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Published by: Leaf Heart on Mar 17, 2013
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Awareness of the community to control children through family planning program (KB) continued to show progress.

Currently, people who need to go to a midwife in the local area. Whereas before, bidanlah should go one by one and forcing families to promote family planning. It was raised by Novi Indarwati S.SiT, lecturer at the College of Obstetrics Health Sciences (STIKES) Tlogorejo Semarang. He explained that the first family planning program very difficult to be accepted by society. So, to avoid a population explosion, health, the midwife came down citizen to be invited to family planning. "Until now there are still people who antipathy towards family planning, but the numbers were small compared to the people who are aware of family planning," he said. The reason people who refused, he said, to dwell on the matter of religion and tradition. "There was also a mother who already has 10 children still do not want family planning, the reason a lot of kids, a lot of good luck. Fact there carrying religious reasons, namely KB karema unlawful killing fetus candidate," he explained. Novi did not focus on the religious aspects and traditions of family planning, but it should be given an adequate and well about the benefits of family planning. At least with the KB will reduce the negative impact of economic opinion if not sufficient. From the health side, many a mother who gave birth to son fragile condition. From the perspective of the child, the more, then how to set focus on each child should be more patient and wait. Ideal KB Meanwhile, Dr. Hari P, SpOG explained, the conditions are ideal contraceptive, easy, inexpensive, safe, and effective. He explained that the control of the population through this program is the human endeavor to create a peaceful life. "So if it was to have children, then the will of God, then human beings just trying to turn everything over to the on top," said a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Holy. (Zaka / Portal)

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