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Jazz Hands!

Visual Arts
Abstract Expressionism. Medium Gouache paint The Art of Stuart Davies. Unit question: Jazz Art! What does it look like? Name Teacher Ms. Jen Grade

Date of Assessment: Semester Two Quarter 3 Description of Task: The student will develop a variety of figures that reflect the different sounds of Jazz music. A Developmental Workbook which displays: researched images of the American artist Stuart Davies, the evolution of trial ideas, refined techniques, an understanding of The Colour Wheel and one point perspective. The student shows evidence of a refined composition. The presentation of a framed final artwork. An evaluation and reflection of the DW. An evaluation and reflection of the final artwork. Written descriptions analyzing artworks, the artists use of Colour, compositional analysis and interpretation of subject matter. All design experiments and technical trials must have positive and negative comments provided. Criteria to be assessed: Criteria A Knowledge and Understanding. The student should develop their use and understanding of artistic terms that allows them to describe, analyse and interpret art works. Their use of the Art Elements and Principles is particularly emphasized and numerous opportunities will be available to the student to develop their written Fine Art skills. Criteria B Application. Through the Developmental Process and the Creative Cycle, students will learn how to develop images from a researched artist. They will explore, trial and refine their ideas, compositions, colour schemes to produce and present a finished art work. Artistic skills will be assessed both within the DW and the final artwork. Criteria C Reflection and Evaluation. The students are provided with questions allowing for individual comments that assess their skills and practices within the Developmental Workbook and the

Jazz Hands! Visual Arts

final artwork. This process encourages and develops the use of artistic language and allows students to assess their strengths and weaknesses, where their design process was limited or excellent, how they maintained their equipment and work space, the development of their artistic skills and the construction of the final artwork. Criteria D Personal Engagement. Has the student worked well showing enthusiasm and initiative? Was the student organized and self disciplined throughout the unit of work? Was their work presented on time and the work presented demonstrates care and thought?