Meditation is to melt, to move from one being to another, from one person to the whole place.

Meditation is to look into the palace of the peace. Perfecting the idea that we are not perfect, practicing the peace inside of us. Meditation is the moment when you smile and don't look for any reasons, Meditation is in the room where there is silence and there is no room for any Meditation with out the sane silence. Meditation is a must for love, meting is must for love, the morning which marks the merger of the lover and beloved is Meditation. The moment when we miss and at the same time realize what we are missing is must and is the marrow, that very marrow of life is meditation. Man is a human with this meditation, with in is resides all the answers and with out it all we can see is humiliation. Sending you all beautiful being a sane silence , the salt of life, the special some thing which you will feel when you will be musical , when you will be crazy and yet not mad , when you will be a woman in a man and man in a woman and the wonder inside of the woman. Missing my Meditation Samvit……

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