Export Procedure

Introduction. Export Procedure :• Registration Stage. • Pre-shipment Stage. • Shipment Stage. • Post-shipment Stage.

Export procedure consists of several commercial and regulatory formalities , which an exporter is required to complete during the course of export trade transactions. These formalities are very complex and time-consuming and involve considerable documentation .Hence , the exporters must possess adequate knowledge of such formalities. At the same time, it should be ensured that the rules and regulations of not only exporting country but also of importing country are duly complied with. Last but not least, it should be ensured that all the required documents, whether commercial or regulatory , are prepared and filed with the appropriate authorities. An export procedure can be studied under the following heads (a) Registration Stage. (b) Pre-Shipment Stage. (c} Shipment Stage. (d) Post-Shipment Stage.

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