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72482184 Ten Essentials for Successful SAP Consulting

72482184 Ten Essentials for Successful SAP Consulting

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Ten Essentials For Successful SAP Consulting

Introduction......................................................................................3 Plan .....................................................................................................4 Entrepreneur....................................................................................8 Know the basics of the IT development process................. 10 Learn ................................................................................................. 12 Be a Problem Solver ..................................................................... 14 Be flexible ........................................................................................ 16 Know your limitations ................................................................. 18 Network ............................................................................................ 20 Interview .......................................................................................... 23 Work hard, but play hard too ................................................... 26 Conclusion ...................................................................................... 28


Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting

but it was a LOT . First. South America and all over Europe. at some of the biggest and best-known multinational companies. I‟ve worked in the USA.Introduction As someone who's made a substantial amount of money as a very successful SAP consultant during the last few years I'm not going to tell you how much. 3 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . It‟s been an interesting journey. In this short e-book you‟ll find ten of the most important strategies and behaviors to consider and implement in your daily consulting life.I think it's high time to spill the beans on how I did it and what I consider to be some of the most important strategies and tactics that you can use to succeed as well. a few words about me. I‟ve been working in the IT business for far longer than I‟d care to remember. and for the last nineteen years as a freelance SAP consultant. Asia. with many ups and downs along the way. and I have lots of stories to tell. I hope you‟ll be able to relate what you read here to your own career so far and maybe it‟ll give you some ideas on how to proceed for a successful future in SAP consulting. Try them out – they really do make a difference.

not „hope to achieve‟. you must plan for at least two timeframes:Long-term or Strategic level Where do you want to be in ten years or twenty years time? And I don‟t mean lying on a beach in the Maldives. Writing them down reinforces them in your memory. If they are too vague you won‟t visualize them properly. Here you set the overall direction of your life. Relevant goals here might be owning a house. seeing your children through college. you plan to fail! This simple pearl of wisdom has stood the test of time. Write your goals down on paper. You have probably heard the old saying – if you fail to plan. Use a diary. Be as specific as you can in defining your goals. It‟s much better than just keeping them in your head. managing a large project team successfully. remaining in good health. although on second thoughts maybe that‟s not such a bad idea.Plan “The beginning is the most important part of the work” – Plato. where frequent change is the norm. 4 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . To be effective. especially in today‟s fast-moving world. I cannot stress enough how important planning is as an essential stepping stone to business or personal success. just to list a few. career or business by mapping out what you expect to achieve in the medium to long-term future. Notice I wrote „expect to achieve‟.

Then work out how you‟re going to achieve those goals and write that down as well. And there you have it! Your very own plan. but you get the idea. getting to the office on time. Personally. but as a rule of thumb. and in some cases every day. For example. there are other things to plan too. And there could several levels in between at which you want to plan as well. like your work schedule. they are useless unless you actually use them to steer yourself or your business in the right direction. This means that you need to monitor how you are progressing against your plans often. taking regular exercise. strategic plans should be reviewed once a month and you should monitor your operational plans at least weekly. I‟m happy with the two levels of planning I described above. Some people do it differ5 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . but that‟s up to you to decide. I recommend taking the first ten to fifteen minutes each morning when you arrive at your workplace to plan in writing what you will do that day. Ok. Simple as that. You need to understand that no matter how well you draft your plans. How frequently will depend on your situation. Planning is an on-going process. But it doesn‟t stop there. getting up in the morning. Short-term or Operational level What do you want for breakfast tomorrow morning? The aim of short term planning is to make sure that the day-to-day activities you have identified as being essential to helping you move towards your long-term goals are carried out.

Make logical job transitions: You will know what skills and responsibilities to look for in the next job or contract assignment. 6 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . you will:     Develop a broader skill base: You will have identified and learned the skills necessary to make you more attractive to a wider range of employers and clients. these people‟s aims remain the purest of dreams. So you need to plan to plan as well! Program your mobile phone or PDA with reminders and make sure you take action when the reminders alert you. So many people just drift through life with no concrete aims or if they do have aims. Make decisions more easily: You will be able to review a situation within its wider context and better evaluate your options. Have a broader perspective: You will be able to understand where a specific job or responsibility fits into your overall career path or business plan. they are lost. although personally I‟m usually too tired to do that. Enjoy increasing responsibility: You will have identified and gained the skills and training you need to take on more responsibility. Without a plan. Without a roadmap. without a proper set of tools for monitoring progress towards those aims. I‟m much more alert in the morning. Planning enables you to turn your dreams into reality.ently and finish their working day by writing down what they did and what they plan to do tomorrow. With concrete plans in place though.

