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Questionnaire For Stress Management in an Organization is as follows: Personal Information


Name of company:




20 25 yrs [ ]

25-40 yrs [ ]

40 60yrs [ ]





Marital Status: I) Married ii) Unmarried iii) Widow IV) Divorcee


If married, Do you have children? Yes / No


If Yes, Number of children:



Family type: Joint / Nuclear


Professional information

1. 2. I.

Number of years of work experience: Number of years in present organization: Level in Management: ( ) ( ) ( )

_________yrs _________yrs

Junior level Middle level Senior level

Q1. Is work culture supportive in your organization? a. Mostly b. Rarely c. Sometimes d. Not at all Q2. How often you face stress Situation in your organization.? a. Mostly b. Rarely c. Sometimes d. Not at all Q3. Most of your Stress are related to : a. Work Environment b. Supervision c. Workgroup d. Social Injustice Q4. How do you feel while working in the organization? a. Great b. Satisfied c. Unable to concentrate d. Frustrated e. Depressed Q5. Have you taken leave in the past 12 months due to work related stress? a. Yes b. No Q6. Please estimate the average number of hours per week that you work (both on and off site) during term time. a. 40 50 b. 50 60 c. 60 Above Q7. Please indicate total workload has changed during last three years? a. Workload has decreased b. Remained the c. Same d. Workload increased Q8 Stress is related to Demand? a. Dealing with Customers/ Colleagues b. Administration c. Need to hit targets/deadlines d. Long working hours

Q9 Stress related to Support ? a. Feeling work not valued b. Lack of management support c. Over competitive/ confrontational institutional culture d. Incentive Policy Q10. Whom does you report / share if you have any problems in your work ? a. Superior b. Colleagues (discussion) c. Function Head d. Head of HR department Q11. How often you face stress situation being taken care off ? a. Mostly b. Rarely c. Frequently d. Not at all Q12 How do you handle Stress situations? a. Optimistically b. With the help of others c. Depends upon level Q13. To what level the Management is effective in handling your Stress situation? a. Completely b. To a certain extent c. To a satisfactory d. Not at all Q14. Does the upper Management pressure main reason for stress ? a. Yes b. No

Type 2

1. Please read the following statements and give any one of the scores mentioned below: 1. Strongly Agree 2. Agree 3. Neutral 4. Disagree 5. Strongly Disagree

Sr.No Score 1. I worry about the lay offs and dismissal in the company. 2. I am able to meet out the demands of my job. 3. Computers, pagers, cell phones and Internet have resulted in increasing pressure to constantly work at high performance levels. 4. I feel comfortable to work with latest technologies in the organization. 5. There is constant force on employees to learn new software all the times. 6. I am able to receive support from my boss, colleagues and juniors. 7. I am able to receive good support from my family members. 8. I usually miss out quality time with my family and friends because of pressure of work. 9. I suffer from stress related diseases like hypertension, obesity, diabetes, frequent headaches, etc 10. I experience excessive work load. 11. I work for long hours, on overtime and even on holidays.

2. From the following tick the factor that motivates you to work.

Personal satisfaction Financial independence Support from family Constructive utilization of time If Other (please specify)

3. Which of the following discrimination do you have ever feel at your work because of being a woman?

Factors Stronglyagree Agree No/Less promotion opportunities Lack of Mentoring Less access to important information Lack of clear responsibilities and duties Lack of career development opportunities


Disagree StronglyDisagree

4. Working Hours

How the following factors hinder or affect you in balancing your work and family commitments? (Tick the appropriate)

Factors Hours of work Overtime Need to work on Holidays Work from home after office hours

Does notaffect

Affectsometimes Affect Manytimes


Traveling away from home

Rank according to their importance, the following factors, which will help you, balance your work and family commitments. (Rank from 1 to 5, with 1 being the most important)

Factors More flexible working hours Work from home Time off for family emergencies & events Time off during school holidays (if you are a mother) Job sharing ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


5. Support from others

How the following factors hinder or affect you in balancing your work and family commitments? (Tick the appropriate)

Factors Negative attitude ofsupervisors Negative attitude ofcolleagues Negative attitude

Does notaffect

Affectsometimes Affect Manytimes


ofspouse/family Excessive householdwork

Rank the following factors that will help you balance your work and family commitments. (Rank from 1 to 5, with 1 being the most important)

Factors Support from spouse Support from family Support from supervisor Support from colleagues

Ranks ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

Decrease in the load of household work

6. Does your organization currently provide any of the work-life policies or programs?



If yes which policies/programs? ______________________

7. Do you engage yourself in your own stress relieving and entertainment program?

Yes No

If yes specify from the following

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Yoga Physical exercise Meeting Friends and relatives Watching Television Other