Military Combat Shirts & uniforms
ROTHCO MILITARY Combat ShirtS, made for comfort, worn for protection, perfect for military & tactical personnel in the field to wear under hot, heavy body armor and tactical vests, this combat shirt is made of a no melt, drip resistant fabric rated to withstand heat up 230°F, lightweight and breathable fabric wicks away moisture while keeping you dry, Sizes: S to 3XL
Hook & Loop On Sleeve Pockets For Attaching Name, Rank & Flag Zipper Sleeve Pockets Gusseted Sleeves 60% Cotton 40% Acrylic Chest & Back

digital camouflage A.C.U. MADE TO MIL-SPEC

XL Sizes: XS to 3ngs Regular & Lo
Mandarin Collar Name Tape Holder Shoulder Pockets

Rank Insignia Holder

Branch Tape Holder 2 Chest Pockets

Anti Abrasion Padded Elbow Patch

Glint Tape Holder For IR Tape 50% Nylon 50% Cotton Rip-Stop Sleeves

Elbow Pad Pouches

Zipper Front w/Flap Closure

Pen Pocket Pleated Back Hook & Loop Cuffs Drawstring Waist Button Fly Reinforced Seat & Knees

90000 A.C.u. DIGITAL CAMO, Sizes: S to XL 90001 2XL 90002 3XL 90005 WOODLAND Sizes: S to XL 90006 2XL 90007 3XL

5 great colors!

90020 DESERT DIGITAL CAMO, Sizes: S to XL 90021 2XL 90022 3XL
2 Lower Pockets w/Hook & Loop Closure

Knee Pad Pouches 2 Cargo Pockets w/Tilted Flap, Hook & Loop Closure & Elastic Drawstrings

Ankle Drawstrings

5765 DIGITAL CAMOUFLAGE A.C.U. SHIRT, poly/cotton rip-stop, Sizes: XS to XL 5766 2XL 5767 3XL 5755 DIGITAL CAMOUFLAGE A.C.U. PANTS, poly/cotton rip-stop, Sizes: XS to XL 5756 2XL 5757 3XL 5758 LONG LENGTHS, S to XL

Woodland Digital Camo Combat Uniform
5214 WOODLAND DIGITAL Sizes: XS to XL 5215 2XL 5216 3XL
CAMO COMBAT UNIFORM SHIRT, poly/cotton rip-stop,

5217 WOODLAND DIGITAL Sizes: XS to XL 5218 2XL 5219 3XL

CAMO COMBAT UNIFORM PANTS, poly/cotton rip-stop,

90010 BLACK, Sizes: S to XL 90011 2XL 90012 3XL 90013 4XL 90015 OLIVE DRAB, Sizes: S to XL 90016 2XL 90017 3XL 5450 BLACK STRATEGIC rip-stop S.W.A.T. cloth, Sizes: XS to XL 5451 2XL 5452 3XL

5455 BLACK STRATEGIC rip-stop S.W.A.T. cloth, Sizes: XS to XL 5456 2XL 5457 3XL



Rothco Battle Dress Uniforms
XL Sizes: XS to 6 gs n Regular, Lo & Shorts
POLY/COTTON TWILL B.D.U. PANTS 7941 XS to XL 7947 2XL 7943 3XL 7945 4XL 7845 5XL 7846 6XL 7941 SHORT LENGTHS, XS to XL 7942 LONG LENGTHS, S to XL 7949 2XL


7940 XS to XL 7946 2XL 7948 3XL 7944 4XL 7844 5XL 7842 LONG LENGTHS, S to XL

Button Front w/Flap Closure

WOODLAND  CAMOUFLAGE 4 Large Button Down Bellows Pockets

2941 XS to XL 2943 3XL

2942 2XL

Reinforced Elbows

8685 XS to XL 8686 2XL 8687 3XL 8688 4XL 8684 LONG LENGTHS, S to XL



8695 XS to XL 8697 3XL

8696 2XL


Adjustable Waist Tabs 2 Front Slash Pockets 2 Button Down Back Pockets Button Fly 2 Cargo Pockets

8675 XS to XL 8676 2XL 8678 3XL 8679 4XL 8775 LONG LENGTHS S to XL


8690 XS to XL 8692 3XL

8691 2XL



8650 XS to XL 8652 3XL

8651 2XL


8898 XS to XL 8894 3XL

8899 2XL



9620 S to XL 9622 3XL

9621 2XL

9630 S to XL 9633 3XL

9632 2XL

Drawstring Bottoms




5947 XS to XL 5948 2XL 5940 3XL 5943 4XL 5957 SHORT LENGTHS, XS to XL 5842 LONG LENGTHS, S to XL 5843 2XL

5944 XS to XL 5945 2XL 5946 3XL 5846 4XL 5951 SHORT LENGTHS, XS to XL 5949 LONG LENGTHS, S to XL


SHIRTS BLACK SHIRTS 7971 XS to XL 7974 2XL 7975 3XL 7776 4XL 7779 5XL 7781 6XL 7786 7XL 7971 SHORT LENGTHS.d. S to XL KHAKI KHAKI PANTS KHAKI SHIRTS 5854 XS to XL 5847 2XL 4 .D.U.D. S to XL KHAKI MIDNITE BLUE PANTS KHAKI PANTS KHAKI SHIRTS 7900 XS to XL 7902 2XL Adjustable Waist Tabs 7982 XS to XL 7983 2XL 7984 3XL 7598 LONG LENGTHS. PANTS BLACK PANTS (Button Fly) POLY/COTTON TWILL B.s POLY/COTTON TWILL B. SHIRTS BLACK SHIRTS Drawstring Bottoms BLACK 5923 XS to XL 5924 2XL 5925 3XL 5928 4XL 5821 LONG LENGTHS.U.U.Rothco Battle Dress Uniforms XL Sizes: XS to 7 . S to XL 7778 2XL 7777 3XL 2971 XS to XL 2973 3XL 2972 2XL 2974 4XL 7970 XS to XL 7976 3XL 7774 5XL 7973 2XL 7775 4XL BLACK PANTS (Zipper Fly) 4 Large Button Down Bellows Pockets Reinforced Elbows 7901 XS to XL 7903 2XL 7904 3XL 7912 4XL 7933 5XL 7934 6XL 7905 LONG LENGTHS.u.D.U. SHORTS LONGS & EXTRA LONGS Button Front w/Flap Closure BLACK rothco b.D. Regular. PANTS BLACK PANTS 100% COTTON RIP-STOP B. M to XL MIDNITE BLUE BROWN PANTS MIDNITE BLUE SHIRTS 7952 XS to XL 7953 2XL 2 Button Down Back Pockets 2 Front Slash Pockets Button Fly BROWN 8578 XS to XL 8589 3XL 8579 2XL GREY PANTS 8810 XS to XL 8814 3XL 8811 2XL Reinforced Seat & Knees 2 Cargo Pockets GREY 100% COTTON RIP-STOP B. S to XL 7972 LONG LENGTHS. S to XL 5920 XS to XL 5921 2XL 5941 XS to XL 5942 2XL 5848 3XL 5849 LONG LENGTHS.

Tearing & Abrasions.D. SHIRTS Button Front w/Flap Closure Sizes: XS to 6XL Regular & LONGS NAVY BLUE 7885 XS to XL 7886 2XL 7895 3XL 7107 4XL 7108 5XL 7112 6XL 7885 SHORT LENGTHS.Breathable In Summer. PANTS POLY/COTTON TWILL B. S to XL OLIVE DRAB SHIRTS 5852 XS to XL 5853 2XL Adjustable Button Tab Cuff S. Wind Resistant In Winter • Durable.A.U.Rothco Battle Dress Uniforms POLY/COTTON TWILL B.T. PANTS NAVY BLUE PANTS OLIVE DRAB SHIRTS 7837 XS to XL 7832 3XL 7839 2XL 7836 4XL 100% COTTON RIP-STOP B. XS to XL 7896 LONG LENGTHS.D.U.U.'S Featuring: • The Cloth of Choice For Federal Agencies • 65% Poly 35% Cotton Ripstop Material • All Climate.U.D. Colorfast.D. M 4 Large Button Down Bellows Pockets Reinforced Elbows OLIVE DRAB 7838 XS to XL 7858 2XL 7898 3XL 7833 4XL 7834 5XL 7899 LONG LENGTHS. S to XL 7876 2XL OLIVE DRAB PANTS NAVY BLUE PANTS NAVY BLUE SHIRTS 8885 XS to XL 8886 2XL 8887 3XL 8897 4XL 8895 LONG LENGTHS.U. Resists Fading. S to XL NAVY BLUE OLIVE DRAB PANTS 8803 XS to XL 8804 2XL Adjustable Waist Tabs 2 Front Slash Pockets 2 Button Down Back Pockets OLIVE DRAB 5935 XS to XL 5936 2XL 5934 3XL 5937 LONG LENGTHS. Resists Wrinkling & Shrinking BLACK PANTS Button Fly 2 Cargo Pockets Reinforced Seat & Knees 6215 XS to XL 6216 2XL 6217 3XL 6218 LONG LENGTHS S to XL BLACK BLACK SHIRTS 6210 XS to XL 6211 2XL 6306 XS to XL 6307 2XL Drawstring Bottoms NAVY BLUE PANTS NAVY BLUE BROWN PANTS 5985 XS to XL 5986 2XL 5987 3XL Brown 5 . S to XL 100% COTTON RIP-STOP B.D.W. SHIRTS NAVY BLUE SHIRTS 5929 XS to XL 5930 2XL 8805 3XL 8806 LONG LENGTHS. CLOTH B. S.