Far too often we are brought up to think with an employee mindset. If your planning is good. therefore you need to think in that way too. Are you still proceeding towards your goals? Do you need to make any changes? Do you need to update your skills? Or change your job? No use getting stuck in a rut. and this is wrong. Even though your client‟s business is not your own. You need to think like a businessman. business and financial goals. Take time each year to sit down and evaluate how you are doing. interest. 7 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . you will find that you perform better if you think that it is. SAP consulting is all about business. it‟s still better than having no plan at all. This is important. Be less stressed: And we could all do without some of that! I keep mentioning the word “business” in this rule and you will see it written a lot throughout the book. And even if your planning is bad. Be more satisfied with life: You will be moving in a direction that is designed to meet your lifestyle. Make sure you‟re not going blindly down the wrong path. this won‟t happen.   Earn more: You are less likely to be underpaid since your research will tell you what you should be earning. an entrepreneur (see the next section).

and risk. entrepreneurship refers to starting up and operating your own business. And let me tell you – it‟s much more satisfying than being told what to do and how and where to do it all the time. As an SAP Consultant in the truest sense. But really. the more automatic it becomes to behave like one. Deep down inside. you have already decided that you want to escape the rat race and be your own boss. not gambling. often multiple goals. Think of some successful entrepreneurs that you admire.” . But let me stress here that these are calculated risks. Successful entrepreneurs take risks as a matter of course. so don‟t waste it living someone else‟s life. but they do know 8 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . Entrepreneurs may not be organized and some of them are far from it. What attributes do they have?  The first is passion.Steve Jobs. Strictly speaking. You can and ought to apply the same entrepreneurial skills to your personal life as well. a professional endeavor that requires independence.Entrepreneur “Your time is limited. Entrepreneurs have a goal. individuality. each of us has an entrepreneurial spirit. creativity. At least that‟s what I did. and I hope you do too.  The third is ability to take risks.  The second is vision. Those who are successful in business and in their personal lives are doing something they really love to do.  Another key characteristic is the ability to lead and motivate people. The more you think like an entrepreneur. it‟s more than that.

“Once more unto the breach. 9 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . and model yourself on them. And so on. When you have a problem. Think and act like an entrepreneur.  Pioneer spirit (think Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise).  Strong communication skills. dear friends…. and your clients will love you for it. get things done. display confidence and enthusiasm. Can you see where all this is going? When you decide to become a consultant. This also pays off big-time in your day-to-day consulting activities. So you need all the abovelisted entrepreneurial traits and more if you are to run your business successfully.how to inspire people to follow them anywhere. no matter how small it is. think how your favorite entrepreneur hero would solve it.”  What else? Persistence and boundless energy spring to mind. you are in effect starting your own business.

Here are the steps: Feasibility Study – is it possible? What are the costs? Can we afford it?  Define Project Objectives and Scope – make sure the client can‟t change their mind later. we still learned a lot. many moons ago at a certain airline. You‟d be surprised how many people in the IT business don‟t know all the basic steps that need to be carried out in order to successfully complete an IT project. And we didn‟t just learn how to write COBOL. Click on the following link for a visual overview: http://www.com/it-development-process. You of course are not one of them.Know the basics of the IT development process “A computer once beat me at chess.html I was fortunate enough to have an excellent basic training when I first started out as a programmer many. but it was no match for me at kick-boxing” – Erno Philips.saprules. Despite being deafened every five minutes or so by the planes taking off directly over our portacabin (oops – I mean training centre) which was strategically placed near the end of a runway at an extremely busy airport. and I will be forever grateful for that.  Feedback – signature time. Our teachers made sure we knew where we fitted into the whole IT development process. but I think it pays to have a reminder here.  Assign Project Sponsor – who gets the blame? 10 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting .

