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Course Audit

Professional Adjustment
Situation 1 – Mr. Benedict Ocampo just graduated from college with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing from a
recognized college of nursing. He intends to take the integrated comprehensive nurse licensure examination so he can
practice his profession after passing the said examination. Questions 1- 10 refer tot his situation.

1. Which of the following requirements is NOT needed fro Benedict to quality for the said examination?
a. A holder of Bachelor ‘s Degree in Nursing from a college or university that complies with the standards of
nursing education duly recognized by the proper government agency
b. Must be of good moral character
c. A citizen of the Philippines
d. A member of the accredited professional organization.

2. For him to pas the said examination, he must obtain a general average of with a rating of not below
in any subject.
a. 75%, 60% c. 75%, 70%
b. 70%, 65% d. 70%, 60%

3. Should Benedict fail in one subject, but obtained the required general average, which of the following should he do?
a. Takes the whole set of examination all over again
b. Takes the examination on the subject where he is rated below the required passing rate
c. Makes an appeal to the Board for the rechecking of his examination papers.
d. Enroll in a refresher course for one year.

4. Upon passing the licensure examination, which of the following is a priority action for Benedict?
a. Take an oath of profession before the Board of Nursing
b. Apply fro registration with the Professional Regulation Commission
c. Apply for membership to the Philippine Nurses Association
d. Prepare credentials for job hunting.

5. He was issued a certificate of registration by the Board of Nursing. Which of the following information should be
shown in the certificate?
1. Full name o the registrant
2. Serial number
3. Signature of the Chairperson of the commission and the members of the Board
4. Official seal of the Commission
5. Signature of the President of the accredited professional organization

a. 1, 2, 3 c. 1, 2, 3, 4
b. 1, 2, 4, 5 d. 1, 2, 3, 5

6. Which of the following information is NOT indicated in the professional identification card issued to Benedict?
a. Date of Examination c. Date of Issuance and Expiration
b. Registration Date d. License Number

7. Benedict knows that he is duly bound to renew his professional identification card every how often?
a. Every five years c. Annually
b. Every three years d. Biannually
8. As a registered nurse, Benedict is covered by the law regulating the practice of nursing in the Philippines which is:
a. R.A. 4704 c. R.A. 877
b. R.A. 7164 d. R.A. 9173

9. He knows that the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the said law was passed through:
a. BON Resolution No. 425, s. 2003 c. BON Resolution No. 459 s. 2002
b. BON Resolution No. 524, s. 2002 d. BON Resolution NO. 99-14 s. 1999

10. He dreams of pursuing a career as a clinical faculty someday. Which of the following qualifications is NOT mandatory?
a. He must have one year clinical practice in a field of specialization
b. Be a registered nurse in the Philippines
c. Member of good standing in the accredited professional organization of nurses.
d. Must have three years of clinical practice in any field of nursing.

Situation 2 – Nurse Pamela is newly appointed by the local government to lead the program on Integrated Management of
Childhood Illnesses in the Municipality of Sto. Tomas. She knows that as a young and inexperienced nurse, she needs to
update her competence in the legal aspects of professional practice.

11. As a nurse, she should be guided by the nursing law in the country. Which is NOT a provision of this law?
a. Increases the composition of the Board from five to seven representing nursing education, service and
community health nursing.
b. Requires those nurses who have been away from practice to undergo one month of didactic training and five
months of practicum before returning to the workforce
c. Recognition of nursing specially organizations in coordination with the accredited professional organization.
d. Provides for incentives and benefits system for nurses and their dependents.

