WHO AM I? 1. I would never say ‘I will peel your skin’ but I will do that. 2. Dirty water or stagnant water is my birth place. Biting people and giving them disease for free of cast is my birthright. Who am I? 3. Soil is my home and food and I breathe through my skin. I am the friend of the farmers but now get extinct because of the same farmers’ repeated use of fertilizers. Who am I? 4. We are social animals always live in groups with special work for each group. We never fight among ourselves. We are praised through the whole world for our work. Even king Solomon praised us in Bible. We are famous for our stings also. Even some of our family members are able to eat the whole elephant. Who am I? 5. I give milk but not cow. My milk after turned into solid runs all the vehicles in the world but I am not petrol. Who am I? 6. My father is sun, my mother is sea. Without me the food will not taste. Who am I? 7. I am a fruit called as “Pot full of rubies” who am I? 8. I am called the queen of medicines who am I? 9. I can fly but I am not a bird. I feed my babies with milk I am not mammals. I am the inspiration for the invention of RADAR who am I? 10. I am protecting you from the UV rays like an umbrella but still your dilating my things with your wrong life style who am I ? ANSWERS 1. SNAKE 2. MOSQUITOE 3. EARTHWORMS 4. ANTS 5. RUBBER TREE 6. SALT 7. POMEGRANATE 8. PENCILLIN 9. BATS 10. OZONE

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