 Announce success – have a party.  System Test – find out if it works or not. but that should be enough really. Any Project Manager worth his or her salt will add several more steps. If I‟ve forgotten any.  Implement – have a busy weekend with lots of pizza and no sleep.  Feedback – get another signature.  Hand over the completed project to Support Team – with the documentation of course.  Feedback – get a signature.  Solve any more issues – redesign and rebuild it how they really wanted it. it just goes to show that not everybody in the IT business knows all the basic steps needed in order to successfully complete an IT project….  Blueprint – tell the client what they‟re going to get.  Train End Users – prerequisite for the next step.  Design – whip those analysts into shape.  Document – this step is also often omitted.  Create detailed Project Plan – how many people do we need and how much is it really going to cost?  Secure Staff Resources – recruit your project team members and don‟t let them escape!  Assign Project Roles – who does what?  Analysis – find out what the client really wants. Appoint Project Manager – who else gets the blame?  Establish Project Management Team – proper communication is very important.  Build – slavedrive those programmers. 11 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting .  Solve issues – work through a big list for which contingency has been made.  Feedback – get yet another signature.  User Test – this step is often omitted.

Aim to learn something new every day. but to cultivate a questioning attitude. Doing so will build or strengthen your brain‟s neural pathways and you can never have enough of those! 12 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . the intention to open your mind to every situation. As a consultant you are in an exciting profession where there is always something new to learn. you must learn how to learn.Mahatma Gandhi. You may need to explain difficult concepts in several different ways in order to make sure the person has understood (another way to practice your flexibility). This fits in with the Flexibility rule quite nicely. It is important for you not to get stuck in a rut. But you need to have the self-confidence to do it.Learn “Live as if you were to die tomorrow.” . Keep your ear to the ground. You can also learn by teaching others. Some people might say if you do so you will end up stuck on the floor with a bad back. passing on to them what you know. To be an effective consultant you must have an enquiring mind. stimulates your brain and reinforces your own knowledge. and explore different ways of doing things. Always be aware of what is going on around you. but just ignore them. to continually reassess your existing habits and behaviours. Learn as if you were to live forever. Interaction with other colleagues and clients. The more you find out the more flexible and adaptable you will become. And more importantly. Good learning starts with good observation.

13 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . The possibilities for learning something new every day at places like this are tremendous. You can be sure that it will never crash due to lack of capacity. So keep an open mind. What do Swedes eat for breakfast? Do Luxembourgers have a sense of humor? What‟s Hindi for „Oh boy that curry was far too hot…‟ Of course there are business and technical things to be learned as well.I have had the good fortune on several occasions to work at multinational companies with people from many different countries and backgrounds.

My training continued on a regular basis until I had been there for a year.Be a Problem Solver “Tell me and I will forget. I didn‟t sleep for a month through worry. After another six months I felt confident enough to reward my employer by announcing I was leaving for a better paid job with a consulting firm. the whole team had just been thrown together for this project and. Show me and I will remember. just like me. Involve me and I will understand.” . After three months of intense training at the IT department of my first full time employer (and I have to say that IT department was the best trained and most competent I have come across in all the long years since). Suddenly it was a whole different ball game. What a leap that was! Sent by the consultancy directly to a client site I suddenly found I was being billed as someone who could solve everything just like that. Add to that that we weren‟t 14 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . immediately after leaving university with a totally unrelated degree. I knew a little bit more. I knew absolutely nothing. I must have overdone it a bit at the interview (note to self – don‟t oversell yourself at interviews – well. After that I was let loose on some serious programming problems. maybe just a little bit). at which point I was allowed to call myself a Junior Programmer/Analyst instead of a Trainee Programmer. The programming style and the whole set up of the project team were totally different to what I was used to. many of my new colleagues had been recruited recently from other companies.Confucius. When I first started out as a trainee computer programmer way back in 1980. Nobody knew each other. but not without strict supervision. Or so I thought.

Now I can go into any client site with confidence that I am able to solve most of the problems they have (and if not. two more were added to the list. but were by then had gained a great reputation for being the guys to turn to for help. with examples listed on my resume. Some of the „daily‟ batch programs were coded so badly that they took more than twenty four hours to run! After some research we found that the problem lay with SQL statements that weren‟t using the major key fields and so very large tables were being read sequentially instead of by index. We made some small tweaks to the code and suddenly the daily batch jobs finished in seconds rather than hours. I had technical and logical problems thrown at me one after the other. I can find someone who does). did I learn fast on that project. In the end I had to enlist an assistant. and between us we were able to get the list down. and I do now advertise myself as a very flexible „problem-solver‟. After that we could relax a bit. Boy. but for every one I fixed. 15 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . and you could see some problems looming on the horizon. My weekly issues list got longer and longer. The work was stressful but I have never forgotten what I learned.really integrated with the client‟s IT department yet either and didn‟t understand their systems too well. This was great experience. At my first job my hand had been held for most of the time and there was always someone to turn to for help. I was solving them as fast as I could. but on this project I was the „expert‟ and had to stand on my own two feet. And word gets around. I was once hired to come in to troubleshoot after a Big Six consulting company (which no longer exists) had delivered a SAP solution for a multinational client.

