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A Unit of the H E R B E RT OTT - G ROU P


Online telemonitoring provides a system for pump monitoring allowing reliable, early detection of possible problems and developing break-downs. The pump is equipped with sensors picking-up physical values such as the pressure in the pump cylinder and vibration acceleration or velocity at characteristic locations. These values are used to evaluate the operating conditions of the pump. Contrary to the pump monitoring systems used today, monitoring conditions such as temperatures, LEWA is taking an innovative approach and is evaluating dynamic values such as the pressure in the pump cylinder or vibration acceleration. These dynamic values are very sensible to changes in the machines condition, that is wear or developing problems. This allows a reliable detection on a developing problem before the unit actually breaks down. A further, innovative aspect is data-transfer via internet to an evaluation centre manned by experts. Even pumps installed around the globe so can be monitored and serviced effectively. The advantage of this innovative technology for the user is clear: - high equipment availability - low operating costs by condition based maintenance.

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