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Aviva Exc Doc.

Aviva Exc Doc.

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Published by: Vinay Kumar on Mar 18, 2013
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Exclusive Authorization

Return of this email confirms that vinay thota(w/ middle initial), has given MODIS the sole and exclusive right to seek technical staffing assignments for Aviva USA. This exclusive authorization will be effective for 30 days provided the firm submits the candidate within 48 hours following the date and time set forth below. Any other company which submits my name or resume for such assignments during this period has done so without my authorization and consent. This approved returned email will serve as notice to Aviva USA that MODIS has the exclusive right to seek staffing assignments for any requisition(s) for me within the term of this Authorization.

___________37849__________________________ Social Security Number (last five digits) ______10/14_______________________________ Month and Day of Birth ___12/14/12_________________ __5:00___________ Date (mm/dd/yy) Time (hh:mm) References Name: Paresh Kumar Patel Position:MANAGER Company:WELLS FARGO Contact Number: 732-593-9992 Name: SEETHARAM KANCHANAPALI Position:LEAD Company:WELLS FARGO Contact Number: 402-319-6997 Please reply back to this email ASAP with your approval.

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