12. Two of the following statements are true about the new nursing law which TWO are NOT?
1. It guarantees the delivery of quality basic health services through an adequate nursing personnel system
throughout the country.
2. Requires the member of the Board to resign from any employment both in the government and private
3. Requires the Chairman of the Board to be a holder of a doctorate degree
4. Amends the Philippine Nursing Act of 1991

a. 1 & 2 c. 3 & 4
b. 2 & 3 d. 2 & 4

13. Pamela is certain that only competent nurses are allowed to practice nursing in the country. Which of the following
warrants that this is strictly adhered to?
a. Competency Assessment c. Continuing Competency Program
b. Licensure and Registration d. Specially Certification Program

14. Pamela is at risk lawsuits. Which of the following actions will shield her from possible lawsuits?
1. Knowledge and implementation of standards/protocol of care
2. Documentation of actions accurately and concisely
3. Document outcomes of care
4. Following all doctors orders that are legal and in writing

a. 1, 2, 4 c. 1, 2 & 3
b. 2 & 3 d. 2, 3 & 4

15. She assessed a three year old boy for fever, but the boy would not want to go near her. Which of the following
remarks of Pamela would constitute an assault?
a. “You don’t want to have your temperature taken? I will call the guard to hold you and give you an injection
b. “Alright just tell me when you are ready to have your temperature taken.”
c. “This will not hurt you; just put it under your tongue.”
d. “If you will let me take your temperature your fever will be gone.”

16. One of the midwives in the health center injected Cotrimoxasole to a five year old patient without the consent of the
parents. Which of the following cases can the midwife be possibly accused of?
a. Malpractice c. Negligence
b. Battery d. Assault

17. A 4 year old patient, assessed to have severe dehydration, needs an intravenous infusion of D5NSS Pamela has not
attended training in IV therapy yet and she believes that she is not competent to handle such. Which of the following
actions of Pamela will expose her to legal risk?
a. Start the IV with the goal of saving the patient from further injury
b. Refer the case to the doctor who can come in less than one our.
c. Refer the patient to the nearest hospital facility, which can be reached in 30 minutes
d. Give ORESOL while waiting for help.
18. Which of the following conditions would prevent Pamela from a malpractice suit?
a. She performs her duly as prescribed in her job description.
b. Her action resulted to an injury resulted from non-compliance to the standard of are
c. The participation of the child’s parents resulted to an injury o the child
d. She is aware of the possibly of the injury to the patient

19. If Pamela divulges the information that she is caring for the child of a patient with sexually transmitted disease, she
can be liable for unprofessional conduct specifically:
a. Libel c. Breach of Confidentially
b. Slander d. Invasion of privacy

Situation 3 – Ms. EWrin Gomez is a newly-appointed manager of a primary hospital in Sta. Maria, Zamboanga City. As a
new manager, she deems it appropriate that she gains competence in he professional responsibilities.
20. Erin knows that the he fundamental responsibility is fourfold. Which is the most basic of these responsibilities?
a. Promote health c. Restoration of Health
b. Prevention of Illness d. Alleviation of Suffering

21. Which of the following demonstrate the responsibility of Erin towards her profession?
1. Participates in the development and implementation of standards o nursing practice in her department.
2. Ensures that the core competencies of her staff are enhanced
3. participates in the activities of the local chapter of the PNA and ANSAP.
4. Lobbies for the implementation of the incentives and benefit system or nurse and dependents as
stipulated in the law.

a. 1, 2 & 4 c. 3 & 4
b. 2, 3 & 4 d.1, 2, 3 & 4

22. When Erin certain that Paula a new nurse is not competent in taking care of a critically ill patient, she would NOT be
ethical if she.
a. Discusses this concern with Paula herself.
b. Assigns another nurse to the patient
c. Explains to Paula the nature of the condition of the patient and the need fro a competent nurse to handle the
increased demand for care.
d. Discusses to the new nurse that Paula is new and lacking in skills fro the needs of the patient.

23. Which of the following is considered the primary responsibility of Erin?

a. Assist the doctors in making their rounds.
b. Attend to the call for help from a patient who needs total care
c. Answer the e-mail of the Director of Nursing who instructed Erin to report about an incident in the unit.
d. Answer the telephone call of the Head Nurse.

