GRAMMAR CHECHER Advises to incorrect grammar as you create, edit a document, and proposes possible corrections.

AUTO CORRECT Features makes some basic assumptions about the text you are typing and, based on these assumptions, automatically corrects the entry. WORD WRAP Feature automatically decides where to end a line and wrap text to the next line based on the margin settings. FONT AND FONT SIZE Commonly referred to as a typeface, is a set of characters with a specific design that has one or more font sizes. GRAPHICS Is a non-text element or object such as drawing or picture that can be added to the document. MOVE AND COPY Graphics selections can be moved or copied to new locations in a document or between documents, saving you time by not having to retype the same information. FIELD Is a placeholder that instructs word to insert information into a document. SORT Quickly arrange or sort text, numbers, or data in lists or tables in alphabetical, numeric, or date or order based on the first character in each paragraph. PAGE MARGIN Is the blank space around the edge of the page. QUICK STYLES A predefined set of formatting characteristics, allows you to quickly apply a whole group of formats to a selection in one simple step. DOCUMENT THEME Is a predefined set of formatting choices that can be applied to an entire document in one simple step. TABLE Is used to organize information into an easy-to-read format of horizontal rows and vertical columns. CROSS-REFERENCE Is a reference from one part of a document to related information in another part. DATA ENTRIES The basic information or data you enter in a cell can be text or numbers. RANGE A selection consisting of two or more cells on a worksheet. FORMULA Is an equation that performs a calculation on data contained in a worksheets. RELATIVE REFERENCE Is a cell or range reference in a formula whose location is interpreted in relation to the position of the cell that contains the formula. FUNCTION Is a prewritten formula that performs certain types fo calculations automatically. NUMBER FORMATS Change the appearance of numbers onscreen and when printed, without changing the way the numbers is stored or used in calculations. CELL STYLE Is a predefined theme-based combinations of formats that have been named and that can be quickly applied to a selection. CHART Is a visual presentation of data that is used to convey information in an easy-to-understand and attractive manner. CHART ELEMENTS A chart consists of a number of elements that are used to graphically display the worksheet data. CHART OBJECT Is a graphic object that is created using charting features. It can be also inserted into a worksheet or into a special chart sheet. CHART LAYOUT Is a predefined set of chart elements that can be quickly applied to a chart. CHART STYLE Is a predefined set of chart formats tha can be quickly applied to a chart. DATA LABELS

and shape effects that can be applied in one simple step.Provide additional information about a data marker. ABSOLUTE REFERENCE Is a cell or range reference in a formula whose location does not change when the formula is copied. presentations. e-mail addresses. LAYOUT Define the position and format for objects and text that will be added to a slide. TRANSITIONS Control the way that the display changes as you move from one slide to the next during a presentation. ANIMATIONS Are special effects that add action to text and graphics so they move around on the screen during a slide show. ORGANIZATION CHART A chart that graphically represents the structure of an organization. SLIDE Is an individual page of the presentations. or graphic independently of the other text or objects on the slide. ANIMATED GIF a type of graphic file that has motion. objects. text. CUSTOM SHOW is a presentation that runs within a presentation. SLIDE SHOW Displays each slide full screen and in order. paragraph. GROUP is two or more objects that are treated as a single object. shadow. SHEET NAME Can be assigned a descriptive sheet name to help identify the contents of the sheet. . PICTURE STYLES Are combinations of border. CONDITIONAL FORMATTING Changes the appearance of a range of cells based on a condition that you specify. which usually includes people but can include any items that have a hierarchical relationship. custom show. TEMPLATE Is a file containing predefined settings that can be used as a pattern to create many common type of presentations. or Web pages. OBJECT ANIMATIONS Are used to display each bullet point. HYPERLINKS provide a quick way to jump to other slides. FREEZE PANES Prevents the data in the pane from scrolling as you move to different areas in a worksheet. STACKING ORDER Is the order in which objects are inserted into different layers of the slide. SHEET AND 3D REFERENCES A formula that contains references to cells in other sheets of a workbook allow you to use data from other sheets.

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