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DC ACT City-wide Meeting on the Tobacco Settlement Identifies Health- and Child-Focused Spending Priorities
Contact: Angela M. Jones, Executive Director (202) 234-9404 For Immediate Release February 26, 1999

Attendees at DC ACT's February 25th meeting on the tobacco settlement identified child- and health-related priorities that should be funded out of the approximately $1 billion of settlement money the District is slated to receive. Priorities include: tobacco control and smoking prevention; substance abuse treatment; programs to improve health outcomes, especially in the African American community; smoking cessation programs; reducing child fatality; and increasing access to and use of prenatal care. Recreation, libraries and school construction were also identified. DC ACT Executive Director Angela Jones stated, "DC Action for Children will immediately begin to staff and organize a task force that represents the diverse interests in the city to develop a comprehensive plan to present to the District government. We will work diligently to identify others who should be at the table." Elizabeth Siegel, DC ACT Counsel, said, "We believe that the District should use the settlement funds in a manner consistent with the reason behind the suit -- health. DC ACT also believes that the fund should not be used to support the fundamental responsibilities of the District government, such as building or rebuilding the city's infrastructure." Siegel concluded, "As advocates, we cannot let the government off the hook. They have a responsibility to citizens to adequately fund public services." DC Action for Children is an independent non-profit, multi-issue children's advocacy organization dedicated to improving conditions for children and families in the District of Columbia. Established in 1992, DC ACT believes each District child should have the opportunity to reach his or her potential. DC ACT brings community members together to make that vision a reality. ###
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