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slo! Bast & Brightest ‘Winners from the Conerete’s MIP contest “The votes are in and counted. We World of Concrete 2008 takes place and money It aso gives eonerete producers are pleased to announce the Jan, 22-25 in Las Vegas. For more, visit the added flexibility to quiekly and easily winners ofthe 2007 Most Innovative retool plant extensions with additional Products contest. Held each year at che transfer points Ie is ako available in single World of Concrete, the contest showcased or dual-tail and roll-over type or clamshell just a fraction of the new produets chat appeared atthe show held lst January at the Las Vegas Convention Center Inall, 137 entries competed in 14 different categories, and awards were given in each category for Attendees’ Choice and Experts Choice. In on tec ‘won both awards in the Concrete Making Materials category. In Placement Taols & bottom discharge. Advanced Concrete Technologies Ine. 603-431-3661, Circle 1. Ea Wireless truck tracking Clutch Concrete i a wireless BLES siatform for providing mobil managers blend of fleet GPS business analyties and userdefined alerts fom theit existing dsparch system. Jt extends the mobile enterprise by providing real-time wireless access to key business indicators, including late customer deliveries, ‘onsite performance slow-loading plants, and Equipment, two companies, Somer erprises and Lura Enterprise, both were awanled Expert) Choice Award The winners represene the range of thinking requ problems. So take another look at the products considered by professionals like you to be some of the best and brightest arous largest Word of Concrete ever. IF you excessive driver ‘would like to leam more about hovr these artup times. It products ean help you do your job, circle Cc provides personal the corresponding number on the reader ily diiver service card and mal it Flying bucket system productivity reports Below is a sample of the winners of ‘The ACT 2250 flying bucket [| for each driver most interest to producers. Fora ful ist of crete delivery stern features || Jonel Engineers winners, vist the press release section at an integral chute that eliminates the need | 800-432-4567. worwhanleywood!.com. Fora list ofall of the for multiple transfer chutes and, because | wuw.jonel-com. entre, visit, only one chute needs cleaning, sives time) Circle 2. fed to solve particular er dae 2007/15 urna The