24. A patient refuses to take his antibiotic because he believes that it’s not giving him any good. Which of the following
actions of the nurse is MOST appropriate?
a. Explains to the patient that he needs the medications fro his recovery.
b. Writes in the chart that the patient refuses to take his medication.
c. Refer to the attending physician about his refusal.
d. Ask the patient to sign the waiver of responsibility

25. Which of the following principles apply to the action of the nurse to refrain from discussing the disease condition of the
patient with those who are not involved in his care?
a. Beneficiaries c. Justice
b. Non-maleficence d. Autonomy
26. The Code of Ethics Nurses in the Philippines was approved by the Board of Nursing through:
a. BON Resolution No. 1955 s. 1989 c. BON Resolution No. 110 s. 1998
b. BON Resolution No. 633 s. 1984 d. BON Resolution No. 89-14 s.1999

27. When conflict arises regarding management of patient care, which of the following should be upheld?
a. Physician’s orders c. Patient’s rights
b. Preference of the family d. Institutional policy

28. Mr. Gibson, a British national, who is terminally ill, instructed the staff to refrain from giving him resuscitation in the
event that he goes into cardiac arrest. Which of the following actions of Erin is NOT within legal norms?
a. Prepare the form for advanced directives and ask Mr. Gibson to sign
b. Ask two other persons who are qualified to be witnesses of the signed directive
c. Explain to Mr. Gibson that this is not yet a practice in the Philippines
d. Attached the advance directives to the patient’s charts.

29. Which of the following are qualification s of witnesses?

1. 18 years of age or other
2. Not designated as the patient’s health care representative or alternate
3. Relative of the patient
4. Attending physician

a. 1 & 2 c. 1 & 4
b. 2 & 3 d. 3 & 4

Situation 4 – Kathleen is nurse researcher assigned in a tertiary hospital. She is assigned to collect data about the
incidence of infection, among admitted patients. Questions 32 – 40 refer to this situation.

30. Kathleen’s job includes collecting secretions from the surgical site of one of the patients. If the patient refuses and
Kathleen still continue to do it she could be liable for:
a. Slander c. Battery
b. Assault d. Invasion of privacy
31. She overhead the security guard discussing the case of SARS suspect with another guard. The two are involved in
screening patients entering the hospital. Which of the following actions of Kathleen would be appropriate?
a. Advices them that it is not right to discuss the case.
b. Ask the two if there is something they need to be clarified about.
c. Inform the supervisor about what she heard.
d. Ignore the two as this is not against hospital rules.

32. One of the patients confided that his companion is not the legal wife. What liability will Kathleen be exposed when she
divulge the information to others?
a. Slander c. Breach of Confidentiality
b. Libel d. Assault

33. Two janitors were having a healed argument as to who shall dispose the infectious waste of a patient with typhoid
fever. The first one calling the second one with names like “lazybones”, “incompetent” and “pain in the neck” within the
hearing distance of the rest of the nurses. If the later decides to file a case against him, what kind of case would he
likely file?
a. Libel c. Slander
b. Incompetence d. Negligence

34. Should the accusations be written in the newsletter of the hospital, such liability is a:
a. Malpractice c. Libel
b. Assault d. Slander

35. Mr. Simpkins A German who is SARS suspect is advised to b confined in negative pressure room with strict protective
gadgets of the health workers taking care of him. He vehemently resented being confined in that room. Moreover, he
was denied visitors. He threatened to sue the hospital. Which case will he file most likely?
a. Illegal detention c. Incompetence
b. Defamation d. Battery

36. Which action of the nurse will save the hospital from lawsuit in # 35?
a. Explains to him that his isolation is beneficial for him and his family.
b. Enforces the protocol on SARS admission
c. Informs him of the DOH directive in handling SARS cases
d. Tells him that the police will bodily restrain him if he refuses.

