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Self-study the JLPT test with this new Ebook!

A self-study guide for learning the content toward the JLPT N3 test Features * Logically structured * Graded by level * Designed for self-study What will you learn? * Vocabularly (Nouns, verbs, adjectives (i & na), adverbs, katakana, giseigo * Grammar * Set phrases What about kanji? * We introduce the new 196 joyo kanji * Grade 1 through 4 kanji by shape, meaning and reading Summary * Logical & structured * Written by a foreigner for foreigners who want to self-study * 190 pages with links to online resources * Learn over 4600 items Benefits * Dont waste time * Four levels of study * Study at your own pace & in your own way

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JLPT N3 - Study Guide
How to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test - N3 level.

" a very useful reference guide" Melissa Francis, United Kingdom

A logical guide to build up your knowledge in four levels Written for foreigners learning Japanese Systematic layout with romaji, hiragana, kanji scripts & English meanings Includes a detailed guide to online resources

" build up your knowledge in logical, structured systematic levels "

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" With no textbook JLPT N3 level relies on students finding their own way to pass the test. The JLPT N3 Study Guide logical sets out vocabulary (nouns, adjectives (i & Na), verbs, and adverbs), grammar, giseigo, set phrases, kanji and katakana in levels from grade one through to four. Written by foreigners for foreigners it is specifically designed for those who are self-studying Japanese. It will help you to learn over 4600 items which will help you prepare for the test content.

A self-study guide to increasing your knowledge & content towards the JLPT N3 test.

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Japanese language students Peter Hanami CEO of

Logical flow of content allowing pronunciation, reading & memorization of scripts and kanji with English meanings Content graded by level from grade one through to four Great for the self-study student with access to a range of online resources & videos Product Details
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