PUBLIC SAFETY TACTICAL PANT.11 1/2).S. M (10 1/2. made.D. Sizes: 34.I. XL (13-15). 34.u. Khaki (4566) and now Foliage Green (4567) Non-Roll Inner Waistband Cargo Pocket w/Hook & Loop Flaps & Snap Closures black Finished Hem OLIVE DRAB black khaki 6144 black POLYPROPYLENE SOCK LINERs. Available in Black (6429). TYPE CUSHION SOLE SOCKS. packaged individually. NAVY SEALS 65206 Black P/C. 38. (6479) or Khaki (7429) G. made . 7078 2XL 7079 3XL 65209 Navy Blue P/C. 36. Size: 10-13. 36. 7048 2XL 7049 3XL 65200 Olive Drab P/C. U. made. 46 9863 48. 34” Inseam. 65213 2XL 65214 3XL 65314 4XL 7056 Woodland Camo R/S. Digital Camo P/C. 38. 80% cotton. 50 9864 LONG LENGTHS. U.S.S. Choice of: O. L (12-13). one size fits all. 65231 2XL 65416 DESERT DIGITAL Camo P/C. 7054 2XL 65203 Khaki P/C. 65417 2XL 65418 3XL 65312 A. 7058 3XL Rothco's police style pant Brings military utility to the law enforcement UNIFORM Expandable Comfort Waist Band 17/8” Belt Loops Front Slash Pockets French Fly 5" Utility Pockets Zipper Rear Bellows Pockets w/Faux Flaps Cargo Pockets w/Hook & Loop Flaps ATHLETIC CREW SOCKS.shorts & accessories • BUTTON FLY • Adjustable Waist TaBs • 6 Pockets • Poly/Cotton Twill (P/C) or 100% Cotton Rip-Stop (R/S) USED BY U. (4565). 65207 2XL 65208 3XL 65308 4XL 65309 5XL 7047 Black R/S. MIDNITE BLUE 9861 REGULAR LENGTHS. 42 9862 44. wool blend socks. 40. keeps P . 32. White (6439). .c. Sizes: 30. 20% nylon. Black (4564).S. 7057 2XL. U. 65210 2XL 65211 3XL 65311 4XL 7050 Navy Blue R/S. 65313 2XL 65316 3XL 65212 Woodland Camo P/C.S. 32” Inseam. 65201 2XL 65202 3XL 7053 Olive Drab R/S. O. 65204 2XL 65205 3XL 65305 4XL 7077 KHAKI R/S. 42 6 feet warm & dry. Sizes: S (9-10).T. 7051 2XL 7052 3XL 65230 Midnite Blue P/C. 40.D.

Lycra collar to help keep its shape. Available in: Black or Khaki Vented Back Right & Left Universal Handgun Padded Inside Concealment Pockets w/Hook & Loop Closures Pocket w/D-Ring See all our vests in our full catalog OR AT ROTHCO. 100% cotton. epaulets. reinforced elbows. SHIRTS. 65% poly/35% cotton twill. concealed buttons. Sizes: S to 2XL 6350 BLACK. S to XL 6111 2XL 2 pockets. epaulets. 3 button cuffs. 65% poly/35% cotton twill.COM Zipper Front w/Dual Zipper Adjustable Waist Tabs Triple Pocket w/Hook & Loop Closures Mesh Lining Side Chest Pocket w/Hook & Loop Closure Tab w/Snap Closure Rear Pocket w/Hook & Loop Closure 4 Inside Mag Pouches w/Hook & Loop Closures 8567 KHAKI.D.tactical shirts & vests Rothco 2-POCKET TACTICAL B. Sizes: S to XL 8568 2XL 8569 3XL 2 Large Front Pockets w/Hook & Loop Closures 8567 BLACK. tuck-in shirt tail. Sizes: S to XL 3407 2XL 3408 3XL 2 Front Zippered Pockets PLAINCLOTHES CONCEALED CARRY VEST. cotton/poly. Sizes: S to 3XL. S to XL 30206 2XL 30207 3XL 30208 4XL 30205 BLACK SHORTSLEEVE TACTICAL SHIRT. S to XL 6351 2XL 6110 NAVY BLUE. excellent for law enforcement.U. 3406 BLACK MOCK TURTLENECK. Sizes: S to XL 8568 2XL 8569 3XL 7 .

padded shoulders. polyester construction. 2 per set. 2 vinyl-lined hydration pouches (bladder not included).COM Police Patches Sold Separately BACK 6785 ROTHCO BLACK TACTICAL RAID VEST. MODULAR VEST. Coyote Brown or Olive Drab 5404 COYOTE BROWN BACK BACK OLIVE DRAB 5405 8922 BLACK 8923 COYOTE BROWN 2283 BLACK TACTICAL HYDRATION ASSAULT VEST.E. 2 front quick release buckles. padded back.L. mesh-lined for comfort. available in Black.ROTHCO MILITARY & TACTICAL VESTS ROTHCO M. drag handle. hanging loops for attaching pistol or duty belt.O.L.O. H. 600 denier polyester. M.E.L.L. 13¼" x 10¼" x 1" front and back internal sleeves for soft armor & plate. drag handle.W. H. 1 duty radio pouch. adjustable waist straps. rugged polyester construction. attachment straps 5403 BLACK See all our vests in our full catalog OR AT ROTHCO. 1 utility pouch & 2 mag pouches all w/snap & hook back for multiple positioning on the vest. one size fits most. quick release side buckles for easy removal. hook attachment in front and back. 4 detachable pouches. patches etc. adjustable/detachable cummerbund with 6" x 8" pockets for side panel plates. M.W.L. fits the 6785 vest 8 .O. 8 ammo pouches. one size fits most. zipper front.L. fully adjustable to all sizes. includes eight attached mag or general storage pouches.L.E. includes 1 large patch 4" x 10¾" & 1 small patch 2½" x 5¾". H. 3 large carry-all pouches. available in Black or Coyote Brown ROTHCO M.E. webbing for attaching modular pouches.W. adjustable shoulder straps w/detachable pads and quick release buckles. polyester construction. webbing for attaching modular pouches. 12 pouches w/hook & loop and snap closures. top handle. the assault vest with everything.O. padded mesh interior for comfort and airflow. PLATE CARRIER VEST.. includes 2 black out patches w/hook back 1910 POLICE PATCHES W/HOOK BACK. zipper front. 2 inner mesh zippered utility pockets. loop front and back w/snaps for adding pouches.L.

u.L. DIGITAL CAMO M. padded load-bearing shoulder straps. polyester mesh construction (except 6384 multicam). front zipper. one size fits all 9 . ALICE clip webbing on back. 4 internal mesh map pockets.e. adjustable belt straps. 3 elastic M-16/7. padded shoulders.l. Sizes: S to XL 6485 2XL 6486 3XL 6484 Black Recon VEST. one size fits all Back 6598 A.L. universal pistol holster. attachments for accessory pouches.O. adjustable shoulder & waist straps w/quick release buckles.W.E. waist drawstring. 1000 denier nylon. poly/nylon mesh construction. drawstring waist. one size fits all 6491 Black 6384 MULTICAM.COM water resistant. 6 mag pouches. inside pouches.o. reinforced webbing. holster (fits most medium frame pistols). zipper closure. numerous M. H. 100% nylon.l. 10 pockets. 7 utility pockets. 5 shotgun shell loops.L. adjustable pistol belt. licensed 1000 denier nylon fabric 6582 ROTHCO Black ULTIMATE TACTICAL VEST. 6 D-Rings.62 mag pouches. hook & loop adjustable shoulder straps.L. fully adjustable to all sizes See all our vests in our full catalog OR AT ROTHCO.u DIGITAL CAMO 6594 Black Quick Draw Tactical Vest.S. padded right shoulder. ballistic nylon. 3 ammo pouches. hook & loop back ID panel attachment. RANGER RACK VEST. carry handle. 2D-rings.c.c. H.E.Rothco military & Tactical Vests M.O. 2-inside zip-up document pockets. 40127 A. hidden cuff key pocket. made from U. epaulets. 3 pistol magazines. Cross Draw Tactical Vests.W.

