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The Prodigal African trapped in an alien civilisation

The Prodigal African trapped in an alien civilisation

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A depiction of the African identity crisis
A depiction of the African identity crisis

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Published by: Richard Runyararo Mahomva on Mar 18, 2013
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The prodigal African trapped in an alien civilization

VOICE OF THE RASTA NATION Ras Mkhonto weSizwe Mahomva

The prodigal African tormented in an alien civilization
The African like any other man on earth had passed the discourse of civilization which l define as the ability to fight his daily survival challenges. This was unquestionable substantiated by his ability to make devices that were to suit his daily economic pre-requisites to survive. To some readers, it may conceive antagonistic appreciation that, from the cradle of Africa, barbarism was an allergy to the human beings who had been leading a nomadic life in the concrete jungles of Africa. This is also clarified by these people’s swift transition from being a nomadic people into organized state builders. Socio- Economical and political par-excellency being a key feature of these people’s new surrounding became an inevitable cause for them to interact with the external world. Little did they know that their virtue of hospitality to strangers was to cause an uncompansatable fade to their newly acquired prestige and cause this prestige to turn into a beggar at the door steps of other civilizations and cultures. In the 16th century European slavery quickly raced with this civilization, which had left the world taken by storm. This so happened since it was not in the vocabulary of the world that there was a degree of royalness in the darkness which they claim surrounds Africa. The slave plantation acted as an instrument that created an identity bankrupt human-being whom from being noble became a slave. As a result of not having hoped to return to Africa he turned himself into a white man with a black skin. This reminds me of Malcolm X who sarcastically stereotyped such Africans as the ‘’

uncle Tom Niger ’’ .Such was the slave who thought that by merely cooking and doing
other chores for the white man he became superior than his other African clansmen who toiled in the scotching sun of the vast plantations. The western partitioning of Africa was the last weapon that made the African nothing more than a cultural orphan with no identity at all. Thus playing the ‘’prodigal son’’ in the vicinity of the Western world, mentally ingesting the European culture. Just like one feasting on junk food that does nothing but causes mul-nutrition. In other words this African suffered from an identity deficiency or should l say identity kwashiorkor. Now the same black man cannot pay respect to his ancestors who blessed him with the genes he carries. Over powered by self-hate, he prays to distance himself from his blackness ‘’Lord

wipe my sins whiter than snow, that l may be found in the realm of your white majesty. Amen’’.
While sitting in the bench reminiscence to exhume truths of this subject, imaginary antagonistic criticism even from my own African clansman began to echo in my mind. This is due to the fact that truth on Blackness is considered as trivial even by some Africans living in a world they anticipate is designed along the progressive edge and modernisation. To start off with our mediums of communication, most Black people feel prejudiced to speak in their indigenous languages. This involuntary makes me laugh my lungs out especially in some cases

where you find illiterate Africans struggling to construct English sentences when conversing. It’s only a few white people who bother themselves about speaking to Black people using African languages. It’s so amasing that white people don’t want to be associated with Afrikanness, while Africans are deeply rooted in the traits of the western world. This disgrace was conceived by the inferiority complex that slavery and colonisation instilled on the African race. The fact that the white man presented himself as an architect of the whole human civilisation the rest of the world was obliged to boot lick the western ways. However this faked superiority was founded on capitalism, barbarism and historical myths promoting racial prejudice. This is substantiated by the history of Europe which alludes to wars of conquests by power hungry vultures like Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler and many more European heroes of violence. This culture of violence was later inflicted on Africans by the Europeans who captured gold out of Africa. Notable among these were the Portuguese traders who attracted the coming in of other western capitalist merchants. The next sweeping tide being slavery, then what could the Africans do? . They had to receive their plight in the hands of these pig skinned, merciless Goliaths. Hence in chains they were bond to captivity, this is where the story of cultural dilapidation began.

