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The Truth About Manifesting
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Thanks to all the great people who helped out on the production of this series – my wonderful wife, crack team of proofreaders who provided such useful feedback and of course all my guests whose brains I had an amazing and enlightening time picking! This series represents a substantial quantity of distilled wisdom from some of the sharpest mind-training experts currently on the planet. Use it well…

Michael Campbell Glasgow, Scotland

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thetruthaboutmanifesting. emotional and mental ailments with the DynaMind system… how to increase your flow of physical and mental energy… secrets of Piko-Piko breathing … Part Two: Michael Losier – Law of Attraction Coach The Law of Attraction .secret sounds for manifesting… how to quickly release energetic blocks to attracting more money… the easiest way to manifest more money… how Sean manifested a luxury car for free… using manifesting skills to win lotteries… how to make your own mind-reprogramming audios… how ImageStreaming dramatically enhances mind skills… Part Four: Wendi Friesen – Hypnosis Expert Hypnosis secrets for financial abundance… how to eliminate selfsabotage… how to use your own ‘mental timelines’ for faster manifestation results… how to setup your manifestation projects so they draw you magnetically towards them virtually without effort… the one master key to manifestation success… how Wendi went from broke to millionaire in a few short years and the techniques she used… -3Get your free gifts at www.Table of Contents Part One: Serge King – Huna Master The true secrets of mana… how to communicate with the elements… how to increase your flow of money… how to heal common injuries almost instantly… how to create thoughtforms and have them do your bidding… how to psychically influence the weather… how to eliminate physical.what it is and how to apply it… a simple 3 step system for manifestation… 3 words you must eliminate from use right now… how to attract the goodies instantly and why time doesn’t matter… how Michael used LOA to become a bestselling author in a year with no advertising budget… how to keep your focus on what you do want… and the most important step you must master to manifest whatever you want on demand… Part Three: Sean Collins – Manifestation Master How to use the Silva Mind Control method for manifesting… the amazingly simple 100-1 technique… how Sean manifested a film role with Robert De Niro… the power of mantra meditation .com/secrets .

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Please do not read on if you’re offended by the use of simple devices. Warning: Uncle Chuckie has a rather dark sense of humour.thetruthaboutmanifesting. built for pennies that can help you bend reality to your whim.Interview with… Charles Cosimano Charles Cosimano is the infamous pioneer of virtually the entire field of modern Psionics. exert psychic influence over public figures and attract large piles of cash without doing much work at all… You have been warned. Psionic Psupervillain and many more. including Psionic Power. so read on if you dare… -5Get your free gifts at www. Psionics 101. He’s the author of many books on how to use Psionic machines to boost and enhance psychic function.com/secrets .

Now at that time I was working in talismanic magick a lot. and in the 1960’s there was this big occult boom. that Llewellyn put out. you get results and sometimes unexpected results. specifically more things in “magick”. Actually I started when I was a kid. Well when I was 27 I ran across an article in a magazine called I think it was Gnostica. I must confess I am physically probably the most unprepossessing person on the face of the earth. a little kid actually I was always interested in this stuff. and the only way I was going to get laid was if I had a little advantage somewhere (laughs). 17 in an old paperback I picked up. psychic stuff and it just sort of developed over the years and gradually I went from being just interested in psychic stuff and ESP and got into magick in the mid60’s. and so I said this sounds interesting. and it was all very interesting but it was all about healing. that was Peter Hurkos that got it when he fell on his head. lets see if I can do this. It only ever had about ten issues. and it had an article on occult electronic talismans. so I just sort of put the thing aside. So OK lets see what I can do with this. like get chicks (laughs). it was all about healing. so I built my first device and it just sort of went from there. No I never really did that.MC: Give us a bit of background on yourself. lets see if I can do this. there really wasn’t much else it seemed you could do with it. how did you get into magick and psionics? CC: It all began when I fell on my head.thetruthaboutmanifesting. but things happen.com/secrets . I was no exception in that regard. Basically I got into it for the most mundane reasons. OK lets see I can do this. and I found that I could do things that made life a little more interesting. Then I got into the mind control aspect of it and I figured OK if this can lock onto a persons energy field. well when you’re sixteen years old and in good health. I’m kidding (chuckles). and it was about radionics and using radionics to do things other than healing. and oh my goodness that wasn’t supposed to happen. my goodness gracious I hope the neighbours won’t miss their house (laughs). healing is the last thing you’re interested in. you can play with their thought -6Get your free gifts at www. lets see if I can do THIS. and I kind of ran into the idea on and off for the next two years but again I was in good health. and it became very fashionable and faddish and when you’re young you respond to fashion and fads. to get laid and I just sort of went from there. no I’m only kidding wrong psychic. I first encountered Radionics when I was 16.

