Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012


Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true about the Frame Relay connection? The Frame Relay connection is in the process of negotiation. A congestion control mechanism is enabled on the Frame Relay connection. The “ACTIVE” status of the Frame Relay connection indicates that the network is experiencing congestion. Only control FECN and BECN bits are sent over the Frame Relay connection. No data traffic traverses the link. 2

Refer to the exhibit. All devices are configured as shown in the exhibit. PC1 is unable to ping the default gateway. What is the cause of the problem? The default gateway is in the wrong subnet. STP has blocked the port that PC1 is connected to. Port Fa0/2 on S2 is assigned to the wrong VLAN. S2 has the wrong IP address assigned to the VLAN30 interface. 3 Which statement is true about PAP in the authentication of a PPP session?

and cannot ping the TFTP server from R1. The password is unique and random. 4 Refer to the exhibit. He receives the error message that is shown exhibit. PAP conducts periodic password challenges. PAP uses MD5 hashing to keep the password secure.Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 PAP uses a two-way . What is an action that can help to isolate this problem? Use correct source file name in the command. Check that R1 has a route to the network where the TFTP server resides. A network administrator is trying to backup the IOS software on R1 to the TFTP server. 5 Which data link layer encapsulation protocol is used by default for serial connections between two Cisco routers? ATM Frame Relay HDLC PPP SDLC 6 ahmedazza621@gmail. Verify that the TFTP server software is running. Make sure that there is enough room on the TFTP server for the backup. Traffic will not be routed from clients with addresses between 192.5 to the configuration of a local router that has been configured as a DHCP server? Traffic that is destined for 192. the administrator is able to ping the local mail server IP address success remote network and can successfully resolve the mail server name to an IP address via the use of the nslookup command.24.24.5. Which two options must be configured before the command crypto key generate entered successfully? (Choose two.168.24. The host name must be changed from the default name of Router. Which security measure would satisfy this requirement? a numbered extended ACL a named standard ACL a reflexive ACL a dynamic ACL 7 A network administrator is configuring an SSH server on a new router. The command transport input ssh must be entered.Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 Refer to the exhibit.1 and 192. While troubleshooting the problem. Computers on the internal network need access to all servers in the external network. The command login local must be entered.1 to 192.5 will be dropped by the router.168. At what OSI layer is the prob likely to be found? physical layer data link layer network layer application layer ahmedazza621@gmail.5. A username with password must be .168. 9 Which type of network attack exploits vulnerabilities in the compromised system with the intent of propagating itself across a network? virus worm Trojan horse man-in-the-middle 10 An administrator is unable to receive e-mail.1 192.24.) A domain name must be defined.168.1 and 192. The DHCP server will not issue the addresses ranging from 192.168. The router will ignore all traffic that comes from the DHCP servers with addresses 192.24.24. 8 What will be the result of adding the command ip dhcp excluded-address and 192. The only traffic that is permitted from the extern must be responses to requests that are initiated on the internal network.24. The command enable secret must be entered.168.

Which topology should the network designer recommend? star full mesh hierarchical partial mesh 13 Which characteristic of VPN technology prevents the contents of data communications from being read by unauthorized parties? QoS latency Reliability Confidentiality 14 What three questions can be answered using data gathered from a baseline on a new network? (Choose three.) reduced jitter reduced costs reduced latency the ability to burst above guaranteed bandwidth the ability to borrow unused bandwidth from the leased lines of other customers Showing 1 of 4 <Prev Page: 1 Next> 16 Which option represents a best practice for applying ACLs? Named ACLs are less efficient than numbered ACLs. Chicago.Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 11 A DHCP server is configured with a block of excluded addresses. ahmedazza621@gmail. Standard ACLs should be applied inside the core layer. What two devices would be assigned static addresses from the excluded address range (Choose two. and Atlanta. the network designer is given two requirements: (1) minimize cost and (2) provide level of WAN link reliability with redundant links.) Are areas of the network experiencing high error rates? Will the disaster recovery procedures work correctly? What parts of the network have the highest volume? Does the organization require more network technicians? How does the network perform during peak periods? Are there any devices working at top capacity? What networks are the most susceptible to security attacks? 15 A company is looking for a WAN solution to connect its headquarters site to four remote sites. In planning the WAN links. Los Angeles.) a protocol analyzer DNS server for the network network printer that is used by many different users a laptop that will get a different address each time it boots up 12 A company has its headquarters office in Dallas and five branch offices located in New . Seattle. WAN links are u communications among offices in six sites. What are two advantages that dedicated leased lines provi compared to a shared Frame Relay solution? (Choose two.

