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How does it work?
You notice that the water fills the screen holes. A force called cohesion, which is the attraction of molecules that are the same to each other, causes this effect. The surface tension membrane is always trying to contract, which explains why falling droplets of water are spherical or ball shaped. The water stays in the bottle even though the card is removed because the molecules of water are joined together to form a thin membrane between each opening in the screen. Tipping the bottle or touching the screen will break the surface tension and surprise everyone with a gush of water!

Water Screen

Chetan Silvia


We show it's possible.
Although the mesh has holes,

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How to do it:
You'll amaze your friends with this cool experiment that defies gravity and uncovers the mystery of surface tension.
The first step

How does it work?
Plastic mesh bags come in all shapes and sizes. The mesh bags used to sell small onions or cloves of garlic seem to work well. Cut a piece of mesh from the bag large enough to drape over the mouth of the bottle. (step one)

water mysteriously stays in the bottle. Oh, did we mention that you should probably hold the bottle over the bucket...

Second step
Stretch the mesh over the bottle and use a rubber band to secure it in place. Tip the bottle slightly to the left or right and the water will fall. Shake the bottle and the water will fall. Touch the screen and the water will fall.

· · · · · · Plastic mesh bag used for produce at the grocery store

Wide mouth bottle Rubber band Index card Pitcher of water Bucket to catch the falling water

Fill the bottle with water by pouring the water through the screen. This proves that the water easily flows through the screen. Fill the bottle almost to the very top.

Colegiul Na ional Mihai Eminescu Romania

Cover the bottle with an index card. Hold the card in place as you turn the card and the bottle upside down. (step two) Slowly remove the card from the opening and the

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