Sizes: S to XL 9746 2XL 9747 3XL Two Internal Pockets Forearm Pocket w/Zipper Double Zipper Back Pocket Double Layer Reinforced Forearm Adjustable Wrist Cuff 9867 COYOTE BROWN. Available in Black or Khaki. 3-layer construction deflects wind. side zippers w/adjustable tabs. zip up storm collar. Sizes: S to XL 9768 2XL 9769 3XL 9745 O. Available in: Black. durable. elastic waistband & wrists. zip-out liner w/inside pocket..D. water repellent nylon outer shell. epaulets. Sizes S to XL Polyester 5386 2XL Quilted 5387 3XL Lining 4 Inside Mag Pockets w/Flap and Hook & Loop Closures 2 Front Zipper Pockets Button Wrist Closure Brass Zipper Right & Left Universal Handgun Padded Inside Concealment Pockets w/Hook & Loop Closures Button Adjustment Waist Straps 7665 BLACK water repellent NYLON DUTY JACKET W/REMOVEABLE LINER. 100% soft washed cotton outer shell. badge tab. 2-way front zipper.Tactical Jackets ROTHCO SPECIAL OPS TACTICAL SOFT SHELL JACKET. lightweight and breathable. Sizes: S to 3XL. Sizes: S to XL 7667 2XL 7668 3XL 10 . 2 double entry pockets w/hook & loop closure. 100% waterproof polyester shell. hook & loop cuffs. Sizes: S to XL 9868 2XL 9869 3XL 5385 ROTHCO 3-SEASON CONCEALED CARRY JACKET. wicks away moisture and retains body heat. Coyote Brown & Olive Drab Stow-Away Hood Two Highrise Slash Chest Pockets w/Zippers Two 4” x 4” Shoulder Patch Panels Two Shoulder Pockets w/Zippers Underarm Vent Zippers Lined Stand-Up Collar Drawstring Hood 9767 BLACK.

ed Liner 8444 XS to XL 8446 3XL 8441 5XL 8439 7XL Black. 8262 2XL 8256 4XL Name Tape Reversed Flag Patches Division Patches Rank Insignia Branch Tape Tab Patches Skill Badges Larger Pockets 8540 Rothco A. 4 Snap-Up Pockets. 4 pockets. loop attachment on shoulder for patches & badges. Concealed Hood. name tape. Hood & Bottom Drawstrings. concealed hood & snap-up storm flap.Rothco M-65 Field Jackets Rothco M-65 FIELD JACKETS. DESERT DIGITAL CAMO Woodland Digital Camo. Waist. branch tape & insignia holder. Sizes: XS to XL 8541 2XL 8542 3XL 8942 4XL 11 . hood & bottom drawstrings. hook & loop cuffs. Removable Quilted Button-In Liner. water repellent poly/cotton twill outershell. DIGITAL CAMO M-65 FIELD JACKET. waist. Heavy Brass Zipper & Snap-Up Storm Flap. removable quilted liner. 8582 XS to XL 8584 3XL 8583 2XL 8445 2XL 8447 4XL 8440 6XL 8438 8XL 8238 XS to XL 8239 2XL 8240 3XL 8241 4XL 8244 5XL 8245 6XL Olive Drab. 7991 XS to XL 7993 3XL 8431 5XL 8435 7XL WOODLAND  CAMO 7992 2XL 7998 4XL 8433 6XL 8436 8XL KHAKI Protective Collar 8254 XS to XL 8255 3XL Khaki. Water Repellent Poly/Cotton Twill. 8528 2XL 8530 4XL WOODLAND DIGITAL CAMO Woodland Camo.C.U. Epaulets. Hook & Loop Cuffs for Attachment to Gloves XL Sizes: XS to 8 Regular Complete with button-In Quilt DESERT DIGITAL CAMO. BLACK 8590 XS to XL 8592 3XL 8591 2XL 8527 XS to XL 8529 3XL 8531 5XL NAVY BLUE NAvy Blue.

reinforced shoulder & elbow patches.U. 4359 Desert Digital Camo 4858 WOODLAND  CAMO 4358 Woodland Digital Camo 12 . Style Acrylic Commando Sweaters. Available in: Navy Blue.C. O. Style Acrylic V-Neck Sweaters.D. epaulets. 56” x 90”.Military Sweaters & POnchos G.D. reinforced shoulder & elbow patches. snap closures. Navy Blue. TYPE Military Rip-Stop PonchoS. & Navy Blue 6347 S to XL 6357 2XL 6367 3XL 6488 4XL 6377 5XL 6378 6XL 6375 7XL (Black Only) 6345 G. grommeted corners for use as emergency shelter.I. Digital Camo. Olive Drab. Khaki & Brown Black.D. A.I. Available in: Woodland Camo. Black.C. Available in: Black. DIGITAL CAMO BLACK 4958 4865 O. Sizes: S to XL 6346 2XL 6365 3XL 6487 4XL (Black & Navy Only) 6489 5XL (Black Only) OLIVE DRAB BLACK Also available in wool! NAVY BLUE Sizes: S to 5XL BLACK NAVY BLUE Sizes: S to 7XL khaki 8346 S to XL 8347 2XL 8317 3XL OLIVE DRAB KHAKI Brown 5415 S to XL 5416 2XL 5417 3XL Brown G. Woodland Digital Camo and now Desert digital Camo 4658 A.. Black & Olive Drab.I.U. O.

a.C.W. Black Trousers. 9734 Coyote Sizes: S to XL 9735 2XL 9736 3XL Sizes: S to XL 9779 2XL 9799 3XL 9789 4XL Sizes: S to 4XL 13 .C.C. reinforced seat & knee. neck & elbow patches. taped seams 9957 S to XL 9958 2XL 9959 3XL A. upper body and elbow patches.W. Generation II POLAR FLEECE JACKET/LINER.u.C.u. can be used as a jacket or a liner for the ECWCS parka.S. Sizes: S to XL 9731 2XL 9732 3XL MILITARY E.C.C. full front and under the arm zippers. Jacket/Liner. can be worn as a jacket or liner. hook & loop cuffs.Military E. Generation II HYVAT™ Parkas.W. Specially treated base fabric for durable water repellency Military E.C. drawstring waistband. 2 outer pockets. concealed cobra hood. double pull zipper. Available in: Black or Foliage Green 9980 Black. DIGITAL Camo Parka. drawstring waist.W.C. 100% polar fleece. Digital Black PARKA. 2 mesh inside pockets. snap down storm flap.C. allows ventilation & evaporation. system. hook & loop on chest for name & rank.S. zip fly. 2 inside mesh pockets. full length zipper. 4 pockets.W. taped seams only available in parkas 9964 S to XL 9965 2XL 9966 3XL BLACK 9977 S to XL 9978 2XL Generation III Military E.C.C. ventilated sleeves.C. 2 front slash zipper pockets.Special 3 Layer Fabric provides windproof. Sizes: S to 3XL 9730 Foliage Green.W.C. Sizes: S to XL 9981 2XL 9982 3XL 9983 4XL 9739 BLack. Brown. level 3 of the E. 100% nylon shoulder.S. Sizes: S to 3XL Military E. extra warm.S. snap flap access pockets. gridded fleece underarms and sides. hook & loop sleeve adjustments. leg zipper w/hook & loop cuffs. HYVAT™ Clothing HYVAT™. HYVAT™ Trousers.C. Sizes: S to XL 9740 2XL 9741 3XL 9778 Foliage Green.S.S. waterproof insulation & protection.