They may say Black is evil, but the bible ‘’the pure book’’ is under the captivity of the Black ink. The same colour that they associate with evil superstitions.
Psychological denigration of Africans was another process used by the slave master to defeat this gullible people. Thus the same clergy who had come bearing the banner of Christianity which inscribed the morals to govern mankind’s virtue was the same villain who blessed the slave batches that sailed to the west. In such circumstances the African began to regard this plight as natural as it was sanctified and ordained by a member of the self-proclaimed ‘’pure race’’ that also claimed to have known the true GOD. Now the Africans having been branded as the ‘’unclean and cursed race’’ as said to be symbolized by their ‘’Black’’ skin, humbly accepted slavery to serve their God given masters who bore the gospel. After this successful mental imprisonment, the African thought that Blackness was the ugliest thing ever; hence anything to do with Blackness had to be avoided by any means necessary. That meant bleaching their skin colour, using the western languages for communication. The lost sons and daughters of Africa cursed their Blackness, simple because they were told ‘’Black is cursed and evil’’

‘’The Black cat is associated with witch craft… Black magic… Black mailing… Black clothing for mourning’’

The acceptance of the white culture by the African race has killed African languages, the language of the Queen has corroded Africans’ mode of verbal communication. Speaking in an African language is associated with illiteracy. To avoid this kind of stereotype today’s African youth and elderly find themselves in verbal interactions whereby English acts as their dominant communication lingua. Making oral or literal English errors is accompanied by laughter and mocking to whosoever who would have committed such a crime to this slave language. However if the same grammatical errors are committed against maxims of an African language there are rare chances for one to be mocked or scorned. That is very dull and stupid of some Africans who find sarcasm in their fellow clansmen’s failure to use the slave language. This is because they don’t put into consideration that there are White people who cannot fluently speak in African languages in as much as there are Africans who can’t speak in English properly. Anywhere is it a crime that one man cannot speak another man’s language?. The English language has been able to earn such a merit because it took shape of what Karl Marx defined as the ‘’real-language’’. Now what is a real-language? .This is a medium of communication that unifies the labourers in the course of production. In this case, the course of production lm talking about is slavery and the imperialistic industrial epoch that Africa was graced in between the 15th and the 20th century. The idea of fusing different African tribes in one big plantation meant forcing them to adopt a new language that was going to integrate them in performing their appointed tasks. Which language could that been except English, French or any other western language of a particular slave master?. Therefore a ‘’real language’’ is a means of communication that facilitates production to have a smooth flow. In order to interact well, slaves found themselves speaking in their masters languages. However it was not known to them that speaking in another man’s language means adopting his culture too. This is because a language acts as a culture carrier. The moment one speaks in a certain language they have associated themselves with that language’s cultural properties. Languages define a person’s tribe, race and maybe religious affiliation. As one begins to speak an African language we start dictating certain lingua-maxims that would cause that particular speaker to be called Venda, Zulu. Shona, Ndebele, Sotho, Tswana, Yoruba, Kalanga, Nyanja, Xhosa etc. The weight at which colonisation has been exerted in an African can also be measured by extent they use slave languages as communication mediums. In other words, ‘’ the greater the mental colonisation, the greater the love for an imperialist language’’. This equation’s end product is self-hate and foreign cultural attachment. This is further substantiated by the way some Africans continue giving their children European names, some people are also embarrassed to be identified by their African names. As if that is not enough today we have African countries that are proud to be called English, French or Portuguese speaking nations. Apart from being a ‘’real-language’’ imperialism made Africans begin to absorb English through reading and writing in the school room. The need to acquire western education subjected Africans to more of the western literature. Hence becoming more attached to the western language and thus the European culture. Though English’s impact has served a more cancerous purpose to our culture, again it is of paramount importance to acknowledge that it has also acted as a unifying language. That means all ethnic groups with different tongues can converse through this universalised language. Instead of fully using English as our dominant language at home, school, and in the commercial world we must incorporate our native languages to meet our present day communication needs. Let me not be mistaken to one partially supporting imperialism in its quest to subjugate our 4