37. Which of the following laws refer to the Code of Sanitation?

a. P.D. 825 c. P.D. 965
b. P.D. 856 d. P.D. 791

38. Kathleen knows that as a researcher she needs to follow the provisions of R.A. 6713 otherwise known as:
a. Generics Act of 1998
b. Sanitation Code
c. Coe of Conduct and Ethical Standards of Public Officials and Employees
d. Salary Standardization of Government Employees

Situation 5 – Ms. Sheena Perez is the Health Education program Officer of the Municipal Health Office. She plans to
develop programs based on the various laws and directives from the DOH. Questions 41 – 50 refer to this situation:

39. She knows that all prescriptions of the municipal health officer should be in generics. What law provides fro this
a. R.A. 9173 c. R.A. 1080
b. R.A. 6675 d. R.A. 7160

40. Sheena has to consider managing the resources of the MHO. She knows that the delivery of basic services and
facilities of the national government was transferred to the local government units. Which of the following laws
mandated this?
a. R.A. 7305 c. R.A. 4226
b. R.A. 7160 d. R.A. 9173

41. Which of the following provisions does NOT apply to R.A. 7305?
a. Promotes and improves the socio-economic well being of health workers
b. Develop their skills and capabilities
c. Encourage those qualified and with abilities to remain in government service.
d. Standardizes the salaries of nurse working in the government.

42. She deems it necessary for the nurses in community health to be recognized and certified as a specially group. Which
of the following supports this objective?
a. BON Resolution No. 118 s. 2002 c. BON Resolution No. 14 s. 1998
b. BON Resolution No. 24 s. 1999 d. BON Resolution No. 425 s. 2003

43. She emphasized to her team that they should be careful in the practice of their profession to avoid legal
enlargements. Which of the following could be a cause for revocation/ suspension of license?
1. Unprofessional or unethical conduct
2. Gross incompetence or serious ignorance
3. Malpractice or negligence
4. Use of fraud, deceit, or false statements in obtaining a certificate of registration/ professional license or a
temporary/ special permit.

a. 1, 2 & 3 c. 1, 3 & 4
b. 2, 3 & 4 d. 1, 2, 3 & 4

44. Sheena knows that the suspension of the certificate of registration should not exceed how many years?
a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 6

45. In addition to the prescribed period, the following are the other conditions for which the revoked certificates can be re-
issued. Which ones is NOT induced?
a. Reasons of equity and justice
b. Cause for the revocation has disappeared or has been cured and corrected
c. Upon application thereof and payment of required fees
d. Upon the completion of one month didactic and 3 months practicum

46. She plans fro a certification program for the nurses under the MHO. How long will the beneficiaries of the program are
obliged to serve in any of the Philippine hospitals?
a. 1 year c. 6 months
b. 2 years d. 4 months

47. In order to motivate her team. Sheena announced that the salary of nurses has been upgraded to salary grade .
a. 12 b. 13 c. 14 d. 15

48. Which of the following penalties shall be imposed on any person or employer of nurses who violate the minimum base
pay and incentives and benefits that should be accorded them?
a. A fine of not less than P 50, 000.00 and not more than P 100, 000.00
b. Imprisonment of not les than 1 year nor more than 6 years.
c. Either 1or 2
d. Both 1 and 2

49. Modern nursing is generally acknowledged to have been born in a military setting with Florence Nightingale.
a. Skills training and academic preparation are necessary fro quality nursing care
b. Environment sanitation is inadequate as means to eliminate disease
c. Standardization and criteria setting enhance to progress of nursing
d. Nurse instructors do not have to be compensated
50. Considered as the MOST important attribute of a true professional.
a. Independent thinking c. Personal accountability
b. Competence in practice d. Self-regulation

51. What will best describe nurses who risk their jobs to be able to practice at professional levels?
a. Heroes of the profession
b. Nurses with moral courage in fulfilling a duty
c. True professional nurses
d. Nursing leader

52. As client advocate, the nurse does the following, except.

a. Ensure that the client’s needs are met
b. Protect the client’s right
c. Obtain whatever the patient wants and has a right to have
d. Avoid conveying approval and disapproval of the client’s choice

