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Dialogs With Non Muslims Vol 1

Dialogs With Non Muslims Vol 1

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Published by Moiz Uddin Qidwai
Answers posted on topix. net during discussion held with Non Muslims on wide ranging subjects.

This document was published earleir under the title FAQ-1 about Islam.

It is now Reproduced in a book like format for ease of reading, with indexing of all questions in the end.

There are many interseting and unusual questions like Are Animal Muslims or Does God go to Rest Room!!
Answers posted on topix. net during discussion held with Non Muslims on wide ranging subjects.

This document was published earleir under the title FAQ-1 about Islam.

It is now Reproduced in a book like format for ease of reading, with indexing of all questions in the end.

There are many interseting and unusual questions like Are Animal Muslims or Does God go to Rest Room!!

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Published by: Moiz Uddin Qidwai on Mar 09, 2009
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Q.1 Are Christians Really peaceful?

Ans. 1. Don’t provide apologies for Moses and other prophets. You said Mohammad
(PBUH) cannot be a prophet, because he has blood on his hands. The way you are justifying
for Moses, so can we for our prophet. I know and believe that Moses, Joshua and David all
were prophet of God.
- You consider all killings done by Jews and Christians either justified o done by mistakes,
but if Muslims fight, it had to be cruel and against laws.
- If fighting was justified 4000 years ago, it is justified to day also.
- It is the cause for which you are fighting, not the age.
- If Muslims are oppressed today, they are driven from their lands, they can fight back and it
shall be in accordance with the Laws of God.

1A. Killing is the Hall mark of Christians, which they are imposing on Muslims.
Any Killings or oppression done to Muslims is not reported, but when Muslims fight back or
retaliate, then whole world points to them.
- You cannot take each and every act of violence and blame it on Islam.
- Many Muslims might do some acts, which are not in accordance with teachings of Islam.
Such acts are taken and given as proofs that Islam says so.

2. If “Meekness” is such a good quality, How would you rate “George W. Bush” and “Tony
Blair” on a count of ten. You are “Meek” when you do not have power, but to be “Meek”
when you are powerful to take revenge is the quality. Our prophet pardoned every one in
Makkah when he conquered it, that is what you should call “Meek”
3. Due to your haughtiness, I will not give you the references. Almost every Muslim is aware
of it and many have memorized these verses.
3A. With the figure of WW s you may also add the following:
- Number of Heretics killed from 100 AD to 600 AD
- Number of Heretics killed during Inquisitions.
- Number of Red Indians killed in North and South America and Aborigines killed in
Australia and New Zealand
- Number of Slaves killed during capture, transportation and on farms.
- one million Vietnamese killed by USA during Vietnam war.
- Number of Christians killed during their internal wars in Europe.
Then we will have some fare numbers to compare.

Q.2 Is Roman Church Special?

Ans. 1. Roman Church, being the First, does not make it free from errors. Just because it is
oldest church does not prove that it has to be right all the time. As per my knowledge Church
of Jerusalem was older than the church of Rome.
2. Other Churches broke away from Roman, either on interpretation of some theological
issue or on the power of Roman Church. You cannot tell them wrong, unless you prove their
- Regarding persons of other faiths, that may be your personal view. Church teaching is
otherwise. If you do not consider Jesus as your personal savior, you will not be saved. That

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is what they say to us Muslims that your observation of Law and Commandments are of no
3. I think we should not be dogmatic about the Authority of the Church of Rome. If it is
wrong it should be accepted. If Pope’s authority and powers are self obtained, then they must
not be enforced.
4. The same applies to the power of Pope to declare any one as Saint. These are only
honorary titles given in good faith. Who is the real saint and who is not in known only to
God. think this is reasonable.

Q.3 Was pope Justified (in criticizing Islam)?

Ans. 5. Now the question of Pope. Was it OK for him, for the position he is holding, to
criticize a Major World Religion like that? When asked he only regretted but did not
apologize. The reaction from Muslim world was expected seeing the current state of
understanding between the two sides. Acts of Violence were not justified and were
condemned, but Muslims had a right to protest. When you are holding an important position,
you should show restraint.

Q.4 Are Popes Special?

Ans. 1. I used the word “Heir” in the same way you use “Son” for Jesus. He was not “Real
Son” in the normal sense of the word. It is Spiritual “Heir ship” not material.
2. Story of Peter only demonstrates that we all are human and subject to human weaknesses.
But the best man is one, who returns to God and ask for His forgiveness.
The same applies to Popes as well.
3. Popes remain human and subject to human weaknesses, both in their daily lives and in
their interpretation of Scripture. Their words and deeds are not beyond criticism.
4. Those who are in different churches should also be judged on the basis of their actions and
deeds and cont to be condemned simply because they differ either with pope or with Roman
Church on any issue

Q.4A Is Pope Special (contd.)?

Ans. 1. If Jesus gave power to Peter, where is the proof that these powers are transferred to
the successors of Paul also? The Church today does not believe in teachings of Peter, what is
it teachings are based on Paul’s Teaching not Peter’s. You have no record of works done by
St. Peter. New Testament books are mostly telling St. Paul’s works and teachings.
2. Saint is no official position whatsoever. It is an honorary title given by the posterity to
someone, whom they think has done good deeds for the people and faith.
3. Whatever procedure Pope follows to declare somebody as Saint, have no actual sanctions
either from God or from Jesus. These are mere titles.
4. Regarding your Patron Saint, I have no comment except that when someone dies, he looses
all contact with this world. Your prayers do not reach to them and they are totally ignorant of
what you are doing.

Q.5 From where Pope got Authority?

Ans. 1. The Power which Jesus gave to Apostles, were restricted to them or as a perpetual
gift to whosoever comes after them?
2. How are you sure that Pope in Rome is the true heir of Apostles?
3. What about the heads of other Denominations?