culture. Instead the fact lm stressing is that Africans have proved that they possess greater natural intelligence as they have shown that they are able to master a foreign language and even be able to speak that language in an excellent manner than its master. This stubborn fact is substantiated by the magnitude of European language scholars that Africa has produced over the years. This is ironic because among some people of Europe who claim to be mentally masculine than us the ‘’mentally crippled Africans’’ there are many among them that have not and will never reach the height of some Africans in terms of academical par-excellency in disciplines like European ideologies and philosophies and even languages. Hence today we have a countless number of European language academics who are true born Africans. The imperialists thought that by giving Africans excessive knowledge on European literature they would immensely brainwash Africans into their culture. This turned into a huge miscalculation as they were now proving to the world that Africans are not mentally crippled and that all they said was primitive about the African in terms of the intellect was a semi baked propaganda that must find itself in the stinking rubbish bins of world history founded on false European prejudice. Again their mission to cause Africans to be crammed in European languages doomed their prejudice agenda in the sense that they showed the world that their languages are by nature dead and parasitelike. Just because if English is truly a superior language as they presume it to be, why would it be easily mastered by Africans who are mentally primitive and up to this day we still have more Africans that are increasingly attaining excellent academic merits in this discipline. Secondly English is a parasite-like language that is not even compact, as proved in the way it has been diluted into various forms for example the American-English. African languages have not suffered such adulteration which British English has suffered. The same English has not been able to be a ‘’stand –alone’’ language, as it has traits of the Latin, French and Greek to mention, but a few. Now, how purely British is this highly acclaimed ‘’British-English’’? .lt triggers great disappointment that there are more Africans that are not proud to use their African languages for communication purposes. They take pride in substituting their compact and undefiled languages with a dead and parasite-like tongue. The white man full of such knowledge would reside in Africa for decades and still pretend to be unable to speak a single African language. This is because he is aware of the fact that wherever he goes they are Africans who think speaking in English makes them superior. So he continuously manipulates these servile Africans to speak in English at the expense of their daily decaying culture. Moreover the African dress trends have been adulterated to suit western standards of decency and the so-called ‘’ formality norms’’. Formal suits, synthetic hair extensions, make-ups and hair chemicals have been the dominant part of European imports which seem to be flocking into Africa compared to other commodities. All this is happening in the name of globalization. The amazing part of this myth is that this globalization has done more in ruining the African physical attributes of smartness to suit standards of Western ideals of good looks that define one as handsome, beautiful or presentable. Thus physical presentability is now defined along lines of the European dress code trends. To look presentable for an interview one must be in a suit, with a tie chocking their necks. Moreover some Africans feel dignified when they wear suits; these suits are no longer limited to those of the males only. Even our Black women also wear these formal suits that give them the credential to be called ‘’Ladies’’. Hence contradicting their Christian laws which state that one must not wear clothes designed for their opposite gender (Deuteronomy 22 vs. 5). Then we ask ‘’what happened to our African modesty?’’. 5

Black woman have also developed disgust for their comely black complexion. The make ups swiftly came to the rescue of our black sisters who are ashamed of their Blackness. At the highest point of their desperate fight against their Blackness they sacrifice al l their funds to get hold of any new ’’ bleaching’’ brand on the market. Sometimes l feel embarrassed to call these

bleaching brands ‘’ make-ups’’ as they would call them. Instead l find it very appropriate to call these, ‘’mess-ups’’ instead of calling them ‘’make-ups’’. This is because their purpose is to adulterate the black skin to be likened to melanin
deficient skins of the Europeans. Therefore in reality it is an insult to label such bleaching chemicals as ‘’make-ups’’, instead it’s better to call these skin toxic substances ‘’mess ups’’.

If they are genuinely skin nourishing creams, why do we not have wider availability of make-ups that darken the complexion? .
When the Europeans arrived in some parts of Africa especially the Central part that had not fully developed weaving, being characterized by most ethic groups who wore kilts. The Europeans made Africans feel that the kilts they wore were barbaric costumes only suitable for the uncivilized. Yet in reality this was a strategy to increase their market of cloth materials which they offered to Africans in exchange of minerals especially in the Zambezi area. Thus cloth-made materials began to rapidly find their way into the Central Africa coming as far as North Africa. This was mostly initiated by Muslim and Portuguese traders. Now Africans were made to think that their kilts exposed their nakedness, which they were later so conscious about. Hence the swift substitution of kilts by cotton costumes, the same leather which was falsely associated with savageness was shipped to Europe to manufacture shoes and jackets that could only be afforded by the elites. Up until today the same leather that was worn by the so called ‘’ African savages ‘’ is so expensive than the cloth-made fashion material. On the other hand it is a well-known fact that cloth’s origins greatly owe African civilisation that dates back to the Egypt and Kush era. Imprisoned by the Western propaganda, the African feels secure when they are decked in European costumes. Colonized Africans tell you that African regalia are clumsy; Africans who utter such sentiments are a replica of a hyper level of literal backwardness and stupidity that is corroding our people in the school yard. Some new European dress trends which are similar to those of Africans, but were associated with nakedness and caused Blacks to be portrayed as savages have started dominating today’s fashion culture especially on the feminine part. In simply terms yesterday kilts were linked to nakedness, hence wearing them was denied, later on the same people who showed hostility to such now became silent when Black woman wear mini-skirts. Logically it is clear that there is little difference between kilts and mini-skirts in terms of length. Then you wonder what the Europeans meant 6