53. The nurse strives, to become, an effective leader and manager. One good characteristic of a nurse manager is
advocacy, which requires all but one.
a. Non compliance with every order and directive
b. Supportive behavior
c. Assertiveness in assuming one’s role
d. Compromising attitude

54. These characteristics would BEST describe a certificate of registration

a. A vested right
b. A temporary right
c. A privilege
d. An evidence of basic skill knowledge and attitude to quality for the practice
e. A proof of expertise in the delivery of heath
a. 1, 2, 3 b. 2, 3, 4 c. 4 & 5 d. 2 & 4

55. The major responsibility of the BON is to ensure that R.A. 9173 is property implemented. Which of the following
activities is not within the jurisdiction of the BON?
a. Setting minimum standards of practice
b. Establishing the implementing rules and regulations
c. Disciplining those who are unfit to practice nursing
d. Approving nursing education programs

56. When the BON screen the applicants for the Nurse Licensure Examination this is a legitimate exercise of what kind of
a. Police power c. Implied power
b. Express power d. Political power

57. An elderly client has been admitted to the medical-surgical unit from the post anesthesia care unit. While the nurse id
off the floor, the client falls out of bed and fracture his right leg and right wrist. The nurse finding him states that the
“side rails were down and the bed as in the high position.” Legal charges are filed against the nurse and the hospital.
Which charge is most appropriate for her actions?
a. collective liability c. battery
b. comparative negligence d. negligence

58. Which guidelines define and regulates the scope of the nursing professional practice (that is, set rules on what the
nurse can and can’t do as professional)?
a. State legislature c. Standards of care
b. Facility policies and procedure d. Nurse Practice Act

59. A client whose member of the Jehovah’s witness refuses a blood transfusion based on his religious beliefs and
practices. His decisions must be followed based on which ethical principle?
a. the right to die c. the right to refuse treatment
b. advance directive d. substitute judgment

60. A nurse gives a client the wrong medication. After assessing the client, the nurse completes an incident report. Which
statement describes what will occur next?
a. The incident will be reported to the state board of nursing for disciplinary action.
b. The incident will be documented in the nurse’s personnel file.
c. The medication error will result in the nurse being suspended and possibly be terminated from employment at
the facility.
d. The incident report is a method of promoting quality car and risk management.

61. Which statement is true concerning informed consent?

a. Minors are permitted to give informed consent.
b. The professional nurse and physician may both obtain informed consent
c. The client must be fully informed regarding treatment test, surgery, and the risk and benefits prior to giving
informed consent.
d. Mentally competent and competent clients can legally give informed consent.

62. When approaching a family for organ or tissue donation, the nurse should keep in mind which guideline?
a. The family is offered an opportunity to speak with an organ procurement coordinator.
b. Approaching a family is done only with a physician’s approval and written order.
c. The requester doesn’t have to believe in the benefits of organ and tissue donation and is capable of process
with a positive attitude.
d. The requester is knowledgeable about the basics of organ and tissue donation and is capable of educating
the family members about brain death early in the organ donation process.

63. Which concept refers to the role of line professional nurse in client advocacy?
a. The nurse makes decisions for clients who can’t make decisions for themselves.
b. The nurse follows the basic standards fro providing fro clients.
c. The nurse promotes and protects line client’s interest and rights.
d. The nurse adapts paternalistic approach to the care of clients.

