PCU2-E Installation & Commissioning

Prechecks:Details need to be added.

PCU2-E Jumper/DIP-Switch Settings:1. Jumper Settings The PCU2-E card has 3 Jumper settings (W1, W12, W13) as shown below

The following table needs to be followed for Jumper settings of W1, W12, W13

There is a Alphabet shown along with the code & with which the ICC DIP switch setting needs to be doen as given in below table. DIP Switch Settings The DIP Switch Settings or ICC Interchangeable code is dependent on Serial Number of PCU2-E card.2.A . Example - C110629.

Card Creation Commands:- .

<No. .<No.FallBack Prcedure ZWTI:P.<no. ZWTQ:BCSU.>.<no.>:PCU2_E.>. ZWUD:BCSU.>:PCU2_E.