rab kar da shyun tong gi langtso chen Dazzling white, in the bloom of youth like a pure new moon

, tsen péi ku chok chi dak dü chom ma Your supreme form has all the marks and signs. You who vanquish the mara of the Lord of Death, tsé dang yeshé ngödrup chok terwa Grant us long life and wisdom, and the supreme attainment. jetsün yishyin khorlor solwa dep Noble Lady, Wish-fulfilling Wheel, to you I pray! om tare tuttare ture soha

འའ འའ འའ འའ འའ འའ seven groups of protectors
They are the Damchen Dedun (dam-can sde-bdun), the seven oath-bound deities : 1. Maning Nakpo, 2. Ekadzati, 3. Remati, 4. Shenpa Sodrup, 5. Zadü Rahula, 6. Dorje Lekpa, and 7. Nödjin Marnak.

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