Again I tend to think in terms of the mundane a lot in this and so I got into that. we know there is a gadget inside there called television. the box and in some cases the pattern. you can say that they are doing something beyond. MC: Is psionics just a modern day adaptation of ‘wing of bat and eye of newt’ in a scientific glamour. and the devices were a progression. from a very simple device with a couple of tin cans on it and an antenna and an amplifier or a diode. and different people fight over the definition of the word. for no apparent reason. and we really don’t have an answer for it. I need a little extra money… Grandma. they may very well just be the updated version of the ‘wing of bat and eye of frog’… to a culture where we’re used to getting results with a machine. MC: You push a button and something happens. Psionics uses the devices but adds other practices as well to energise the devices. I mean yes. There are radionics practitioners that basically produce patterns on paper. or are the devices actually doing much over and above your own natural psychic talents? CC: That’s the 64 million dollar question. and influencing political figures. and of course I also got into sort of a very unusual aspect of it and that was playing with politics. the head electrode became ultimately the Psionic Amplifying Helmet. and there was this sort of pattern of development going on since 1977. your grandson needs money! (laughs). -7Get your free gifts at www. a thousand miles away appears on a screen. a lot of years.thetruthaboutmanifesting. Sometimes that worked.patterns. you can get into their head with this. and the other thing is we don’t know the full realm of human talent. but essentially radionics as I see it uses the devices. MC: What’s the difference between psionics and radionics? CC: Well basically radionics is a branch of psionics. sometimes that didn’t. but essentially there is a device of some kind. CC: You push a button and a picture of somebody a million. lets see what we can do with it that way. Psionics as I use the word. there’s a lot more variables involved here. and hmm. and I found new ways to get laid (laughs). At one level. Grandma.com/secrets . but again it was a progression. and a couple of things to plug the head electrode in. so a LOT of developments.

it is. or psychic development would it be advantageous to have in that case? CC: It helps.and it brings the people over the wires and shrinks them down so they’re running around inside the box and you can see them through the window. and he got very heavily on that it was essentially a variant on magickal ritual. to add that extra power or the extra glamour whichever is working. The simplest of course is to create a thoughtform. In fact there’s a book called you may want to look at by David Tansley called 'Radionics: Science or Magick' where he goes into a lot more detail on that. or the power of the box whichever again it happens to be. it really helps because yes you’ve got the glamour of the ritual. That is probably the simplest. always a surprise. MC: Walk us through how you using psionics for manifesting a large pile of cash quickly without doing an awful lot of work for it. Lets put it this way. and you get a result from it because your mind is programmed – you turn a dial you get a result. CC: Having done so a number of times in my life. the practice in concentration.com/secrets . That has actually happened. and then use say a radionics box to energise it. there are a number of different procedures that can be done. most direct way. and of course the other method we use the glamour of the box itself. and make it work more efficiently. which can be really embarrassing if you do something and it’s like ‘oh this is a total failure’ and then ten years later my goodness gracious I’d forgotten about that (laughs). so you can take a box and just through some dials on it – they don’t even have to be connected to anything. and that’s where the meditation. and we have to leave it open to either one.thetruthaboutmanifesting. MC: So in that case it’s more like a standard magick ritual? CC: Yeah it is. but also the glamour has to have something behind it. so you don’t have to wait ten years. but there’s a level at which it’s still very mysterious. and that translates into our mindset towards a lot of other things. visualisation etc comes in. you can even make the dials out of cardboard cut-outs. and essentially write down on a piece of paper ‘bring me lots of money -8Get your free gifts at www. the traditional magickal stuff. to bring the results faster. or sigil for example. MC: How much skill in meditation.