0.132.132. ahmedazza621@gmail. Only Telnet traffic is permitted to the 10.24.0/24 is permitted.0. all IPv4 addresses are over-written in favor of the newer technology. Incorrect IPv4 addresses are entered on the router interfaces. Apply the ACL on the FastEthernet 0/0 interface. Partial results of the show access-lists and show ip interface FastEthernet 0/1 commands for router Router1 are shown. What is the cause of the problem? When IPv4 and IPv6 are configured on the same interface.0/24 network Ttraffic from . There are ACLs in effect.0/24 is permitted to anywhere on using any port.25.Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 ACLs applied to outbound interfaces use fewer router resources.25. Reverse the order of the TCP protocol statements in the ACL.25. RIPng is incompatible with dual-stack technology. Traffic using port 25 from the 10. 19 An administrator is configuring a dual stack router with IPv6 and IPv4 using RIPng.132.25.0/24 is permitted to all destinations.132. Which action will correct the problem but still restrict other traffic between the two networks? Apply the ACL in the inbound direction. 20 Refer to the exhibit.132.255 any eq smtp is added to a named access control list and applied on the inbound of a router? TCP traffic with a destination to the 10. 17 When would the multipoint keyword be used in Frame Relay PVCs configuration? when global DLCIs are in use when using physical interfaces when multicasts must be supported when participating routers are in the same subnet 18 What is the result when the command permit tcp 10. Host A is unable to telnet to host B. The administrator receives an error message when trying to enter the routes into RIPng.0 0. Extended ACLs should be applied closest to the source that is specified by the ACL. IPv4 is incompatible with RIPng.

0/19 for use at branch office LANs. what is used to determine the addresses that can be translated on a Cisco router? access control list routing protocol inbound interface ARP cache 23 At what physical location does the responsibilty for a WAN connection change from the user to the service provider? demilitarized zone (DMZ) demarcation point local loop cloud 24 .Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 Modify the second entry in the list to permit tcp host 172.10. The corporate network that is shown has been assigned network 172. If VLSM is used. wha should be used for addressing hosts at Branch4 with minimal waste from unused addresses? /19 /20 /21 /22 /23 /24 22 When NAT is in use.10 any eq telnet .128.16.16. 21 Refer to the exhibit.

The RIPng processes do not match between Router1 and Router2.0/24 is denied.10.16.20. A network administrator has issued the commands that are shown on Router1 and Router2.0/24 is denied.0/24 is permitted. 25 Refer to the exhibit.10. A later review of the routing tables revea neither router is learning the LAN network of the neighbor router. Telnet to 172. Telnet to 172. The RIPng process is not enabled on interfaces.16.16.Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 Refer to the exhibit. 26 ahmedazza621@gmail.16.20.0/24 is permitted.0. Telnet to 172.0/24 is permitted. What is most likely the problem with the RIPng configuration? The serial interfaces are in different subnets. Telnet to 172. Telnet to 172. The RIPng network command is not configured.16. Based on the output as shown. which two statements correctly define how the router will treat Telnet traffic that comes into interface FastEthernet 0/1? (Choose two).com .

Which statement applies to this situation? Only results from the software package should be tested as the network is designed to accommodate the proposed software . Results from changes will be easier to reconcile and document if each team works in isolation. It will be difficult to isolate the problem if two teams are implementing changes independently. In the partial router configuration that is shown. Network and application teams have been notified to work o respective issues. 28 What is tunneling? using digital certificates to ensure that data endpoints are authentic creating a hash to ensure the integrity of data as it traverses a network using alternate paths to avoid access control lists and bypass security measures encapsulating an entire packet within another packet for transmission over a network 29 ahmedazza621@gmail. Scheduling will be easy if the network and software teams work independently. The network on which the application server is located has been experienc occasional outages that the network team believes may be related to recent routing changes.Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 Refer to the exhibit. what is the purpose of access list BLOCK_XYZ? to prevent source IP address spoofing by hosts on the Fa0/0 LAN to block access by Fa0/0 LAN hosts to all network services beyond the router to prevent users on the Fa0/0 LAN from opening Telnet sessions on the router to secure Fa0/0 hosts by allowing only locally sourced traffic into the Fa0/0 LAN 27 A recently patched application server is experiencing response time problems.