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- Like the Church of England?
- Head of Greek Orthodox Church?
- The Head of Russian Church?
- The Head of Coptic Church in Egypt? And many others.

Many of these do not accept the authority of Church of Rome. Just by electing someone to
the high office of Pope makes him infallible?

You may be aware that many Popes have been declared as Anti-Popes after their deaths.

Were they also infallible during their reign as Pope?

Q.6. Is second coming of Jesus boon for Jews and Christians?

Ans. Second Coming of Jesus:
As per my knowledge, only Christians and Muslims are looking forward to the second
coming of Jesus (though for different reasons altogether). Let us analyze this issue in some
details. What is the effect of second coming of Jesus on various groups:

Non-Semitic People: Non-Semitic nations and religions (Hindus, Buddhists, etc) are not
looking forward to the second coming of Jesus. How they will be affected is not clear. As
per Islamic teachings, Islam shall be the only religion existing on the face of earth after the
second coming of Jesus (Which shall be very near to the “End of Times” or the approaching
Day of Judgment). So all the non-Semitic nations will enter into the fold of Islam (after
seeing the Judaism and Christianity vanish from the face of earth!)

Semitic People: they consist of three groups, Jews, Christians and Muslims, let us see how
each will be affected:

At the time of Jesus, Jews were looking for three persons, Elijah, Messiah and “The Prophet
(John Ch.2). They did not recognize Elijah (John the Baptist) and killed him, they did not
recognize Messiah (Jesus) and tried to kill him too, but God saved Jesus from any harm and
took him to the heavens. Later when “The Prophet” (Mohammed) appeared, they rejected
him also. So in fact Jews are still looking for their Messiah.

Before the second coming of Jesus, a false Messiah (Termed Anti-Christ by Christians, which
is a misnomer, correct word is False Christ or “Masih Dajjal” in Islamic literature.). Jews
shall become the followers of this False Christ as a whole and will create much mischief on
this earth (their doing in Palestine is a fair indication of what they do).

Jesus Christ will descend from Heaven to kill that False Christ and since the Jews will be his
followers, they shall also suffer a heavy loss. In fact Jews as a nation shall to totally
annihilated (In fact one sayings of our prophet is “Even if a Jew shall be hiding behind a
stone, the stone shall call out that a Jew is hiding behind me”). The amount of hatred that
Jews have generated in the minds of Muslims in just 60 years of their rule in Palestine is a
fair indication of things to come.

So the second coming of Jesus shall be the final end of Jewish race and Jewish religion!

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They are not sure what shall be the consequence of second coming; how shall he establish
Kingdom of God on this earth? Will he unite Church & state? Will he rule as a head of that
Kingdom? How shall he reward Christians?

As per Islamic teachings second coming of Jesus shall be an eye opener for Christians too.
The present religion of Christianity (Concocted by St. Paul) has three distinct criterion that
differentiate it from Semitic Religions
1. They have put the mantle of Divinity on Jesus, making him equal to God (Which is a
blasphemy as per Semitic Religions)
2. They have created the idea of “Original Sin” and claimed that Jesus by dying on cross has
taken away that sin.
3. They have abolished Laws and Commandments of God; and as a symbol, have permitted
eating of Swine, which was banned for all Semitic People.

The second coming of Jesus shall break all this myths. Jesus shall repudiate the concept of
his divinity, he shall confirm that he did not die on cross, and he shall revive Laws and
Commandments (One saying of our prophet is “That he shall break the cross and kill the

So Christianity as a separate religion shall cease to exist. Its followers shall either revert to
Islam or shall join Jews and meet the same end!

Of all Semitic people, Muslims have a very clear concept of second coming of Jesus. He
shall come down from heaven to deliver Muslims from the oppression of False Christ (whom
Muslims will not be able to repel, by their own means). He shall descend as a Muslim, shall
follow Islamic Laws and shall rule forty years on earth. During his regime, Islam shall
spread to every nook and corner of this earth and the world shall see real peace after many

After the death of Jesus and his burial in Medina, the end of the world shall be very near and
people shall be gathered for their final judgment.

Q.7 Are Saints real?

MUQ. 1. The book of revelation is actually a dream. It cannot be explained logically. There
are so many allegorical verses that it defies rational explanation.
2. The name of its author is also non known, so it cannot be taken to prove a theological
3. It does not say “Which Saints” were witness. It can also mean Past Prophets, not a Saint
Sanctified by the Current pope of our times.
4. So this honor of Saint Hood is only symbolic and our recognition of good works done by
these persons.

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Q.8 Are Christians really peaceful?

Ans. Another curious thing is constant reference to Killing whenever Islam is mentioned.
That by the people whose only aim in the world has been killing and robbing other nations
and people, consider your own record:
- They have systematically killed and destroyed the original inhabitants of North and South
America (Red Indians)
- They have almost exterminated Aborigines of Australia and New Zealand.
- They have killed thousand of Black Africans during slave trade. During capture, during
journey and during hard labor at field. Your laws against Blacks were very harsh indeed.
- They killed more than 10 millions of fellow Christians during Dark Ages of Europe.
- During two centuries of colonial rule in Asia and Africa, they killed and enslaved hundreds
and thousands of people. Using their national resources as feedstock for your factories. God
Almighty only knows actual amount of atrocities committed during this period..
- They killed More than 30 Million of your own killed during WW-1 & WW-2- You killed
more than 200,000 Japanese by Atom Bomb
- They have killed more than 1 million Vietnamese during Vietnam War
- They have killed hundreds of Thousands during your war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
They should be the last person to advise us against the horror of killing. It is your second
nature. Or their memory is very short?

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