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com Program Objectives (1 of 2)  Describe what creativity is .  How creativity leads to organizational success.  Increase skills to increase your personal creativity. Page 2 . .ReadySetPresent.www.  Understand how the creative mind works. .

Page 3 .  Learn how creativity will affect your future.com Program Objectives (2 of 2)  Learn to foster organizational creativity.www.  Learn to use creativity as a team/group.ReadySetPresent.

www.ReadySetPresent.com A Challenge Please write a One Sentence Definition of CREATIVITY Page 4 .

com Definition Webster’s Dictionary: Artistic or intellectual inventiveness Creativity involves the generation of new ideas Brings into existence something new. Page 5 .ReadySetPresent.www.

ReadySetPresent. Through novel. different.www. imaginative. unusual.  Useful: responds to a need.  Understandable: not the result of chance. has some utility or value.com What Is Creativity? (1 of 9) Describable and Satisfying:  Novel: unique. creativity is describable and satisfying. non-typical. answers a question. innovative. reproducible. Page 6 . new.

ReadySetPresent.www. Page 7 .com What Is Creativity? (2 of 9) Social Factors:  Creativity is fostered by an environment.  Creativity must be valued by a community.  Creativity is shaped by those who evaluate it.

www.com What Is Creativity? (3 of 9) Creativity Needs:  Skill: Learned capacity or talent to carry out pre-determined results.  Talent: Natural endowments of a person. Page 8 .  Personality: Patterns of relatively enduring characteristics of human behavior.ReadySetPresent.

 Choosing  Predicting  Interpreting  Translating  Recalling  Manipulating Page 9 .ReadySetPresent.com What Is Creativity? (4 of 8) Intellectual Skills: Humans have intellectual skills that allow them to have creativity .www. . .

Page 10 .  Predicting: To state.www. tell about. on the basis of special knowledge.ReadySetPresent. or make something known in advance.  Interpreting: To explain and understand the meaning of something and to conceive the significance of it.com What Is Creativity? (5 of 9)  Choosing: To select from a number of possibilities and pick by preference.

manage.  Manipulating: To handle. Page 11 .com What Is Creativity? (6 of 9)  Translating: To transform something from one state to another.  Recalling: To remember and bring back to mind a previous subject or situation.ReadySetPresent. or use (sometimes with skill) an object in a process or performance.www.

Use 1 or more of the 6 intellectual skills to come up with a creative idea Page 12 . . .  remember previous knowledge and use it skillfully.  interpret communication and share it.com What Is Creativity? (7 of 9) Use Your Own Process: With these skills we are able to .ReadySetPresent.  select knowledge and use it toward a specific goal.www.

and poems.ReadySetPresent. . short stories. Page 13 .  Scientific: inventions or medical cures.  Artistic/Musical: beautiful paintings. or songs. . sculptures.com What Is Creativity? (8 of 9) Creativity can come in different forms .www.  Creative Writing: novels.

23 slides covering management and group creativity as well as 11 slides about creativity in the future plus much more. the benefits of creativity. over techniques. organizational success through creativity.About This Product: www.ReadySetPresent. left and right brain thinking. creative people and their qualities.com 100+ PowerPoint presentation content slides include topics such as: understanding creativity as a human skill using mini systems and processes. Within the first 43 slides you will discover connection between creativity and organizational success and ways to increase your personal creativity. Royalty Free – Use Them Over and Over Again.com Page 14 . blocks to creativity. There are 9 slides covering the definition of creativity. examples and exercises.ReadySetPresent. Please Visit: www.com To download this entire Creativity PowerPoint presentation visit ReadySetPresent. methods. In addition you will receive 19 slides of unique information about fostering organizational creativity. 10 slides on how creative mind works followed by 14 slides describing the process of creativity.

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