II/2013 Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure Plan Finance-II Division *** New Delhi, dated the 22nd February, 2013 OFFICE MEMORANDUM *** Subject: EFC Memorandum for “Continuance of Mahila Samakhya Programme” during the XIIth Plan. The undersigned is directed to refer to Department of School Education & Literacy, O.M No. 1-3/2012-EE.7 dated 22nd February, 2013 on the subject cited above. The proposal has been examined and the comments of this Department are as under: i. The total cost of the proposal for the 12th plan has been estimated to Rs 400 crores but the basis of these cost estimates along with the reference dates for normative costing have not been mentioned. The ministry may provide the basis of cost estimates. The details of physical progress achieved and expenditure incurred against the allocated amount during the 11th Plan may be mentioned by the ministry so that progress of the scheme may be evaluated. As mentioned in the EFC Memo, a substantial increase of 66.66 % in honoraria for functionaries has been proposed for the 12 th Plan period. The ministry should give justification for such a huge increase in honoraria. Copies of all the publications and educational material developed in the programme and other printed matter may be made available to the National Project Office.




provided 60 % budget utilization is achieved by the States/UTs. Director) Shastri Bhawan.23092280 vi. Mahila Samakhya State programmes need to be encouraged to expand the notion of literacy and should include health. New Delhi . legal literacy and other related issues that have an impact on daily lives of women in rural areas. Good practices in terms of HR and administrative policies need to be discussed and institutionalized by the Department of School Education & Literacy. (Chanchal C Sarkar) Deputy Secretary(PF.II) Tele No. financial. Meenakshi Jolly. Changes within the scheme including shifting of funds from Management Cost component to Programme Cost component having financial implications need to be done in consultation with the Ministry of Finance. ix. (Dr.v. vii. internet and social networking tools. There is a need to build the skills of the state and district teams to use the computer. Department of School Education & Literacy. The Department should release funds to respective states/UTs after receipt of Audit report including audited Utilization Certificate. viii.