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Plot Structure of Romeo and

Juliet Climax or Turning Point: Tybalt

kills Mercutio, then Romeo kills
Tybalt. The Prince arrives and
orders that Romeo be banished
from Verona.

Falling Action: Paris will soon be

Rising Action: Romeo needs to married to Juliet, and the Capulets
secretly marry Juliet fearing that a do not know about Juliet’s secret
Capulet and a Montague would never marriage. Juliet decides to fake
be allowed to marry. her death with a potion the Friar
gives her.

Moment of Final Suspense:

Exciting Force: Romeo meets Romeo is informed that Juliet is
Juliet at the Capulet house and dead when she is really asleep from
completely forgets about the potion. Romeo arrives at the
Rosaline. Capulet burial vault ready to drink
the poison the Apothecary sold him.

Exposition: Romeo shows his

Catastrophe: Romeo drinks the
lust for Rosaline; normal
poison and dies. Juliet wakes up,
conversations in Montague and
finds Romeo dead, and kills herself
Capulet families; Mercutio makes
with a dagger when the Friar is not
fun of Romeo because of
looking. Both families agree to stop
Rosaline’s intent to never marry.
the hatred after the tragedy.

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