thetruthaboutmanifesting. OK. in this case lets say bring lots of money. you then create a form for it. So you write that down on the box and set the box and you let fly. and you just go ‘bip.without any horrible disaster happening’ and you always put that little ‘without a horrible disaster’ bit on there. and batteries run down. that’s actually a very simple thing to do. MC: And is that it? It’s basically radiating that intent? CC: It’s gonna radiate around you and you just every once in a while give it an extra charge cause it’s like a battery. as long as it had a fairly generic intention for long periods of time? I assume the more you charged it the stronger it would get? CC: Oh yeah. could you walk us through how to build a thoughtform that does this for you? CC: Of course. but you don’t want them happening to you. MC: (laughs) Yeah you don’t want it from your insurance policy! (laughs) CC: Or someone having run over you! (laughs). if it happens to your rich uncle fine but not you. I say to the universe my palm is open. bip. Very simple. in this case lets say a simple ball and you visualise this ball as being packed with energy. OK and you’ve got that thing floating around… MC: I’ve got one right here (laughs) CC: …and you’ve got your thoughtform. bip’… MC: So could you keep one of these. without it coming from some horrible insurance settlement from being run over by a truck. What you do is you first decide on what it’s going to do. -9Get your free gifts at www. basically and see what happens. and the energy is programmed with your intention ‘bring me lots of money without anything horrible happening’. just drop it in! (laughs) MC: (laughs) Yeah.com/secrets . just open more bank accounts! You mentioned there an easy way to do this is to build a thoughtform. Normally I don’t worry too much about things like that happening.

alright. You have a mind that’s a given. let me bring up some stuff on the computer here. MC: That’s going a bit far back (laughs). MC: So what else could you do with thoughtform technologies like that? Presumably you could make them into any shape.MC: Could you then build a psionic device to feed it with energy automatically? Say you’re 17 years old and you design a thoughtform to bring you more money and you build a device to keep it charged and just leave it for the next forty or fifty years? CC: If I’d thought of it back then. but yeah.thetruthaboutmanifesting. CC: OK theory. Let’s see. MC: You’ve mentioned in some of your books the use of psionics for mind control. CC: Oh. size yeah. not quite that far back (laughs). then yeah! (laughs) MC: …because the compound interest! (laughs) CC: I actually came from a rather well to do family so money was not an issue when I was young (laughs). well lets divide it into two parts. where do we want to start with it. for mental influence of other people. Could you tell us about your approach to that? CC: Ah! Where do you want me to start! (cackles) MC: At the beginning! CC: At the beginning… I was born in a log cabin which I helped my father build. It’s really very simple as far as the theory goes. That’s an old American joke. Basically.com/secrets . The mind consists of. you can make them for just about anything. size. technique or the theory? MC: Theory then technique. generally I keep it as simple as possible because it makes it easier to bring to mind. or purpose? CC: Shape. you’ve got the physical aspect which is the .10 Get your free gifts at www.

in the old days with radionics they said you have to have the picture and the negative. put that in the radionic box. When people don’t filter it out that’s when they hear the voices telling them to buy my books… buy my books. But a digital photograph works as a witness sample. buy my books (laughs). OK – that’s the theory. and there is a non-physical aspect which is the energy field around the body alright? And there are those who deny that exists but who’ve never had a plastic file dropped on their head by their mothers’ ghost! (laughs) So what happens is you’ve got these two components working together. Those voices you should listen to. Now I have had to rethink this because of digital photography. what you’ve got is a bunch of zero’s and ones. something that holds their energy. like most of the time it doesn’t. if they’re going to listen to voices at least you know make some money off it (laughs). well digital photography you don’t have a negative. let’s say a photograph of the person. and there we get into traditional magick using something of the person. whose sample you have. We don’t know how far that goes. Whatever affects that energy field manifests at some level in the physical brain – it doesn’t always come to the consciousness. We pick up a lot of unconscious stuff and usually we filter it out which is a good thing cause we’d go stark staring mad if we didn’t. you set the radionic box to a rate. we just know that it’s there. you’re letting your unconscious calibrate? . so the process of mind control when you do Psionics is you’re putting information into that energy field which then is sent into the physical brain which then manifests in a thought or an action. MC: So a bit like pendulum dowsing. Anyway where was I. So we have a witness sample. Whatever goes on in the physical brain reflects in the energy field which goes all over the place.thetruthaboutmanifesting. Now in practice you would use a radionic device and a what is called a witness sample. What that is I don’t know (laughs).11 Get your free gifts at www. but there is a receptivity going on. Because we know that whenever you think something in the brain fires off and all sorts of coloured lights appear on the computer things they use to do brains scans. so something else is being carried that is not in the physical chemicals of an old photograph.com/secrets . The rate is nothing more than a physicalising the relationship between you the operator and the subject of the operation. Hey.electrical activity in the brain.

