Less reporting levels HR Scheme : 1. design flaws and trends Employability is not generally for life time .Retail team have flexibility to change locations as per their requirement .ie-People are chosen on contract and are fired if not performed properly On the Job training which they call as Learning and Development(L&D) is very well known and famous.HR practice Team: -Design Team -Manufacturing Team -Logistic Team -Retail Team Staffing is according to the sales volume versus selling area Store managers are empowered to take the decision Employees ( Store managers )are promoted on the basis on their target order placed Financial incentives for store manager to identify .


tenure in company and performance Diversity issue comes into picture Traditional Management style(Upward flow of communication) Lifetime employability Loyalty is formed via individual personal relation rather than by organization .Asian HR trends Collectivist Society Work force development and promotion through age .

. focusing Zara as family Management need to have a blend of local experts and experienced Zara culture  Hybrid approach to promotion that considers tenure and individual performance Workforce planners must generate a new staffing model considering traditional model of their staffing model of sales volume versus selling area HR needs to focus on merit and supported on their development instead of firing them easy Focusing more on their career plans and enable life time employability Store incentives should be introduced.Recommendation: Needs to establish an Asia specific corporate culture .

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