S. moisture wicking grid fleece. access fly. Sizes: S to XL 69035 2XL 69036 3XL Grid Fleece Sizes: S to XL 65021 2XL 65022 3XL 69020 DESERT Sizes: S to XL 69021 2XL 69022 3XL 67020 Foliage SAND TOPS.C. 69024 DESERT Sizes: S to XL 67021 2XL 67024 3XL Green TOPS. Tops Feature: long backtail and thumbhole sleeves. level-1 of the E.C. 100% lightweight cotton. SAND TOPS.C. used by military personnel worldwide. Microban for anti-microbial and anti-odor protection. Sizes: S to XL 69025 2XL 69026 3XL 68020 Foliage Sizes: S to XL 68021 2XL 68022 3XL Green Bottoms.S. long backtail and thumbhole sleeves. Desert Sand or FOLIAGE GREEN. Now available in 12 colors! and Desert S O. foliage green coyote 4537 LIGHTWEIGHT SHEMAGH DESERT SCARVES. anti-microbial and anti-odor protection.COM 8537 Deluxe SHEMAGH TACTICAL DESERT SCARVES. Bottoms Feature: elastic waist & bottoms. Tan. Generation III SilkWeight Underwear.W.W. highly breathable. Sizes: S to XL 64021 2XL 64022 3XL 65020 Black Bottoms. See all our thermals in our full catalog OR AT ROTHCO. 4oz 100% polyester jersey knit fabric. Bottoms Feature: elastic waistband. provides extra warmth in cooler climates.S. 93% poly/7% spandex. access fly. Tops Feature: zip up collar. rothco Military E.C. Available in: Black. Sizes: S to XL 69031 2XL 69032 3XL 64020 Black TOPS.C. SAND BOTTOMS. Available in: Black or Desert Sand. traditional desert headwear designed to protect the head and neck from sun and sand. Sizes: S to 3XL 62020 DESERT Sizes: S to XL 62021 2XL 62022 3XL 63020 Desert Sizes: S to XL 63021 2XL 63022 3XL SAND Bottoms.C.W. system. Desert Sand & Foliage Green and Desert S foliage green Tan O. highly breathable.Military ECWCS Underwear & Tactical Shemaghs ROTHCO Military E. White/Black.C. system. Tan 14 .D. level-2 of the E. Generation III Mid-Weight Underwear. moisture wicking. Sizes: S to 3XL 69030 Black TOPS. 42” x 42”.S. 100% cotton.D. traditional desert headwear designed to protect the head and neck from sun and sand.C. Available in 5 colors: Olive Drab. approximately 42" x 42". 69034 Black BOTTOMS.W.

Brown. full cut. Choice of: Black or Desert Sand BLACK TOPS Rothco EXTREME COLD WEATHER POLYPROPYLENE CREW NECK TOPS. Choice of: Black. Sizes: S to 3XL 61000 S to XL 61001 2XL 61002 3XL 61010 S to XL 61011 2XL 61012 3XL BLACK BOTTOMS BRown Tops 6238 S to XL 6239 2XL 6237 3XL Black 6118 S to XL 6119 2XL 6117 3XL DESERT SAND 5725 S to XL 5726 2XL 5727 3XL DESERT SAND TOPS 61003 S to XL 61004 2XL 61005 3XL FOLIAGE GREEN 5625 S to XL 5626 2XL 5627 3XL 61013 S to XL 61014 2XL 61015 3XL DESERT SAND BOTTOMS 15 . no melt. Sizes: S to 3XL. 7oz. Brown. 100% polypropylene. Choice of Foliage Green. 100% polypropylene. soft fleece lining. Available in: zip-collar shirts or elastic waist bottoms. Black and Desert Sand Desert Sand Zip Collar Shirts 5425 Sizes: S to XL 5426 2XL 5427 3XL 6230 S to XL 6231 2XL 6232 3XL 6233 4XL fOLIAGE GREEN ZIP-COLLAR SHIRTS 6250 S to XL 6258 2XL 6214 3XL Brown ZIP-COLLAR SHIRTS 6240 S to XL 6241 2XL 6242 3XL 6263 4XL Black ZIP-COLLAR SHIRTS Sizes: S to 4XL Desert Sand ElaSTIC WAIST BOTTOMS ELASTIC WAIST BOTTOMS 6280 S to XL 6281 2XL 6282 3XL elastic waist bottoms 6248 S to XL 6243 2XL 6274 3XL Elastic waist bottoms 6245 S to XL 6249 2XL 6219 3XL 6209 4XL 5225 Sizes: S to XL 5226 2XL 5227 3XL FIRE RETARDANT UNDERWEAR. available in tops & elastic waist bottoms. soft fleece lining. no drip fabric. rated to withstand heat up to 400°F. Desert Sand & Foliage Green. acrylic viscose.Polypropylene & Fire Retardant Underwear Rothco EXTREME COLD WEATHER POLYPROPYLENE UNDERWEAR.

breathable. Choice of: Brown. adjustable eye opening. Black. good for cooler weather. one size fits all 11055 G. lightweight..D. Also available in O. one size fits all. Military 5585 POLAR FLEECE Adjustable BALACLAVAs.S. lightweight and breathable. Available in: Black. openings for eyes & mouth.W. PLUS heat and flame resistant SWAT HOODS. lightweight.I. available in: Black or Desert Sand 5563 BLACK LIGHTWEIGHT 3-HOLE FACEMASK.. used by U. polypropylene. Available in: Black or Foliage Green DESERT SAND BLACK 16 foliage green Black . Foliage Green and now Coyote Brown Desert sand foliage green Black black foliage green brown O. O. lightweight and breathable. Available in: Black or Foliage Green 5510 rothco POLYPROPYLENE BALACLAVAS.COM black foliage green COYOTE BROWN 5580 POLAR FLEECE BALACLAVAs. adjustable eye opening w/elastic drawstring. 100% H. 100% acrylic.. U. made. lightweight. 100% polyester.D.S. 15” length. Foliage Green and Desert Sand 5504 3 Hole Facemask.military & TActical Headwear 8460 POLAR FLEECE watch CAPS. Foliage Green or Coyote Brown black foliage green charcoal grey navy blue coyote brown See all our headwear in our full catalog OR AT ROTHCO. 100% polyester. breathable. 5562 ROTHCO LIGHTWEIGHT BALACLAVA. adjustable eye opening.D. breathable. one size fits all. 8 oz.

7½. w/map pocket. poly/cotton 5663 Woodland digital camo MARINE CORPS CAP . Available in: Black.C.S. 2XL 21 colors in all 4581 SUBDUED URBAN DIGITAL. 73/4 ROTHCO GOV’T SPEC 2 PLY MARINE CORPS FATIGUE CAPS.c. Khaki. U. 33/8 ” x 17/8” FOLIAGE GREEN U.u. 7¾ 16 colors in all 5800 WOODLAND CAMO POLY/COTTON 5817 WOODLAND Camo Rip-Stop 5891 a.S. 100% Cotton Rip-Stop or Poly/Cotton Rip-Stop. 17772 3¼” x 1⅞”. S. poly/cotton 5647 A. Poly/Cotton or 100% Cotton Rip-Stop. ultimate value. FLAG PATCH. Poly/Cotton 8340 black. baseball style. Sizes: XS. 17778 worn on the A.s. FLAG PATCH. FLAG PATCH 17783 OD/BLACK U.Military & Tactical Caps rothco FATIGUE CAPS.U. adjustable back strap w/plastic buckle.S.S. L. one size fits all.U. FLAG PATCH 17779 17775 U.S.C REVERSE U. FLAG PATCH MULTICAM u. 17780 REVERSE FOLIAGE GREEN U.. made .S.u. branch loops. U. 7¼. Available in: Poly/Cotton. 17771 17 3¼” x 1⅞”. FLAG PATCH ur See all o headwear ll in our fu AT R O catalog OM ROTHCO.S.S. M. made REVERSE MULTICAM u. Sizes: 63/4. Poly/Cotton GOV’T SPEC 2 PLY ARMY RANGER FATIGUE CAPS. poly/cotton. 71/4. DIGITAL CAMO 5829 Desert DIGITAL CAMO 5803 BLACK POLY/COTTON 5819 BLACK RIP-STOP 9362 ROTHCO Special Forces Operator Cap. L. U. NO EMBLEM. XL 9340 Black. hook & loop back for rank 5673 Desert digital camo marine CORPS CAP . super price. FLAG PATCH. 7.C. Poly/Cotton 9342 navy blue.c. made 17781 SILVER/ BLACK U. poly/cotton 4524 woodland digital camo. 6 vent holes.C. Sizes: XS.C. DIGITAL CAMO AMERICAN FLAG PATCHES W/HOOK BACK.s. screened side vents.S. Ditigal Camo Patches Sold Separately Black Khaki Olive Drab A. M. poly/cotton rip-stop. 7. Rip-Stop 5642 BLACK. 31/2" x 2" hook & loop front for flag or unit patch. XL.U. Olive Drab or A.S. 11/8" x 1" hook & loop on top for infrared marker. U. made to gov’t specs. S.S. FLAG PATCH worn on the A. chin strap. NO EMBLEM. poly/cotton ROTHCO BOONIE HATS. DIGITAL CAMO.U. made 17782 KHAKI/ BLACK U. FLAG PATCH. Sizes: 6¾. 71/2..

