (quotations around dialogue, paragraphing, capitalization, commas, ending punctuation, etc.).