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Coll Turkish

Coll Turkish

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Published by: Ashraf on Mar 17, 2013
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Exercise 2

Hello John,

After Dalaman we came to Fethiye. It’s very nice here and the streets are lively.
Tomorrow we’ll go to the world’s cleanest coast, we’ll go to ‘Ölüdeniz’. We’ll do some

sunbathing, and some swimming. The day after, we’ll go see Saklıkent. Greetings from
Fethiye, Ertuğrul

Exercise 3

Next week we’ll move to Ankara. I hope that our neighbours will turn out to be nice. To
be able to feel at home in a place, a good neighbour is important. After we have moved,
we’ll invite all our neighbours. After the holiday, our child will go to a new school, and
make new friends.

That şart means something like ‘important’ should be clear from the context. However,
literally şart means ‘condition’, so the Turkish says something like ‘good neighbours
are a condition (for a pleasant life)’. If taşındıktan sonra means ‘after we have moved’,
the -dıktan sonra part must mean ‘after we….’ From tatilden sonra and its translation,
it should be obvious that sonra (-den), that is: sonra preceded by the ablative case
(‘away from’, see Unit 3), means ‘after’. ‘To make friends’ is olmak ‘to become’,
combined with arkadaş and the third person possessive marker .

Exercise 4

1 Yarın plaja gidiyorum/gideceğim. 2 Gelecek hafta benim evime gelecekler/geliyorlar.
3 Kutlay yarın gelecek/geliyor. 4 Mutlaka partine geleceğim. 5 Bu akşam çalışacaksın.

Exercise 5

1 Bu lafları/saçmalığı dinlemeyeceğim. 2 Ülkü Amerikalı komşumuzla İngilizce
konuşmayacak. 3 Süt alacak mısın(ız)? 4 Ona hediye vermeyeceğiz. 5 Hesabı
ödemeyecekler mi?

Exercise 6

You cannot use -ecek in such a context, since it is used for future plans or intentions
and not for proposals. It does not refer to a

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