made G.D.S. self adhesive. reflective. (1997) o. 1994 G. Type Camouflage Mich Helmet covers. sold 2 per set 18 .I.S.I. Shown Above Shown Above 9253 KHAKI Coyote brown 9251 G. 8235 military Phosphorescent LUMINOUS TAPE. poly/cotton WOODLAND CAMO.I. PASGT helmet.D. Choice of: O. Digital Camo. perfect for costumes. black Black styled after the U. STYLE SWEATBAND 9219 FOLIAGE GREEN 9357 new. hook & loop straps for helmet attachment 9653 Woodland Digital Camo. glows in total darkness after exposure to a light source. 1000 denier polyester. poly/cotton rip-stop poly/cotton CHIN STRAPS FOR MICH HELMET. walkways. reenactments etc. front flap w/hook & loop closure. one size: fits 6¾ to 7¾.D. etc. sporting goods.d. great for costumes. Khaki (9253) or Coyote Brown (9219) Helmet Not Included 9256 O. for camouflage. 1" x 5 yds. reenactments. adjustable nylon chin strap w/plastic buckles. Choice of: Black (1995) or O. 9656 9651 A.C. hook and loop strips for pad attachment. light switches. Sizes S/M. airsoft. cushioned liner. individually boxed. Choice of: Black or O.D. O..S.. glows up to 4 hours. parades.c. poly/cotton Black. 1000 denier polyester 9652 Foliage green chin strap 9354 WOODLAND Digital Camo. U.. L/XL.u.Military & tactical Headwear G. can be used on helmets. w/clips FOR G. poly/cotton rip-stop 9355 digital camo. holds branches. type ABS PLASTIC MICH-2000 TACTICAL HELMET. escape routes. Foliage Green (9357). STYLE ABS PLASTIC HELMET. parades. (9256). etc. G. fits U. TYPE CAMOUFLAGE HELMET COVERS.D. 7 removable & adjustable cushioned pads for maximum comfort. adjustable chin strap. STYLE CATS EYE HELMET BANDS.I. 9657 FOLIAGE GREEN GOGGLE STRAPS FOR MICH HELMET.I. STEEL POT HELMET.I. etc. Kevlar Helmets 9356 A.U.I. fits current issue helmets. poly/cotton 9613 COYOTE BROWN chin strap 9612 BLACK chin strap G.

Kids Sizes: XS (2-4). Sizes: S to XL 6671 2XL 6672 3XL 7979 Olive Drab. Sizes: S to XL 6849 2XL 6956 3XL 6989 Black. XL (18-20) 8777 WOODLAND CAMO. 100% cotton. Sizes: S to 3XL 9580 Desert Sand. Sizes: S to XL 6907 2XL 6917 3XL 69117 4XL 69118 5XL Military Moisture Wicking T-Shirts. S (6-8). 100% cotton. 100% cotton. Sizes: S to XL 9566 2XL 9567 3XL 19 . double needle stitched collar.c. set-in collar and taped neck. 100% spun polyester. poly/cotton. Sizes: XS to XL 6379 2XL 6389 3XL 6399 4XL 5960 Subdued Urban digital camo. 100% cotton. DIGITAL CAMO. Sizes: S to XL 7907 2XL 7917 3XL 7906 4XL 6979 Olive Drab. Sizes: S to XL 9706 2XL 9707 3XL 9565 Foliage Green. poly/cotton blend or 100% cotton (as noted). Sizes: XS to XL Sizes: XS to XL 5961 2XL 5962 3XL 5296 2XL 5297 3XL 5298 4XL 6370 Foliage Green.u. Sizes: S to XL 6371 2XL 6372 3XL 8570 Desert Sand. M (10-12). Sizes: S to XL 8571 2XL 8572 3XL 7848 Brown. Sizes: S to XL 6908 2XL 6909 3XL 6910 4XL 6670 Black. set-in collar and taped neck. Sizes: XS to XL 8780 2XL 8781 3XL 8782 4XL 8783 5XL 8784 6XL 8785 7XL 6376 A. poly/cotton. Sizes: S to XL 9581 2XL 9582 3XL 9590 Black. poly/cotton. 5295 desert digital camo. L (14-16).Military T-Shirts ROTHCO T-SHIRTS. Sizes: S to XL 9591 2XL 9592 3XL 9705 Woodland Camo. Sizes: S to XL 7849 2XL 7956 3XL 7957 4XL 6848 Brown. Mens Sizes: XS to 7XL. 100% cotton.

hook & loop closure for a snug fit. Sizes: S to 2XL 4436 COLD WEATHER STREET SHIELD GLOVES W/cut resistant LINING. anti-slip finger tips. excellent value. ThermoBlock™ insulation for warmth. elastic wrist w/hook & loop closure. Synthetic Rubber & Spandex for snug fit. Sizes: XS to 2XL. pull tab on wrist. tricot lining for wet weather protection. Also available in Black (4461) . Sizes: S to 2XL. synthetic leather palm. synthetic leather palm. airsoft & law enforcement personnel. genuine cowhide leather shell. cut & flame resistant lining. Also available in Foliage Green (3475) 3558 BLACK Insulated synthetic rubber duty GLOVES. spandex backing for flexibility. synthetic leather palm. cut resistant lining sewn into a leather outer. elastic cuff w/hook & loop closure. cut resistant. elastic cuff.Rothco Tactical Gloves 3466 STREET SHIELD POLICE GLOVEs. leather accents on knuckles and fingers. padded knuckles. hook & loop wrist closure. synthetic leather palms. ultra thin. ThermoBlock™ insulation for warmth. excellent for paintball. nylon spandex back. rolled fingers. Sizes: S to 2XL 3455 BLACK synthetic rubber duty GLOVES. fire & cut resistant lining & back. multi-layer goatskin palm. fluid proof. Sizes: S to 2XL 3434 DELUXE LEATHER cut resistant-LINED POLICE GLOVES. hook & loop closure. cut resistant inner lining. Sizes: S to 2XL 3483 Cut & flame resistant TACTICAL GLOVES. maximum feel and ultimate weather protection. Sizes: S to 2XL 20 4460 Coyote brown SYNTHETIC RUBBER PADDED KNUCKLE GLOVES. elastic cuff w/hook & loop closure. Sizes: S to 2XL 3496 STREET SHIELD FIRE & cut RESISTANT POLICE GLOVEs. hook & loop wrist closure. cut resistant fingers & palm. durable synthetic leather palm w/maxi-grip non-skid cradle. hook & loop closure. goatskin leather palm. soft polyester tricot lining. elastic cuff. Sizes: S to 2XL 3452 POLICE cut resistant LINED GLOVES.