The wildcard mask performs the same function as a subnet mask. Showing 2 of 4 <Prev Page: 2 Next> ahmedazza621@gmail. A network administrator has been asked to configure PPP with CHAP authentication over the serial link between routers R1 and R2. additional configuration should be included on both routers to complete the task? 30 Which statement is true about wildcard masks? Inverting the subnet mask will always create the wildcard mask.Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 Refer to the exhibit. IP address bits that must be checked are identified by a "0" in the wildcard . A network or subnet bit is identified by a "1" in the wildcard mask.

The TCP/IP information is applied to each packet that enters R1 through the FastEthernet 0/0 interface that are hosts on the 10.3 to be supplied to DHCP clients. a network administrator notices an incorrectly configured password in the running configu administrator corrects the error by entering the command ppp pap sent-username ROUTER_NAME password NEW_PASSWORD.0. Shut down the interface then re-enable it. show controllers indicates cable type DTE V.0. 32 Which important piece of troubleshooting information can be discovered about a serial interface using the show controllers command? queuing strategy serial cable type interface IP address encapsulation method 33 What are the symptoms when the s0/0/0 interface on a router is attached to an operational CSU/DSU that is generating a clock signal. 34 While troubleshooting a PPP link that uses PAP authentication. line protocol down. what should the administrator do? Save the configuration to NVRAM. line protocol down. show controllers indicates cable type DCE V. show interfaces s0/0/0 indicates serial down. The TCP/IP information is supplied to any DHCP client on the network connected to the FastEthernet 0/0 interface of R1.35. show interfaces s0/0/0 indicates serial up.254. 35 Which combination of Layer 2 protocol and authentication should be used to establish a link without sending authentication information in plain text betwe and a non-Cisco router? PPP with PAP PPP with CHAP ahmedazza621@gmail.0. and 10.0 /24 network e packets from addresses 10. The TCP/IP information is used by DNS clients to forward all data to the default gateway on R1 of 10.1. 10. but the link still doe come up.Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 31 Refer to the exhibit.1. line protocol down.35.1. show controllers indicates cable type DTE V.35.2. show interfaces s0/0/0 indicates serial .1.0. but the far end rou point-to-point link has not been activated? show controllers indicates cable type DCE V. show interfaces s0/0/0 indicates serial down. line protocol down. Assuming that the rest of the configuration is correct and that the link has no physical layer problems.35. Use CHAP to ensure compatibility with the remote router. How is the TCP/IP configuration information specified by the default-router and dns-server commands made available? The TCP/IP information is forwarded to a 10.1. Generate traffic by pinging the remote router.1.3.

39 Which configuration on the vty lines provides the best security measure for network administrators to remotely access the core routers at headquarters? ahmedazza621@gmail. Contents in RAM will be ignored. Contents in NVRAM will be erased. What is the effect when this router is rebooted? Contents in RAM will be erased. VLAN 11 was created Why is VLAN 11 missing from S2? There is a Layer 2 loop. 38 An administrator issues the command confreg 0x2142 at the rommon 1> prompt. Results of the show vlan and show vtp status commands for switches S1 and S2 are displayed in the . S2 has a higher spanning-tree priority for VLAN 11 than S1 does.Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 HDLC with PAP HDLC with CHAP 36 Which Frame Relay flow control mechanism is used to signal routers that they should reduce the flow rate of frames? DE BE CIR FECN CBIR 37 Refer to the exhibit. Only one switch can be in server mode. The VTP domain names do not match. Contents in NVRAM will be ignored.