” . In today‟s business environment you need to know how your specialization fits into the rest of the software solution. (I‟ve got such an aching back from sitting at my computer for so long writing this for you – I could do with a stretch). you cannot give your best unless you know at least one (and if possible more than one) of the SAP R/3 modules very thoroughly indeed. The same happens in modern software systems. Now I‟m not 16 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . think like an entrepreneur. or accounting or how to make a presentation. Entrepreneurs have to know about every aspect of their business. Software packages like SAP aim to provide IT solutions for all aspects of a business. So you‟re an FI Expert.Lord Chesterfield. HR etc. Having worked for several years as an SAP BI consultant. strength alone will not do. or a BW Expert. oil your mind and your manners. In real life the Sales department communicates with the Manufacturing department and they both interface with the Accounting department. in my opinion. SAP for example has several interlinked Finance modules. The Human Resource department talks to all of them. we‟re not just discussing the benefits of a flexible body in this section. There are interfaces between all of these and it pays you to know what these are and how they work. Again. not just sales. not to mention Business Warehouse. as the athletes used to do for their exercise.Be flexible “Prepare yourself for the world. That‟s not enough. No. Production. although the same principles certainly apply. to give them the necessary suppleness and flexibility. a Logistics module. or an Oracle Expert.

they cannot fail to be impressed. Not least because it helps you understand where your contribution fits into the whole solution. they should be required reading. and there are good arguments for specializing which I‟ll discuss later. but even so you need to have a fair understanding of what‟s going on in the rest of the business/software solution that you‟re working with. Read books. You never know when an opportunity will arise at which you can say „Aha! I know about that! Why don‟t you let me have a go?‟ And then your foot is in the door. This goes for the more technical consultants too. From starting out as an ABAP programmer on my first SAP project. it pays to have a comprehensive knowledge of what‟s going on around you. Find out what‟s going on in their area. Those functional consultants can‟t do it all on their own.saying you have to know everything. Learn from them. There are plenty of good books about the various SAP modules and as you are a consultant. MM or FI back at them. have worked in Plant Maintenance and am now skilled in BI. and if you can talk SD. This happened to me on several occasions and through it I was able to develop my career in new directions and capitalize on the new skills I learned. You can write them down as expenses too. It‟s important to move with the times! 17 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . Talk to your colleagues. All in all. I have now moved on to Logistics projects.

as it will push your boundaries outside your comfort zone. It‟s professional behaviour. Sometimes you will come across a situation where you don‟t feel comfortable or confident that you will be able to fulfil the task that is being asked of you. On the other hand. responsible and appropriate to hold up your hands and say „no‟ when you judge it to be appropriate. it is argued. You‟ll be surprised how often people react positively to your actions. As a professional consultant. It‟s not a sin to ask people for help . and you will grow. you have a reputation to uphold. this is a good thing. if you mess it up because you were over-confident. 18 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . there could be consequences. The next time you‟re put in a position that has „impending doom‟ written all over it. And it‟s part of your networking skills. It‟s all about cooperation. It‟s strong. and you will often feel pressure to work outside your abilities. One day the other person might need your help with a problem they can‟t solve and you can.Know your limitations “Genius has limitations. be professional and ask for assistance. Everybody has limitations. It‟s not weak or incompetent to admit them. bite the bullet. so you‟ll be able to return the favour. On the one hand. Clients often expect their consultants to be capable of everything (in my case this was true of course). put aside your personal pride.we are social animals. which I‟ll come to in another rule. stupidity is boundless” – Anon.

especially if you are out socializing with clients (unless of course it‟s the last evening of your assignment and you don‟t plan to back in town for a while). And if you‟re in the leadership role and someone in your team asks for help. Oh and by the way the same goes regarding your limitations if you drink alcohol. we also know that failure is good. then it serves you right if you have to work the next week all alone to put it right. Sometimes the best way as a consultant to show how smart you are is to freely admit your lack of experience in a subject or functional area. That is why we have project teams – to cover all the gaps (well. because people learn from their mistakes.Of course. be understanding. 19 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . You could be in their shoes on your next project. Make sure you know when to stop. most of them at least). if it‟s the day before everybody goes off for a well-earned week‟s holiday at Christmas and you somehow manage to screw up an important accounts batch job because you thought you understood the problem but didn‟t really. However.

