Twenty Questions


the class into two groups. Students take it in turns to choose a question. Teacher clicks on the question number and goes to the question the student chooses. With the first click you’ll see the question. When you click for the second time you’ll see the answer. After that please turn back to the main menu page clicking on the green arrow. Student answers the question. If s/he answers the question correctly his/her group gets one point. Each group can answer only one question at a time. The group with the most correct answers wins the game.

Twenty Questions 1 6 2 7 3 8 4 9 5 10 11 16 12 17 13 18 14 19 15 20 .

do/like/of music/you/What kind?  What kind of music do you like? .1.

2. at Christmas/Did/anything special/do/you?  Did you do anthing special at Christmas? .

3. jeans/How much/these/are?  How much are these jeans? .

4. Broadway Tower/I/can/go to/How?  How can ı go to Broadway Tower? .

5. doing/What/at the weekend/you/are  What are you doing at the weekend? .

in your city/Could/tell me/you/concerts/about?  Could you tell me aboıut concerts in your city? .6.

last year/on holiday/Where/go/you/did?  Where did you go on holiday last year? .7.

bus/do/work/go to/you/by?  Do you go to work by bus? .8.

9. do/your/What/does/father?  What does you father do? .

football/are/interested in/you?  Are you interested in football? .10.

Can/computer/use/I/your?  Can I use your computer? .11.

12. languages/you/speak/What/do?  What languages do you speak? .

13. spell/your/How/name/you/do?  How do you spell your name? .

for your wedding anniversary/do/you/What/do/want to?  What do you want to do for your wedding anniversary? .14.

15. morning/you/did/this/When/get up?  When did you get up this morning? .

yesterday/Were/at school/children/your?  Were your children at school yesterday? .16.

now/is/your daughter/on TV/What/watching?  What is your daughter watching on TV now? .17.

18. for breakfast/What kind/do/have/you/of food?  What kind of food do you have for breakfast? .

would you/to do/in the evening/like/What?  What would you like to do in the evening? .19.

20.were/you/where/last summer?  Where were you last summer? .

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