MC: So you take your sample. you’ve established a relationship.12 Get your free gifts at www. anything will work. videotape will work. It’s actually closer to a telephone in some ways. oh yeah. and you can start programming new information in. because you’re essentially creating this communication link. a REALLY direct link between you and the person. CC: The helmet! MC: Yeah! (laughs) The Psionic Amplifying Helmet! CC: The Psionic Amplifying Helmet is my fun gadget with the magnets and the coils. you’re locked in to the person. MC: Literally anything? Do your thoughts have to be conducive to the person you’re doing it with at first? .CC: You’re unconscious is dialling the telephone. now you’ve got an open line unless there’s something blocking it.com/secrets . in that regard. MC: Presumably you could switch a photograph with say presidential election movie footage? CC: Oh yes! Of course. you twiddle around with the knobs until you find you’ve got a good setting where you establish a hook up with the energy fields of the other person? CC: Yes. you hook it up to your radionic box. you’ve got an open line directly into their subconscious mind. or you can use like… this is where the helmet comes in. you’ve got this link. And you put that thing on and you plug it into the box and you’ve now established a direct. as long as you can get the energy to the witness. MC: Tell me about that. whatever it’s going to be. but basically it’s essentially a radionic box you wear on you’re head. MC: And then are you just leaving the box to transmit the signals as long as you want to? CC: You can do it that way. OK – and what you do then is you just focus on the person and start thinking.thetruthaboutmanifesting.

MC: It’s probably true anyway (laughs) CC: I don’t want to know (laughs). I no longer watch anything with commercials. They are like a plague of locusts (laughs) and to make matters worse. I would hold an involuntary press conference with a politician. MC: How do you actually make a Psionic Amplifying helmet then? Are there particular ways to construct them that are more efficient than others? . but I am in what is called a swing state. I mean I don’t know what you get in England about our election over hear. And it works 2 ways so you can get information from the person as well. (laughs) I don’t want to get in those heads! I don’t want to go anywhere near them (laughs). (laughs) and then we would spell out the answers.13 Get your free gifts at www.thetruthaboutmanifesting. I used to do a fun thing years ago when I would do talks. Vice-President Cheney or Senator Kerry or Senator Edwards on a regular basis. usually I really don’t want to know. everybody enjoyed it. their commercials are eternal. and basically just set up the equipment and have them linked to some public figure who whenever we did it would be in the news like the next day or so… and I’d have my pendulum and my chart to spell out the answer and then I would have people in the audience ask him questions.CC: You don’t even have to know the person. I just basically watch DVD’s a lot. I don’t wanna know. I mean it was a fun demonstration. so I don’t want to know. and you would learn the most amazing things. I don’t do it very often for my own purposes. oh yes… MC: Do you have any insight or information on any public figures that might be say in the news a lot at the moment? CC: No. MC: Nothing to do with swingers? CC: No unfortunately… it means we get visits from either President Bush. OK lets see what happens! (laughs) And that was always a fun thing to do.com/secrets .

