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Published by: sshhmmuueell on Mar 17, 2013
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Breaking illusions: Sleep paralysis We all got trough this. Itches, serious body sensations.

We desperately wanted to have our first SP experiences and these damn body signals made us loose so many attempts. What about it? Are we doing something wrong? Introduction I started lucid dreaming maybe a year ago, and didnt manage to have WILD with unaltered consciousness transition yet. But I had a lot of unfinished attempts ending with DILDs. I had some DEILDs and best results came with slight modified MILD techniques. {I hate naming techniques, but it is the best way not to make it too long}. Nearly every evening i am doing WILD preparation exercises and it is starting to get serious. I think, I can help you with problems you surely experience when starting your first attempts. So how dit it all probably start for you? How it all starts? You had your first spontaneous lucid dream {or not yet}. You try researching on google and you find dreamviews with dozens of motivated people here. You do your research and sign up here. You find some interesting techniques, how to achieve WILD and SP. You study them and try them yourself. And here are the roots of the problem. Nearly everyone thinks sequentially and as everyone here describes, WILD is technique which takes time to learn. So why not to achieve SP as the first step in a row. For most of you sleep paralysis is body sensation happenning on sleep onset, when you loose control over your body. If you are just starting you are fully motivated and cant wait to achieve this cool new Sleep paralylis everyone talks about. Your first gate into lucid dreaming at will. And what you do next? Later on... You are in search of techniques to help you relax your body and sink deeper and deeper into relaxation, and hopefully sleep paralysis strikes and you go trough it all and you finally made it. You will eventually make it trough first step and you may continue further with another steps. WRONG !!!. Do you think, it would be that simple? You will surely experience things like itches which must be desperately scratched, body sensations sometimes even hurting. Swallowing sensation. And believe me, first nigths, you will not be able to sleep well, becouse you will be fully awake after the body finally wins the battle against you. Most of you even dont search for sleep paralysis, most of you would like to experience the transition phase at first: When everything shakes, some electricity-like sensation, sounds... Well. Its almost impossible to achieve this intentionally {unless you are pretty good with concentration (most of us isnt)}. Remember. Your mind shuts your body down only if it believes you are no longer interested in sensations coming from your body. But if you are waiting for transition, if you would like to experience it. It simply cannot happen. Your mind is not and idiot Your search after Sleep paralysis is something you should forget about as soon as possible. Remember your first and last goal. You want to achieve WILD and what happens en route, simply happens. Forget about your body So according to what I said, you should concentrate on WILD and not on SP. But how? You feel

. This way you build some kind of choppy film made only of your memories. About your body.. but dont spend too much time here. You have to be relaxed before you make your WILD transition.. Still you feel it. You feel your muscles. But why? Simply if you dont relax yourself. thats the task. the more you pay attention to them. but your own hand in bed? Doesnt matter . Use method you like most. The film you made with concentration starts to take its own way and you might discover yourself in your dream world. Construct the sequence of tactile feelings. Believe me. And this is really.. it starts performing on its own) Step 1: Relaxation Relaxation is vital. You dont have to go into extremes. how to do it and Inertia does the rest. becouse as you go deeper. it takes its own inertia and it gets more detail. I know. Step 2: Forgetting about the body Your body is slightly relaxed and you start to sense. You are starting to move into your own internal world. Pretend you are near your desk. that the body starts to shut down on its own. You will be using nothing more than your memory and one cool phenomenon:Inertia (As soon as you start something with your body. just pretend it.. and they keep yourself within your own body. use your memory. Pretend you are in your bedroom. If you cannot see. which is attacking you with signals. This way you program yourself to act on its own later. Try harder.. And it continues relaxing without you being mentally present. really simple.like your body is attacking you with itches. Relaxation is crucial. (luckily it is not as bad as it seems at first ) What now? You want to forget about the body. Simple task which is probably not as easily performed as stated. guess. You dont have to see your hand. Maybe each second one feeling. Internal world . And thats what we are going to change in step 2. internal world. how it feels. Step 3: This is the place for sleep paralysis As you are using memories of touch. With practice you are heroes. You dont see it. You touched that desk in past. You were playing in your own internal world made of memories and fully forget about your body. Touch it with your hand. It makes some twitches to relax the muscles automatically and this unfortunatelly breaks the concentration you will need later. Now imagine it in your minds eye. you should no longer pay attention to your body. Just pretend. Internal world starts to become more and more real overtime. and these signals get stronger. And this time it is becouse you were not present while it was happening. You dont have to see it. the body does it for your. Everyone says that. what happens? You are forgetting about external world. Move your imaginary hand over the desk. You get it? Thats it. it needs some anmount of concentration to mantain at first. You may or may not suddenly feel the transition which you awaited sooo much at the beginning. You see darkness? Pretend you see the desk. but this methods are not fun. hear. How does the texture feel like? You dont feel anything. sounds. No problem. So you will soon find out. Take a deep breath or two becouse you are going to construct our own internal world. it will continue to relax more and more becouse you gave it the instructions. feel. Bets way how to forget about your body is to create another. But you saw it in past.. You know. But as you progress... I tried many methods like counting and breathing. touch. just as in real life when you do something requiring concentration. So you should prepare your body to be slightly relaxed. .gateway into lucid dream You are in your own body. maybe visuals.. which you are probably starting to dislike. And as you dont interfere with the process. try harder.

and what we all have. that you must consciously observe the process of shutting down. You really should change your view on sleep paralysis. I managed to break some illusions about sleep paralysis and helped to clarify the process of wild how i percieve it. Share Lucidreaman. But I simply use something what is natural. Believe me. while it happens. I hope. It is much easier to hide yourself into your own mentally created memory world and have fun within your head. Let your body relax. I was not good at tactile imaging and i could see only blackness. But this doesnt mean. LucidJuggalo and 4 others like this. The true WILD happens in your head.Conclusion WILD is the process of falling asleep consciously. I cannot imagine well. Memories and inertia. . and start experimenting within your head. SilverBullet.

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