Sizes: S to 2XL ur See all o loves G Tactical full in our R AT catalog O OM . Sizes: S to 2XL 4493 NYLON Insulated SNIPER GLOVES. water resistant dual-layer leather palms. Also available in: Olive Drab (4396). Also available in: Foliage Green (3464) or Coyote Brown (3492). Sizes: S to XL 4395 black FLEECE SNIPER FINGERLESS GLOVES/MITTENS. foam padded back and knuckles for debris and combat. moisture wicking polyester/spandex fabric. 8. Shell provides cut resistance & heat protection to 800°F. TYPE FLIGHT GLOVES. reinforced suede palms for rappel protection. foam padded back. elastic wrist w/locking cinch cord. fingers and thumb. 10. Also available in: Olive Drab or Khaki (3462) Sizes: S to 2XL 3451 FULL FINGER TACTICAL RAPPELLING GLOVES.Rothco Tactical Gloves 3463 black cut/fire resistant HARD KNUCKLE TACTICAL GLOVEs. elastic wrist with cord lock drawstring. Also available in: Foliage Green (3473). fireproof. Sizes: S to 2XL 3457 o. elasticized wrist. hook & loop wrist closure. Molded knuckles with water repellent leather cover. soft polyester tricot lining. 21 breathable polyester fleece shell. reinforced goatskin leather palm and thumb cradle for added protection against rope burns. G.d. synthetic leather palm & thumb. non-skid superior grip construction. Sheepskin leather fire resistant fabric. elastic cuff w/hook & loop closure. cloth palm and thumb patches. soft. 12. 9.c. durable cowhide leather. Coyote Brown (4995) and Digital Camo (4397). same as 3454 with full fingers for greater warmth and protection. water repellent leather palm. 11. ThermoBlock™ insulation for warmth. mitten top secures to top of glove w/hook & loop back. DIGITAL CAMO ALL-PURPOSE DUTY GLOVEs. Sizes: S to 2XL 3482 SWAT/FAST ROPE LEATHER RESCUE GLOVES. hook & loop wrist closure. synthetic leather palm and fingers for grip and durability. Sizes: 7. Desert Sand (3474) or Black (3457) 3461 black Special Forces Tactical Gloves. Sizes: S to 2XL . lightweight. elastic wrist. fingerless glove w/retractable mitten top.C O C H T O R 3456 A. constructed overseas to MIL-DTL-81188C.u. Sizes: S to 2XL 3454 Fingerless TACTICAL Rappelling Gloves. windproof nylon shell.I.

suede leather upper w/breathable mesh. moisture wicking liner. slip-resistant cup sole. slip resis­tant sole.Rothco Tactical Boots 5052 ‘FORCED ENTRY' waterproof. speed lace eyelets. non-conductive for safety and warmth. 5 to 12 wide. steel shank. rustproof eyelets. gusseted tongue. Full sizes ONLY All footwear is 5063 ‘FORCED ENTRY' 8” SIDE ZIPPER COMPOSITE TOE TACTICAL BOOT. slip-resistant cup sole. gusseted tongue. rust proof hardware. leather and nylon upper. 5 to 12 wide. moisture-wicking lining. slip/oil resistant outsole. Sizes: 3 to 13 regular. Sizes: 5 to 15 (including 1/2 sizes up to 101/2) 5053 ‘FORCED ENTRY' BLACK 8” TACTICAL BOOT W/SIDE ZIPPER. speed lace eyelets. rust-proof hardware. padded collar. zipper. leather and nylon upper. running shoe comfort in a military boot. completely non-metallic. padded leather collar. All footwear is New Lightweight composite toe Meets ASTM F2413-05 standards COMPOSITE TOE 5358 ‘FORCED ENTRY' BLACK 8” SIDE ZIPPER DEPLOYMENT BOOT. rust-proof hardware. Sizes: 3 to 13 regular. side zipper. Full sizes only 22 Also available in 8” . steel shank. leather and nylon upper. leather and nylon upper. steel shank. rustproof eyelets. Sizes: 5 to 15 (including 1/2 sizes up to 101/2) 5054 ‘FORCED ENTRY' BLACK 6” TACTICAL BOOT. suede collar. leather and nylon upper. Sizes: 5 to 15 (including 1 /2 sizes up to 101/2) 5357 ‘Forced Entry' DESERT TAN 8" SIDE ZIPPER Deployment BOOT. sturdy consumer packaging. steel shank. security-friendly. sturdy consumer packaging. moisture wicking lining. Sizes: 4 to 15 (including 1/2 sizes up to 101/2) BLACK 8” Waterproof TACTICAL BOOT. slip-resistant sole. sturdy consumer packaging. gusseted tongue. strong-as-steel composite toe & shank. moisture-wicking lining. leather collar. leather collar. speed lace eyelets. steel shank.

grooved rubber handle. high resolution compares to Gen. Please contact Rothco for details. Large (9067). fits up to 48" waist. Choice of: Tan. anti scratch. TYPE M-9 BAYONET w/SHEATH. range finding reticle. front pouch. adjustable belt w/quick release buckle & loop interior. smoke grey shatterproof lens.D. sharpening stone.C. 12” overall. 7” blade. heavy duty Nylon riggers belt. marine corps style quick release pistol belts.D. Foliage Green.. water 10207 YUKON DIGITAL RANGER 5 X 42 NIGHT VISION. saw back. powerful dual infrared illuminator. O. classic. UV 400 protection. foam padded frame. Also available in Black (16491) new issue O. day & night operation. wire cutter t-lug. Medium (9077).C. Also available in Black (20273) TYPE 7 X 50MM BINOCULARS. viewing distance. FIGHTING KNIFE. UV 400 protection. Digital Camo (10378) 10397 Swattec TACTICAL GOGGLE.d. micro-fiber storage and cleaning pouch lightweight. quick release belt clip. anti-scratch.D. MILITARY & fog proof. o-ring sealed & nitrogen filled. smoke-grey shatterproof polycarbonate lens w/anti-scratch coating. smoke grey polycarbonate lens. multi-coated lens. two removable pouches w/hook & loop & buckle closure. Foliage Green or Black. anti-fog. compact. 20272 O. adjustable. Camouflage & now Coyote Brown w/hook & loop closure. 132m field of view @1000m.C. 5x magnification. speedy range finding dial. goggles. black Kydex sheath* G. 73/4” 23 stainless steel blade w/blood groove. 1" wide elastic strap. includes car & AC adapter. individually boxed. cleaning cloth & 2 batteries. Available in: O. field of view 4°. Large (4597) (35” to 39”) and X-Large (4697) (39" to 43") 10376 COYOTE BROWN TACTICAL GOGGLES. (2134) or Black (2135)* . 2 & 3.M. 3264 STAINLESS STEEL KA-BAR STYLE U. metal cargo buckle Available in: Medium (up to 40”). Large (up to 46”) or X-Large (46” & up). can be used with tactical vest w/belt straps.I. optics & knives 16598 A. 300 yds.U. includes: nylon case. Also available in Black. adjustable.S. Also available in Black (10377) or A. built in compass.belts. illumination reading. Khaki.U. direct video output capability. comfortable foam-padded backing.I. 123/4” overall. X-Large (9026) lightweight. Digital Camo DELUXE TACTICAL BELT W/POUCHES. UV 400 protection. 1½” adjustable strap 10357 Army DIGITAL CAMO DESERTEC TACTICAL GOGGLE. anti-fog. rubber armor construction. floats in water. 1” adjustable strap. Available in: Medium (4598) (31” to 35”). excellent copy of G. anti-fog. uses 6AA batteries (not included) *Export & local restrictions may apply.

3 per card 9411 9312 9412 9413 9407 G. for outdoor use only. Grey & Foliage Green. DIGITAL CAMO FACE PAINT CREME. w/reinforced net backing for added strength. can also be used as compression bandage. The pants feature: elastic waist w/drawstring and snap up legs to the top of your boots. scopes.U. it conceals.U. reduces glare & increases grip. TYPE 3 COLOR A. air soft & military use. Tripod Covers.C. Olive & Brown Woodland/Grey Bark Camo Compact. U. Marpat Woodland Camo (9412) Marpat Desert Digital (9413) & now MULTICAM (9312) 9107 G. 100% waterproof. ideal for weapons. 2” x 144”. Grey. Available in 3 sizes: 6501 7’10” x 19’8” 6502 7’10” x 9’10” 6505 3’10” x 9’10” of camouflage combinations. Idealy suited for Ground Blinds.I. Available in: A. Available in 2 sizes: 6503 9’10” x 19’8” 6504 9’10” x 9’10” ULTRA-LITE CAMO NETTING. non toxic.U. w/mirror ur See all o its u S Ghillie nt & Face pai ll u f r in ou R AT O catalog OM ROTHCO. made. protects. mirror 24 . Colors: Desert Sand. rot & mold resistant. Vehicle Concealment and many other uses. DIGITAL CAMO 3 COLOR COMPACT. The jacket w/hood features: snap front closure. UV treated. textured for a more natural look. flashlights. Colors: Light Green. Colors: Desert Sand.I. Grey & Foliage Green.C.U.S. paintball. DIGITAL CAMO COMPACT. dozens 8205 Five-Color “CAMO FORM” SELF-CLING CAMO WRAPS.C 8213 A. Colors: Desert Sand. reversible for different color options to best fit the environment. Choice of: Military Type or Ultra-Lite Camo Netting MILITARY TYPE CAMO NETTING.camouflage ghillies & accessories 64127 ROTHCO LIGHTWEIGHT ALL PURPOSE 2 PC. Digital Camo (9411). tubes. knives and more. treated to prevent glare & shine. Grey & Foliage Green. 100% polyester camo mesh lining w/synthetic string attached to create camouflage to match the environment. binoculars. perfect for hunting. polyester. elastic cuffs & reinforced collar. create any pattern. quiet & rustle free. reusable. GHILLIE SUIT. pliable in extreme temperatures. oz. pass through front pockets. TYPE A. Black. 1 fl.C. sticks to itself not to your gear. Boat Blinds. Available in Sizes: M/L or XL/2XL ROTHCO CAMO NETTING.C.

