The name Australia comes from the Latin word australis,meaning southern.

Australia is the only country that is also a continent.In area,it ranks as the sixth largest country and smallest continent.The national capital and the largest inland city is Canberra.More than 80 per cent of Australia’s people live in cities and towns,making it one of the world’s most urbanized countries. The northern third of the Australian continent lies in the tropics and is warm or hot all year round . … .Originally,all the world’s continent were part of one huge land mass.The region that is now Australia became separated from this land mass about 200 milion years ago and,as a result,the animal life of Australia developed differently from that of other continents.For example,marsupials are Australia’s most unusual and famous creatures.Autralia has about 150 species of marsupials… Kangaroos are the symbol of Australia to people throughout the world.The kangoroo family includes about 50 species.They range in size from the huge red and grey kangaroos to tiny creatures smaller than domestic cat. The koala,a native of Australia’s eastern forests,was near extinction in the 1920’s.Today,this is a protected species. Australia also had about 700 species of native birds.They include the world’s only black swans. Along the northeast coast of the continent lies the Great Berrie Reef,the largest group of coral reefs in the world.This is a unique area with an unmatched variety create a beautiful sea garden… The first Australians,a dark-skinned people known today as Aborigines,had lived in Australia for at least 40.000 years before the first white settlers arrived.In the late 1700’s Great Britain settled Australia as a prison colony and most Australian people are of British origin.They brought many British customs with them. … Nevertheless,the Australian people have developed their own way of life.

2b.Read the text and choose a sentence from a-d to fill spaces-1-4. a.The best known marsupials of Australia are kangaroos and koalas. b.For example,tes is Australia’s favourite hot drink,and people drive on the left-hand side of the

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