Palm Sunday (1882

Matthew 21:1-9 A strange entry of Him Who still entered as the King of Israel! Therefore, He was not recognized by most among the people as Whom He really was. Yet He showed Himself here as the true spiritual King, in the form of Savior. How the Lord Christ was precisely revealed when He entered Jerusalem, that He is the promised Savior; 1. there is a lack of worldly splendor, but it reveals divine glory1, omniscience, power to direct the heart. Such a Savior is our need. We need a Savior Who knows our need, hears prayers, has won the hearts of people in His power; 2. there is a lack of worldly weapons, however we notice spiritual weapons for performing the work of redemption.2 He has not helped us with victories that are gained by worldly weapons. We need a Savior Who defeats sin, death, and devil for us. For such victories this King moves in here in the form of a servant; 3. there is a lack of worldly tyranny, however we notice divine activity of grace for the conquest of the hearts of men.3 The disciples are diligent in the service of drawing in, the people will awaken for cries of Hosanna. We need a Savior Who draws our hearts to Himself. F.P.

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