MC: That looks remarkably like the chaos magick sigil or symbol. CC: Mhm. The Magnetron was or is basically some French dowsers in the 50’s took a microwave inducing device called a magnetron. where they’re using patterns or sigils to act as thought amplifiers. In fact that’s most of my work now. what would it do? And the helmet grew out of that. with eight smaller circles distanced around it connected by veins. MC: A lot of the psionics or radionics uses a lot of gadgetry that sounds more like symbolic radionics.com/secrets . eight magnets around it. sliced it down the middle and then got this pattern which was a large central circle. you’re getting. and it .CC: Well actually what I did is I… the original version was nothing more than a glorified anelectrode. and I built this into a helmet because I thought it looked nice. So you could use that as a symbolic radionic device. MC: How does that operate? CC: That we’re getting closer to the area of pure magick. because you’re getting away from that particular glamour of the twiddling the dial on the television. you could get one of these patterns and stick a sigil in it for say. that’s curious (laughs). well what would happen if I put the central circle over my crown chakra and I got these magnets around it and I thought into that. but it does. Oh yeah. OK.thetruthaboutmanifesting. so you’ve got the central circle now. Yeah the chaos star MC: Yeah. in the centre of that pattern whatever thought they aimed at that got amplified for whatever reasons. We really are. And they found that if they put something in that. and has been for some time. I got some books in the late 70’s by a fellow named Christopher Hills’s organisation and they had a gadget called a Magnetron. And then I was digging. you’re actually just using a pattern. and the pattern involves a relationship of some sort to your consciousness because that’s what magick does. so I thought lets see if I can.14 Get your free gifts at www. how does that all work? CC: I do that quite a bit. well Christopher Hills added magnets around the outer circles. Oh yeah. heaven knows what. more cash? CC: Oh yeah – that’s a very common practice.

they have them draw the stuff that comes out. I used that for a healing operation last spring on my step-son. by way of Christopher Hills. so yeah we’re all kind of working from the same basic material then. well a lot of it tends to follow my writing. MC: Do the actual patterns and graphics that you’re writing down have to be any thing in particular. I mean it’s one of those wonderful things about Psionics where the magick-Psionics-magick interface is totally blurred. unfortunately there’s no way we can plug a printer into our nose and have it print out what we see (laughs).goes from there. you start watching and you see what you get. a lot that they’ve come up with. MC: You talk about remote viewing. MC: And you just basically calibrate and practice? CC: Yeah. Well if they tried to figure out what I drew by hand. amplified and directed by psionics. OK you’ve got a squiggle here and a line here and a box here … .com/secrets . like say you read in a book somewhere completely erroneously that this pattern amplifies thoughts and you start using that as an operation just expecting it to work. but my writing goes back then to these French dowsers in the 50’s. CC: It would certainly help with mine! I mean that has always been the bane of remote viewing. and then you start looking. I made a symbolic radionic device where basically it’s a circle. MC: (laughs) Yeah that would help on my drawing skills (laughs). with three small circles and a square.15 Get your free gifts at www. And I made a sigil for what I was going to do in the large circle and then I would draw a radius in each of the three smaller ones that would be the equivalent of dial settings. is that likely to have the same effect as any specific kind of diagrams that people have come up with? CC: Yeah. Oh yes I mean the diagrams of course. Could you tell us a bit about you’re approach to that? CC: Again this is where we use the helmet and the box and a sample.thetruthaboutmanifesting. You lock in on your target. I have for example.