64. A client a long term care facility refuses to take his oral medications. The nurse threatens the client and tells him that
is the medication isn’t taken, restraints will be applied and the medication will be given by injection. The nurse’s
statement constitutes which legal for?
a. Assault c. Negligence
b. Battery d. Right to refuse care

65. A professional nurse regulates itself and sets standards for its members; a nurse must have independence at work
with a sense of accountability and responsibility. This refers to:
a. Fidelity b. Beneficiaries c. Autonomy d. Advocacy
66. A professional nurse serves as a role model by:
a. Supporting standards of nursing practice
b. Working in coordination with other professional groups
c. Involvement in nursing research
d. Counseling and assisting other nurses

67. Of the following professional behaviors of nurses, this is considered paramount.

a. Awareness of the limits of one’s knowledge
b. Active membership in the professional organization of nurse
c. Communicating and disseminating research findings
d. Upholding the service orientation of nursing

68. The nurse immediately and correctly stabilized injury. This nurse sense of:
a. Advocacy c. Assertiveness
b. Accountability d. Critical Thinking

69. The nurse has a professional duly to be a member of the accredited organization of nurses. This organization is
tasked to undertake the following activities. EXCEPT:
a. As a catalyst for public discussions on health issues
b. Serves as advocate for policy positions especially to the DOH
c. Adopts measures for the improvement of nursing practice
d. Explores labor market for employment of nurses

70. A nurse practitioner who any false evidence to the BON I order to obtain a certificate of registration will be liable for:
a. Misdemeanor c. Fraudulent Misinterpretation
b. Misfeasance d. Professional Misconduct

71. A certificate of registration can be revoked or suspended for the following acis, EXCEPT:
a. Appended BSN/R.N. to his name without having been conferred such degree/ registration
b. Illegal practice
c. Gross incompetence in the practice
d. Accused of immoral and dishonorable conduct

72. The President of the Philippines may reappoint members of the BON. The Board must meet the qualifications set by
the nursing law. Appointment by virtue of qualification refers to:
a. Hold-over c. Merit System
b. Express d. Tenure

73. The accredited professional organization of nurses must create a Nomination Committee composed of its past
presidents who will screen nominees of applicants to the BON. This provision is according to:
a. EO 226 b. EO 296 c. RA 877 d. RA 7164

74. The practice of nursing includes the following activities, EXCEPT.

a. Supervision and teaching of capillary workers
b. Observation and care of clients
c. Judging the nature of disease or injury
d. Safeguarding public health and welfare

75. Standards of nursing practice serve as guide for:

a. Evaluation of nursing care rendered
b. Nursing practice in the different fields of nursing
c. Proper nursing approaches and techniques
d. Safe nursing care and management

76. The obligation to maintain efficient ethnical standards in the practice of nursing belong to this body.
a. Nursing leaders c. Registered Nurses
b. PNS members d. Board of Nursing

77. Safe nursing practice requires:

a. Updated/valid certificate of registration c. Good – nurse-patient relationship
b. Adherence to institutional policies d. professional competence

78. The behavior is more of curing than caring in the practice of nursing:
a. Enhancing client dignity
b. Knowledge and sensitivity on what is important to clients
c. Concern fro safety, privacy, and comfort of the patient Technical skills and prompt service
79. The DOH gives a nurse special and limited authorization to perform medical services only if:
a. There is no doctor available.
b. Somebody is willing to assume responsibility for the acts of the nurse
c. The nurse has the requisite education and experience

80. When a nurse collaborates with the physician and the other members of the health team for a well coordinated and
safe management of patient care, he exemplifies a nurse who is all, but one:
a. Interpreting the doctor’s information to patient.
b. Performing medical services as long as there is doctor’s order and supervision
c. Willingness to work towards mutually defined goals
d. Respecting capabilities of co-workers

81. The BSN curriculum prepares the graduates to become:

a. Nurse Clinicians c. Nurse Generalist
b. Primary health care nurses d. Clinical Instructor

Situation 6 – Objective of DOH Environmental Program is to protect man. Waste management is priority program.

