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Manual tp-link

Manual tp-link

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manual de utilizare
manual de utilizare

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Published by: Vasilica Getuta on Mar 16, 2013
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Selecting Status will enable you to view the AP’s current status and configuration, all of which is


Figure 4-1 Status

1. LAN

This field displays the current settings or information for the LAN, including the MAC address, IP
and Subnet Mask.

2. Wireless

This field displays basic information or status for wireless function, including Wireless Radio,


SSID, Channel, Mode, and Wireless MAC address.

3. WAN

These parameters apply to the WAN port of the router, including MAC address, IP address,
Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS server. If PPPoE is chosen as the WAN connection
type, the Disconnect button will be shown here while you are accessing the Internet. You can
also cut the connection by clicking the button. If you have not connected to the Internet, just click
Connect to establish the connection.

4. Traffic Statistics

This field displays the router's traffic statistics.

5. System Up Time

The total up time of the router since it was powered on or reset.

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