Weekly Market Trends Report 3.15.13


March 15, 2013

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Poultry Report
Poultry- U.S. chicken exports in Jan were 2.7% more than the prior year but the smallest since
Jan '12. Export trade with Russia was up 106% during the month versus a year ago but Russian imports of U.S. chicken will likely be inconsistent moving forward. The chicken leg quarter market is trending counter-seasonally lower which is sign that export demand is only modest. Typically, chicken leg quarter prices move 2.5% higher during the next three weeks. The USDA is now projecting Q2 chicken production to be 1.8% more than '12. This could temper further seasonal price gains for chicken breasts in the coming months. It may also compound losses for chicken wings that usually decline 11.6% over the next eight weeks.

Whole Chicken (2.5-3 lb-GA) Chicken Wings, Whole Chicken Wings, Jumbo Cut Chicken Breast, Bone-In Chicken Breast, Bnless Sknless Chicken Tender (random) Chicken Tender (sized) Chicken Legs (whole) Chicken Leg Quarters Chicken Thighs, bone in Chicken Thighs, boneless Large Eggs Medium Eggs Whole Eggs- Liq Egg Whites- Liq Egg Yolks- Liq Whole Turkey (8-16 lb) Turkey Breast- Bnls/Sknls

Market Trend Increasing Steady Increasing Increasing Increasing Steady Steady Increasing Steady Increasing Decreasing Increasing Increasing Increasing Increasing Decreasing Increasing Steady

Supplies Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good

Price vs. Last Year Higher Higher Lower Higher Higher Higher Lower Lower Same Higher Lower Higher Lower Higher Higher Higher Lower Lower

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