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WDI News Letter Spring 2013

WDI News Letter Spring 2013

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Published by Carly Watson
Women's Debate Institution Spring 2013 Newsletter
Women's Debate Institution Spring 2013 Newsletter

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Published by: Carly Watson on Mar 18, 2013
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Issue II Vol.

2 Spring 2013

Women’s Debate Institute

Our Community Quarterly
WDI expands to include Collegiate Debate Scholars
Inside this issue:

Donor Update Alumni News A Student Perspective Collegiate Debate Scholars Staff Reflection College Preparation con’t Apply Now for 2013

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We are very excited to announce that the WDI is expanding its outreach activities to include women in the college debate community. We have always had staff who were college debaters but this year we are expanding that involvement in the camp. As part of our goal to increase women involved in debate at all levels, we are inviting Collegiate Scholars to the 2013 WDI. Daily activities for the Collegiate Scholars will include: Independent instruction of

seminars for high school students; Co-teaching opportunities with senior staff at the camp; and Community-building activities facilitation and mentoring. College debate is intensely competitive and primarily male dominated. We are thrilled to offer women the opportunity to build a community outside of the sometimes aggressive environment. These women will make a great addition to our teaching staff!! Stay tuned

for more information about the program and the women that will be a part of it. For more information about our Colle-

giate Scholar Program contact Carly Wundelich @ carly.wunderlich@gmail.com

WDI students are College Bound
As a high school student I (Rae Lynn) was raised to believe I was smart enough and that my family would find the financial resources to make college a reality. Yet for many young debaters going to college is all too often something they believe they may not be capable of doing. ized test dates and explain how to get financial application wavers. Our faculty, many of whom are university Professors, teach the girls how to acquire quality letters of recommendation, prepare resumes, and compose standout personal The mission of the WDI is made up of essays. Colthree reinforcing, yet distinct goals: inlege debaters creasing the number of girls involved in talk about debate, creating an environment that fosthe how to ters community, and encouraging young use debate women to attend college. While many deto get into bate camps promote debate and create college: how to contact coaches, apply for community, our college preparation curricscholarships, and maintain a healthy schoulum sets us apart. It is not enough to enlastic/debate balance. We also spend of courage young women to attend college; great deal of time talking about the biggest we recognize that we have to address the obstacle our debaters face, financial supobstacles our students face. port. Staff members who have been Our college planning program ranges from through the often bureaucratic finical aid formal to informal. It begins with the basystem break it down into manageable sics: were to go, planning your senior year, tasks students can use to fill out FAFSAs and how to apply. We move slowly and and apply for loans and scholarships. We intentionally through each component of provide students with a lengthy scholarship the application process. We post standard- guide detailing opportunities for students to get support from a wide range of organizations, donors, colleges, and universities. We want students to leave the session feeling motivated to apply. Informally, we reach out to juniors and seniors in an effort to target their specific interests or institutions. All of the WDI is either in or has graduated from college and many have advanced degrees. We use our networks to help students make connections on campuses nation wide. Many of our students would be first generation college attenders and all it takes is gentle guidance to aid them through the application process. When camp is over it is not uncommon for faculty and staff to mentor students through the college application process. This year I read and edited personal essays, answered questions about loan requirements, and contacted debate coach colleges with excitement. After helping a rising senior this past Fall, I was thrilled to read she was having a hard time deciding which school to attend. Continued on page 3


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Our Community Quarterly

Donor News: Role Model Campaign is a huge success !
This year, the Women's Debate Institute held the "Who's Your Debate Role Model" Campaign on indiegogo, an online fundraising platform. The campaign included video footage of the 2012 WDI participants talking about their debate role models. http://www.indiegogo.com/proj ects/who-is-your-debate-rolemodel We invited supporters from around the country to donate to the WDI in honor of their debate role models. The campaign was a huge success. Forty-one donors took advantage of the opportunity to give a shout out to a women who inspired them. Through the generosity of the WDI community, we raised $2582.00—over $500 more than our goal of $2000. Thank you to all who participated by either getting the word out or donating. The campaign enabled us to honor the women who were role models in our past while adding current debaters. Some donors gave fellowships in the name of their role models. Our websites highlights these role models. Thank you to Becky Galentine , Susan Dun, Kate Shuster, Leah Castella, Claire Mckinney , Gloria CabadaLeman, Sandra Shuster, Gini Shaw, Gail McDougle, Kyla Sommers, and the fifty-six other female role models honored for setting high standards and paving the way. See our web site for a current roll call of WDI role models. For more information or to donate contact Sarah Glaser at sarahmglaser@gmail.com

