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New Media Facebook Twitter Website Forum (teenage forum) .

30AM to 9AM/ 6. Tutor TV.Broadcast Television • TV3. History Channel and Discovery Channel • Ads placed according to high rating programme • Sponsor filem/drama Radio • Drive time ads • Targeting high income society who hardly spend time on TV • Peak hours (6.30PM to 9PM) .

aniqah. mangga. Kwan Wah Jit Poh and utusan Malaysia Magazine • Magazine that of choice of students and parents • Students: Remaja. The star. parenting etc . galaxie. NST. etc • Parents: Solusi.Print media Newspaper • Highest circulation newspaper • Eg. sudut pendidikan (attachement in newspaper). dewan masyarakat.

Banners .Outdoor Billboard • At the area which has higest frequency to meet the target market.

Promotional activities Roadshows Education fair Give talk or seminars at potential schools .