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Rebecca Hoare February 16th, 2013 Name:________________________________ Date:____________________

1-2 Bow Wow Wow Grade:__________ Title:_________________________________________

Musical Focus : concepts/skills to emphasize Playing instruments Timbre Singing Harmony Melody Creating Rhythm Movement Expressive Qualities Form

Preparation: (link to prior knowledge or jump start)



Musical Objective: to further their understanding of basic rhythm and to play the game knowing that information
Process & Personalization: (teaching sequence & student participation)
Teach students the song and then ask the how they would notate it using different items See what the students have created and ask them to explain their creations

Popsicle sticks rhythm bags magnetic notes for the board Paper Markers duplo blocks animals

Have a student leader pass out the rhythm popsicle stick bags and have them wait until each student has a bag Clap the rhythm of the Bow wow wow poem each line at a time and have them make the rhythm with their popsicle sticks (individual assessment to see who can hear the rhythm when clapped) Then ask a student to put it in notation on the board with the magnetic notes Once each line of the poem has been decoded using notation then the teacher will start to say the poem and the students need to figure out which rhythm line they are speaking: Bow wow wow Who's dog art thou Little Tommy Tuckers Dog Bow wow wow WOOF Clean up the rhythm sticks and get the class into a circle Pair up the students so it becomes a circle of pairs Have the students sing the Bow wow wow song and then use a volunteer to demonstrate the dance During Bow wow wow partners will clap hands like a high five Whose dog art thou they are point to each other Little Tommy Tucker's dog partners will grab hands and move in a circle and switch places The last bow wow wow wow they will clap hands again And then on Woof they will hop and face a new direction and a new partner (process continues) (group performing assessment as students perform listen for correct pitch and rhythm) Create an ostinato for some students to learn and then make it a concert experience where they will switch from players to dancers and vice versa.

National Standard(s) Addressed:

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Singing, alone & with others, a varied repertoire of music Performing on instruments, alone & with others, a varied repertoire of music Improvising melodies, variations and accompaniments Composing & arranging music within specific guidelines Reading and notating music Listening to, analyzing, and describing music Evaluating music & music performances Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, & disciplines outside the arts Understanding music in relation to history and culture

Learning Styles: I II Why What



Perform: (consolidation of lesson)

Objectives: Learners will


Be able to (behavioral): Understand (cognitive): Encounter (experiential): Change/add value (critical):

Construct the rhythms correctly


how the rhythm fits the song


Assessment 1: When they are creating the rhythms with their sticks look to see who can hear the clapped rhythm based on their popsicle answers Assessment 2: While performing Bow Wow Wow see if students retain the beat and sing on pitch
NJ Core Curricular Standards Met: 1.3.2.B.1 Clap, sing, or play on pitch from basic notation in the treble clef, with consideration of pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and tempo.

putting notation into performance

s s Written Individual Group
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Informal Performance Other: