P hoto em bedded credit cards D W A C W A and other self help groups, xix) Any other docum ent testifying, the

xviii) P hoto Identity cards and photo affixed pass books issued to D W C R A / identity of the elector containing his/ her photograph attested by a G azetted O xx) fficer A A D H A R C a rd .

T he voters shall be educated w ell in advance by giving w ide publicity besides keeping them carry any one of the above identities to establish bonafides. their It is however, clarified that while the aforesaid docum ents are needed for exercising polls if their nam es are not enrolled in the voter list of the concerned. society

the inform ation in the notice board of the society and also at all the polling stations to m ak

franchise, their possession do not autom atically confer a right on the voter to vote in the

The concerned authorities shall give wide publicity through the print and electronic m edia about the requirem ent to produce one of the above docum the ents voters by to prove their identity and that if they fail to do so they will not be given the ballot paper in the polling station. i

T hese instructions are to be com m unicated to the E lection O fficer/ P residing O fficer and C hief E xecutive O fficer of the society without fail. S d/- P . A rjuna R ao, C om m issioner & R egistrar, //tc.f.b.o.//

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