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Instructions Open Microsoft Access 2007 and create a new database entitled "HR Database.

" Go to the "Design" view of the table in the database. In the interim, Access will save the table. Save the table as "Employee Data." Enter fields such as FName (first name), LName (last name) and Address in the Employee Data table fields. For each field, specify the type of data (Data Type) that will be in that field. For example, the FName and LName fields will be "text" while the Zip Code field will be "number." Use the drop-down box to select the field type. Click on the "x" in the far right corner of the table to close the "Employee Data" table. Create a table entitled "Job Responsibilities" in the same manner as the "Employee Data" table. Label the fields "JobTitle," "Department" and "JobResponsibilities." For the "JobResponsibilities" field, label the "Data Type" as "Memo"; this allows the field to contain more data. Go to "Create," "More Forms," "Form Wizard." Walk through the steps of the wizard to create a form based upon the "Employee Data" table. Select "Columnar" for the layout of the form. Continue to click "Next" until the end of the wizard, then click "Finish." At the completion of the wizard, the form will open. Create a form based on the "Job Descriptions" table in the same manner used to create the "Employee Data" form. Go to "Create," "Query Wizard," "Simple Query Wizard." Select "Detail" query. Continue through the wizard. Add the "Job Descriptions" table to the query. Click on "Show Table" then double-click "Job Descriptions." Click "Close." Drag the "ID" field from the "Employee Data" table to the "Job Descriptions" table. A line will appear between the two tables. Hold down the CTRL key and select the "JobTitle", "Department" and "JobResponsibilities" fields. Drag them to the query grid. Save the query as "Employee Data Query." Go to "Create", "Report Wizard" and walk through the wizard. Change the "layout" of the report to "Justified," which ensures all of the fields fit on one page. Click on "Finish" to view the report.

How to Write a Query for Employee Sick Leave in Access Database


Open your database and go to the navigation pane. Double-click each of the tables in the database until you find the table that contains the field used to track employee sick leave.\ Click "Create" on the ribbon and choose the "Query Wizard" option. Choose the table containing the employee sick leave field and double-click to add it. Click "Close" to close the add table window. Double-click each field you want to add to the query. Include the employee sick leave field, as well as the fields showing the name and identifying information for the employee. Click the "Save" button on the quick access toolbar and give the query a descriptive name, such as "Employee Sick Time" or "Sick Time Tracking." Go to the navigation pane and double-click the query to open it.

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