The question you should be asking yourself is: How can I help everyone else? You want to become the go-to-person for everything. do ye even so to them” . Why is this? Why shouldn‟t your primary goal while networking be personal gain? Answer: Because people will see right through it. When someone in your network needs a favor. and having a large circle of supportive friends allows you to live a more fulfilling life. This is what networking is all about: helping other people. And the benefits are real. Networking can help expand your business contacts. advice. No one wants to work with or befriend the person who only cares about themselves.Jesus Christ. or introduce you to people in their own networks.Network “Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you. However. And they certainly won‟t do you any favors. They look at the situation and ask „What can I do that is going to benefit me the most?‟ You don‟t want to be like that. those that are most successful at networking have learned one important rule: Build your network for the benefit of your network Have you ever been to a party or event. builds your reputation in the marketplace. both for business and personal reasons. You hear people everywhere talking about the benefits of networking. a recommendation etc. and seen the type of person who is loud. you want them to think of you. boisterous and is always looking out for the most important or well-known person in the room? They couldn‟t care less about anyone but themselves. 20 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting .

now that you are a valuable asset. Always be thinking about ways to connect your network. and send a follow-up email or text. and will be much more interested in building a relationship (or at least having a conversation). or just in your day-to-day life:     Don‟t seek out the most sought-after person in the room. A few quick messages.If you help others. This has been made much easier over recent years by utilizing the power of social networking websites. they begin to see you as a valuable friend or colleague. So what is the benefit for you? Well. The chances are good that the other people around you have more to offer. You are someone worth knowing and keeping in contact with. After meeting someone for the first time. and you can help build new relationships that will be beneficial to everyone involved. you can be sure that your contacts will do everything they can to help out! Here are some things to keep in mind while networking at a meeting. This seems obvious. 21 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . Something as simple as “It was nice to meet you” can go a long way in furthering the relationship. it will come back to hurt you later on. follow up! Get the contact info of a new acquaintance if you can. when it comes time for you to ask for something (and that time will surely come). introduce them to each other! They will both appreciate the thought. and there is a good chance they will repay the favor and create an introduction of their own. social event. If you realize that you know two people with very similar interests. Be yourself. but if you aren‟t sincere from the beginning.

not just in a business setting. So next time you are at an event or in a social group. networking should really be about enjoying the opportunity to meet new people and learn about them and their goals. It‟s very comforting. I have a friend in Germany who is an excellent DM consultant and who also restores vintage cars. 22 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . and was happy to get my friend‟s great advice when I wanted to buy a second-hand Mercedes Kombi in Germany for my growing family. In return I help him solve specific technical issues in the DM module now and again.In the end. keep these things in mind and watch your network grow with each new person you meet! In my travels around the world I have always made the effort to meet new people in all sorts of situations. and the most successful networkers are the ones that are truly interested and sincere. As a result I have friends I can visit in every country that I‟ve worked in and skilled colleagues I can turn to if I have an SAP-related problem that I can‟t solve by myself. It should never feel like work. I don‟t know a thing about cars (all I care about is that they get me from A to B without breaking down).

Prepare Researching the client company is essential. so with practice you should get quite good at them. 23 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . Fortunately. Practice answering common interview questions. how you answered them. and listen to them on my IPod in bed the night before and as I am travelling to the interview. and how you could have improved the answers. I find it useful to record questions and answers on mp3 or wav files. Find examples of where you have used these particular skills before and prepare detailed responses. I think a good thing to ask is if they ever press charges” – Jack Handy. you are going to get more practice at interviews than most people. As a consultant you are going to be changing assignments and meeting new clients frequently. especially in today‟s competitive consulting market.Interview “When you go in for an interview. Read your notes. remind yourself what questions you have been asked before. Luckily you can find out a lot these days on the internet. so your interview technique is going to be very important. If it‟s not your first ever interview you will have a lot of notes written down from your previous interview debriefings (more about those later). Think what skills you will need for the assignment and anticipate questions about these.

