The Script

Stake Out

Scene 1
Murder- examining the body in the morgue

Cast on set -Rosalie - Hattie Freer -Detective Barnes – -Coroner– Grace Jones -The Body

Setting -Kenny’s Kitchen

Scene 2
In the office talking to the boss – finding out who it the person is that’s been killed, suspects?

Cast on set -Rosalie – Hattie Freer -Detective Barnes -The Boss- Eric Welsche

Setting -Old classroom in college

Scene 3 - Split Screen
Murder by Rosealie At the murder scene and Detective Barnes finds Rosalie’s earring Soliloquy by Detective Barnes – suspecting his fellow detective
Cast On Set -Detective Barnes -Rosalie – Hattie Freer -The Body Setting -At college under the arch

Scene 4
Interrogations taking place Results from the lab - piecing together what information they have

Cast On Set -Detective Barnes -Rosalie - Hattie Freer -Laboratory person – Rose Donaldson -Suspects – Media Students

Setting -old room in college

Scene 5
Back at the office, discussing the murders and Detective Barnes notices blood on her collar

Detective Barnes and the Boss talking he expresses his suspicions about the case

Cast On Set -Rosalie –Hattie Freer -Detective Barnes – -The Victim –

Setting -Murder Scenes -An old room in college

Scene 6
Detective Barnes and The Boss Stake Out Rosalie – She notices them leaving the 4th murder undone Boss does not believe Detective Barnes about Rosalie and his suspicions - argument
Cast On Set -Detective Barnes -The Boss – Eric Welsche -Rosalie – Hattie Freer -By-stander Setting -Around Guisborough -Old room at college

Scene 7
Detective leaves all his evidence on the Bosses desk and goes to confront Rosalie

Confrontation – Flashbacks of evidence and her past
Cast On Set -Detective Barnes -Rosalie – Hattie Freer Setting -Old room at college -Isolated area outside

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