quick release buckle & metal spring clip for easy removal or attachment of firearm while wearing sling.D. 11/4” elastic loops to secure ammo. adjustable universal sling w/multiple attachments for easy adaptability. 36” compartment w/2 accessory pockets. 11/4” poly webbing. webbing. one size fits most NYLON SHOTGUN BANDOLIER. belt pouch. dual adjustable leg straps w/quick release buckles. dual bungee design for added comfort and support.223 cal. hook & loop straps for securing rifle. ur See all o g n shooti accessories ll in our fu AT R O catalog OM ROTHCO.56mm bore brush. fits most assault rifles. Available in Black or Coyote Brown 4007 black 4068 coyote brown 4067 black 4077 coyote brown 3819 GI Type O. polypropylene 25 10752 black 10753 coyote brown . fully adjustable to fit around vest or gear. adjusts to fit most full frame semi-automatic pistols. 600 denier polyester.Military & Tactical SHOOTING ACCESSORIES 910 BLACK 36" TACTICAL RIFLE CASE. chamber brush. one outer utility pouch. holds 37 rounds of ammo. quick release belt clip. Available in Black or Coyote Brown DELUXE ADJUSTABLE UNIVERSAL DROP LEG TACTICAL HOLSTER. H. two outer mag pouches. H. oil bottle 5 piece rod assembly. imported M-16 RIFLE CLEANING KIT. 3/4“ padding to protect gear. 36" x 12" x 3" 2978 BLACK 2” wide webbing. helps reduce bouncing and enhances retention./5.W. Available in: Coyote Brown or Black MILITARY 3-POINT RIFLE SLINGs.C TACTICAL SINGLE POINT SLINGs. 11/4” nylon webbing. . hook & loop adjustable thumb snap & clip pouch.W.

tough 1992 POLICE ROTHCO NEOPRENE TACTICAL PROTECTIVE GEAR.T. black anodized finish. Available in: Black. a truly functional harness at an exceptional value See all our rappelling gear in our full catalog or at rothco. Choice of: 150’ (279) or 200’ (272) . pre-shrunk to reduce shrinkage. tan. Please contact Rothco for polycarbonate shield for full torso protection. test webbing. Olive Drab. etc. adjustable interior webbing to fit all sizes* *Export & local restrictions may apply. made. 105mm. high strength aluminum alloy. 18" x 10" 26 S. 7. deploy rappelling line right from bag. 40” x 20” x ⅛” thick. Also available in Silver (377) a versatile.protective & Rappelling Gear See all our protective gear in our full catalog or at rothco. Army Digital Camo Elbow PADS and Coyote Brown KNEE PADS 278 Adjustable guide harness. 7/16” diameter. hook & loop fasteners. 277 BLACK d carabiner. one size fits all 3566 NEOPRENE ELBOW PADS 3567 NEOPRENE KNEE PADS 3568 NEOPRENE SHIN GUARDS 1991 ANTI-RIOT TACTICAL HELMET. fully adjustable harness for rappelling & mountaineering. Woodland Camo./RANGER RAPPELLING ROPE. dual layer foam padding. U. heavy black denier nylon. UV resistance & durability. provides full head protection against projectiles.W. ideal for wet uses. side webbing to attach carabiners. internal loop. ergonomic. 2” aircraft aluminum buckles. features 4. same features as #275 w/ears to prevent rope lock-up 105mm.000 lb. rubber non-slip caps. 1 size fits all.A. impact resistant polycarbonate face shield. 276 BLACK 375 BLACK RESCUE FIGURE 8 RING. Also available in Silver (376) locking d carabiner.S.660 lb test. 5500 lb test. web arm strap. a durable nylon laminate neoprene outer layer. aluminum handle. dual hook & loop secure fastening 8170 Black Stealth Rappelling BAG. 900 Denier polyester over 1/2” foam padding. polysheath for resistance to abrasion. lightweight. meets or exceeds UIAA and NFPA standards. Choice of: Knee pads (11058) or Elbow pads (11057). tough high impact ABS black plastic. increases strength. ROTHCO TACTICAL PROTECTIVE GEAR. same as # 277 with frame lock screw mechanism. top quality static rope. weighs just 6 lbs* ANTI-RIOT SHIELD. 100% polyester reduces stretch. 41/4” size.

2 side zippered pockets w/carry handles. separate padded pouch for handgun or accessories.E. zippered file & organizer compartment with ID holder. Available in: A. waterproof bottom.O. Available in: Black or Olive Drab Extra-Long Vinyl Reinforced Carry Handles 3 Zippered Outside Pockets Lashing Gear Rings Vinyl D Rings 3141 SPECIAL OPS LAPTOP/BRIEFCASE BAG. 3 open/2 zippered outside compartments. PVC lined. Black. 2 front inside zipper organizer/accessory pockets w/quick release key ring strap. digital camo coyote brown black . rear padded compartment w/zipper. M. large main compartment w/mesh zippered pouch.L.L. 171/2” x 5" x 12". adjustable padded shoulder strap. water resistant nylon cordura. carry handles. Digital Camo.L. quick release buckle closures. HW 900 denier polyester.E. front zippered organizer pocket with 2 outside zippered pouches. removable padded sleeve for laptop. Foliage Green & Coyote Brown 27 a. heavyweight canvas. ID holder. 2 zippered lid pockets w/penholders.O. large main compartment w/flap.c. hook & loop attachment on flap.L. carry handle. 19” x 12” x 121/2”. Available in: A. TACTICAL LAPTOP/BRIEFCASE.O. front flap w/ID holder.c. 3 side pockets w/elastic. loops on back. zippered document compartment. 3 detachable M.C. 600 denier polyester. Digital Camo or Black ID Holder Inside Security Pouch a.U.u. zippered main compartment w/removable divider.U. padded adjustable shoulder strap. water resistant bottom.E. 241/2” x 12” x 11” 8165 BLACK POLICE EQUIPMENT BAG. 2 top hook & loop baton loops.Tactical Briefcases & Gear Bags 8149 DELUXE LAW ENFORCEMENT GEAR BAG. PVC coated lining. 2 hook & loop & 1 zippered pocket. pouches on front. 34” x 15” x 12”. shoulder strap Padded Handgun pouch Padded Shoulder Straps 8136 MOSSAD TACTICAL DUFFLE BAG.L. 17½” x 12¼” x 6”.C. digital camo 3 End Pouches Black FOLIAGE GREEN Removable Laptop Pouch 3131 M. front & back panels. 1000 denier polyester. clear inner pouch.L. back zippered pocket.u. hard shell bottom.

O. front compartment w/exterior zippered pocket.L. adjustable padded shoulder straps. M. accessory loops. padded back w/breathable mesh backing. large main compartment. 600 denier polyester (except 40125 multicam). licensed 1000D Cordura nylon fabric foliage green 40159 . top carry handle. large main compartment w/zippered mesh pouch. top & side adjustable web straps.c. top carry handle. hydration bladder compatible. rubberized waterproof bottom.O. M.E.W. DIGITAL CAMO coyote brown 40239 Back 28 40125 MULTICAM. large main compartment with zippered pouch and mesh pocket.S.L.O. hydration bladder compatible. compatible. internal hydration panel.L. foam back support panel.u. DIGITAL CAMO 2288 woodland camo 2579 coyote brown 2289 2940 MULTICAM. 17" x 10" x 9" Foliage Green 2983 black 2287 olive drab 2584 A.E.E. Available in 3 great colors 7289 coyote Brown foliage green 7282 black 7287 M. licensed 1000D Cordura nylon fabric 2559 woodland digital camo LARGE TRANSPORT PACKS.W. M. water repellant lining. adjustable/removable waist belt.Military & Tactical Packs MEDIUM TRANSPORT PACKS.W. H. top & side adjustable web straps w/quick release buckles. attachments on front and sides.L. H.L. 600 denier polyester (except 2940 Multicam).c.E. 20'' x 12'' x 7'' BLACK 40139 40129 A. made from U. made from U.L.u. water repellent pockets & lining. 1 outside zipper pouch. H. II 3 DAY ASSAULT PACKS. adjustable waist belt. sternum strap. 600 denier polyester. adjustable padded shoulder straps w/D-rings.L. padded back and shoulder straps w/breathable mesh backing. 3 additional zipper pockets and storage compartments.L.O. compatible.S. 19" x 15" x 8".