That means ten to fifteen minutes early. Interview Be on time for the interview. check your appearance in a mirror. aftershave or perfume. Don‟t answer questions too quickly. You must interpret this question as „What can you offer us?‟ and answer accordingly. Limit your jewellery. take some time to drive to the office ahead of time so you know exactly where you are going. Dress appropriately Think as an entrepreneur. 24 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . the question „Why do you want to work here?‟ doesn‟t mean what you think. You are interviewing the client as well. If possible make brief notes during the interview. During the interview remain calm and confident and smile. A consultant‟s interview is not a one-way street. You‟re representing your own business so look the part. Don‟t overdo cologne. When you get to the office. as you need to make sure the assignment is a good fit for both sides. Make your answer as detailed as you can. Turn off your mobile phone. If need be. Also prepare a list of questions that you want to ask the interviewer. It‟s the signal for you to deliver your elevator pitch. Remember to bring an extra copy of your resume and a list of references. That means a solid colour conservative suit and shoes to match – nothing flashy.You will need to be ready to answer the questions „What do you know about our company?‟ and „Why do you want to work here?‟ Be careful. always take a moment or two to prepare your reply.

try and have several possible assignments from which to choose.If you can‟t make notes during the interview. On a memorable occasion I was interviewed at five o‟clock in the morning in Hawaii for an assignment on the other side of the world in Europe. Finally If possible. write the notes out again neatly. Make sure you can read your scribble. which could be in six months or a year‟s time by which time you will certainly have forgotten everything. 25 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . It is surprising how often the same or similar questions come up. This way your interview technique will be well practiced and smooth . Another good tip is to smile. Try to remember all that was said. Try and arrange for the assignment you really want to be the one you are interviewed for last. Now that was a challenge! Phone interviews aren‟t always easy if your telephone manner is not good. the smile does help. These days consultants are more likely to be interviewed by telephone rather than face-to-face. find out what the answers should have been and write them down as well. look over your notes and improve them if possible. amazingly. If not. Debrief When you get home. You need these for your debriefing when you get home. This process will stand you in good stead for your next interview. Even though the other person can‟t see you. sit down immediately afterwards and make them then before you forget. If there were any questions that you were unable to answer or answered weakly. This way you get more interview practice.all the better to impress your client. Always speak clearly.

watching a lot 26 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . give full attention to your family when you‟re with them. You may soon find that you‟re spending too much time on activities that aren‟t in the list. A typical top five list might include any of the following:           Spouse/Partner Children Health Satisfying career Community Service Religion/Spirituality Sports Art Hobbies Adventure and travel Once you‟ve made your list.Seneca. But don‟t overdo it. Getting your priorities clear is the first and most essential step toward achieving a well-balanced life.Work hard. That you work hard to earn your fee goes without saying. not what you think they should be. Work out what you want your priorities to be. Listen to your heart. Think about work when you‟re at work. make sure you concentrate on just one of your top five priorities at a time. For example. but play hard too “When shall we live if not now?” . Take as much time as you need to define and list your top five priorities.

I should go to the gym instead.of television springs to mind. As a consultant with an entrepreneurial attitude I know it can be tempting to put in as many hours as possible at work. You are a consultant. You‟re not a robot. You deserve time off for good behaviour. but sometimes it‟s difficult to make the effort. isn‟t it? Your private time deserves the same respect that you give to your work time. but before too long this will catch up with you. Unnecessary activities keep you away from the things that matter to you most. If you protect your private time it will pay off in greater satisfaction in both your work and private life and you will be all the more productive for it. 27 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting . and you can see that it‟s causing you a problem. the whole idea of computers is to make things easier for humans. I know I have a problem with it. What‟s the point if you arrive home late in the evening or at weekends totally exhausted and unable to devote any time to your family or friends? What sort of a life is that? If you‟re being asked to work extra hours by your boss. especially when you‟re working away from home. especially on those long evenings alone in hotel rooms. Hey. But please try and cut down on activities that are not in your priority list. discuss it with them.

Best of luck with your consulting career. 28 Ten essentials for successful SAP Consulting .Conclusion Thanks for reading.

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