) Configure the login banner.Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 40 Which address provides an example of an IPv6 link-local address? FE80::1324:ABCD 2001:2345:AB12:1935::FEFF 2001:1234:0000:9CA::0876/64 1234:ABCD:5678:EF00:9234:AA22:5527:FC35 41 A network technician wants to implement SSH as the means by which a router may be managed remotely. Define the asymmetrical keys. Wh should the customer choose? ahmedazza621@gmail. Configure authentication. Enter the service password-encryption command. Configure the console password. What are two procedures that the technician s to successfully complete this task? (Choose . 42 A light manufacturing company wishes to replace its DSL service with a non-line-of-sight broadband wireless solution that offers comparable speeds.

Employ end-user authentication. Configure routing protocol authentication.1 frame-relay map ip 192. What action can be used to address this threat? Update the IOS images.2 302 broadcast on Serial 0/0/0.2 frame-relay map ip 192.168.Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 Wi-Fi satellite WiMAX Metro Ethernet 43 Refer to the exhibit. 45 ahmedazza621@gmail.1 frame-relay interface-dlci 302 on Serial 0/0/0.168. Change console passwords.168.2.2 frame-relay map ip 192.1 103 broadcast on Serial 0/0/0.1 frame-relay interface-dlci 203 on Serial 0/0/0.2. A network administrator is tasked with completing the Frame Relay topology that interconnects two remote sites.1.2 frame-relay interface-dlci 301 on Serial 0/0/0.1.2 44 A network administrator determines that falsified routing information is propagating through the network.168.1 301 broadcast on Serial 0/0/0.2 203 broadcast on Serial 0/0/0. How should the poin subinterfaces be configured on HQ to complete the topology? frame-relay interface-dlci 103 on Serial 0/0/ .1 frame-relay map ip 192.

What is the problem? The incorrect DLCI numbers are being configured on R2. The administrator enters the commands as shown in the e R2. A single router interface cannot connect to more than one Frame Relay peer at a time.Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 Refer to the exhibit. The frame-relay map commands are missing the cisco keyword at the . Showing 3 of 4 <Prev Page: 3 Next> Close Window Alles gut 46 What are two main components of data confidentiality? (Choose two. but the Frame Relay PVCs are inactive. A network administrator is attempting to configure a Frame Relay network.) checksum digital certificates encapsulation encryption hashing 47 What major benefit does Cisco HDLC provide that ISO standard HDLC lacks? flow control error control multiprotocol support cyclic redundancy checks 48 ahmedazza621@gmail. The S0/0/0 interface on R2 needs to be point-to-point.

What statement is true about the core router devices? They use multiport internetworking devices to switch traffic such as Frame Relay. Which configuration command would result in the output in the exhibit? ip nat inside source static 10.254 172.0.16 0.10 172.16. or X.25 over the WAN.Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 Refer to the exhibit.76.254 ip nat inside source static 172.254 49 Refer to the exhibit. 10.31 access-list 10 deny 10.43/28? access-list 10 deny 192. They provide internetworking and WAN access interface ports that are used to connect to the service provider network.0 0.76.32 ip nat inside source static 10.10 ip nat inside source static access-list 10 deny 192.10 ip nat inside source static 172.168. They provide termination for the digital signal and ensure connection integrity through error correction and line monitoring.76.0.0. They support multiple telecommunications interfaces of the highest speed and are able to forward IP packets at full speed on all of those interfaces 50 Which IP address and wildcard mask would be used in an ACL to block traffic from all hosts on the same subnet as host 192. ATM. ip nat inside source static 192.254 .0.1.16 ahmedazza621@gmail.

0.16 51 A network administrator has moved the company intranet web server from a switch port to a dedicated router interface.15 access-list 10 deny 192. Determine performance on the intranet by monitoring load times of company web pages from remote sites. 52 Which option correctly defines the capacity through the local loop guaranteed to a customer by the service provider? BE DE CIR CBIR ahmedazza621@gmail.Final Exam CCNA 4 version 2012 access-list 10 deny 192.43 .168.32 0. How can the administrator determ this change has affected performance and availability on the company intranet? Conduct a performance test and compare with the baseline that was established previously. Compare the hit counts on the company web server for the current week to the values that were recorded in previous weeks. Interview departmental administrative assistants and determine if they think load time for web pages has improved.

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