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How Far Will Your Photos Go?

PhotoKast is a new iPhone app that lets you broadcast your photos and
help others broadcast theirs. Post a photo from your camera or album
and it will be sent to PhotoKast users in your area. If they like what they
see, they can vote to send it on to others near them. The more people
that like your photo, the faster and further it will spread throughout the
world! Track the buzz generated by each of your pictures through com-
ments and maps that show its popularity all over the world.

My Kasts, Top Kasts Photo Trails Messaging Saving Photos

One-tap access to see your See where your photos are See a photo you like and If you find a photo you like,
photos and how far they most popular on a world want to strike up a conversa- you can also save a copy of it
have travelled. Also, easily map, and browse through the tion with its author? Not a to your own photo album.
browse the top photos many comments left by the problem! (Full functionality in See an offensive photo? Be
worldwide! people who voted for it. PRO version) sure to let us know about it.