the thoughtform. you know what . not really just the symbolic stuff but to simplify things to the point where a person can just walk into a toy store and pick up like a toy walkie-talkie and they’ve got a Psionic amplifier. what are the latest things in Uncle Chuckie’s laboratory? CC: Oh heavens. like say Murphy’s Law.thetruthaboutmanifesting. MC: Does that mean you’re using the energy form that you’ve already developed like an amplifier? CC: Exactly! MC: Or more like a repeating station. I got this idea from a fellow named Al Manning. and basically you make a thoughtform camera and you put the thoughtform camera over where you’re looking and you lock in on the thoughtform and so you’re like looking through the camera. in different stages of disrepair. MC: Why bother with all the chanting and buckets of goats’ blood (laughs)..16 Get your free gifts at www. you can wash your clothes by beating them on the rocks or you can use a washing machine! MC: You mentioned that you were getting more into symbolic radionics at the moment. CC: Exactly! Why would you have to sit. Essentially working on simplifying gadgets.. Yes. like radio masts? CC: Yeah. and I’ve been experimenting with that basically the procedure is simply you get one of these toy walkie-talkie’s. so you build the thoughtform as a camera. you take the battery and before you put the battery in you charge the battery with your intention. well I don’t need radionics I can just visualise this. heavens… the latest thing in Uncle Chuckie’s laboratory… I’ve got about a dozen things all at once all laying around. It’s a labour saving device. CC: Oh yeah.MC: Something else you mentioned is combining thoughtforms with remote viewing experiments. but with radionics you can do ten things at one time as opposed to just doing one! And of course also there is the thing yes.com/secrets . who wrote about this in the 1970’s. heavens. Basically the thoughtform is like a camera. OK.

So you just focus and turn the flashlight on the witness sample of whatever and think. MC: Walk us through how you would build a simple gadget. for example if you wanted more sex and more money and more psychic influence over people. Yeah.com/secrets . it’s in contact with the flashlight. exactly! MC: Oh great! I’m going to go buy one of those little things that stick on the dashboard of your car and have the little buttons for grenade launchers or lasers (laughs). yeah. and you put that in and you charge up the battery with Murphy’s Law and you put the battery in so whenever somebody cuts you off on the road you simply point the walkie-talkie at them. there’s this weird sort of cycle goes on you know where you’ve got the device-thoughtform-devicethoughtform around and around and around and around and you get dizzy just watching it. you turn the light on and the beam of light is carrying the information from you to whatever that beam of light hits. you’ve got your own energy fields. you could build a little sigil or thoughtform and then load it into the battery? . Presumably you could do the same methodology with a flashlight or a camera? CC: A flashlight. MC: Really? CC: Really.Murphy’s Law is – whatever can go wrong will go wrong. MC: So you could. MC: It’s like a modern day magick wand! CC: Right! Yeah. the best Psionic device available is the flashlight. and you’ve got that focussed beam carrying it.17 Get your free gifts at www.thetruthaboutmanifesting. for someone who is just listening to this or reading this later on could actually go away and start making something. because what you’ve got is focused light. CC: Yes! MC: It sounds as if after a while your psionic devices are probably building themselves into thoughtforms under the surface? CC: Mmhm… yeah.

I should explain this. I’ve got an older machine so I have to consider that. and so my approach. Essentially what it seems to do is again it establishes the relationship between the subject and the target and it does the work. MC: Yeah. I will tell you I have not seen a great deal of difference between Cybershaman. the patterns or like using a flashlight.18 Get your free gifts at www. You don’t have to spend ten thousand dollars for a box with fifty two dials and pyramids and crystals and radio transmitters. MC: So you’ve basically got an automatic projection then. A box is more easy to reset the relationship. and you’ve got it. Cybershaman is limited by how much computer time I want to spend with it. I did not write the program. all you need to do is go to the local hardware store and spend a small amount of money for a flashlight! MC: Wow! On a slightly more technical note. Let’s just wrap up here in a second. the boxes. how much memory because it uses a certain amount of memory in the computer and I do other things. I understand that you’ve being working with the computer based Cybershaman system? CC: Yeah. which is why I tell people to try a lot of different things to find out what works best for them. so there are variables to be considered. So a lot of it is choosing what seems to be best for the given operation. they tend to be about the same. I use Cybershaman and I have no idea how Cybershaman works. my mindset is going to be essentially different than other people’s. Now my experience is going to be somewhat different than others simply because I’ve been doing this for so long. But as far as the actual results themselves.com/secrets .thetruthaboutmanifesting. absolutely! So it’s a totally pragmatic overview. whereas a pattern you’re pretty much stuck with the relationships you’ve got. continually broadcasting? CC: Now whether that works. in my experience.CC: Exactly! Load it into the battery or the bulb or both. so its really hard to extrapolate from my experience to somebody else. tell us about your website and what’s your latest book about? . I do not understand the program (laughs). I get pretty much the same results from all of them.

