How the

world was made
a children’s story by Lauren Rabaino


ago, before there was a sky or a moon or an Earth, there was nothing but darkness.

Then a Power that we cannot see or explain, a Power that is like

the strongest wind – invisible, but powerful – created the entire universe in a big, fiery explosion. The Power was not a person or an animal. It was neither man nor woman. It was just a Power beyond anything we could ever understand — a high, powerful science.


our sun was created along with all the other billions of stars, the planets formed. One planet was special. It had all the perfect circumstances for life to grow and flourish. It was earth. Earth was the only planet of all that orbit the sun that was capable of producing the existence of life.

F irst,
for animals to breathe. full of animals that could swim. flourish.

there was water, and in the water existed the very smallest forms of life. They were so small that they were almost not visible. They were called algae and they provided the air After many, many years, the small life began to evolve into bigger life. Soon, the sea was After that, there were land animals, and they roamed the earth and continued to

very first forms of life.

the Earth was created, Humans did not come first. Humans are just the

great-great-great-great-great grandchildren of the

At one point in time, there were dinosaurs and great animals. But because everything on earth goes through cycles, the Earth eventually began to split and the weather got cold. There were times when Earth was all ice and most life stopped living.

order to survive. more like humans.

then the Earth heated up again and life returned. The very small animals began to multiply and change in

As time passed, animals started becoming more and And after many, many years, humans started to walk

the Earth. There was no man first or woman first and they came in all different colors with different personalities. All humans were free to love and mate with whichever gender they wanted. Both man and woman developed from animals and had equal power and purpose in the world — survival and survival only.

were not created to hold power over the animals or over the Earth. Humans live simply to exist and their natural instincts are all aimed at surviving in the world. When a human life is over, it’s part of the natural cycle, and their bodies go back into the universe from which they came.

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