when they referred to our people as savages due to wearing kilts when them the so-called ‘’morally upright race’’ introduced mini-skirts that do more to arouse sexual appetites. An obvious fact that will come to effect is that the white man made Africans conscious of covering their bodies in a Eurocentric dictated style in order to later convert that awareness of dressing to immorality. In the sense that body covering was portrayed as a virtue. Then it was later on done away with to cause vain imaginations that precipitate adultery. This explains why the mini-skirt is mostly used for seductive purposes because women were made conscious of dressing in a Eurocentric way. This therefore implies that the adoption European dressing exposed Blacks to more sexual vanities than their kilts which they wore without immoral thoughts. So with the coming of the long skirt the Black mind thought it was purely savage to wear kilts. Yet this was nothing but a way to advocate for a bubble gum kind of morality that gave the desire to uncover the long dress. The idea that was imposed on Africans to cover their bodies conceived the need to see all that the dress and the trousers had concealed. The more they despised the kilts and preached the doctrine of the long dress; the more they were building sexual profanities in the minds of the Africans. This made it easy for the European mini skirt to find a better market in Africa. That was driven by the fact that European dressing did more to uncover our women than to give them modesty. Then when women wear these mini-skirts that expose their ‘’private parts’’ they are given denigratory titles such as ‘’sexy chick’’. This reflects to a greater extent that Europeans civilised some of our women to sex appetising creatures, and some Black men were turned into seduction vulnerable creatures. When one wears a mini-skirt it’s called benefits of globalization, then when its kilts being worn by Africans that is branded as barbarism. At the end of the day what is regarded as savageness when committed by Africans is justified when it comes in the form of European culture that infiltrates our daily lives. As exemplified through the issues of language and clothing.

Today l wail for our African culture that is slowly becoming a fossil in the archives of humanity
All this is happening at a time when we claim to be free from colonial bondage. A closer analysis of the African moral decadence provokes reasoning abilities to doubt this golden edge of ‘’Uhuru’’ which Africa claims to have attained. Instead of seeing patriotic African politicians my eyes behold ‘’white men

with Black skins’’. These mentally contaminated Africans are today’s elite class fellows that
spent years in the class room feeding their brains with Western philosophies and theories, highly puffed up with this brain junk they became aliens to their people. The western ideologies and philosophies that were excessively ingested by their brains made them nothing more than devices to reconstruct African politics in the fashion of Europe. These are the same men who make pseudo lamentations about the implementation of Black empowerment, preservation of territorial integrity and democracy to buy the illiterate’s votes. In this demoncracy they refer to as ‘’democracy’’ those that question the political happenings of the day become sheep counted for the slaughter. Therefore the problems faced by Africa today are rooted in the political adultery committed by her leaders. They have failed to implement the philosophy and the theory provided by the book, so they are 7

now like a man searching for a shark in a pond. In fact this shark will only be found in the world of fantasy and dreams, having failed to realise that they are chasing shadows inside the pond they concentrate on making more fish hooks of all kinds. Yet the people are being ravaged in this blood and filthy civilization. If the African Shepards run away from this vield fire called westernisation the sheep will have nowhere to run for refuge and will definitely get consumed. This explains the decay of the African moral fibre; it’s in an intensive life care unit. One wise man once said ‘’A fish rots from the head’’. The solution for African problems lays in her leaders; we need a new species in African leadership. This dream will l come true when the prodigal African mentally repatriates

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