82. Environmental sanitation as a health problem. Which one is legal authority to protect the environment?
a. R.A. No. 7392 c. R.A. No. 7160
b. R.A. No. 7164 d. PD 856

83. Which age group is required to be immunized as per Presidential Decree No. 996?
a. Children with special needs c. School children
b. Children below 8 years old d. Out of school youth

84. When a nurse starts working in a hospital but without a written consent, which of the following is expected of her:
a. She is not bound to perform according to the standards of nursing practices.
b. Provides nursing care within the acceptable standards of nursing practice
c. She is not obligated to provide professional service
d. The employer does not hold the nurse responsible for her action

85. A patient, G8P5 refused to be injected with her third dose of Depo-Provera. The nurse insisted in spite of the patient’s
refusal and forcibly injected the contraceptive. She can be sued for which of the following:
a. Misinterpretation c. Malpractice
b. Assault d. Negligence

Situation 7 – As a nurse, you are aware that your action has ethico legal implications. Because of this, you must always
be alert of those situations that demand an appropriate professional conduct.

86. You understand that as a nurse, maintaining privacy and confidentiality is an important aspect of which of the
a. Hospital Policy c. What all client expect
b. Nurse Code of Ethics d. it is an accepted practice

87. Health care issued often become an ethical dilemma because for which of the following:
a. Decision must be made quickly often under a stressful condition
b. Decision must be made based on individually system
c. The choices involved do not appear to be clearly right or wrong
d. A client’s legal right co-exist with a health profession.

88. A basic structure against which competent care is objectively measured is which of the following:
a. Principles b. Standards c. Laws d. Codes

89. R.A. 6136 expressly authorizes the giving of intravenous and other injection by a nurse:
a. If the registered nurse has been property trained
b. If there is hospital policy
c. Only under the direction and supervision of a physician
d. Only when there is a written medical order

Situation: Professional nursing has Code of Ethics that spells out right conduct fro nurses. Each nurse should have a
system of values that demonstrate ethical behavior in practice.

90. Which of he following values is paramount in the ethical practice of nursing?

a. The welfare of the patient is ultimate
b. Every nursing activity has an ethical aspect
c. Nursing is safe practice
d. the purpose of nursing is to promote well being

91. In your nursing practice the desire to choose “GOOD” actions is mainly based on.
a. PNA Code of Ethics fro Nurses I
b. International Council of Nurses Standards
c. Board of Nursing Standards of Conduct
d. Nursing Education ethical Standards
92. This is the best course of action when faced with ethical difficulties.
a. Discuss with a lawyer
b. Assess the ethical problem in question
c. Reflect on your conscience
d. Refer to spiritual counselor

93. In the final decision your ethical actions are most influenced by your
a. Ethical knowledge c. Norms of Society
b. Conscience d. Religious Belief

94. Based on RA 7164 this is ground fro suspension of registration certificate.

a. Libel b. negligence c. sloppy work d. dishonesty

Situation: As a professional nurse you take responsibility for personal professional growth.

95. An important responsibility of a professional nurse is:

a. Refine competence in safe practice
b. Safety of those she serves
c. Know trends in health and nursing
d. Accountability for her actions

96. For relicensure you are required to complete continuing professional education equivalent to:
a. 20 hours per year c. a post basic study
b. At least 2 weeks seminar workshop d. 50 hours for 3 years

97. You are a live in private nurse of a family with a chronically ill member. You can maintain your image as a professional
nurse by:
a. Doing non nursing activities
b. Being present during physician visit
c. Maintaining good grooming at all times.
d. Socializing with family members

98. The primary purpose for requiring continuing education fro relicensure is to:
a. Ensure legal practice
b. Ensure safety and public served
c. Compliance to Board of Nursing requirements
d. Improved competency after registration

99. The best method of maintaining your clinical competencies is to:

a. Take advance nursing courses
b. View video tapes in clinical nursing
c. Teach a clinical nursing subject
d. Actually work with patients

Situation: You have chosen nursing as a career. Understanding nursing as profession will help you project he nursing

100.Nursing is best defined as a profession that:

a. Is concerned with diagnosis and treatment
b. Help people to do activities that contribute to health, recovery or peaceful death
c. Care for people, slick or well in any health setting
d. Assist people towards self-care.