geocities.CC: My latest book is actually on Mind Control! MC: Does it have a title yet? CC: The title right now.19 Get your free gifts at www. MC: Cool – tell us the address of that again… CC: The address is www.com/c_cosimano MC: Cool.com/c_cosimano .com/secrets . it’s been a pleasure chatting to you. CC: I have truly enjoyed this. MC: Great.thetruthaboutmanifesting.geocities. I hope the call hasn’t cost you too much money. MC: Oh I wouldn’t worry about it… I’ve got gadgets making me more (laughs) To find out more about Charles Cosimano. visit him on the web at www. and will people be able to get it off your website? CC: Yes. and anyone listening to this should go and buy Chuckie’s books! (laughs) CC: Yes! Go buy my books! (laughs) MC: Well thank you so much for your time. the working title is Psionic Mind Control.

full of great ideas and useful worksheets.org Michael Losier Michael’s book ‘Law of Attraction’ is probably the most lucid and elegant explanation of the concept I’ve read anywhere. www. there’s some truly amazing material here! Serge King Serge has written 8 books to date.alohainternational.lawofattractionbook.com/secrets .com . get on over to Sean’s site and pick up a copy of ‘Good Money: The Energy Flow Advantage’ right now – not a huge book. but full of all the useful stuff you need to know.Useful Resources Throughout this book we’ve mentioned tons of excellent materials. Get them from: www.org www. www.pavlovpublishing. books and websites.huna. Here’s a handy summary of them all – check them out. Easily worth ten times the price.com Sean Collins If you only follow one recommendation here. A concise manual. ideas and a cracking plot.wendi.thetruthaboutmanifesting. Check out her ‘Financial Abundance’ hypnosis series – full of neat drills that’ll stick piles of cash in your pockets! www. My personal favourite is ‘Dangerous Journeys’ a teaching tale stuffed full of interesting drills.20 Get your free gifts at www.com Wendi Friesen Wendi’s site is a treasure trove of hypnosis programs from bodybuilding enhancement tapes to confidence and charisma boosting and financial abundance programs.

Phil Farber Phil’s book ‘Future Ritual’ is a thought provoking read.com Gwenn Bonnell EFT is one of the most powerful clearing methods on the planet and Gwenn is one of the best EFT practitioners I’ve come across.com .neilslade. splicing NLP.thetruthaboutmanifesting. www.hawkridgeproductions.com Charles Cosimano Psionics pioneer Uncle Chuckie has penned some top-notch books and many have been out of print for years. including the fascinating ‘Magick and Entheogens’ and my personal favourite ‘How to Be a Megalomaniac!’ Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and you’ll find a link with info on how to get his ‘Inner Order’ discount. www.chakrativity. Magick and mysticism into a rich stew of juicy chunks! On his site you’ll find his other DVD’s.eftslim.com www. www. Tell him I sent you and he might give you a discount.21 Get your free gifts at www. www. Start with his ‘Frontal Lobes Supercharger’ book and get one of his audio samplers – some very interesting ideas and cool tunes to listen to as you read. Neil’s site has some amazing books on it and some excellent music too.com/c_cosimano Neil Slade Best know as ‘the amygdala guy’. trading hands online for hundreds of dollars.geocities.com/secrets .tapintoheaven. email Chuckie direct as he does all his books electronically these days. She’s done tons of neat audio programs applying EFT to different areas and does a neat newsletter with lots of useful info in it.com www. If you want a copy.

Michael is engaged in continual research into accelerated learning. He runs an exclusive manifestation mastery ‘inner circle’ program for people who like being able to bend reality to their every whim and regularly presents at seminars around the globe where people throw large piles of money at him and hang on his every word. intelligence enhancement.com/secrets . TISOT Thinking Skills Trainer. An Image Streaming Trainer. ESP and his favourite mind-power topic – turning thoughts into things. certified Hypnotist. .22 Get your free gifts at www.About the Author Michael Campbell is a self-confessed mind-power ‘super-genius’ who has being happily exploring just how far you can stretch a human brain for many years now.thetruthaboutmanifesting. Speed Learning Expert and Founder of the Manifestation Mastery Program.

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