A Student’s Perspective—Morgan Gstalter
Video footage of the 2012 WDI participants talking about their debate role models: http:// www.indiegogo.com /projects/who-isyour-debate-rolemodel

Since WDI, I have a new appreciation for debate. As a senior in high school, I work two jobs to try and help myself in the future go through college. I work most weekends and I have not been able to travel with my team as much as I would like to. However, every time I do get to go to a tournament, it makes me love and appreciate the sport all over again. This season I've debated locally and at a few tournaments in

Iowa. Although I have not been as ~immersed Morgan 2012 in this WDI years debater topic as I would like to be, it makes me grateful for the little debate time I do have left. I'm trying to cherish it! This fall I will attend Drake University (Des Moines, Iowa) as a journalism major. They do not have a policy debate team (I know, terribly upsetting) but I have to make the most of it now. I have been blessed with an outstanding debate team at

my school. At the WDI, I met so many incredible female debaters and heard their stories, it makes me realize how lucky I have been.

Amiela Butler Joins the Collegiate Debate Scholars Program
My name is Aniela Butler (left) and I am a sophomore at Michigan State University where I major in International Relations. I am originally from Draper, Utah where I debated for two years at Juan Diego Catholic High School. After spending four years in debate, I am excited to share all of my experiences with other women at the WDI this summer in the Collegiate Scholars Program. I will have an opportunity to give lectures, and inspire a new generation of female debaters. Sometimes there aren't many girls on a debate team so I am excited to meet new women from different schools and build a community of women in college debate! .


Our Community Quarterly

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Inside our Staff: Sarah Glaser
Sarah Glaser joined the Women’s Debate Institute in 2005 and PhD in Oceanography, Sarah decided she wanted to reconnect today acts as Director of Finances. Sarah was a policy debater with debate. Enter the WDI. for four years at Emporia High School in Kansas. It was Now in her ninth year as a WDI there, coached by a fantastic mentor Carol Strickland, that she staff member, Sarah is committed fell in love with the activity her father forced her to try. She to raising enough funds from received coaching from college debaters at the local Universidonations to ensure the WDI is ty, and this encouraged her to join the Kansas State University free to all debaters and that studebate team. Debating in college was a wonderful chaldents receive financial assistance lenge. ―I loved traveling, meeting debaters from all over the with travel. ―Every summer, my country, and learning new arguments,‖ Sarah recalls. ―I spent time at the WDI is incredibly every free moment for four years working energizing. I love meeting our on debate – and it was the best thing I students every year, and seeing ever did.‖ them learn debate skills and talk

“I spent every free moment for four years working on debate – and it was the best thing I ever did.”

about debate tournaments. The WDI brings with it a flood of One major challenge was balancing debate memories from when I was a and college – she was a double major in debater. I’m so thankful I can stay connected to the debate Biology and Environmental Science, and community through the WDI.‖ she earned a minor in Women’s Studies. While majoring in sciences is not Today, Sarah is an assistant professor of marine science at the common for debaters, Sarah proved it can College of William & Mary in Virginia. She studies fisheries be done. After college, she lived in Aus- conservation with an emphasis on fisheries in Uganda, Kenya tralia for a year, and enjoyed the break and Tanzania. from debate. But upon returning to the U.S. and moving to San Diego to earn a
If you have any WDI news please contact Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre@raelynn.schwartzdupre@wwu.edu

College Bound

Continued from page 1 It is true that college attendance may be harder for some students then other, but the WDI faculty are committed to making higher education a reality for every girl. We are proud that most WDI students have gone to college, many have debated with great success, a few have become officers in the service, and others have continued on to get Masters, Doctoral degrees and J.D’s. Below is a list of some of the many colleges our graduates have attended: Agnes Scott College-Boise State University-Clark Atlanta University-Colorado State University-Emory University-George Mason University-Gonzaga UniversityHarvard University-Macalester College-Linfield College-Minnesota State-Mississippi State-Seattle University-Stanford-UC BerkeleyUniversity of Cape Town-University of Chicago-University of Idaho-University of Iowa-University of Missouri at Kansas CityUniversity of Oregon-University of Pennsylvania-University of Southern California-University of Texas at Austin-University of Washington-University of Wyoming-US Naval Academy-Washington State University-Western Washington University-Yale


Women’s Debate Institute

Women’s Debate Institute 3379 22nd Street San Francisco, CA 94110

E-mail: womensdebateinstitute@gmail.com


The Women’s Debate Institute is a non-profit organization that unites a robust community dedicated to the education of young women. Each summer we host a free debate institute for high school girls from around the country. Our four day camp increases the number of girls involved in debate, creates an environment that fosters community, and encourages young women to attend college.

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