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Evil Black Females

Evil Black Females

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Published by Vonne Monai
Vonne Monai's Autobigraphy/Notes
Vonne Monai's Autobigraphy/Notes

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Published by: Vonne Monai on Mar 17, 2013
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April 1, 2013 For all of you Black Men who are still trying to figure the Black Woman

out here goes : The Black Woman "Belongs" to the White Man! The game used to be played as follows : The Willie Lynch Mentality is deployed at Home and at School. It is taught and reinforced everywhere and at all times. White Men (at school ) raped these black girls and boys then recruited them to do petty crimes like beating me up routinely (Willie Lynch Slave Mentality+Slanderous Instigating). This would further indoctrinate them into the required self loathing mindset it takes to run down the Black man or anyone. In exchange for sex they receive the latest sneakers and coats. It's probably because they have already placed their parents in some sort of a financial bind and they can't or won't provide for them. I have noticed that the majority of the black mothers were complicit with this system for various reasons and they themselves were prostitutes .

The black girls and boys were dragged deeper into the pedophilia and sex slavery they would later assist their Zionist and Papist Authority figures with in the future. They used to release these prostitutes (when they had used them up at around 28 years old) into the general population complete with unearned credentials to further degrade the life of good, unsuspecting, Black men. Giving them positions where they could help further the criminal plans of their masters. They'd stupidly marry these Black females and not realize they are forever on call to service the sexual needs of their Masters, The Zionists and Papists. Having many of them embroiled in organized crime, they find themselves trapped unless they too can receive their fake credentials to be set loose on a society of unsuspecting "good" Americans of all races. These Black females were never yours and they never will be! The White woman goes along with this because she is frigid (the result of inbreeding). What does she care as long as he pays the bills? They have no progeny and want to destroy yours! Everyone really prefers their own kind.

It is just that The Zionists and Papists gene pool are so degraded that they seek to ruin everyone else's while attempting to improve their own and dominate the world! This was another reason why I was not interested in a relationship of any kind with any of them! I figured all of the men (if they could be called men) were taken and it gave me confirmation on my earlier decision to bow out of the dating game entirely. "You never get a second chance to make a first impression" I guess the saying is right because I could never get past my first impressions of them, which I never doubted was correct.

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