600 denier polyester. Loops Adjustable Side Shoulder Strap 2298 Army Digital Camo 40149 DELUXE A. Long Range ASSAULT PACK. 2 Cell Phone/ ID Pockets.L. adjustable shoulder straps & hip belt. Hook & Loop Tie Down MOLLE Loops Outside Zipper Pocket ROTHCO 25L TACTICAL BACKPACKS. DIGITAL CAMO M. large main compartment w/drawstring closure. heavyweight 900 denier polyester.O. 17” x 13” x 8” Top Carry Handle Large Main Compartment w/Drawstring Pouch & Zippered Mesh Pocket Front Zippered Compartment w/2 Inner Pouches.L.E. ID Holder & Inner Pouch w/Hook & Loop Closure Black Large Zippered Back Pouch To Store Straps Padded Backpack Shoulder Straps w/D-Rings Padded Waist Strap w/Hideaway Pouch M.W. 2 side pockets w/zipper closure.E. Available in: Army Digital Camo (2298).u. 21” x 14½" x 8”.L. breathable padded mesh back. 111/2” x 63/4” x 19” available in Coyote Brown or Black Adjustable Side Straps w/Quick Release Buckle & Hook & Loop Tie Downs 2748 COYOTE Padded Back w/Mesh Backing BROWN Back Zippered Compartment Holds 3 Liter Hydration Bladder (Not Included) Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps w/D-Rings Padded Lumbar Support Removable Waist Strap w/Quick Release Buckle 29 2448 BLACK .L. Black (2299) or Coyote Brown (2297) Luggage Tag Top Carry Handle Large Zippered Expandable Main Compartment w/2 Adjustable Tie Down Straps w/Quick Release Buckles Adjustable Cinch Straps w/Quick Release Buckles Carabiner Side Carry Handle Front M. top cover w/quick release buckles and zippered pouch.c. Pen Holders. H. Loops 2297 Coyote Brown 2299 Zippered Compartment w/3 Separate Inner Zippered Pouches Zippered Organizer Compartment w/Pen Holder. carries like a travel bag-converts to a backpack. perfect to carry on plane.O.L.O. heavyweight 900 denier polyester.L.E.Tactical Packs ROTHCO MOVE OUT Tactical/Travel BAG.

L. Available in Black (2438) or Coyote Brown (2638) 2" Wide Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap w/Quick 8" x 4" x 8½" Release Buckle Main Compartment w/Drawstring Closure COYOTE BROWN M. sternum strap.D. M.D. etc.C.L. adjustable shoulder strap.U.W. Also available in: Black (2865) 30 2825 COYOTE BROWN M. backpack straps w/quick release buckles. 9947 O. soft bite valve w/on-off switch. 21¾” long when open.O. H.L. (40226) or Black (40225) M.E. great for ammo. quick release shoulder straps.L.E. 2 inside pouches. 2 front zipper storage compartments one w/inside mesh pockets. 8319 COYOTE BROWN BLACK O. soft bite on-off switch.O. 12"H x 6"W x 4"D 8320 Back Pocket w/Zipper Closure BLACK Large Side Pocket w/Drawstring Closure and Hook & Loop Tie Down Exterior Cell Phone Pouch w/Quick Release Buckle BLACK D-Ring Front Zippered Pouch w/Inside Mesh Pocket Padded Back Side Zippered Pocket Back M.C.I. top flap w/snaps. Also available in Camo (9948) and Black (9946) 2855 A.O.. 8½” x 4” x 1½” closed. holds airsoft shotgun shells or 12 & 20 gauge shells. Digital Camo (2820) or Multicam (2840) .L. polyurethane bladder w/neoprene covered hose.L. flap closure w/quick release buckle. polyurethane bladder w/neoprene covered hose. w/belt clips. H.L. back flap.L.O. M.E. Airsoft. 600 denier polyester. G. Tactical AMMO POUCH.L. H.E.D.O. 201/2” x 101/2”. 600 denier poly. front & top carry handle.L. attachment for name tape. bladder compartment w/zipper closure. 3-LITER BACKSTRAP HYDRATION SYSTEM.L. 3-LITER HYDRATION PACK.L.W. nylon.O.U. folds closed with hoop and loop sides.O. Compatible Hook & Loop Belt Loop Loop Attachment for Name Tape Front Flap w/Quick Release Buckle and 2 Exterior Zippered Pockets FLEXIPACK M.L.L. Also available in Black (2830). iPad. front zippered pouch w/interior and exterior pocket.E. compatible. 4 colors in all m-16 ­ clip pouches.E. 25 elastic shell loops.Tactical bags & hydration systems ROTHCO ADVANCED TACTICAL BAGS. compatible.E. M.W.O.E.O. compatible.L. Available in: O.L.L. PVC coated polyester. straps. A. Digital camo RAPID TREK M. 600 denier poly.E. 20½” x 10”.L. Style 8” x 4” x 31/2”. 600 denier polyester. TACTICAL SHOULDER BAG. PVC lining w/drawstring closure.

front clip pouch.O. fits 92 F or 45 ACP 1911 MULTICAM M. holds 3 clips. fits all military handguns including Beretta.L. mesh bottom. designed for right or left hand operations. matches.c.O. TACTICAL HOLSTER. fits Beretta 92 F or 45 ACP 1911 made from U.E.O. extra top flap with quick-release adjustable strap closure for extra security. grommet hole.O. grommet hole.O. adhesive tape.L. DIGITAL CAMO M. 40111 black 1 QT denier poly.L.L. alcohol prep pad.L. 6” x 41/4” x 11/4” 40115 M. modular design for left or right hand use. can also use as .L. hook & loop closure. 600 denier . compatible pouches & accessories attach to the heavy-duty nylon webbing on both the Ranger Rack Vest and the 3 Day Assault Pack. These M.O.D. M.L.E. 7” x 23/4” x 3” 40007 M. flap w/snap and hook & loop closure.O. quick release buckle. holds two 30 round magazines for M-16/M-4 series weapon.E.L. quick release buckle. 1 single mag pouch. GEAR. 2 small side pouches for water purification tablets. 600 40114 M.E.c.O.E. licensed 1000D Cordura nylon fabric.O. 61/2” x 41/2” x 21/2” 31 See all our M.E. flap w/snap and hook & loop closure.L.E.L. snap and hook & loop closure. 100 ROUND SAW POUCH.E. elastic cord for securing weapon.L.L.O.L. grommet hole.A. fits large frame semi-automatic pistols 40116 M.O. the Current Generation of load bearing equipment.L.L. COMPATIBLE CANTEEN COVERS.O. water resistant lining. Glock and 1911.L.u. fuel tabs etc. holds 1qt canteen or use as a utility pouch.straps. CANTEEN/ UTILITY POUCH.L.L.L.223 mag pouch 10477 M.S. pouch also sold separately (9716) ZIPPER FIRST AID KIT. holds one standard grenade.L.L.O. 2 removable M. thumbsnap.O.E.L. grommet hole. quick release buckle. adjustable snap closures to fit duty belts of all widths.E. great for empty magazine storage. gear in our full catalog or at rothco. 10” x 8” x 3” bandages.E. grommeted drain hole.E.L. 3 MAG 9MM POUCH.E. 7” x 23/4” x 11/4” 40121 M. 600 denier polyester.L.E.L. Gear A. holds three 30 round magazines for the M-16/M-4 series weapons. snap closure.L. aspirin & other essential first aid items.E. inside elastic top.E. 10555 10549 1000 denier polyester.O.L. 10558 M. holds 100 rounds of belt ammo or can be used as a general purpose pouch.O. compatible.u. TACTICAL HOLSTER.L. includes 8716 M.L. M.L. 61/2” x 41/2” x 3” 40122 M.E. MODULAR ambidextrous HOLSTER. adjustable hook & loop thumb snap.L. Digital M. front clip pouch.L.E. 3 MAG M-16 POUCH. DOUBLE M-16 MAG POUCH.O. thumbsnap.L.L.O. M. TACTICAL DUMP POUCH.L. UNIVERSAL PISTOL ambidextrous HOLSTER..E. made to Mil-Spec.L.O. HAND GRENADE POUCH. Also available in: O.L. 4” x 23/4” x 2” 40120 M.

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